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Life in Composition by FannyPrice
Chapter 6 : Next Gen. Mafia
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“Sounds of summer fill my ears, and, if I live ten thousand years, I’ll never feel as good as this, moments before our first kiss. There is nothing to demand, no algebra to understand. Just sunlight on a freckled face…”

- Sunlight by Mason Jennings

Quidditch players passed by in a blur of yellows, oranges, blues, and whites as the sun cast its warmth on the half-empty stands. While the low rumble of conversation and complaints remained, the cheering and chanting that had characterized the game early on had largely died away. The crowd had trickled away when it became apparent that the pre-season match between the Chudley Cannons and Puddlemore United was going to be a blow out, in favor of Puddlemore, of course.

Ginny had gotten a row of tickets from work and had brought her brothers, including a visiting Charlie, and the two eldest children as a treat. Teddy and Victoire had had great fun cheering against each other, as Teddy supported Puddlemore and Vic the Cannons. Once the fans began to leave and seats opened up, the duo hopped from row to row, clambering over the backs of seats looking for the best view, but always being careful to remain within the sight of the adults.

Teddy gave a half-hearted cheer when Puddlemore scored their seventeenth goal of the game, and turned to Victoire to make a snotty my-teams-better-than-yours face. Victoire scrunched her nose and stuck her tongue out at him. Teddy laughed because it was stained purple, as were her lips. Harry had bought each of them of popsicle. Teddy had gotten blue and Victoire red, and as each color was a drastically different flavor, each one of them had to try each other’s.

“What?” Victoire asked, clearly miffed about being laughed at.

“You’re all purple.”

“So, are you!” She exclaimed. “And you’ve got blue all over your shirt.”

Teddy looked down, it was true but he didn’t care, and considering how Victoire made no effort to remove the popsicle stains from her face, she didn’t either. In fact, Teddy thought she looked quite pretty with the sun shining on her hair and freckles all over her face from a summer’s worth of playing outdoors. Her yellow Chudley Cannons t-shirt made her look like a walking daisy or ray of sunshine, and just when you thought she was an incurable tomboy in ripped denim, her braid would whip around to reveal a yellow ribbon tied into a bow at the end of it. A bow that Teddy couldn’t help but tug on, so that it came undone and dangled shapeless from her hair. Victoire would roll her eyes, and tie it up again just to have Teddy pull it again. As Victoire wore a ribbon nearly every day, it had become Teddy’s favorite pastime. He knew she found it endlessly annoying, and once he’d done it so many times in a day that Victoire had punched him in his stomach. She might look like a normal nine-year old girl, all sweet and demure, but she really packed a wallop.

“You’re staring at me. Is it really that bad?” Victoire asked. Finally, she seemed a little self-conscious about her appearance, a rarity for her.

“Nothing,” Teddy replied, and he pulled the yellow ribbon again.

“Stop that,” she groaned, and she brought her plait around to once again retie the bow.

Teddy just smiled to himself and looked at his feet, which were resting on the back of the seat in front of him. It had just occurred to him that this would be the last day he’d get to spend with Victoire before he went off to Hogwarts. He was excited to be starting school, but he had to admit he’d really miss her. He thought he should say something to that affect, but was embarrassed. “I’m really going to miss you,” isn’t something one just blurts out.

“I’m really going to miss you, Teddy.”

Apparently, he was wrong.

He looked at Victoire who was staring at him, but holding the end of her braid protectively against her chest.

“I’ll miss you, too.” He replied, trying his best to sound nonchalant.

Victoire nodded and said in a solemn voice, “Now, don’t laugh, but I made you a present.”

“Why would I laugh? Presents are awesome!”

Victoire rolled her eyes again and reached into the bag that she had carried around with her the entire day. The one that she had made Teddy carry at one point complaining that it was heavy, but made him promise not to look into. When he tried to sneak a look, Victoire had swatted his hand away, yet still made him carry the bag. He wasn’t as annoyed now that he knew it was a gift for him. He also wasn’t surprised it was handmade; Victoire was always folding bits of parchment into different objects and shapes and cutting pictures out of magazines to paste into collages.

Teddy was called from his musings when a large book was placed in his lap. The cover was hand drawn in wax crayon, and the title read:

Teddy and Victoire’s Awesome Adventures

He raised an eyebrow in surprise and opened up the cover to discover that Victoire had built him a scrapbook. The pages were filled with pictures and mementos that dated from when Teddy was about four to this summer, including pictures of the two of them playing pirates on the beach and one of him attempting to teach Victoire how to play the piano.

Victoire was babbling while Teddy investigated the book. “Mummy helped me get all the photographs, but I did the rest myself. Though Dom and Louis wanted to help draw some of the pictures; I didn’t want to let them, but Mum made me. I was afraid they’d spoil the secret if they knew about it, but they were really good about not telling…”

Victoire trailed off when Teddy looked up from the book to gape at her.

“Do you like it? I hope you do.”

She paused, obviously expecting he’d say something. But when he just continued to stare at her, she continued with her babbling.

You hate it, don’t you? I know its kind of silly, but I just didn’t want you to forget about me when your at Hogwarts with all the new friends your going to make—“

“I’m not going to forget about you.”

“Well, you never know, you know? You’ll be really busy with all your school work and feasts and Hagrid and exploring the Forbidden For—“

Victoire stopped talking. In fact, she went stock still when Teddy brusquely leaned forward and briefly pressed his lips against hers. He remained amazingly unembarrassed by his actions until he heard George and Ron whistling and teasing him from several rows up the bleachers. He swiveled around in his seat to look at the Weasley men applauding and laughing, while Harry and Ginny exchanged a parental look. Teddy turned several shades of red, and turned back to Victoire expecting her to be the same color of scarlet as he. He was surprised to find that she only had a small flush in her cheeks as she smiled at him with astounding grace and composure.

“So you like it then?” she asked.

Teddy didn’t respond, except to reach forward and tug at the bow at the end of her braid.

As August flew by, Teddy came to think of Victoire’s falling asleep before he told her his feelings as one of the more fortuitous events in his life. It wasn’t that his feelings had changed as summer melted away, just that he considered it not worth risking a friendship for a simple, hormone-driven crush. He figured that time would either cause his feelings to fade, or that something would happen to bring them together. It was the second alternative that Teddy often fantasized about. Occasionally, this would occur in Victoire’s presence, which, despite the high potential for awkwardness, was surprisingly not. Now that he had given up fighting with himself, the uncomfortable moments ceased, and he could be quietly infatuated with her and seem like he wasn’t.

This, Teddy considered to be a good deal. As Victoire’s best friend, he had privileges that a boyfriend would not. For instance, the night of the concert, Teddy had let Victoire sleep in his lap—dozing off occasionally himself—until the sky began to lighten from black to gray and the cold sent a shiver down Victoire’s back. Then he had gently shook her awake, walked her to her front door, and they said goodnight. So maybe he didn’t get to kiss her before he left, but Teddy doubted that Bill Weasley would’ve allowed his daughter to stay out all night with anyone else. It was a trade off. However, being her best friend was also similar to being neutral territory, like Switzerland—friendly, responsible, good cheese, nice clocks, and completely non-threatening. And people often treated Teddy as such. Some days he liked it, and other days he wished he were a little more like a country that had some danger to it, like Brazil or Canada. He had heard that moose were frighteningly violent.

“Do you have the list?” Victoire asked from the floor of the compartment they occupied.

“Yeah,” he affirmed, setting aside the guitar he’d been strumming absentmindedly. He slipped a piece of parchment from the pages of his father’s journal and handed it to Victoire. It was a list of all the songs he and Victoire had listened to most frequently over the summer and his yearly contribution to the scrapbook. Every year, Teddy would hand over the list and the book so Victoire could add more pages to the end of it. This year’s mementos included concert tickets and a copy of Teddy’s Hogwarts letter that informed him he’d been made Head Boy, whose badge was now pinned to front of his school robes as the scarlet steam engine wound its way through the English countryside.

Several weeks had passed since the night of the concert and several more since a PJ clad Victoire had flooed into the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, clutching her own Hogwarts letter and shouting, “Tell me that you got it!”

“I got it!” Teddy had replied enthusiastically, holding up the badge and bracing himself for the impact. It was a necessary precaution, because in the next moment Teddy found himself in a hug so tight that it took his breath away.

It hadn’t really surprised the family when Victoire didn’t receive a Prefect’s badge. Though, Teddy felt that it might have been somewhat of a disappointment that she hadn’t since Bill had been Head Boy. She had certainly gotten her fair share of detentions, mostly for the possession and use of various Weasley products and sneaking about the Forbidden Forest looking for her grandfather’s car. More than that, however, was that Victoire was decidedly unambitious. She always got all right marks, but everyone knew she could do better if she just applied herself more. The same was with Quidditch. In fact, the only ambition Victoire had ever revealed to Teddy was to travel the world, and to have the largest collection of scarves this side of the channel. Teddy didn’t care if Victoire was a Prefect or not as long as she didn’t, and her badge free robes certainly didn’t seem to be bothering her any, though something definitely was.

Victoire’s mood has been steadily declining since the arrival of their school letters, and she had admitted to Teddy that she was worried that the student body would still be talking about the ordeal with Roger. Teddy had reassured her that they probably would have found a new scandal to immerse themselves in and that she shouldn’t let any gossip bug her. Still, Victoire seemed sad even as she concentrated on putting the scrapbook together; there was something almost desperate about the painstaking care she put into it, as though she was unwilling to let the summer go.

Teddy felt a small hand push on his ankle. “Could you move your feet; I’m running out of space,” Victoire directed, rather than asked.

He put his feet up on the seat to give Victoire more room to work. He shifted around uncomfortably, feeling like he had entirely too much leg and not enough of the rest of him. He’d been shocked to find that he needed new robes again at the end of the summer, as the one’s he’d gotten the year before were several inches too short and tight along his shoulders.

“Why’d you have to do this on the train?” He whined.

“Because,” Victoire said as she enchanted a pair of scissors to cut dainty letters out of colored parchment, “it’s a long trip, and it will come out better if I can use magic.”

“And it has to be perfect,” he teased.

“Yes,” Victoire replied seriously, “it has to be perfect, because it’s the last one before you start being an adult; then you won’t want to do this anymore.”

If Victoire had seemed melancholy before, her face now betrayed a misery that Teddy finally realized stemmed from her fear that she’d miss him. It was an epiphany that created a little bubble of happiness inside his chest, despite feeling bad about Victoire’s sadness.

“I’m really going to miss you, too, Vic,” he replied, a sly smile on his face. Victoire paused in her crafty endeavors and looked up, grinning to herself as she adjusted the silk scarf she had tied stylishly around her neck. The next moment however, her features darkened into a scowl as she stared out of the window of their compartment door.

Teddy looked over to see a bunch of fourth year boys making lewd movements on the other side, and he scowled as well. Preparing to stand, Teddy said, “I’ll take care of that.”

“No, just leave it,” Victoire said, making a rude hand gesture herself as the boys gave up their game and walked away laughing. “They’re too stupid to be bothered with.”

Teddy shrugged and sunk back into his seat. “You’re probably right; that’s probably their demented way of telling you that they think you’re fit.”

Victoire shrugged and turned her attention back to the scrapbook. “As if,” she grumbled under her breath. Teddy chuckled and reassured her once again that no one else would remember her breakup.

He wished he’d been right; he wished someone had gotten knocked up, or received a major, but not life-threatening injury in a thrilling accident, but apparently everyone had been saintly all summer. Victoire received more taunting stares as the train made its way North, and a few Ravenclaw girls kept mouthing the word “slag” at her during the Welcome feast. With every lewd remark, rude comment, and gesture, Victoire grew more sullen until she fell silent altogether, walking up to the common room in a daze.

“Goodnight,” she said listlessly as she walked away from Teddy towards the girls' staircase. He stared after her in sympathy, angered by the student body’s immaturity. His eyes caught Dominique’s, concern etched on her face, from across the room. It was obvious they needed to do something. They exchanged one nod, and each took off toward their respective staircases to rouse the troops.

“So, who wants what?” Teddy asked the assembled Weasleys and James, who was beginning his first year with Lucy, Molly’s sister. The family and Teddy had gathered in the common room to plan their vengeance on the population of Hogwarts.

“Why do we have to get detention again?” Freddie asked from his place in front of the fire.

“Because,” Teddy explained for what felt like the hundredth time, “You’re leaving big W’s all over everything; the staff will figure out who pulled the prank. And if we choose now, at least you’ll get the detention you find the least distasteful.”

There was a collective mumbling and a few yawns. It was getting late, everyone was tired, and, if they were going to pull this off, they all needed to be up early.

“So…first up, polishing trophies?”

There was a deafening silence. No one wanted to polish trophies.

“I’ll do it,” Victoire piped up, “you’re doing this for me, so I’ll take this one.”

Teddy smiled in approval as he continued to read off the list. “Next, the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid…”

Nearly everyone raised their hands, including James.

“I don’t think the teachers will suspect that James and Lucy had anything to do with Operation Weazlebub since it’s their first day, so you’re out of the running kid.”

“Awww,” James groaned, looking severely disappointed.

“Don’t look so down, Jaime-poo,” Roxy mocked.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to get detention your first day,” Freddie joined, ruffling James’ already messy hair.

James scowled. He hated to be treated like the family baby.

“Right,” Teddy interrupted, “I think Fred and Roxy had their hands up first, so they get that one.” He jotted their names down on the list. “Moving right along, library duty?”

Louis, Dominique, and Molly’s hands shot into the air. Not that any of them, other than Molly, were particularly fond of stocking books, but all three of them knew what was left if they didn’t get the library gig.

“Ok…library duty goes to Molly and Dom. Sorry, Louis, you’ve got cleaning the potion’s classroom.”

Molly and Dominique high-fived, while Louis grumbled, “I don’t see Ted giving himself detention,” under his breath. Teddy ignored his comment, figuring that weaseling out of detention was a perk of being Head Boy.

After they had gone over the plan one more time, the Weasleys, Teddy, and James headed back to their respective dormitories to prepare for tomorrow’s prank.

Teddy and James were the first to arrive in the Entrance Hall the next morning, though it wasn’t long before Victoire came bouncing down the stairs.

“Did it turn out, ok?” Teddy asked she as she approached him.

She nodded and said, “Yeah, I gave it to Fred and Roxy a little while ago.”

Molly and Louis, who had made an early morning visit to the Owlery, joined the trio shortly. Molly shook feathers out of her hair, and Louis gave Teddy thumbs up. Fred, Roxy, and Lucy came up from the kitchens next, smiling mischievously.

“Did the house-elves catch on to anything?” Teddy asked as Fred handed a napkin full of sausages stuffed with Puking Pastilles to James.

“Nah,” Roxy replied, “We just told them that we were giving our cousin a tour.”

“The kitchens were rather extraordinary,” Lucy said quietly. Despite her timid nature, Percy’s youngest daughter seemed to be enjoying the game quite a bit. She beamed around at them all.

Victoire frowned. “I still wish we could’ve a been a little more selective than just the whole Ravenclaw table.”

“Well, those who’ve got it coming are getting a little extra,” Teddy said sternly. He looked around at the group like a general surveying his troops.

Just then Dominique appeared at the top of the stairs, the last of the cousins to arrive.

“My gosh!” Victoire exclaimed, “is that one of Lucy’s skirts?” Her face seemed caught between disapproval and amusement as she surveyed her little sister’s ensemble.

“What!” Dom said defensively, “I’ve got to be a distraction, yeah?”

“Right.” Teddy said, nodding curtly in greeting of the final soldier. “Ready for our entrance.”

Victoire, Dominique, Molly, Freddy, Roxy, James, Louis and Lucy murmured their agreement.

“Ok then. Let’s do this.”

They grouped together and with a surreptitious wave of his wand, Teddy opened the doors to the Great Hall with enough force to make heads turn. He played out the beat of their collective footsteps in his head. To him, it sounded like the slow, steady beat of a rock song. Most people looked as the nine of them entered; there were a few raised eyebrows, several shrugs, and a giggle or two. Roger Davies II, Teddy was pleased to note, not only looked perplexed but also a little nervous, as though he recognized the dramatic entrance for what it was—a show of arms. They practically sat in unison as well, Victoire and Dominique never looking more like sisters than when they gave nearly identical tosses of their long hair. Everything seemed normal after the Weasleys, James, and Teddy began to pull platters of food toward themselves, and everyone else returned to their breakfasts.

Just as Teddy had finished buttering a slice of toast, Dominique let out a shriek of anger just as planned.

“That’s mine!” She screeched at James, who had something clasped in his fist, “Give it back, you little brat!”

Teddy tried to remember to look surprised as Dominique lunged at James, who ducked and sprinted from the table. His cousin gave chase and James made a great show of ducking behind eating students as Dominique tried to aim her wand at him. In an attempt to wrestle the object away from James, Dominique sent the two of them crashing into the end of the Ravenclaw table where Roger sat with his friends, who Teddy recognized from the train, and a couple of adoring girls. Teddy thought it made life easier when all their main targets clumped together like that.

“Oh, sorry!” Teddy heard Dominique cry in a much gentler tone as she sent a platter of sausages flying off the table.

“I’ll get those!” James volunteered and he ducked beneath the table to retrieve the lost food.

Dom turned her attention to Roger, whose plate she had ‘accidentally’ fallen on, while simultaneously spilling his goblet of pumpkin juice down the front of his shirt. She snatched a napkin out of the hand of another girl who was holding it out to Roger and began to dab at his chest. “Did I do that?” She cooed, leaning into him. Considering how many unbuttoned buttons Dom’s shirt had this morning, Teddy expected that Roger was getting quite the show, especially if his suddenly relaxed posture was an indicator. “Oh, and all over your hair too!”

One of the girls next to Roger shot Dominique a look of utter contempt and downed her pumpkin juice. Teddy and Victoire exchanged a smirk. The other stabbed at her eggs so hard that they went flying; They saw a couple of second years duck a good three yards down the table. Roger’s friends were so involved with trying to look up Dominique’s skirt that they barely noticed when James came back up from under the table with the tray of sausages.

“Well, some of them may have been a little past the five second rule, but I dusted them off a bit!”

“Uh-huh. Move kid.” One of the goons said as he pushed James out of his view of Dominique’s thigh.

“Oh, nope. There are a few more down there.” James said and disappeared again.

“Hey,” Roger piped up in a dazed tone, “what’s your name? I don’t think we’ve met.”

Dominique leaned in closer to Roger to whisper her name into his ear. She wrapped her hand, still clutching her wand, lovingly around the back of his head to stroke his hair. And if Teddy weren’t looking for it, he wouldn’t have been able to see the subtle movement she made with her wand.

“That’s a really pretty name,” Roger replied in the same dazed state, “Maybe we can hang out later on?” He brought his hand up and placed it on Dominique’s knee.

She raised one eyebrow and chuckled seductively, “Actually, I think you’re too old for me.” She removed Roger’s hand slowly as she continued in a harsh, sarcastic tone. “But maybe you’d like my sister, instead?”

Roger looked like he’d just fallen from a great height. “What?”

“You know, my sister, Victoire? You remember her, don’t you?”

He just gaped at her, his jaw opening and closing like a fish out of water.

“Come on, James,” Dominique ordered, “let’s go.”

James popped up from under the table as directed, saying, “turns out those weren’t sausages,” as they walked back to the Gryffindor table. The mail owls fluttered in through the windows at that moment, dropping several identical letters to students at the Ravenclaw table, and a few were addressed to Slytherins and even one Gryffindor girl that had made Victoire’s life miserable.

Teddy knew the message each one of them bore, and he took great amusement in the smug looks that Louis and Molly wore.

“What goes around comes around…?” The Gryffindor girl read aloud, “Always, W?”

The confused babble of the students ended abruptly when hell broke loose at the Ravenclaw table.

“Roger, you ok, mate?” Someone called out because Mr. Davies had suddenly began scratching violently as angry, red hives broke out all over his arms, neck, and face.

“I think they spell something!”


“I. Think. I’ll. Go. To. The. Hospital. Wing.” Roger replied. He stood up, took a step forward, and promptly fell on his face; James had tied his shoelaces together.

One of his friends paused in the middle of chewing their sausage, apparently concerned about Roger’s health. Except that his face was tinged green, and then his cheeks bulged. He brought one hand up to cover his mouth, but to no avail; he spewed his breakfast all over the table. His mates tried to jump out of the line of fire only to find that, in a stroke of pranking brilliance, James had not only tied their shoelaces together but had also tied their shoes to each other. The boys toppled like dominoes, stumbling and falling all over each other, dragging their still vomiting friend with them.

Teddy high-fived James under the table.

One of Roger’s fan girls had jumped up to help the still itchy Quidditch captain, but she was distracted when her friend gasped.


“What?” She snapped, obviously annoyed.

“You’re old!”



Sarah held her hand out in front of her, and her eyes widened in shock as she surveyed the wrinkles there. Shaking and whimpering, she brought her hands up to feel her face which had become just as wrinkled as the rest of her, all thanks to the Age Potion Victoire had brewed up and Freddy and Roxy had spiked the Ravenclaw’s pumpkin juice with. The formerly brunette Sarah let out a scream when she pulled a clump of stringy, white hair from her head. Abandoning Roger to his plight, she ran distraught from the Great Hall.

All along the table, other people were aging as well. Some more than others, depending on how much pumpkin juice they had drunk. Some Ravenclaws were laughing and tugging playfully at the grey beards they had sprouted, whereas others, who had drained their glasses like Sarah, appeared distressed by the appearance of liver spots and warts.

Freddie, Roxy, and James were laughing uncontrollably with their heads in their arms, while everyone else tried valiantly to control their laughter. But Teddy still had to perform his part of the prank. He held his wand beneath the Gryffindor table, and, concentrating very hard, thought the incantation he needed and waved his wand in the proper formation. The letters Louis and Molly had sent were suddenly transfigured into birds that let out a tremendous squawk and began chasing after their recipients. People brought their arms, books, and golden plates up over their heads to protect themselves as they were bombarded with gooey, white bird droppings. The Gryffindor girl didn’t duck quickly enough to avoid getting a healthy dose on the side of her head that dripped down her hair and onto her shoulder. Looking ill, she shrieked and made for the door, the bird following her out of the hall.

That was it for Victoire, and, for the first time it what seemed like weeks, she burst out into raucous laughter, practically falling off her chair in a fit of hysterics. Teddy thought she had never looked prettier.

The madness died down as the staff leapt in to rescue most of the Ravenclaw table and a few others from the wrath of the Weasley cousins. Headmistress Sinistra made her way over to the Gryffindor table as Teddy began handing out the pre-made detention slips.

“Miss Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Miss Weasley, Miss Weasley, Mr. Weasley, and Miss Weasley,” she said sternly, nodding her head at Victoire, Louis, Dominique, Molly, Freddie, and Roxy in turn. “I am assuming you had something to do with this?” She held one of the recently re-transfigured letters in her hand.

“I’ve got it all under control, “ Teddy jumped in before any of the cousins could answer. “They are all getting detention.” He indicated the slips they held.

“Oh,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “and what about you, Mr. Lupin and Mr. Potter here?”

Teddy felt his smile falter just a little. He heard a snort of laughter, and looked around to see Fred and Roxy giggling silently, while James looked absolutely thrilled to be considered part of the troublemaking. “Sorry?”

“Well,” the Headmistress elaborated, “I’m assuming it was Mr. Potter that tied Mr. Davies shoelaces together.”

“Right. He’ll get detention too.” From the corner of his eye, he saw James pump his fist into the air.

“And,” she continued, “that was a rather…er, impressive…bit of transfiguration, and I assume that it was your doing?”

Talk about a double-edged compliment
, Teddy thought. He looked down at the last detention slip in his hand; it was for Louis. If Teddy had to choose a punishment for himself, he definitely would sign up to polish trophies with Victoire, but he remembered how put-out Louis had been about the potion’s classroom.

Making up his mind, he snapped his head up and looked the Headmistress directly in the eye as he spoke, “Since Victoire and Louis are polishing the trophies, I reckon I’ll be cleaning the potion’s classroom with James.”

“Without magic, Mr. Lupin,” she nodded curtly in response, though she looked as though she was trying not to smile.

“Without magic.” He agreed as she walked away.

Teddy imagined that somewhere up there, his dad and James Potter Sr. were laughing and clapping each other on the back in pride as they watched him get detention on his first day of being Head Boy. And he was serving it, no less, with the notorious prankster’s grandson.

“Ready to go?” Victoire asked, suddenly appearing at his side and biting back her smile.

“Yep,” he grinned and threw his arm around her shoulder as they turned to exit the Great Hall. Victoire stopped trying to hold back her laughter and let it go as they walked towards the double doors. Her loud, hearty laughter actually garnered a few fearful looks from people and whispers followed them out of the room.

Did the Head Boy just get detention? On the first day of term? Before classes started?!”

“I know! That was so cool…and gross!”

“Ugh, I think I’ve got bird shit on me!”

“He’s dreamy. Do you think he’s available?”

“Nah. He’s always with that Victoire girl.”

“Before breakfast ended!”

“Do you think that they’re finally together together?”

If only, Teddy thought, squeezing Victoire in a one-armed hug as she leaned against him for support in her giggle-seized state.

A/N: Sorry it took me a while to update. Me and this chapter were not friends for a long time, then along came Nano and ta-da! A completed chapter! Are you excited? I am! Please, feel free to express your outrage for the delay in some reviews, or if you're not in the outrage-expressing mood, you can show your appeciation to the Nano gods in a review as well! The song at the top is a nearly perfect Teddy/Vic song, though I envision the prank scene as occuring to the beat of "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! Ends babbling now.

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