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Marauding There And Back Again by Prongs05JP
Chapter 6 : A Marauder's Guide to Hogwarts - Siriusly!
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Chapter six has arrived! For anyone following this story, here you are. Oh did you see my new banner? Beautiful, isn't it? I can't stop looking at it xD   Read&Review

Chapter Six:
A Marauder’s Guide to Hogwarts – Siriusly!

Remus found Ancient Runes a fascinating subject. However his friends didn’t really share his opinion, so he found himself trooping off to Ancient Runes alone – leaving James and Sirius with a free period. Peter however, had Herbology which was still not much of a consolation.

He ambled into the classroom quietly, but quickly realised there were not many seats left. So Remus slipped in between desks until he reached a table at the front where two girls sat.

“Mind if I join you two?” Lily and Abbie looked up into his smiling face.

“Of course not, Remus, sit down.” Lily smiled. Abbie said nothing, but when he was busy getting his books out of his bag she shot Lily a smouldering glare. Lily merely shrugged. Remus placed his translation textbook on the desk, looked up and smiled. Abbie melted.

Why did Remus have to be so goddamn good looking with those wolfish amber eyes…? Abbie quickly looked down blushing – he had caught her staring at him! Remus gave Abbie a curious look before turning to the front.

All the way throughout the lesson, Abbie found it very hard to concentrate when her five year long crush was sitting so close and kept smiling at her. Her breath caught every time he even looked at her for God’s sake! She busied herself with her work so that she wouldn’t have to worry about him.

“Hey, Abbie,” Remus whispered, his head leaning in close to hers. Abbie’s breathing became unsteady.

“Y-Yes, Lupin?”

“Hey, you can call me Remus.” He chuckled silently. “Hey, do you know what this symbol is?” He pointed at a peculiar shaped cross with a semi circle on the top.

“That’s ‘to breathe’” she whispered back.

“Good. You should be doing more of it.” Abbie’s eyes widened and Remus snickered again before turning back to his work. Abbie felt her face redden – he had noticed all this time! Abbie then began furiously scribbling on her parchment and cursed Merlin under her breath until her throat was sore.

By the time the lesson was over, Abbie had managed to have a conversation with him that didn’t result in her blushing, stumbling over her words, making him laugh or running away. The thought of him running away had crossed her mind in the past.

“I bet if Professor Babbling gets any more boring, he’d probably just die on the spot!” Remus laughed.

“Yeah, he’ll be like Professor Binns, then,” Abbie chortled, as the threesome walked to their final lesson of the day, Transfiguration. Lily hung round at the back looking bored – she had been all but forgotten in this conversation.

They reached the next classroom just as James and Sirius bound up to meet Remus.

“Mooooony!” Sirius threw his arms around Remus’ neck. Remus sighed.

“Yes, Padfoot?”

“Oh if only you had just had a free period like us! You should have seen what we –“

“We? I had nothing to do with that!” James cried in outrage.

“–What we did to – oh… hello Evans, Riley.” Sirius cut himself off curtly. Lily gave him a suspicious glare. Sirius slowly contracted his arms from Remus and coughed uncomfortably. An awkward silence descended on them all before Sirius made a weird symbol with his hands.

“Awkward silence turtle!” He cried happily. Everyone looked at the shape he had made with his hands and they all unanimously decided it looked nothing like a turtle.

“Right, we’re going Abbie,” Lily grabbed Abbie’s arm and began to drag her away. “Bye Remus. Black, Potter.”

“Bye Remus!” Abbie waved as she went into the classroom.

“Y-yeah… bye.” Remus waved back weakly.

“That looked awfully suspicious Moony – you wouldn’t be cheating on me now, would you!” James laughed. Sirius slapped James round the face.

“Shove off Potter – Moony is mine!” A group of girls passing sighed at the thought of Sirius being gay. Remus growled something incoherent before storming into the classroom. James raised his eyebrows at Sirius and they followed him in.

The Marauders slid into their usual seats at the back, Remus however choosing to sit next to Peri rather than any of the boys. Transfiguration continued as per usual, with the same speech about NEWTs that they had received at the beginning of their Sixth Year. However, it being the first lesson didn’t make McGonagall any less strict – and after handing Sirius a detention, set the class a three foot essay on how important NEWTs would be. The class shunned Sirius after that.

Later that evening, the Marauders were heading down to dinner with Peri when she suddenly turned to James in the entrance hall.

“You still haven’t told me what you promised to yesterday.” James looked perplexed. “About Trixie?” Realisation dawned on his face. He glanced sideways at Remus.

“Can it – can it wait until after dinner?” Peri narrowed her eyes but nodded all the same. The four walked into the Great Hall, led by Peri. She turned to James once more.

“What about… Lin?” She asked hesitantly. James smiled and gestured behind her. She turned and found herself face to face with a tall Ravenclaw seventh year with light blonde hair and startling blue eyes.

“Lin?” The Ravenclaw looked absolutely stunned.


“Lin! Colin Bell!” Peri cried. She threw her arms round his neck and he pulled her into a warm hug.

“I – I thought, because yesterday at the feast – what… what are you doing here? More importantly why didn’t you tell me, Peri?” Peri laughed.

“I’m here for seventh year – now what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t check up on you every six or so years!” The two pulled back from their embrace, and Colin looked over Peri’s shoulder at James.

“Potter.” He nodded.

“Bell.” James nodded back, face like stone. Peri’s smiled faltered.

“Very funny you two. Now come on!” James coughed uncomfortably.

“I’m gonna go sit with Pads and Moony. If you wanna sit with Bell for dinner, that’s fine. See you.” James turned away and walked down the table to where Sirius and Remus were sat, looking on worriedly.

“What’s with him?” Peri scoffed. Colin loosened his tie round his neck awkwardly.

“You wanna sit down?” Peri obliged. “Obviously James hasn’t told you yet…” he trailed off as he plopped onto the bench beside her.

“Told me what?”

“Well… me and him – we’re not friends anymore. On the contrary – I mean, we’re both captains of rival teams y’know? Him with Gryffindor, and me with Ravenclaw. It’s… it’s complicated.” Peri’s face drooped.

“But we – all of us… we were so close before I left.”

“We still are close – you and me. And you and James. We just… drifted apart.” Colin shrugged

“You all swore – you swore that you wouldn’t let being in different houses break you!” Peri hissed, her voice rising and attracting the attention of a few surrounding Ravenclaws.

“Keep your voice down! It’s not that simple! There were other… contributing factors… look – just live and let lie, okay? There’re things I said that I’m not proud of. I’m pretty sure it’s like that down the other end too.” he nodded in James’ direction. “But what’s done is done – we can’t take it back so there’s no dwelling on it.” he laid out his palms as if that ended the matter.

“But anyway… how come you’re back in England anyway? I mean I’m thrilled an’ all, but how come?” Peri gave him a quick smile.

“It’s a long story – one I will tell you sometime, but not now. For now, I want to know what you’ve been getting up to these past couple of years!” Colin shook his head, grinning.

“You Potters – always have to know exactly what’s going on, don’t you?”

Peri merely smiled.


About an hour later, the Marauders and Peri found themselves cramped round a small table in the Gryffindor common room making a start on the essay that had been set by Professor McGonagall – but four of the friends were making a point of ignoring the fifth. Namely Sirius. Quills scribbling away, the five didn’t notice a small group of fifth year Gryffindor girls approach their table.

“Um… Remus Lupin?” The five looked up into the face of a pretty blonde girl with dull blue eyes. 

“How can I help?” Remus asked, clearly baffled. Peri grinned.

“Well, Mr Lupin, you see I have this friend – Melissa Ridette,” She pointed over to one of the girls inside the group blushing furiously. “And she was wondering if you’d go out with her.” Remus blinked in obvious surprise.

“I – I’m flattered but um… no, I – tell your friend she’s a bit young for me. I’m flattered, really.” He finished off awkwardly. The blonde girl nodded and skipped back to her friend with his answer. Peri watched as Melissa’s face fell, turned to look at Remus’ forlornly and then scurried from the room sobbing.

An awkward silence descended on the group but just as Sirius opened his mouth to speak, Peter cut across him.

“Don’t even think about brining out that stupid turtle!” The group burst into fits of laughter, and although realising that it wasn’t really funny, were glad from the break of their essay. Meanwhile, over the other side of the room, there was a discussion going on at another one of the small tables.

“Look just go over there and tell her you’re sorry.” Rachel sighed. “There really isn’t that much to it, Lils.” Lily bit her lip and Will slammed his quill down frustrated.

“Say it Lily – five letter word. Begins with ‘s’. Ends in ‘orry’. We’re backing you all the way!” Lily gave an irritated sigh and got up from her seat, carefully placing her quill on the tabletop. She walked across the room hesitantly and stopped behind where the Marauders were sitting. She gave one last glance over her shoulder to her friends, where Will was grinning and giving her a thumbs up. She turned back again and cleared her throat awkwardly.

“Um… Peri?”

Lily jumped as James (with his back to her) slammed down his quill.

“Why is it whenever we just get started we always get interrupted! I mean this is why homework is bad for–“ He broke off when he turned to see her, “Oh… Evans.” He laughed nervously before running his hand through his hair. Lily closed her eyes at the action, thoughts of several things to say running through her mind. None of them appropriate for hoping to make up with Peri though.

“Yes. What is it Evans?” Peri asked coldly, eyes looking up at her expectantly.

“Um… I was wondering if I could talk to you. About what happened at lunch.” Peri spread her hands, leaning back in her chair. “In private.” Lily added.

“Anything you need to say to me can be heard by them too.” Lily scowled.

“I’m sorry. Okay?”

“Sorry about what?” Peri feigned stupidity.

“You know… the things I said.” Lily pressed on, irritated.

“I’m sorry I don’t quite remember. Care to jog my memory?” A gleam appeared in Peri’s eyes that Lily did not like at all. But she gave in, resignedly.

“I’m sorry for insulting your friends at lunch and for doubting you knowing them that well.” The four boys all raised their eyebrows at her, and then looked at Peri. She smiled warmly, adjusting her glasses.

“Apology accepted. Friends?” She outstretched her hand

“Friends.” Lily agreed, shaking it, before walking back across the common room. Will, Abbie and Rachel abruptly stopped whatever they were talking about and turned to her.

“So how’d it go?” Abbie asked eagerly. Lily grinned.

“Apology accepted.”

“Hah! Told you! You owe me three galleons Abbie.” Lily gaped open mouthed at them.

“You were betting on whether she would accept my apology!”

“Well… she seemed like the stubborn type to me,” Abbie responded grouchily before reluctantly placing three galleons in Will’s outstretched palm.

As promised, the Marauders decided to give Peri a proper tour of Hogwarts Castle – the way a Marauder sees it. After lessons had been finished, they put off their essay writing until the next day to drag her out of the common room laughing.

“And then – speaking of Padfoot’s failures –“


“ – You should have seen the quidditch final last year! It was brilliant, and Pads was just acting soo funny all the time.”

“It wasn’t that funny. You almost lost us the game – and as Captain I have to say –“

“Oh, lighten up Prongs! Besides it was mostly her – I told her I was busy.”

Peri just watched the friends’ conversation amusedly, as they took her down the seventh floor corridor. However, not had they gotten far when there was a distinct cough from behind them. Peri turned to see Lily standing there with her hands on her hips.

“And to what do we owe this honour, Evans – this is the second time in two days!” Sirius barked. Lily just narrowed her eyes but quickly turned to James.

“You’re not forgetting about the Prefect meeting are you? We scheduled it tonight because you’re busy next week.” She growled between gritted teeth. Peri now understood the relationship between Lily and James slightly better (with Abbie and Rachel’s help) and decided not to take Lily up on every time she was rude to James. James swallowed and Remus stepped in.

“Sorry Lily, I forgot too.” Lily’s face softened.

“I guess this is your first time being part of the Prefect system – but it you ever forget again I will have you hung drawn and quartered!” She spat spitefully. And with that she turned on her heel and stalked back down to the Heads’ Dorms (which were also on the seventh floor).

James continued to stare in her wake and Peri coughed.

“James… James!” he jerked out of his reverie and turned to her. “Don’t forget the reason she was angry…” She trailed off meaningfully.

“Oh… oh right! Right, course. Come on Moony lets go.” James practically skipped down the corridor after Lily and, after throwing Peri, Sirius and Peter an apologetic look, Remus walked after him rolling his eyes. Sirius shrugged.

“Guess it’s just us then. Come on, time to introduce you to Hogwarts - Pads and Wormy style.” Sirius grinned.

“Yeah, you wait – we’ll show you all the places you need to know about. But first,” Peter lifted up a tapestry and Peri saw a dwindling passage behind it. “Ladies first.”

“Thanks, Pete.” Peri slipped inside closely followed by Sirius and Peter. It was dark, so Peri whipped out her wand and cast lumos. With great pride, Sirius then turned to show her a blank piece of parchment. Peri blinked confusedly.

“It’s just a blank piece of parchment, Sirius.”

“That’s what the all say, isn’t it Wormtail?”

“What “all”. We’ve never showed it to anyone, thicko.” Sirius chuckled. and placed his wand on the parchment.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” And Peri gasped as black ink lines began to creep out from where his tip touched the parchment. The ink lines seemed to represent some sort of spider’s web, but then Peri noticed some ink dots that she recognised – one said Sirius Black, another Peter Pettigrew and the final one Peridith Carltona.

“Is that – is that me?” She gasped. Peter and Sirius both nodded with satisfaction. Peri scanned what she now had identified to be a map, and saw Lily, James and Remus in the library five floors down.

“How does it do that?” She asked.

“Trade secret there. All you gotta know is that it works. So where do you wanna go first?”

Five minutes later, after much discussion, they decided on heading to the kitchens. Peri was completely baffled as to how they had managed to find all of the secret passages and extra rooms that they seemed to, and Sirius and Peter took great pleasure in reminding her that they were the Marauders. After the fifth time she started to get a bit irritated.

“Yes, yes I know. You’re the Marauders. Good for you – but if your ego inflates any more there is not going to be enough room for all three of us in this corridor.” Sirius just chuckled.

“Well this is the Entrance Hall, you’ve been here before.”

“Or we call it the prank arena.” Put in Peter.

“Oh, really?” Peri smirked. Sirius froze.

“I swear you looked just like Prongs there.” Peri blinked.

“Right… anyway, Padfoot.” Peter interrupted, glancing between the two. Sirius shook his head.

“Sooo… this is the prank arena because this is where we pull most of our big ones. Unless of course we’re pranking Slytherins, in which case we do it in the Great Hall.” He grinned.

“You boys and your pranks…” She trailed off looking at something the other end of the Entrance Hall. Sirius and Peter both followed her line of vision but only saw a crowd of Slytherins making their way into the dungeons. Sirius frowned.

“Peri, you still with us?” Peter laughed and Peri turned.

“Oh y-yeah sorry. I kinda zoned out a bit there!”

“C’mon. We’ve got dinner now. And I think you’re going to enjoy it.”


As Lily marched into the Great Hall that evening for dinner, she wasn’t in the best of moods. The Prefect meeting had gone well – but that was exactly the problem!

There was nothing wrong with the way Potter handled his Head Boy duties, except for the fact that sometimes he didn’t seem to recognise the fact that it was her turn to talk. And the Prefects all seemed to listen to him and he hadn’t put in any work to get his position. He was so… different – it was unnerving!

Lily was welcomed into the hall by the sound of raucous laughter. She stopped dead in her tracks and thought for one terrifying moment that they were all laughing at her – thank goodness they weren’t. She soon discovered what they were laughing at.

Four of the seventh year Slytherins – Severus Snape, Finley Mulciber, Katarina Parkinson and Bellatrix Black - seemed to be leading the rest of the house in a song that was reverberating throughout the hall. As Lily sat down next to her friends (who were all laughing hysterically) she tried to identify the words. After a while she had worked out that the words went a bit like this:

We love Gryffindor, we do
We love Gryffindor, we do
We all love Gryffindoooor,
And Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw too!

We love Gryffindor, we do
We love Gryffindor, we do
We all love Gryffindoooor,
And we all hate Slytherin too!

Lily knew immediately who the culprits must be, and try as she might she couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth quirking up. She glanced down the table, and true enough, there were the Marauders all laughing hysterically, two of which had only just come out of a Prefect meeting where they were discussing rule enforcement – ironic, no?

But the Marauders weren’t finished yet. Their newest member had yet to contribute, and Peri pulled out her wand hesitantly. The four boys gestured towards the Slytherins with encouraging smiles and she took in a deep breath. She muttered something and waved her wand in a flick that Lily wasn’t familiar with. And there weren’t many of those.

A Slytherin reached forward to grab his goblet, in an attempt to try and stop himself singing, but the goblet turned into something a bright bronze colour that Lily couldn’t see. The girl next to him who touched her fork – that also turned into something, but this time it was black. Lily saw all over the table black, bronze and golden blobs were appearing from anything any of the Slytherins touched. Then Lily saw – the black ones were badgers, the bronze ones were eagles and the golden ones were lions.

Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.

Lily openly laughed this time as Professor Slughorn got up from his seat and tried to herd the animals that were eating the food from the table. She had to hand it to the Marauders – and Peri! – this year’s prank was pretty good. Even Dumbledore who sat in his chair at the staff table was smiling.

The laughter abruptly stopped however when Professor McGonagall marched into the hall. She took in the animals and the singing Slytherins and her face turned hard. She stalked up to the Marauders, who were still sniggering, and marched towards them.

“Alright then, boys! This is disgraceful – reverse those spells immediately!” The boys just smiled. “And detention!”

“Professor, you can’t really prove it’s us…” James trailed off before laughing again and ducking his head under the table.

“Oh as if it could be anyone else!” She shrieked. “A week’s detention for your cheek!” Sirius sighed in all seriousness.

“But don’t you think that song is much better than what they normally have to say, Professor?”

“A week’s for you too!” Sirius just grinned.

“A week? I’m shaking in my boots, Minnie.” The hall laughed before quieting down quickly for fear of McGonagall’s wrath.

“Two weeks. And I expect all four of you to be at a detention with me on Friday. No exceptions. And reverse those goddamn spells, will you?!

Remus sighed and flicked his wand. The singing stopped, and all the Slytherins began coughing with sore throats.

“And the rest, Mr Lupin.” She hissed dangerously, gesturing to the multicoloured animals still chomping away on top of the table. The boys looked at each other and shrugged.

“Don’t know how.” James shrugged.

“What do you mean, you ‘don’t know how’?”

“They mean exactly what they say, Professor.” McGonagall turned to face Peri who was twirling her wand in between her fingers. “They don’t now how because I did it. Gonna give me a detention too?” She smiled sweetly. “…Minnie?”

McGonagall’s nostrils flared.

“Yes. Now reverse it!" She screeched and Peri obliged. There was a clatter as cutlery, goblets and plates dropped back onto the tabletop in their original states. “Detention, Miss Carltona. Please don’t make a habit of it.”

“So that’s two weeks for me, a week for Prongs and one detention for Moony, Wormtail and Peri then, Professor? Anything else we can do for you?” Sirius smiled. McGonagall just snorted at him before turning on her heel and storming back out of the hall.

A handful of students began to clap and soon the whole hall was applauding them. James however only took Peri’s hand and pulled her to her feet before clapping along with the rest. Peri blushed, and fiddled with her skirt, not meeting anyone’s eyes. However, as she sat down Lily did notice her hiss something in James’ ear with her eyes narrowed. He gulped uneasily and went back to his food.

Dinner continued on from there with no more disturbances, much to the students’ disappointment, but there were a few cheers when the Marauder’s left the hall.

“I’m gonna go crash. See you in the morning,” Will yawned.

“Going to sleep already?! It’s barely seven.” Rachel remarked.

“Hmm… I smell a girl.” Abbie grinned evilly and Will flinched.

“Aha! It is a girl!” Rachel cried pointing at him. Will sighed and shook his head.

“See you tomorrow, Lily.” He stuck his tongue out at Rachel and Abbie who returned the sentiment.

“Well I can see you two have a gossip evening ahead of you.” Lily smiled.

“Sure do,” Abbie replied wistfully.

“So if I want to get any work done I have to go to the Head’s Dorms.” Lily continued.

“Uh huh,” Rachel mumbled into her dinner.

“Then I’ll see you two later, then.” The two’s heads shot up so fast their necks cracked.

“The Heads Dorms – take us with youuuu!”

“Take me, take us – please Lily!” Lily pursed her lips much like her older sister, Petunia, thoughtfully.

“… Alright.” The girls squealed loudly, causing a few people around them to give them weird looks. The two skipped out of the hall with Lily in their wake mumbling about bad ideas.

By the time they reached the seventh floor, Rachel and Abbie were bursting with excitement.

“Honestly guys, they’re not as great as you’d think…” Lily muttered as she told the Portrait of the Roaring Lion the password. They threesome stepped into the Heads’ Dorms with Abbie and Rachel gasping in awe at the decoration. Lily rolled her eyes, but smirked with pride nonetheless.

“Do you want to come see my room?” The two nodded eagerly. They clambered the stairs at the end of the room and turned left to her room. Turning right led to James’s room, and they could hear muffled voices inside there too – James must have brought his friends back to the dorm too.
Once the girls had finished inspecting Lily’s room, they settled down on the bed, with Lily sitting opposite them in an armchair.

“So, what do you think is up with Will?” Rachel asked.

“I’m not sure – but like I say, I think he’s got a girl or something.” Abbie laughed. “What do you think, Lils?” Lily was about to answer when they heard the loud bang of a door slamming open and raised voices could be heard from below.

Lily cocked her head to try and listen, whilst Rachel and Abbie ran to the door.

“It’s Potter and Peri in the common room part – they’re arguing.” Rachel reported. “And the other Marauders aren’t there.” Lily shuffled up to the door to try and catch a glimpse of what was happening – they had only opened it a crack, so as not to be seen.

“Well, I’m sorry Peri that life back in England isn’t all that you thought it was going to be!” James was shouting.

“It isn’t that – from what I gather you three just gave up the moment you all got sorted into different houses!” Peri retorted hotly.

“It was a lot more complicated than that!”

“Lin said that to – but no one seems to want to elaborate!”

“You weren’t even here – what the hell do you know?!”

“You’re a git James Potter! A real git! I can see why Lily hates you so much – you’re – you’re insufferable!” She turned round lifting her hand to her forehead and took a deep breath. “Tell me what happened or I will walk out the door and I will never speak to you again.” She continued in a dangerously low voice.

“Ri…” James pleaded. Peri whirled round.

“Just tell me, Jamie! Is it so hard?” She choked on the last word and James drew her into a firm hug as she began to sob. They stood there for a couple of minutes, Peri’s racking sobs reverberating through the Dorms. The three girls in Lily’s room glanced at each other with open mouths. What on earth was going on? It was a while before James spoke.

“Lin and I had a falling out after a quidditch match,” He began softly. “We’re both proud guys. Very proud of our houses – it made it hard to be friends.”

“And Trixie?” Peri muttered.

“Trixie isn’t my Trix – our Trix, anymore. She changed when she came here, Ri. She wasn’t strong enough to fight her bloodline.” Peri began to sob again but James carried on speaking. “I was still friends with her in second year. In secret. Because of what house she was in, and what house I was in. I tried to ignore her change in behaviour, passed it off as growing up – but then there was an… incident. Then I decided it wasn’t worth keeping our friendship going.” Peri cried openly into James’ shoulder.

“She w-w-was my best friend, Jamie. M-my b-best friend.”

“You were her best friend too,” He soothed. “She was so broken when you left. And I was always her link to you – she’d always be asking me when you’d come back.” James smiled at the memory. “She was really cut up when I ended out friendship – kept protesting that she was the same old Trixie.”

“O-oh Trixie…”

“But things are better now. I have the Marauders. And you have them too, Peri. And any day you wanna talk – my couch is your couch.” Peri choked out a laugh as James seated them both on the sofa. “Speaking of the Marauders – please don’t tell Sirius about Trixie. The only one who knows is Remus and you see – Sirius has always hated her, especially in first and second year when she was giving him such a hard time. If he knew I was friends with her he would never speak to me again!” James chuckled nervously.

“Sure, J-James.” The two sat in a companionable silence for a couple more minutes before Peri made her excuses and wandered out of the dorm.

James stared wistfully after her rocking on the balls of his feet before clambering up the stairs to the dorms. When he reached his door, he placed one hand on the handle before turning to look at Lily’s door. The three girls quickly shrunk away, but James smiled at the door alone with the golden letters embroidered with Lily on it. That was one thing the girls picked up on. It wasn’t the trademark Potter smirk or something similar. It was just a genuine smile. He then turned back and opened his door quietly, shutting it with a click behind him.

The girls crawled away from the door and clambered back up on to Lily’s bed. Lily cast a silencing charm at the door.

“What was that all about?” Rachel wondered aloud.

“Girls, I think you’ve got some proper juice for a gossip night now.” Lily smirked. Abbie gasped.

“A gossip night – ohmygosh I have to call Will!”

Well there you go! There should be some quidditch action next time with tryouts, and very soon someone's world is being turned upside down. Oooh! Special thanks this time go to Laura Mc Donnell for reviewing last chapter and Gotma2step and nikkies3 for adding this to their favourites! Now's the part where you leave a review in that grey box down there ;)
Thanks for reading!

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