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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine: The Baby Project
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Chapter Nine: The Baby Project
By: MysticPhoenix 


Muggle Studies was the one class that the whole group took together. Though it was not required for both Aurors and Healers, both Lily and Isis decided it would be fun to continue taking the class. Peter continued to take the class because it was one of the only ones he was good at. Remus, like Isis and Lily, found it interesting to study Muggles from the Wizarding point of view, and, well James and Sirius took the class to get on Lily’s and Isis’s good sides. 

At the beginning of the year the Professor had announced that they would be given a group project so the class was discussing loudly what the project could be.  

“Alright class, settle down! Settle down!” Everyone went instantly quiet. “Now I assume all of you remember my announcement at the beginning of the year” The class all murmured indicating they had. “This week will be the first day of the class project. In Muggle schools students take part in family planning classes. That is to say for a set period of time two people pretend they are a family with a house, bills, and a baby or two.” Gasps of surprise could be heard throughout the classroom. “That being said for the next two weeks you and your partner will pretend that you are a married couple, with all the responsibilities, and a child-”

“YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!” Sekhmet yelled.

“No I am not kidding. Your child will be a magically enhanced doll that will act just as a real newborn baby would. At the end of the two weeks it will deliver a report that will tell me if you took care of it or not.”


“Well that is just too bad. Now I am going to pair you off with your partners or should I say pretend husband or wife.” The Professor pulls out a list from her robes, “Lily Evans and James Potter, Isis Croft and Sirius Black-”

“Oh great,” Isis said sarcastically. 

“Remus Lupin and Kate Jones, Sekhmet and Peter Pettigrew.”

“I HATE MY LIFE!” Sekhmet was still yelling. 

“Please come pick up your dolls and assignment packets and then you may leave.”

“Well love it looks like we’re married,” Sirius said coming up behind Isis and putting his arm around her. 

“Correction: we are pretend married which I still find painful.” Isis pushed his arm off.

“Oh come on it won’t be that bad.” Sirius winked.

“We will complete the project as stated and nothing else.” 

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“There won’t be any.” Isis walked off to the Professor’s desk.

“Too bad Sirius old boy.” Sekhmet patted his shoulder.

“Why must you torment me?”

“Because my life sucks and I don’t like seeing you happy.” She then stomped off after her sister.

“Wow she is in a bad mood,” Sirius commented.

“What did you expect Sirius? The teacher just gave her, Sekhmet, a baby.” Remus said “On the bright side Lily and James seem to be getting along.” Remus pointed to James and Lily who were discussing names for their baby girl.

“I wonder how long that will last. Oh and here comes the wifey now! What did we get honey?” Remus shakes his head.

“If I ever hear you call me those names again I will hex you into the next millennium. Oh and we have a girl and her name is Alexis.” Isis smiled down at the baby, swinging it gently in her arms. 

“You are never going to quit are you Sirius?” Remus asked.

“Not until she admits she likes me.” 

“That is not the way to go about it. You should know that after all the advice we, or I should say I, gave James.”

“True. Well let the projects begin.” She then walked out of the classroom. 

“There are way too many of those going on. I should probably go and find Sekhmet before she blows up Peter, the doll, or something else.” Remus followed Sirius out.

Remus entered the common room to find it in udder chaos. Peter was sitting on one of the couches with a screaming baby in his lap. He looked about ready to cry and Sekhmet was nowhere to be seen.

“Peter what is wrong?” Remus asked.

“I can’t get it to stop crying. He will only stop for Sek and she won’t have anything to do with him.” They baby then cried even louder. 

“What is going on in here?” Lily asked as James helped her into the common room as the baby was in her arms.

“Lily I think Sek is in your guy’s room. Would you go get her for me?” Remus asked.

“Sure. James can you watch Isabelle for a few?” James nodded taking the baby from Lily.

Ten minutes later Lily came back down accompanied by Isis and carrying a petrified Sekhmet between them.

“I am guessing she wouldn’t come quietly.” James laughed.

“You guessed right.” Isis waved her wand releasing Sekhmet

“I DON’T WANNA TAKE CARE OF IT!” Sekhmet screamed getting up off the floor.

“That it is your son for the next two weeks,” Lily reminded her. 

“NO! I REFUSE!” Sekhmet flopped down in one of the chairs and folded her arms.

“You do realize that this is a large part of your grade,” her sister commented.


“Sekhmet I know you don’t like kids but you have to think about Peter too.” Remus knelt down next to Sekhmet. “You know this is his favorite class, think about how much he wants to get a good grade.” Remus stood up picked up the baby from Peter and handed him to Sekhmet and he stopped crying immediately. “Look he likes you. Now what are you going to name him?”


“Ryan is a good name and look he’s smiling. Think about it; it’s like taking care of a puppy.”

“I like puppies.” Sekhmet looked down at Ryan. “I guess I can try.” Sekhmet looked over at her sister. “Isis where is your baby? In fact, where is Sirius?”

“Okay this kid has pooped twice now,” Sirius said coming into the common room. “I think daddy time is over. It is mommy time now.” 

“Get used to it Sirius, she’s your daughter.” 

“Might I remind you she is yours too. Not to mention she takes after you in torturing me.”

“Good, Lexi giving Sirius a bad time.” Isis took her daughter from Sirius. “Come on girls lets go upstairs, it’s late.”

“Hey Lily why don’t I keep Isabelle tonight?”

“Are you sure?”  


“Okay.” Lily placed Isabelle in James arms then leaned down kissing her forehead. “Goodnight Belle, be good for daddy. “Night James.” 

“Night Lily.” 

The girls went upstairs. 

“Well Isabelle can keep Silver company,” Remus said. 

“Silver?” Sirius raised his eyebrow. 

“Katie named her and asked me to keep her tonight. I don’t think she likes kids. I mean I think she hates them.”

“Great I’m going to need a silencing charm around my bed just to sleep.” Sirius moaned heading upstairs.    

The next day in Transfiguration class McGonagall did not looked thrilled to see the magical baby dolls in her class, many of which had started or had been crying.  Many of the students who normally sat in front rows or middle of the rows had moved to either the back or closer to the doors.

“First congratulations on becoming parents. I expect each and every one of you to keep you children under control in this class. You may be excused briefly if you need to change your babies or to quiet them down. If you do not return I will dock you points. Now for our lessons.”

Twenty minutes into the class Ryan started crying. Sekhmet tried feeding him again, checked his dipper, and rocked him but nothing seemed to work. 

“Sekhmet please keep that baby quiet,” McGonagall said.  

“I’m trying but it won’t stop and I just fed it! Fix it!” Sekhmet whined much like her baby.

“Let me see the baby.” McGonagall sighed. Sekhmet handed Ryan to McGonagall who put him on her shoulder and patted his back, Ryan let out a small burp. “Next time try burping him.” She handed Ryan back to Sekhmet.

“Thank you.”  

Ten minutes later Ryan was crying again. Once again McGonagall ignored for the first couple of minutes as Sekhmet did her best to calm him. 

“What did I say?” 

Sekhmet put Ryan over her shoulder and patted his back. Sekhmet started to relax as Ryan began to calm down, but instead of burping he pooped. Several people around Sekhmet ground in disgust at the smell while Sekhmet looked on the verge of tears; McGonagall walked back over to Sekhmet’s desk.  

“I suggest you go and change him,” She said as she attempted to keep her voice calm. 

“Gross!” Sekhmet turned around to face her sister, holding Ryan outstretched in her arms. “ISIS FIX IT!”

“Your sister will do no such thing. You will as you say ‘fix it’. Now off with you.” 

“Fine!” Sekhmet held Ryan under her arm like a purse and stormed out of the classroom.

Sekhmet returned fifteen minutes later sat down placing Ryan in his carrier and went back to taking notes.  Less than twenty minutes later Ryan was crying again. Before McGonagall could sigh in frustration, Sekhmet put a silencing charm on Ryan, stuffed him in her bag, and threw the bag under the desk. 

“Sekhmet what did you just do to that baby!” McGonagall asked, outraged. 

“What? It’s just not crying anymore?” Sekhmet shrugged. 

“I suggest you learn how to take care of that baby properly or risk your grade. And in that case I hope you decide not to have actual children.” 

“If I ever have kids I’m giving them to Isis.” Her sister just rolled her eyes.

That night around two in the morning Isis was walking back and forth in front of the fireplace trying to calm a fussy Alexis. She rocked the baby in her arms as she quietly sang Hush Little Baby. Sirius who had been unable to sleep came down the stairs stopping at the bottom when he heard Isis’s singing. He leaned up against the wall smiling as he watched her. 

“I didn’t know you were such a good singer,” Sirius commented walking toward the fireplace. 

“Oh hi Sirius,” Isis replied, slightly startled. 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” Sirius leaned against the fireplace. “Little Lexi won’t calm down?”

“No. I’ve feed her, burped her, changed her, rocked her, but nothing works. I’ve been at this since one.” Isis yawed. “Sorry this is the second night in a row she kept me up. I guess it’s better than her fussing in class.” Isis gave a tired laugh.  

“How about I take her for the night? I haven’t been able to sleep at all tonight.”  

“Thank you.” Isis handed Alexia to Sirius. “She seems to like being sung to so maybe keep trying that.” She turned to go but then stopped. “Thanks again. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Sirius replied.

Isis paused before she went upstairs as she heard Sirius begin to sing. She looked back smiling at the sight of Sirius pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace just and she had singing to their ‘daughter’. Shaking her head she went to bed. 

As the second week of the project hit its midway point everyone noticed a change in the seventh year Muggle Studies students. They were all tired and many, mostly the girls, were on the verge of tears. Lily, who was normally very composed, was showing signs of strain. For two days Isabelle had been crying practically nonstop. Lily had taken her to Madam Pomfrey the night before who informed Lily and James that their ‘daughter’ had a cold. Lily had spent the last two nights in the common room trying to calm Isabelle.     

 “Shhhh…Belle it is okay.” Lily rocked Isabelle who continued to cry. Many students in the Gryffindor common room were shaking their heads in annoyance. “I’m going to take Belle upstairs.” 

“Lily, Alice is up there sleeping. Max kept her up all night,” Isis said.

“Great. Belle will never quiet down in this noise and she is disturbing others.” 

“Take her up to our room. No one is up there.” Remus offered.

“Thank you Remus.” Lily climbed up the stairs to the boy’s dorm. 

Thirty minutes later James came into the room in his Quidditch robes and found Lily seemingly asleep on his bed and Isabelle asleep in the small cradle. Remus had told him they would be up here.

“Lily? You awake?” James asked quietly sitting down next to Lily. 

“Yeah just resting and enjoying the quiet. I didn’t sleep much last night. Isabelle was up off and on all night.”

“Is her cold not getting better?” 

“I have no idea. I still want to know how she got one! I mean I know she is magically enhanced but she’s still a doll.” 

“I have no idea. But how about I keep Belle tonight that way you can get some sleep.”

“Are you sure? What about Quidditch? You need to be awake in order to lead practice.” 

“I’ll be fine. We can’t have our best student sleep deprived.” James smiled. 

Lily smiled at James raising her head up and kissed James lightly on the lips. Lily pulled back after a moment with a shy smile on her face. James looked shocked for a moment but recovered quickly leaning back down continuing the kiss Lily had started. 

Downstairs the rest of the group was enjoying a very rare night of little homework. The consensus amongst the seventh years was that the teachers had taken pity on them. 

“I’m bored!” Sekhmet complained stretching and falling off the couch.

“Well what do you wanna do?” Isis asked not bothering to look up from her book.  

“I don’t know,” Sekhmet whined again. 

“How about you see if you can beat me at a game of Chess?” Remus suggested.

“I’ll kick your but!” Sekhmet bolted upright.

“Hey Sirius can we borrow your chess set?” Remus asked. 

“Sure. I’ll be right back.” Sirius went upstairs to get his Chess set. 

Sirius walked into the boy’s room and stopped dead. A smirk formed on his face at the sight before him. On James’s bed oblivious to world were Lily and James. James was on top of Lily both of them with their shirts off and were passionately kissing. Sirius gave James as small and unnoticed thumbs up before quietly closing the door and heading back down to the common room. 

“Um Sirius why are you smiling and where is the chess set?” Remus asked as Sirius entered the common room empty handed.

“Let’s just say what we all knew was going to happen between them finally did.”

“What?” Sekhmet asked, confused.

“Finally? Are you serious?” Isis asked excited. 

“Oh yeah.” Sirius laughed.  

“What happened!?!” Sekhmet asked slightly irritated.

“I can’t believe it.” Remus chuckled. 

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Sekhmet yelled louder.

“Well it is about time.” 

“Fine if you won’t tell me I’ll find out for myself!”  

“SEK STOP!” Sirius fell onto the couch as he tried to grab Sekhmet, but she was too quick and ran up the stairs.  “Oh this is not good.”

The group did not have to wait long to know what was going to happen.

“OH MY GOD! JAMES DOESN’T HAVE A SHIRT ON!” Sekhmet came running down the stairs. “I WILL NEVER SLEEP TONIGHT!”

“You’ve seen James without a shirt before,” Isis commented. 

“Never when he was about to DO IT!” Sekhmet looked disgusted.    

 “Do what?” James asked coming down the stairs pulling his shirt over his head.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! DO THE NASTY!” Lily smacked Sekhmet on the back of the head. “OW!”

“Sek you really need to stop jumping to conclusions!”

“So you weren’t about to…”

“NO.” James and Lily yelled together.

“Well you two are stupid.” Sekhmet said turned and went upstairs.

“What the hell was that?” James asked looking confused.

“Don’t ask,” Isis said. 

That next Monday all the seventh years stayed in the Great Hall once breakfast had finished. 

“I see you all managed to survive your two weeks. Today you will simply be turning in your family planning report and your baby or babies. When I call your names you may turn in your projects and leave.” The Professor began calling off pairs from the different houses. “Peter Pettigrew and Sekhmet Croft.” 

Peter got up from the Gryffindor table and walked slowly up to the Head table without Sekhmet or their baby.

“Where is Ms. Croft and your baby?” 

“I…” Peter was interrupted by a loud boom from the hall. 

“What on earth?” The Professor looked up at the entrance to the Great Hall. 

“DAMN! Why couldn’t you just shut up?” Sekhmet stormed into the Hall a chard and smoking baby in hand and marched up to the Head table dropping the baby doll on the desk. 

“Ms. Croft what did you do to that doll?” The Professor asked shocked.

“The damn thing wouldn’t shut up! It just kept crying and crying. So I tried a spell and it blew up!” 

The Professor was furious. “Well one thing is certain, you fail this assignment!”

"What? I can’t fail!” 

“Well you did.”


Remus looked surprised and gradually shook his head. “Oh god no! Just leave me out of this.” 


“Ok, ok you get a D meaning you pass.” 

Sek was smiling happily. “Like I said, Remus is never wrong.” She then left the classroom, pleasurably humming a loud tune. 

“Now I know what to do next time I get a bad grade. He then whined the next bit of his sentence. “But Remus said and he is never wrong!”

“Shut up!” 

Out in the hall later that day Sekhmet was eager to thank Remus. 

“Remus!!! Thank you! Thank you!” 

“What did I do?”

“You helped me pass! You’re the best!”She exclaimed before she kissed Remus softly on the cheek. Now let’s go eat!” She ran off, leaving behind a violently blushing Remus.  

Isis and Lily looked at each other knowingly and with smiles. 

“I think someone likes my sister.” 

“What are you planning?” Lily asked curiously. 


“Nothing? Yeah right! You had better let me in on the plan.”

“Okay then let’s get planning!”

Beautiful Chapter Image by DJjazzyCarlton @ TDA
Thank you to our wonderful Beta Cedriclover

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