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Happy Endings by loopyluna
Chapter 5 : Willa; I AM Gryffindor!
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Willa and Albus

Willa Chambers

I laughed happily, jumping over various discarded belongings and flinging my bag onto my stereotypically cluttered bed. Books tumbled from my four-poster, quills and ink spilling across the floor.

I grabbed a towel hanging from one of the posts of my bed and made my way to the bathroom. A long torrid shower sounded ideal, Scorpius has an uncanny ability to drive people crazy.
I drew a deep breath and undressed noisily, singing my favorite songs as I went. I ran my fingers around the outline of my shorts – borrowed from Rose – and pulled them down to my ankles, stepping out of them with a tiny jump. I swiftly yanked my pullover from my head, tossing it carelessly to the sink, allowing it to fall in to the basin and hang limply over a tap. I ripped the buttons from my blouse as I let that fall to the floor, joining Rosie’s shorts.

“Some school uniform that is.” A deep voice sniggered from the door way. I jumped up, pulling the towel infront of my body. “And you know, you really can’t sing!”

“Scorpius!” I growled. “Close your eyes!”

He laughed and turned around. I glanced at myself in the mirror before slamming the door.

“Come on Will’s, don’t be like that!” He shouted triumphantly. “It’s not like I haven’t seen you in your underwear before.”

I carefully maneuvered the removing of my pants without the removal the towel. “We were five!” I called. “And you put my pants on after I did; you cried to Astoria that you felt left out!”

“Ok, something’s you shout and something’s you whisper Willa!”

“This coming from the 17 year old boy standing outside my bathroom door while I shower?” I rolled my eyes.

“I like the tattoo by the way.” He called. “You never show them anymore.”

“That’s because we’re at a posh school Scorp.” I looked down to my wrist where four little stars were scattered. Previously mentioned, across my left foot – my name was elegantly written in small letters near my baby toe. Scorpius on the other hand, being the one who talked me in to getting them was a too bigger wuss to obtain one himself. On his 16th birthday I took his out and paid for a Celtic design to be plastered on his right tricep.
“How did you get in here anyway?” I called, shaking myself from memory.

“Well.” He explained. “I suction cupped up the side of Gryffin-“

“Oh shut up!” I ordered, stopping his sentence before he had the opportunity to echo my words.

I turned to the shower doors, my fingers turning the steel knobs. I flinched at the water splattered my arm. I silently climbed in, ignoring Scorpius’s tales of his day; they involved Al and some sort of detention with Rose. Poor Rose.

I turned and let the water cascade down my back, scrunching my shoulders as my nerves hummed. I rested my head against the shower door and smiled. Perhaps five minutes in to the relaxation process, a fuming, ear-splitting scream echoed through the room. I jumped ten feet in to the air and knocked my head against the metal shower bar.

“Scorpius Fecking Malfoy! What the bloody hell are you doing in here?” It sounded painfully like Rose.

“Me? Me!” He cried; his voice filled with fury. “What the fuck is he doing here?”

I took this moment in time to breach open and hastily throw the black towel around my body. I dried my hair with my wand before tugging open the door to my dormitory.

“-He was invited.” Rose screeched, her lips a little pinker than usual, a rather flustered looking Tadd stood aimlessly behind her. His eyes widened a little at the sight of me. “If you value your pathetic life you will walk out of here now!”

“Oh, but I can’t do that.” Scorpius growled. His eyes were black with fury; his blood looked like it had stopped circulating around his body. “You see Red; I’ve been here for ages. So I repeat. What the fuck is Finnegan doing in a girl’s dorm? You need to give them privacy Tadd. Didn’t you know that?”

A burning anger flowed obviously through Scorpius without warning. I stepped forward and threw all of my weight on to his left arm – I knew that if there was a possible commotion, he would be the one to throw the first punch.

Tadd’s eyes narrowed coolly. “Well then Malfoy, what are you doing here?”

“Pissing off Willa while she showered and then watched her immensely and made it incredibly awkward for her while she attempted to change.”

Rose blinked and nodded slowly, as if to say ‘so that’s why you’re in a towel’.

“You still didn’t answer my question.” Scorpius roared. “What the hell is Finnegan doing in your bedroom?”

I shook his arm a little. “Scorp, I don’t really wanna know what they were planning to do in my bedroom.”

He visibly stiffened.

Almost as if sensing a wave of hormones, Tadd’s gaze flickered upwards – towards the rim of my towel. For a moment he looked slightly perplexed, before raising a brow and nodding his head approvingly. I shuddered.

Scorpius growled with rage. “Get your fecking boyfriend to stop looking at Willa. She’s a human, not a piece of meat!”

“It’s not too different to how you treat girls then is it Mal-“

I shoved Scorpius through the door of the bathroom, head over heels, and ran in after him, slamming the door behind me. He took advantage of this personal and silent moment to ‘redecorate’ my bathroom.
He kicked my clothes around the room, sending Rose’s shorts rebounding off a wall. A bottle of shampoo went through the window and he practically shattered the shower door – sending his fist through the glass.

He pulled his hand back slowly, tears welling up in his eyes. He wouldn’t cry. He never cried.

Scorpius Malfoy never cries.

I took a step forward and whispered his name with a shudder. “Scorpius.” He slammed his fist against the wall and slid down it burring his head in to his hands. “Sweetie?”

“I though she liked me.” He snapped. I sat down adjacent to my rock of a hypothetical brother, positioning the towel so that nothing indecent was visual.
“I mean, we forgave and forgot, I walked her back to her Common Room, she kissed me and then we-“

“Hang on.” I whispered. “She kissed you? When did this happen I mea-“

“A few days ago, the d … day you came to our dorm.” He stammered. “It was only on the cheek though, it probably meant nothing to her.”

I blinked, my body feeling a little uneasy. “Scor-“

“I probably look like a right idiot.” He huffed, still leaning against the wall. “I mean, what the hell will Rose think that I’m like now?” He dug his fingers in to his skull. “I just don’t know what to do. I feel useless – she’s never going to notice me!”

“Scorpius.” I breathed; anxiety riddled through the air. “Scorp, sweetie. I can’t tell you how wrong you really are. I’m bloody sure that she’s noticed you after almost 7 years of Hogwarts.” I leant forward and placed a hand on his knee, making a sad attempt at a supportive smile, dodging a piece of glass present on the floor. “If a girl doesn’t notice you – then she’s not worth your affection.”

“How can you say that? It’s Rose!”

“I don’t know Scorp. I really don’t know.”

Rubbing my hands together quickly I shoved them in to the pockets of my jacket. I blew my fringe from my eyes and strolled through the Entrance Hall. A group of forth year girls were giggling, a pair of sixth years holding hands and offering little pecks on the cheek.

“People are very insensitive.” Scorpius mumbled, scuffing his shoes along the ground.

It was another two hours before either of us spoke again the previous night. Rose had left with Tadd and returned at bedtime. Neither of us uttered a word either, not then, not this morning. But Scorpius was torn up – it was obvious.

“No there are not.” I argued. “You’re just being a depressive old man.” He smirked – I know I saw a quick smile. “It’s Hogsmeade, be happy.”

The older students were grouped off in to large clusters, spread out awkwardly throughout the leaf covered courtyard. A gang of Slytherin students sat on a moss covered wall. Tina Zabini was perched on to the lap of one of the Slytherin Chasers.

“I thought you were going to ask Tina to Hogsmeade?” I said with a nudge to his hip.

“I don’t feel like it.”

“Well now you’ve just ruined the entire plan you numpty!”

I turned back to the Slytherins’; in one motion it worked like clockwork. They would laugh – point, glare or remark. No vocal insults were needed, it all happened with their eyes. It was surreal. Scorpius and I strolled past them, he took my hand.

“What’s this for?” I asked, squeezing his index finger a little.

Little whispers shot from amongst the group; no insults were fired, that’s what the presence of Scorpius does to this school. For those split moments for his friends their childish games and cruel jokes are held off. But only for those moments.

Scorpius looked like he had been trampled on my Hagrid and the flobber worms – of which I have many burns from; still. “Tina was watching … and Nott was drooling at the bottom of your skirt, is it really appropriate for you to wear it that short?”

I fiddled with the hem of black material, flowing to mid thigh. “It just read’s sex-machine!” he groaned, turning me away from the group of green.
I wonder how he would react if I pointed out that I borrowed this dress from his mother for this occasion?

A long silver necklace was around my neck once – the muggle Christian cross hung from the chain. It went well with the fact that the strapless dress was more of a tight-t-shirt as my overprotective blonde ‘brother’ likes to call it. The black and white thin striped cardi was almost as long as the thing itself.

“I wear it because it’s pretty. And I’m wearing tights!”

He growled. “Your tights are see through!”

“But warm?”

“Xander’s going to try and jump you, I know it.”

“Xander is not his brother.” I pointed out, running a hand through my long locks. I hadn’t noticed until recently that they cascaded to just below my chest. “He’s going to treat me right. Like you do. And I promise you – if everything goes wrong I will let you at him; no questions. I doubt he’ll even mention it. He doesn’t like me for my looks.”

“And you won’t try to stop me?” he pouted after visibly rolling his eyes.

“I won’t try to stop you.” I smacked his cheek lightly a couple of times before strolling towards my date. “Oh, you do have somewhere to be right?”

He nodded, his hands thrown in to the pockets of his robes. “Yes Mum, Al and I are meeting up. We’ve got the entire day planned.”

I smiled and swiveled quickly on my feet, my boots digging a little in to the mud. Sitting lazily on the window ledge was Xander. His dark brown hair falling limply over his eyes, a light blue, just another thing that ties his heart to mine.

Digging my hands in to my pockets I walked over to the tall figure, his left foot hanging from the ledge and scuffing the cobbles.

I bit my lip nervously. “So I heard that this Seventh Year Gryffindor girl has a huge thing for this Ravenclaw boy.” I said, sneaking up behind him.

“Really?” He questioned. “Because I heard that this so called Ravenclaw Boy, really liked this Hufflepuff girl that just kept rejecting him so he had to settle for this beautiful Gryffindor instead.”

I crinkled my nose and shoved him off of the ledge. He landed in a pile of leaves and sat straight back up.

“Tell me more of this Gryffindor beauty.”

She stood up from the floor and brushed himself off. “What do you want to know?”

I blinked innocently and took his hand. “What is she like?”

He exhaled slowly, making a show of the question. He swung my hand high. “Well, she’s this giddy little Gryffindor, whose intent on constantly arousing my brother.” He pulled me clumsily in to his side with a smirk. “She has beautiful golden hair and the loveliest little nose to match. Of which she constantly crinkles and makes me want to kiss it.” My hand was still tightly embedded in his – tiny compared to his. “She has these gorgeous eyes; they make you loose yourself deep inside them.” He spoke softly. “She’s rather thin, the right size for my arms to fit around her … and is honestly, and truly, the finest girl that I have ever, had the pleasure of meeting.”

My hand seared in his touch, my heart exploding. Lysander smiled. I love it when he smiled. While some found his smirk too similar to his brothers, I found it unique. He clicked his tongue.

“But my favorite part about her is the way that she cares. Its way more than a lot of people deserve. A lot more than anyone deserves. If she likes you; you have the best company – if she doesn’t, you still get a pleasant conversation.”

I smiled. “And a beautiful smile.” He said. “She has one of them too.”

“How dare you talk about this girl on our date.” I teased. “If she’s so special why don’t you go and be with Little Miss Wonderful?”

He looked in to my eyes. “I am.” My mouth fell open in inch. “And she’s not Little Miss Wonderful. She’s Little Miss Perfect.”

“You’re a suck up.”

He shrugged. “I am a Ravenclaw?”

I dug my hands in to my pockets and smiled as a group of third years happily made their way in to The Three Broomsticks. I tilted my head. It had been three hours and not once, had our hands left the other.

We carefully walked down the slope towards the shrieking shack. Even from 50 feet away, the broken windows and damp ridden wood was clearly visible.

“You know the rumors about this place?” he asked me quietly, his breath hot in my ear, bringing me to a stop. I stood up on one of the smaller rocks. I was close to an inch taller than Xander at this point. The one of chance.

I nodded. “Albus told me once, he made me walk around the outside. I was petrified.”

“Did you know that the man who is the base of these rumors is pretty much Al’s Uncle?”

I shook my head. “How do you know that?”

He twisted his wand through his fingers. “My mother and Albus’s parents were best friends through Hogwarts.” I blinked. “We go round there every holiday. But they keep their distance … ‘cause of Lorcan.”

I grinned widely. “That’s so awesome. The knowing Al thing, not about your brother.” He nodded a little. “Have you ever considered just ‘loosing’ Lorcan one day?”

His eyes widened. “No.” His answer was short. “He may be a wanker but he’s still my twin. We used to be so close, so similar.” He laughed a little ironically. “Lor used to be so different. So caring.”

“Like you?”

Xander smiled finally letting go of my hand. I wanted to cry out from disappointment. Cause an avalanche of leaves and have them attack things.
Instead his arms found their way around my waist. “No. Like you actually.”

I nodded slowly and placed my arms around his neck, my hands finding the small strands at the ends of his hair.

“Xander.” I whispered slowly, attempting not to break the enticing atmosphere around us. “You make me feel all fluttery.”

He chuckled lightly before leaning upwards a little and placing a light kiss upon my lips. I ached for his touch to linger, that one single movement sending charges throughout my body.
I smiled against his lips as his hands snaked tighter against the small of my back. My arm’s pulled him tighter to me. A light blush spread rapidly against my skin, my lips tingling with delight.
He lifted me up from the rock, my feet off the floor – only being held by his arms as he held a gentle kiss. I was shortly placed on to the ground.

His lips left mine and I nearly whined with discontentment. “Willa?”

I ignored my name and eagerly pulled on his black tie, lowering his face to mine. My mind disappeared in to total bliss. I arched my back carefully and lightly pressed myself to him as his lips conquered mine.
I was still holding on to his tie while he flicked his tongue lightly over my bottom lip. An astonishingly quiet moan escaped my lips. I could feel him smile a little – I bit lightly upon his lip.

He chuckled and pulled away a little, resting his nose on mine.

“Xander.” I grumbled. “Spoil sport.”

He smirked and quickly allowed one light kiss upon my lips. “Am I really?”

My fingers unintentionally brushed through his messy hair. “Yes.” I pecked his lips. “You are.”

“We’ll see about that.” He growled as his lips captured mine once more.

I tip toed on in my boots, tracing his bottom lip with my tongue. I melted under his touch.

Cupping his face gently, I ran my hand over his stubble smiling in to the kiss. “We really, should, be getting, back.” I whined through kisses.

“Who’s the spoil sport now?” He whispered huskily.

“It’s still you.” I giggled, poking him in the chest before running away.

He easily caught up with me, catching me from behind and spinning me around effortlessly in a circle. “You’re too fast.”

He grinned. “Well maybe you’re too slow.”

I shrugged truthfully and kissed his cheek. Before we could fall in to a conversation on my athletic ability I spotted something in the corner of my eye.

Rose stumbled from the Three Broomsticks shortly followed by Tadd who closed the door behind her. He flung his arm around her shoulders and they fell in to step. As the dead leaves crunched under their feet I couldn’t help a little part of me die inside.

I didn’t know she was going with Finnegan. Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Will’s.” Xander cooed. “You alright?”

I nodded staring up at him with an easy smile. “I didn’t know she was going to Hogsmeade with Finnegan – I mean, I knew she sorta had a thing with him, but … Oh I don’t know.”

“It’s why Scorpius is upset you know.” He said; his arm tightly secured around my waist as we walked. “Tadd asked Rose to Hogsmeade during their potions lesson. He thinks that Rose prefers Tadd over him. What the girls in my Charms Class Gossip like never before?”
I crinkled my nose and he kissed it innocently. “I said I wanted to do it.”

I laughed. “Well, at the moment I think that Rose does prefer Tadd to Scorp. There was a huge argument yesterday. It was horrible. Scorpius punched the glass from our shower door and I ended up locking the both of us in the bathroom while he calmed down. He can be really scary.”

“You’ve only just noticed?” I smacked his arm before laying my head on his shoulder. “What was he doing in your dorm room anyway?”

“I think he just wanted to see us.” I lied easily. “We hadn’t talked in a while. He’s been kinda involved in Quidditch.”

I realise that honesty is the best policy – however telling Xander that my best friend was in my room to interrupt my shower for some particular reason probably wouldn’t go down to well.

“Can I ask you a question Will’s, and I need an honest answer-I won’t be offended.”

Mmm Hm, I mumbled in to his shoulder.

“Who are you supporting in the match? The ‘Claws or the Snakes?”

I stifled a laugh and then furrowed my brows. “I don’t know. I guess I’ll decide on the day.”

He squeezed me in to his side. “You still have my scarf right? And my jumper?”

I bit my lip and nodded slowly.

“I’ve seen you wear my scarf around school.” He said sweetly. “So I know you still have it.”

“I never denied that I did.” He laughed and kissed the top of my head.

“And my jumper?”

I groaned. “You’re really going to make me answer aren’t you?” He nodded. “If you want it back I’ll give it to you. No questions?”

“Oh well now I am intrigued to what my jumper has experienced.” He sighed. “But I don’t want it back. It’s yours.”

“And the scarf?”

He chuckled. “The scarf too.” He stopped walking and turned me to face him. “On one condition.” I crinkled my nose and he kissed it again. “I will do that every time.”

I bit my lip. “Ok nose-kisser. What’s your condition?”

He squeezed my hands tightly. “Be my girlfriend?”

“Lysander, that doesn’t even need to be dignified with an answer,” I breathed, only loud enough for the two of us to hear.

“So is that a yes or a no?” He laughed a little nervously. “For a Ravenclaw, I’m not that observant.”

“I’ve noticed.” I whispered, kissing him once on the lips. “And the answers yes by the way.”

His grin enveloped his face, showing off a set of perfectly white teeth. I smiled too and snuggled myself in to his side, allowing him to hug me tightly as we walked.

“You wanna go to The Three Broomsticks and drink lots of Butterbeer? – or go to Madame Puttifoot’s and make fun of all the couples?” I chewed my on my lip a little. He contemplated when I didn’t answer. “Or, we could go to Zo – What on earth?”

I turned a little, following his gaze. Scorpius was stood over the fountain a little flustered, his blonde hair dangling limply in to his grey eyes. Albus was spluttering around in the shallow waters of the fountain, spraying water from his mouth. Al pointed to us and they both waved – Al a little more vigorously - before running in the direction past The Three Broomsticks, looking a little flustered.

“Albus seems happy to see you.”

“I don’t want to know.” I said quickly as Xander kissed my forehead and trailed little butterfly kisses until he reached my mouth.

“Am I still a spoil sport?” He whispered.

“No.” I moaned as he bit my lip. “But you are a Ravenclaw.” 

Any who’s … the little box down there feels lonely. It would love for you to fill it – even if with only one word.

I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter – the next one of from Scorpius’s POV, you all get to see what he get’s up to in Hogsmeade, you excited?

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Happy Endings: Willa; I AM Gryffindor!


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