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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 12 : The New Couple
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The new couple

School had started again and the school was a humdrum of activity. The students had undoubtedly heard about Harry Potter handing himself into the deatheaters and they were all feeling like there was going to be no hope for anyone anymore. With Harry Potter and April Marsden gone who was going to protect them. His friends could only do so much, even if they were powerfully witches and wizards. Dylan sat in Transfiguration listening on the theory on changing creatures into small inanimate objects.

Genevieve seemed to be renewed with a new enthusiasm even though there was no news as to whether Piper and Colette were going to be released. Genevieve obviously knew something and James had written to Dylan to tell him that the order knew all about the plan and were trying their hardest to try and rescue the girls. They had put tracking spells on the substitute Harry and April so that the Real Harry and April could find the Lestranges and, to Dylan’s knowledge, kill them once and for all.

“Ten points to Harper.” Genevieve said as Harper answered a question correctly for the first time in her life. Harper beamed and looked at Dylan. He smiled back and then looked at the board and began to copy down notes on the board. The lessons seemed to pass quickly enough though Dylan was slowly beginning to lose hope again. That was until Harper decided it was time for him to put his little plan into play. Dylan really didn’t understand why he had to do so much just to go out with Sophie. He would have been happy enough to just ask her out, if he didn’t feel so nervous about it when he thought about it.

“What’s for lunch?” Sophie asked as the small group of Gryffindors went into the great hall.

“I don’t know.” Dylan said shrugging. Rachel looked at the Ravenclaw table.

“Well Ravenclaws have some shepherd’s pie.” Rachel said. She had come back from the holidays quite happy. Apparently her mother had just received some kind of treatment that allowed her to have some semblance of a normal life so for the first time they were able to go abroad for holiday and just have a load of fun. It had done wonders to Rachel and she was now talking like there was no tomorrow and just seemed a lot happier.

“So, any news on the you know what?” Rachel asked, “It’s be great to have Piper and everyone back again, you could be one big happy family, just like my family is now.” Rachel smiled and hooked an arm through Sophie’s arm and they sat down on at the table. Dylan sat down opposite them and Harper sat next to him. Fraser sat next to Rachel and piled his plate with shepherd’s pie.

“I love shepherd’s pie.” He said.

“We know” Harper said with a smirk. “Hey, um. Are you going to have any Pumpkin juice?” she asked as she looked at the jug.

“It’s empty.” Sophie said peering in. “Sorry.” Sophie put the jug down

“Eh, no problem.” Harper said. She looked at Dylan and gave him a smile. Dylan smiled back and passed her his full cup of pumpkin juice. “Thanks.” Harper said taking a sip from his cup.

“It’s fine.” Dylan said. He saw Rachel and Sophie look at each other with a slight look of confusion on their faces. Harper smiled into the cup and drank some more.

“Has anyone seen Peeves recently?” Rachel asked as she dug into her food.

“No. I think Genevieve spoke to McGonagall, who spoke to the Bloody Baron.” Harper said.

“How do you know?”

“Joanne.” Harper said simply.

“Ah, Joanne. The source of all our gossip.” Rachel said. “How I missed her”

“Yeah right.” Fraser said.

“No I didn’t miss her actually.” Rachel said with a smirk. “She’s just where we get our daily Hogwarts gossip from. Lovely girl, big mouth.” They all started laughing and Amy came to their seats and sat next to Harper.

“Harper.” She said slowly as if she wanted something

“Amy.” Harper said matching her tone.

“Can I borrow your Potions notes?” Amy said.

“Why?” Harper asked, looking at her.

“Iona’s cat ate my homework and Snape won’t believe me. I found bits of it the other day but I couldn’t repair it and the ink is all smeared and-”

“And you’re a Ravenclaw.” Rachel said shaking her head “I thought you people were supposed to be organised and clever”

“Clever, yes. Organised no. I think Malfoy is probably more organised then us Ravenclaw girls.” Amy said. The others sniggered as Amy laughed slightly. “So?”

“Wait a minute.” Harper turned to Dylan. “Dylan!” He rolled his eyes.

“Ok, wait a minute” Dylan said going to his bag and taking out his potions notes. “Why am I the one who’s always the one everyone copies from?”

“because you’re clever and because you love me and I love you and you love us all.” Harper said

“Whatever.” Dylan said. Harper took the notes and gave them to Amy.

“Thanks.” Harper said. “I got to go sort out something before our next lesson. See you guys in History of Magic.” Harper said. She got up and picked up her bag. She was about to go and remembered the plan that she’d made up for Dylan. She turned and put a kiss on Dylan’s cheek. Dylan tried not to jump with surprise. Harper gave him a smile and skipped off out of the great hall. Amy, Sophie and Rachel turned to look at Dylan while Fraser looked quite surprised. Amy crossed her legs on the seat and looked at Dylan.

“Spill. What’s going on between you and Harper?” She asked him. Dylan felt himself going slightly red.

“Nothing.” Dylan said.

“Doesn’t look like that.” Rachel said.

“Can’t friends kiss each other on the cheek?” Dylan asked.

“Not when we’re this young.” Amy said with a grin. “So you and Harper?”

“No.” Dylan said quickly. He glanced at Sophie who seemed just as curious as the other girls.

“How long have you been going out?” Amy asked. Dylan looked at Amy.

“How did you get we’re going out from nothing is happening?” Dylan asked.

“Girl’s intuition.” Amy said lifting her head slightly.

“You two are kinda cute though” Fraser said quietly.

“Nothing is happening.” Dylan said, his voice rising slightly. “I’m going.” He got up and picked up his bag. Rachel grinned and looked at Sophie.

“Probably to see Harper.” She said bursting out into giggles. Sophie started giggling as well and Amy laughed lightly.

“Probably,” Sophie said. Dylan actually now thought that probably it would have been easier to just ask Sophie out and get rejected then to go through all this giggling and gossiping with the girls. Dylan slung his bag over his shoulder and left the great hall muttering angrily to himself. As he left the great hall he felt someone pull him towards the wall next to the doors. Harper was leaning against the wall and smiling.

“So? How did it go?” She asked.

“Do you girls always jump to conclusions?” Dylan asked Harper. “You kiss me on the cheek and they all assume we’re going out.”

“Well to them we are aren’t we?” Harper asked, “I thought that was part of the thing to get Sophie to dump her boyfriend” Dylan looked at Harper and adjusted his bag. He and Harper started walking off into the castle to the Library.

“You know, I think I just found a flaw in our plan.” Dylan said. Harper looked at Dylan.

“And what’s that?” Harper asked.

“What if Sophie thinks we go together so well she doesn’t dump her boyfriend and we have to keep going out?” Dylan asked.

“Am I that appalling to you?” Harper asked as a joke.

“No, you’re wonderful, it’s just that it might not work” Dylan said with a frown. Harper linked her arm with Dylan’s and smiled.

“It’ll work. Besides there are still a few things you need to learn.” Harper said.

“Like what?” Dylan said.

“Kissing my dear boyfriend.” Harper said cheekily. Dylan looked at her looking only slightly amused.

“I can kiss.” Dylan said.

“Dylan, you’ve never kissed anyone before.” Harper said knowledgably “Now, before we start-”

“Harper, are you sure this is a good idea?” Dylan asked Harper uncertainly. “I mean, it’s not just a way for you to go out with me is it?” Harper looked like she was going to laugh.

“No offence Dylan but as much as I do fancy you I don’t fancy you so much to steal you from my best friend. I’m taking time out to help you, I could easily go out with someone else.” Harper said. Dylan smiled.

“Ok then.” Dylan said.

“So when do you want to start your training?” Harper asked. Dylan gave her a look. “Fine. Don’t have Sophie soon. I’m just trying to help!” Dylan laughed with Harper and they went and sat in the Library. Harper soon got bored and fell asleep as Dylan sat and read one of his text books. The bell for the next lesson went off and Harper moaned.

“Do we have to go? It’s History of magic next and all Binns talks about is Harry Potter!” Harper said with a moan.

“Well we can’t stay here.” Dylan said as Madame Prince looked over at them. Dylan put the book back and dragged Harper to her feet. Harper let out a tired groan as she picked up her bag and dragged it behind her. They didn’t feel the need to rush to the History of Magic classroom so they casually walked there just talking about nothing in particular, well mainly about Harper’s potentially next victim. They just managed to avoid a run in with Peeves and walked into the history of magic classroom. Their friends were in their usual seats and Dylan took his seat next to Sophie and Harper sat next to Sophie on her other side.

“I think you should move.” Fraser said with a smirk to Sophie. Sophie sneered at him and laid her head back on the table. Dylan looked slightly surprised at Sophie’s reaction and glanced at Harper, who had begun to doodle on a piece of parchment. Fraser turned and Rachel began to talk to him quietly.

* * * * *

Sophie partnered with Dylan during Potions sometime a week later. Dylan had noticed a very very slight frostiness developing between Sophie and Harper. Harper didn’t seem to mind too much. Dylan felt slightly worried about it but tried to put it at the back of his mind along with the troubles with his sister and Colette. Hilary Silverstone seemed to be getting better at being the head girl. She had just gotten over the fact that she may never see her best friends again and had resided to taking control of the Head student duties. There was still no news about Harry Potter and April Marsden. It seemed like Dylan’s parents were almost too scared to write him the updates.
Sophie looked up at the board then at the pile of ingredients in front of her as Dylan sat trying to light a fire under the cauldron.

“Ok, six Caterpillar heads” Sophie said. She peered at Dylan. “Have you got the fire going yet?” She asked.

“Almost.” Dylan said. The area under the cauldron suddenly caught fire and Dylan stumbled backwards. Sophie hide a smirk and picked up some caterpillar heads.

“Don’t we need to put in some Beetle eyes?” Dylan asked. Sophie shook her head.

“It says Caterpillar heads first.” She said making sure it was right. She turned to the board.

“Ok, put it in then.” Dylan said after looking at the board for a few minutes. “Then some of this and that” He said putting in the proper ingredients. “And stir for five minutes.” Sophie got out her wand and moved it in a round circular motion in order to stir the potion. Others in the classroom were still putting a few of their ingredients in.

“Well it looks like our swelling draught is going quite well.” Dylan said as he sat down for a few moments. Sophie nodded. She seemed a little quiet. “You ok?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said, “You heard anything about Piper and Colette yet?” She asked.

“No, not that I can think of. I think Mum and Dad are being quite careful as to what they say.” Dylan said as he picked up a few more ingredients, ready to throw into the cauldron.

“Ok.” Sophie said. There were a few more moments of silence between them. “Are you really going out with Harper? Because everyone is saying it but neither of you two are actually admitting to it.” Sophie said suddenly, turning to Dylan. Dylan frowned. That had also been part of Harper’s idea. ‘Don’t admit anything, deny everything!’ Harper had said. Sometimes Dylan wondered why he was taking relationship advice from Harper.

“Well, you know-” Dylan started to say,

“When you two have finished your socialising you may want to add the next ingredient.” Snape said from in front of them. “Ten points from Gryffindor.” Dylan and Sophie glared at him and Sophie threw in the ingredients, none to gently. That had been a mistake. The potion seemed to explode. Dylan and Sophie both covered their heads with their cloaks just in time to stop the potion from getting on them. When they dared to look from under their cloak Snape seemed to be going a violent shade of red.

“Er-” Sophie said. She didn’t say anymore as she, as well as Dylan, noticed that Snape’s nose had swollen to about five times it’s usual size. Sophie took an involuntary step closer to Dylan and they both looked at each other nervously. Harper and Amy looked like they wanted to laugh and Fraser was looking at them anxiously with Rachel hiding her mouth under a hand,

“DENTENTION! BOF OF YOU!” Snape bellowed from under his huge nose. “CLASS DISMISSED!” Dylan and Sophie both quickly tidied up their ingredients and cauldron as Snape left the room.

“Go Sophie!” Harper joked.

“Shut up.” Sophie said. Harper and Amy both broke out laughing as a few other Ravenclaws and a couple of Gryffindors started laughing as well.

“Did you see his nose?” A Ravenclaw girl said. Snape entered the classroom again and the class quickly hushed.

“You two, my office tonight six o’clock.” He said angrily.

“Yes sir.” Dylan said.

“Yes sir.” Sophie said anxiously. Snape left again, holding his nose up with one of his hands and pushing the door open with the other.

“Quick lets go.” Dylan said. “I don’t really want to be around when Snape returns.”

“Yeah.” Sophie said. They both said bye to the others and Harper gave Dylan another quick kiss on the cheek, she received a slightly cold look from Sophie in the process and the two left.

Dylan managed to get away from Sophie and made his way up to the north Tower. He climbed into the classroom and lit a fire inside the fireplace. He got out a piece of parchment and his quill ready to write to his mum when there was a knocking at the window. Dylan looked up and saw an owl standing on the outside ledge of the window and it held an envelope in it’s beak. Dylan looked at it curiously and walked over to it and opened the window. The owl whipped it’s head around to look at Dylan. If Dylan hadn’t known any better he could have sworn the owl looked sorry. The owl put the letter in Dylan’s hand and flew off. Dylan looked at the envelope and felt like his stomach was about to drop out of his body. He felt his heart in his throat as he turned the black envelope over to open it. It had the Ministry seal on it and a small red blob of wax with the Weasley coat of arms stamped into it. Dylan opened the envelope with shaking hands. He didn’t want his worst fear to be confirmed. He took out the parchment inside it and read it.


I am incredibly sorry to tell you that Piper has died. We were informed today of Colette no longer being with the Deatheaters. This means that she is dead and with Colette’s death we know that Piper has died as well.

I wish that she didn’t have to go like this and I wish that I was able to give you the news in person, I know how much you loved Piper.

Hermione Granger,
Acting Minister of Magic

Dylan threw the envelope away like it was cursed. No! his prophecy had come true. He couldn’t look at the parchment. He turned away and just stared at the wall. He was trying to blink back tears. Colette and Piper! He didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t believe it, he wouldn’t. They couldn’t be dead. Not his sister. They were too clever. Dylan wiped away his tears angrily and hit the wall with one of his fists.

“NO!” He shouted. He sank into a chair and stared at the abandoned black envelope on the floor and the discarded letter that lay near the fireplace, blank side up. Dylan wiped away a few more tears but they came back quickly. Dylan was alone, no one would see him cry. With this thought Dylan let the tears fall down his cheeks and he let himself cry.

* * * *

When Dylan returned to the Gryffindor Common room half an hour before his detention he had managed to control the crying and had the letter from his mum tucked tenderly inside one of the pockets in his robes. He entered the quiet and sullen common room and sat with Harper as the rest of his friends seemed to have disappeared. Harper took his hands and looked at him sympathetically.

“You know then?” He asked quietly. Harper nodded and gave him a sad look.

“Nick told us.” She said. Dylan took the letter out and read it again. Harper read it as well and held Dylan’s hand tighter.

“I have being a prophet.” Dylan said. “Piper shouldn’t have-” Dylan felt the tears coming back. Harper sighed sadly and got Dylan’s attention.

“Dylan, there was nothing you could do about it ok!” She said. “You couldn’t stop it and as you said it was a prophecy.” Dylan looked at her. “You’ll be ok.” She said putting a hand to Dylan’s face and moving a bit of hair out of the way. Dylan just looked at her and Harper looked back at him with a similar expression to his. Dylan didn’t know what had happened but next thing he knew he felt Harper’s lips on his. Dylan couldn’t say he didn’t feel anything but it didn’t exactly feel how he thought his first kiss would be like. The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds and Dylan and Harper looked at each other again after the kiss. Dylan had to admit that he felt slightly better. Harper gave him a weak and sad smile. She had blushed very slightly like the kiss wasn’t exactly something she’d been expecting.

“Thanks.” Dylan said quietly.

“I didn’t kiss you. You kissed me.” She said. Dylan nodded and looked back at the letter.

“Thanks anyway.” He said. Harper smiled knowingly and curled up slightly next to him. Dylan didn’t exactly know what to do now. He hesitantly put an arm around Harper’s shoulders and she put his head on his shoulder.

* * * * *

Dylan and Sophie walked back from their detention with Snape. They had just spent three hours cleaning the cauldrons and refilling jars of substances without magic. Dylan was occupied with the events that had happened before his detention. His letter from his mum about Piper and Colette’s death. That letter had hacked a large slice out of his heart, his sister and God sister were both dead. Then there was his kiss with Harper. Did that mean they were actually properly a couple now? Dylan still, despite his feelings for Sophie, felt that he was a bit too young for relationships and so on. Harper was just confusing things but the kiss with her had done something and made him feel slightly happier

“He was so unfair.” Sophie muttered. She had her arm linked in Dylan’s and they were heading towards the main hall, hoping to get a late dinner. If they couldn’t get anything they’d go to the kitchens.

“Yeah, well. We did cause his nose to blow up.” Dylan said glumly but with a weak smile.

“I wonder what your family would say.” Sophie said without thinking. Dylan’s smile immediately disappeared. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say anything.”

“It’s ok.” Dylan said quietly. They went into the main entrance hall. “I’m over it.” They were about to go up the stairs when someone tackled them to the floor.

“You!” The person screamed.

“AH!” Dylan shouted in surprise. He knocked the person off and looked at them. Sophie looked as well. The person had tangled black hair and pale skin. Her body was quite thin and she had her eyes hidden by her hair.

“Who are you?” Dylan asked. The person looked up at Dylan. Her green eyes sparkling in the gloomy castle, “Colette!” Dylan gasped. Colette’s eyes widened and she let out a scream.

A/N:-CLIFFIE! sorry, i had to leave it there, i did tell George that i was going to put up 2 more chapters but you do know what's going to happen next sort of anyway. I'll update again tomorrow morning (England time)

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