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From Ancient Grudge by katti4493
Chapter 13 : XIII - Secret Societies, Part Two: Whispers
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She walked under the endless, monstrous grey sky, letting the shiny tears fall freely down her cheeks from her blue eyes. Her black silk dress contrasted with her fire red hair as she walked barefoot through the grass desperately trying to be as close to nature as possible. It made her feel slightly better. Then her pale feet hit the gold silk of the aisle as she began to glide down it, letting person after person gaze at her in sympathy and respect. Some people looked away instantly, burying their heads into their neighbours shoulder, some got out there notebooks and wrote as quickly as they could and some just watched her in her misery. She reached the spindly old man who stood at the front of the crowd and she began to speak incredibly slowly, her heart breaking as she did so.


Her family watched her, crying for their dead son, their sweet son who saved the world but lost his life for it. Their tears were greater than hers, as they cried not just for their son who would soon lay in the earth, but for her lack of judgement, and that their own childhood’s that they destroyed to save their children, had been entirely in vain. The world also cried too as their heroes were in fact revealed to be ordinary humans like everyone else. The misery overwhelmed them all and the light disappeared, descending them all into never ending darkness.


“Scorpius,” came Mercutio’s nervous voice through the darkness, “Lestrange wants to see us all in the common room, now.” Scorpius rubbed his aching head. He was exhausted, his vivid dreams had got him a nothing but a bad night sleep and soon he realised it was barely two in the morning. Mercutio was still in his pyjamas as he pulled Scorpius roughly out of bed and led Scorpius out of the dormitory, down the stairs, and into the dark common room. Scorpius looked at the various pale faced people piled into the room. Most of the Slytherin’s that lived their lives in terror of Lestrange were here sitting amongst all his fanatical brutish supporters who believed in blood purity above anything else. Lestrange himself stood at the front by the fire, his hollow face illuminated by the dying embers. Their warm light made him look sick and ill, a near death like figure. His dark lank hair hung round his face like curtains and he held his long wand in his skeletal fingers.


“Prince, Malfoy, it’s so nice of you to finally attend. Sit down!”  Lestrange said in his silky voice, indicating with his wand free hand for the two of them to sit on the couch. Scorpius followed Mercutio over to the fat sofa on which his brother Orion was perched, his girlfriend Esmeralda Bulstrode sitting on his lap, a terrified look flickering across her manly facial features. Lestrange was pacing up and down in front of the Slytherin’s smiling his familiar creepy smile gently to himself. Finally he stopped suddenly and peered at them all with his beady eyes, as if he was looking at them properly for the first time, and began to speak carefully, deliberating each word.


“I’ve called you all here tonight to give you some important news,” Lestrange said, his voice carrying through the tense silence, “The DA is regrouping. I have information that a DA member has been assigned to follow each of the highest ranking of us.”His eyes flicked to each of his firmest supporters, and then surprisingly Mercutio and Scorpius himself. Scorpius swallowed deeply as Lestrange starting pacing around before them again and Scorpius could clearly see his mind whirring. He stopped pacing and gazed at the assembled crowd before speaking again,


“Do they think their little adolescent club can stop the power of the Heir?” His voice washed over them all and those assembled shivered nervously at the name, “and I want you to know that we have a plan to overtake this Blood Traitor school permanently.” Scorpius felt the bile rise in his throat, his relationship with Rose made him see things far more clearly. Lestrange’s archaic views seemed worse than ever before, but Scorpius’ fear kept him firmly in his seat.


“Scorpius,” began Lestrange his voice icy cold. He walked towards Scorpius, his billowing cloak making him look like a giant bat, “I need you to guard something for me.” Scorpius’ heart almost exploded in his chest at the proposition. Lestrange reached into his long robes and pulled out a long dagger, placing it in Scorpius’ outstretched hands.


“Prince,” he continued almost sinisterly, turning to Mercutio, “come with me, now.” Scorpius watched Mercutio follow out of the common room, and once the portrait was closed the whole room turned around silently to look at Scorpius. It seemed as if the whole thing was going to be over, and most people looked relieved that they did not have to spend one more minute in the company of Lestrange.


“What is it?” asked Orion, reaching out one pale hand to touch the cold metal of the dagger. Scorpius shook his head bemusedly at the glimmering blade. He turned it over in his hand, feeling the edge digging into his skin and he noted the unusual carving on the hilt of the dagger. It was made up of a triangle, a straight line and a circle and Scorpius had no clue what it was.


“I don’t know,” whispered Scorpius perplexed. He lifted himself up off the sofa and ignoring the pleading looks from the rest of the Slytherin’s to find out more, and he left them and returned to his dormitory. On arrival he immediately stashed the dagger in the drawer next to his bed and securely fastened the lock with a quick spell. There was something about that dagger that made him uneasy, and he wanted nothing more than to push it out of his mind. Scorpius then fell face first onto his bed, not even bothering to get under the covers; he fell quickly back into an uneasy sleep.





For one blissful moment Scorpius’ mind was free and clear. Then it all came back to him – he wasn’t speaking to Rose and hadn’t been for two days because she was angry with him over something trivial, and that annoyed him. There was also the dagger that Lestrange had asked him to keep safe, he did not know why but he was sure that dagger would cause trouble.


He opened his silvery eyes and looked at the green trimmings of his bed. There was a plus side to all this, it was only a week until Christmas and he could get away from all his problems at school – just to return to his problems at home. Scorpius sighed loudly as he lifted himself out of bed and gazed over to Mercutio’s bed to see if he was awake. To his astonishment Mercutio’s bed was empty. He couldn’t have just gone to breakfast without him; Mercutio never did that. Scratching his blonde head Scorpius resolved that he would sort out his problems when he was more awake and picked up his clothes to take to the shower.





When Scorpius arrived in the Great Hall he was greeted with the usual noise of dining students. He quickly scanned the Gryffindor table out of habit to see if he could see Rose, but she wasn’t there, and neither were her friends. It was unusual seeing as it was a Monday and Rose liked nothing better than getting up early on a Monday morning. Come to think of it he could see none of the sixth year Gryffindor girls apart from Rosaline who was draped over Albus at one end of the long table. Scorpius didn’t fancy asking her where Rose was.


Scorpius then turned his attention to the Slytherin table trying to find Mercutio to see which seats he had grabbed, but he wasn’t there. A bit confused, hurried over to the table to find Isabelle and Marie who were in a hearty conversation about Cecelia’s home wrecking habits. She seemed to be the person that people gossiped about.


“Hey!” said Marie, wrapping her arms around Scorpius’ neck as he sat down next to her. Scorpius gave a friendly nod at this sudden outburst of affection; he wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Isabelle sat opposite him with her copy of “Witch Weekly” open in front of her. Scorpius leaned over and gazed at the article she was reading – “Scorpius Malfoy and Marie Zabini? On or Off?”


“What the hell?” said Scorpius, snatching the flimsy magazine away from her. Under the bold headline was a picture of Scorpius and Marie coming out of the Three Broomsticks together on Hogsmeade weekend. Under the picture was a caption – “Malfoy’s idea of a Hot Date?” Scorpius chucked the magazine back at Isabelle in disgust and then said hotly; “If you want to know about my personal life just ask me yourself!”


Isabelle chuckled darkly and said; “It’s another Rita Skeeter article, I mean she used to work for the Daily Prophet and her stories were a bit of a joke then, but now you know there’s not a grain of truth in that!” Marie suddenly wrapped her thin arms around Scorpius neck and looked into his eyes for a moment then she turned to Isabelle and said, “How do you know? Scorpius and I could be lovers and you’d be none the wiser.”


“Well,” began Isabelle in a bored tone, “if you were lovers you wouldn’t have snogged Robert McLaggen last night behind Scorpius’ back would you?” Marie let go of Scorpius rather quickly and then poked her tongue out at Isabelle childishly, and returned to eating her breakfast. Isabelle began swirling her food round her plate, she was a calorie counter, and always tried to eat as little as possible.


Scorpius began to shove bacon and eggs onto his plate as Isabelle said conversationally, “Scorpius, have you seen Mercutio? It’s just that he’s in my Care of Magical Creatures class and he said I could borrow some of his notes this morning but I haven’t seen him, have you?” Scorpius instantly stopped shovelling food onto his plate, where the hell was Mercutio?


At that moment the doors of the Great Hall opened and in swept a very angry looking Rose, clutching her books tightly. Her eyes were red and it was evident she had been crying, and Scorpius wanted nothing more than to go and give her a big hug, but he knew she wouldn’t appreciate that. Her red head turned to the Slytherin table and their eyes connected momentarily, but then she angrily looked away and marched into a seat that Scorpius couldn’t see.


He knew he would have to talk to Rose; but the problem was they were both so stubborn neither of them could admit they were wrong. “What are you looking so pensive about?” asked Marie, gazing over her shoulder. Scorpius shook his head and then he whispered; “Man’s things.” She looked slightly repulsed for a moment, but then returned to her breakfast.


The door flew open again and the mystery surrounding Mercutio’s disappearance was answered in one second – Mercutio entered the Great Hall followed by Lestrange. Mercutio had left the meeting last night with Lestrange, and it seemed wherever Lestrange had taken him he had stayed all night. His face was white and sickly, and his eyes red through tiredness. He quickly sped away from Lestrange and shrunk into the spare space next to Isabelle.


“Mercutio!” Isabelle said desperately, obviously oblivious to her friend’s problems, “can I borrow your Care of Magical Creatures Notes, pretty please?” Mercutio reached into his rucksack and pulled a pile of crumpled parchments and flung them carelessly at Isabelle, she greedily snatched them up and began writing them down. Scorpius was very surprised by this, normally Mercutio would scold her for not doing the homework but today there was nothing but silence.


“Oh!” said Marie dramatically looking at her dainty gold watch, “I promise Professor Goldstein I’d go and talk to him about that Charms Essay. Isabelle, will you come with me?” Isabelle gave a noncommittal shrug of her shoulders as a reply and with that the two girls left the table and exited through the doors, leaving Scorpius and Mercutio alone.


“Mercutio,” began Scorpius, his voice barely a whisper, “Where have you been all night?” Mercutio snapped his head up quickly, and that was the first time that Scorpius had ever seen fear in his best friend’s eyes. Mercutio looked away again and began to speak again, although he was speaking into his lap.


“Nowhere,” mumbled Mercutio, pulling his fringe over his eyes. Through the strands of hair Scorpius could see the tears welling in his friend’s eyes. There had only been one occasion when Mercutio had ever cried, and that was last year when after years of pining after Isabelle, he plucked up the courage to ask her out and she turned him out in front of the whole Slytherin Common Room saying she was, “only into fit guys.” Mercutio had been heartbroken then, but this was something different.

“Mercutio, you know you can tell me I’m your...”  Scorpius began to say, desperately trying to coax the whole story out of his friend. At these words Mercutio looked up, his nostrils flared. Quickly wiping the tears from his red eyes, his voice was loud and managed to carry around the whole Great Hall, to which everyone looked over.


“God Scorpius, just leave it!” With that Mercutio picked up his rucksack and marched from the Great Hall, without eating anything. Scorpius stared at Mercutio’s empty seat dumbfounded, what was up with him? Then he realised his day couldn’t get any worse; he wasn’t speaking to both Rose and Mercutio. At that moment Mercutio’s seat was taken by the fifth year Slytherin Melanie Bulstrode at which she immediately began trying to flirt with Scorpius. It seemed his day couldn't get any worse.





It turned out his day could get worse. In Potions he was again paired with Rose and there was an icy silence between them the whole period. Scorpius had just managed to persuade her to meet him after dinner in the broom cupboard next to library, but she had only given him a one word reply and marched from the room at the end of the lesson.


At break he tried to find Mercutio and talk to him, but he was nowhere to be found and though he tried again at lunch Mercutio was being illusive. Scorpius reasoned that Mercutio had returned to the place that Lestrange had taken him out of fear, so Scorpius reasoned there was no point looking for him after searching all lunch. So after classes had ended Scorpius made his way up to the common room, ignoring all his classmates who were running outside celebrating at the newly falling snow.


The common room was not empty how he had anticipated however. Marie sat on one of the armchairs by the fire. She was wrapped up warm against the cold air that had descended on the castle over the past week, and she seemed really comfortable. As Scorpius walked closer to her he saw her head was slumped on her shoulder and she was fast asleep. Her dark hair had fallen across her face, and when Scorpius drew closer to her he dusted her hair out of her eyes, at which she had stirred and woken up.


“Scorpius!” she said as she stood up to his height, “are you alright?” Scorpius shrugged and threw himself down onto the sofa adjacent to Marie’s armchair and immediately curled into the corner, resting his blonde head on a pillow. Marie followed him and sat down next to him, looking at him with a curious expression.


“You don’t look alright,” she said drawing close to him. He sat up next to her; he couldn’t tell her the whole truth, not all the relationship angst with Rose, but he could talk to her about Mercutio. Marie and Isabelle were the ones you went to see if you wanted to know someone’s private business, and even if it had just been a day, maybe Marie knew something.


“I’m just worried about Mercutio,” Scorpius said, leaning back onto the soft back of the sofa, “There’s something not right with him, ever since he went off with Lestrange last night. I tried to talk about it at breakfast and he shouted at me, and then I’ve been looking for him all day, he just disappears from his lessons.” Marie began to shush Scorpius gently, and mirrored Scorpius’ action to her by brushing his blonde fringe out of his eyes.


“Let’s not talk about Mercutio,” she said silkily, “He’s a big boy, and he can take care of himself.” Scorpius had frozen, he suddenly realised that Marie’s arms were round his neck and his face was inches from hers. Then Marie kissed him, not a little kiss on the cheek but a passionate kiss. The only person Scorpius wanted kissing him like that was Rose so he instantly pushed her away.

“Marie,” he began, “what the hell are you doing?” Marie got up and walked over to the fire, gazing into it with her beautiful eyes. She hesitated, clearly not wanting to answer his question. There was something up with her as well and Scorpius needed to know what was going on with at least one of his friends.


“It’s just,” there were tears in her eyes and Scorpius did not like seeing her in distress so he came closer, “It was my father who started that rumour about you and me, you know, the one that got into ‘Witch Weekly’. He seems to think that I should be going after you as potential husband material and I just wanted to see if I had any romantic feelings for you at all.”


“Do you?” asked Scorpius gently, slightly worried at the answer, but Marie shook her head. Scorpius was so relieved he gave her a big friendly hug, almost crushing her. In a moment Scorpius and Marie broke apart, leaving them smiling at each other. It was best if they just stayed friends.


“I’m not so sure Isabelle sees you as just a friend though,” said Marie conversationally. Then she suddenly realised what she had said and clapped a hand over her mouth. “Oops...don’t tell her I said that!” Scorpius fell back onto the sofa, his life was just far too complicated for him to handle. With a friend he was meant to marry, a friend who wanted to date him, a best friend who was being all secretive, a dagger hidden in his drawer that he was keeping safe for a dark wizard and a secret girlfriend who was angry with him, Scorpius was sure he belonged in the loony bin.





After dinner Scorpius made his way to the broom cupboard next to the library to meet Rose. He wasn’t feeling particularly positive about the meeting, he was sure he was going to get yelled at as in Potions Rose did not seem in a forgiving mood. He decided that he would endure the shouting and try not to get angry, maybe that would get the make up to come along quicker.


He opened the broom cupboard door to find Rose already there, a frosty look on her face. Scorpius shut the door firmly behind him, not wanting any lost first year to stumble upon them looking for the kitchens. It immediately became clear that Rose was not going to speak first; her pride forbade her to do so. Scorpius cleared his throat preparing to speak, his heart racing.


“Rose,” he said as bravely as he could, he had come here with the express intention to apologize but now he was here, he wasn’t sure his own pride could stand it. “I’ve come here to get your apology.” Rose opened her mouth dumbfounded. She spluttered slightly as she raised one hand, pointing a finger at his chest.


“You want me to apologize?” she said incredulously, poking the centre of his chest. Scorpius nodded slowly, his eyes burning with intensity. She did not speak for a moment but then her voice came out as barely a whisper and it was laced with poisonous venom, showing her hate for the mere idea of apologizing.


“I have nothing to apologize for!” she thundered, her mouth open, “You accused me of giving you your stupid horrible dreams! How can you accuse me of something that is going on in your head?” The was barely a moment to twitch slightly until Scorpius’ anger bubbled to the surface, he was going to yell at Rose as his day had been so bad.


“Yes you have! I never accused you of causing my dreams, and the second I mentioned that they’d got worse when I started going out you marched off and said I had accused you when I never did!” He had shouted at her so fast he was breathing heavily, and he suddenly noticed that she was too.


Then they kissed. It wasn’t a gentle, loving kiss but one full of anger and passion. Scorpius ran his fingers through Rose’s fiery red hair and she rubbed his back, feeling all the tight muscles that held him together. Then Rose suddenly realised what she was doing and broke away, giving him a reproachful shove as she did.


“Scorpius Malfoy you are the most infuriating person I have ever met!” yelled Rose, wrenching open the door and storming out, leaving Scorpius alone in the broom cupboard. He sighed, he knew he would finally have to swallow his pride and apologize however much it hurt him. He then quickly followed Rose’s path out of the broom cupboard, and returned to his dormitory, contemplating his life in detail.



Hi, I'm sorry this has been so long for all you readers but I had SERIOUS writers block. So this was in Scorpius view because I felt I was doing far to much in Rose view so there you go. Please tell me what you think and guess what that means...yes...please REVIEW! Next time...It's nearly the Christmas Break so that means the Great Snowball Fight, also Scorpius' spontaneous decision making affects his relationship with Rose in a BIG way.

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