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That Body by storii
Chapter 1 : That Body
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AN: first story, I hope you guys like it, criticism is appreciated! (: Oh, and I own nothing except the plot. The song lyrics (which also inspired the title of this story) is by Jeremih. Enjoy and please review!

Her hips wave in the ocean in ways you wouldn't believe
She swear that she got that potion, well I hope there's plenty for me
'Cause I been searching for somebody to cater, cater to all my needs
And you look like your willing to do the favor

I leaned against the wall aside from the dance floor, my eyes watching those freeing themselves to the music. It had been awhile since I made myself come out of my room. Believe it or not, I just didn’t feel like partying. I guess the mainstream style felt a little too old for me.

My gaze lingered over some people who seemed to be so free… I envied them. That’s when I saw her. The enticing movements of her body captured me and before I knew it, I kicked off the wall and started walking towards her.

I held the cup of fire whiskey in my left hand high as I weaved through the mess of waving bodies. Another step and I would be next to her, but something stepped in front of me, cutting off my vision from that body. My eyes flickered over the person who dared stop me and I looked into the eyes of Pansy Parkinson, Ms. Pug Face herself. She smirked, probably thinking it looked sexy. I smirked, thinking she looked funny.

“Drakieee,” She whined, pressing herself against me. It took almost all my will to not retch on her on spot. I sipped my fire whiskey and the cool feel of the alcohol burning my throat ceased my flashes of sickness. It kept my mind on one thing - that body.

“What do you want Parkinson?” I asked, my voice harsh as I tried to look around her head towards where I saw her moving away. My eyes flashed back to Pansy impatiently.

“Come dance with me,” She whispered in my ear, again probably thinking she was being a tease. I cringed at her voice mentally, pushing myself away from her.

“I’m busy, Parkinson,” I said, starting to move towards where I would see her again. Pansy’s eyes followed mine and in my peripheral vision I could almost see her mouth drop in disgust. But I was long gone before I could hear her protests.

So come with me and let me work that body
Body, body, body, ah ooh
You know just how I like it naughty
Naughty, naughty, naughty, do you?

I was only a few feet away from her, her body continuing to sway to the music’s up beat tempo. But now, her body movement wasn’t the only thing I noticed. Her skin was as milky white as the moon which contrasted with her dark honey brown hair of curls that were now falling around her shoulders and past her chest like a lions’ mane.

In one stride I crossed the invisible boundary between us and in a moment my arms were around her waist, pulling her closer against me. She turned her head in surprise to see the intruder on her body and smiled discreetly to me. That’s when I knew. I knew she was just as far gone as I was.

I smirked before she turned back around again, continuing her gyrations against me at a faster pace. I couldn’t say I minded one bit as I pulled her even closer, barely leaving any space between us as we raved against the music. This was the song. Strobe lights came on and it seemed as if this was the moment everyone let loose their wild side completely.

Yeah, we got plenty of Bacardi
Bacardi, Bacardi, Bacardi and juice and fruit for you
A private after party
Party, party, party for two, for two

By now my guttural instinct had kicked in and I was ravenous. I was ravenous for that which I could not have. At least, I couldn’t have it before. Now it was my only goal.

As the song’s tune slowed down a couple of beats, I turned her around, pulling her body against mine in a more intimate position. I laced butterfly kisses on her neck, feeling her quivering under my arms. She tried to force herself out of my arms to reach the cup of fire whiksey that still seemed to be in my grip. I took this moment to inspect the crowd, noticing the single people drinking, and the couples finding private corners for private things.

I turned my gaze back to her and took one of her hands as I lead her to the door, only turning around once to take that cup of fire whiskey from her hand and to set it down on the table on my way out. Now was not a time for drinking it was time to add the bed, subtract the clothes and divide those legs.

Those beautifully long shaped legs... 

My legs felt almost too weak to walk when I thought about her beautifully shaped body. I knew the ravenous state I was in was apparent in my eyes. I knew she could tell. And yet, she stayed with me. But I found the lust and passion in her eyes as well. I knew she wanted it as much as I needed it. There need be not words to express the actions that will forego.

Within the next 15 minutes we found ourselves in the Heads Dormitory and heading up the staircase towards my bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I turned around and pulled her towards me. She consented to my needs as my hands felt what my body had been craving. I kissed her lips passionately as I pressed her against the wall and shut the door with a kick. Her skirt hiked up as she wrapped her beautiful legs around my waist and I grabbed her hips and moved her towards my bed, dropping her softly against the silk sheets before I pressed myself against her again.

I separated our lips for only a moment to sit up and take my shirt off. I took a moment to look down at what was lying before me. The lion’s mane and milky skin contrasted beautifully against my green silk sheets. It was almost too good to believe she was here. With me. For me and only me.

I went back to work and within moments, her bra was on the floor, and I was working on the zipper to my trousers. After a moment we were both anticipating the moment that would break the boundaries we had set and come together as one.

You can get my body, my body all over your body, baby
Your body all over my body, girl
You can get my body, my body all over your body, baby
Your body all over my body, girl

We had consented to surrender ourselves to complete bliss. The gyrations mimicked themselves as they had been on the dance floor. My hands ran up her legs and her sides, my eyes capturing the memory of the body I had fantasized about only minutes before. Now it was mine.

I placed kissed on her neck, her collarbone, and her chest. They made her quiver with delight as she tightened her legs around me. I bit her neck as waves of pleasure spread throughout both of us. Her nails dug into my back fiercely as I pressed my body closer to hers.

Her body fit so perfectly against mine and in a fleeting moment I couldn't help but think it was because it was meant to be. Then before I could blink, the thought was gone and I was yet again caught up in our actions. 

Tonight, we would both remember as a night of sinful bliss. A night of passion and lust neither of us could deny. A night the lioness was lead into the dragon’s lair.

The night Draco Malfoy led Hermione Granger into his bed.

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That Body: That Body


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