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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 10 : Christmas Night
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It belongs to JKR


Chapter 10


“Mum, is there any turkey left?” Steven asked as everyone lay sprawled out in the Blacks’ lounge.


“How are you still hungry?” Allegra asked. “No wonder you’re getting a paunch.”


“I do not, brat” Steven replied, throwing a pillow at his sister.


“Enough you two” Terese said, yawning. 


“Your kids are so unruly, Raesey.”  James teased her.


“You can shut up as well Jimmy.  Lils, will you whack him one?”


“In a minute” Lily replied, sleepily.  Renee listened with amazed amusement at the way they were all talking to each other.  They were constantly bickering and insulting each other, but it was all obviously done with a deep set affection.


“So when are we getting the karaoke machine out?”  James asked.


“Good idea Prongs.  Go and get it.”  Sirius said to him, opening another beer.


“Don’t encourage him Padfoot.” Remus said.


“Don’t be boring Moony.” James shot back.


“When will these three grow up?”  Francesca asked.


“I think we’re passed any hope of that Sweetheart.” Terese pointed out.


“I want to do karaoke.” Adriel said.  James (II) agreed.  (James senior was more or less called Jimmy or Prongs when they were all together).


“Not again!” Allegra said.


“I thought it was broken.” Teddy said, with a glance at Allegra.


“We fixed it, Monkey” Sirius told his daughter, knowing full well she had had a hand in it’s breaking.


“Nice try, Al” Steven sniggered.  “Trouble maker.”


“I am not” she grumbled.


“Are” Francesca agreed, grinning. “Have you told Renee what she was like as a toddler?” she asked her brother.


“Shut up!  Mum!” Allegra protested.


“I’m curious now!!” Renee said, grinning.




Terese checked her handbag for everything she needed.


“Thank you for this Steven. It’s a huge help” She said as he carried three year old Allegra in to the kitchen.


“No problem mum.  We’ll have fun, won’t we, Trouble?” he replied.


“She wants to make a birthday card for James” Terese said.


“Birfday card for Uncle Jimmy” Allegra clapped her hands.  Steven shrugged; why not if it kept her occupied!


“Ok, well, be a good girl for Steven sweetheart.”


“I good girl mummy”


“Hmmmm” Terese said sceptically.  “I’ll be as quick as I can.”  She said to Steven as she left.


“Ok Trouble.  You want to make a card?”


“Steben, I make card for Uncle Jimmy” 


“Ok, where’s all the stuff to make it?”  She pointed to the cupboard at the back of the kitchen.  Steven rolled his eyes and retrieved the box.  Allegra began to pull everything out.


“You don’t need all of that!” Steven exclaimed.  Allegra looked at her brother.


“Yes I do Steben.  I make Uncle Jimmy a be-yoo-ti-ful card.”  She told him indignantly.


“But I don’t think Uncle Jimmy wants a card covered in pink glitter.”  He said.  “Look, we’ve got a stencil here. Why don’t you colour that in?”  Allegra sighed dramatically.


“Stoopid Steven” she said, sighing.  “I want to use pink cos it’s awesome” she said decisively. 


“You’re three.  How are you saying things are awesome?” Steven grumbled.  “Alright look, give it to me and I’ll put it on there…” he picked up the tube of glitter, but Allegra tried to grab it.


“No Steben. My do it” she said crossly.


“Allegra, you’ll make a mess” 


“No. Mine” She said.


“Allegra…” Steven exclaimed and tried to pull the tube out of her grip.  The lid came off. Glitter flew all over the place; both Allegra and Steven were covered.  Allegra began to giggle.


“Stoopid Steben” she said again.  “Pretty pink sparkles” she waved her arms around, giggling even more.


“Oh God” Steven groaned.  The quickest way to clear it up was to get his wand, which was upstairs but to get it would mean leaving Allegra on her own, and there was no knowing what further havoc she could create.  Before he could decide what to do, the kitchen door opened.


“I forgot my…” Terese stopped in her tracks.  “What on earth…?”


“Daddy did it!” Allegra said immediately.


“Daddy isn’t here, sweetheart” Terese said dryly.


“But is awesome Mummy. It’s pink.”


“Allegra Gabriella!” 


“The lid came off, mum.  I couldn’t get it off her.”  Terese rolled her eyes.


“Pretty sparkles mummy” Allegra said, throwing some at her mother.


End Flashback


“You loved the glitter, Steven, admit it.”  Allegra grinned at her brother.  “You did it on purpose really”


“You’re right, Little-Bit” Harry grinned at his best friend.  “I reckon he liked it”


“Shut up, you two” Steven grumbled, annoyed that his attempt to embarrass his little sister hadn’t quite worked.


“So did you always blame everything on your dad?” Renee asked Allegra.


“She still does” Sirius replied, ruffling his daughter’s hair affectionately.


“I have to go” Teddy said suddenly, jumping up. 


“Where you off too?” Tonks asked her son.


“I’m going to Victoire’s for a drink with the Weasleys.”  He told her.  “Merry Christmas everyone.” He left the room as everyone called out after him.  Allegra got up and followed him.


“Teddy…” She began.




“Can I just ask, why are you with her?”


“For fucks sake, Al.” Teddy was angry and exasperated.  “Isn’t the fact that I like her enough?”


“She’s a bitch, Ted.”


“And what are you? A shrinking violet?” He snapped.  “Stop throwing tantrums, Allegra.  They stopped working years ago.” He stormed out, slamming the door.  Allegra leant against the wall, and tried to stop tears falling down her checks.  The lounge door opened behind her, and she felt her father put her arms around her. 


“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” He said softly.  “You’ll sort it out.”

This is for Verbal87 who missed toddler Allegra!! And for giving me an excuse to write her again

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