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After the Horcrux by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 47 : The Wedding -for everyone else
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Lily Potter glared at Harry. Her eyes were scrunched and creases formed on her forehead. “You are just like your father,” she spat, before turning back towards Ginny. “Ginny, dear, please excuse my son, and keep walking. Please keep walking; everyone is looking at you.”
Ginny eyes were wide as they flicked from Lily to Harry and back to Lily. Harry didn’t know what to do. He wanted to yell out to Ginny, but he couldn’t reveal why she was seeing his dead mother. Adding to that situation was the three Marauders, who all applauded when his mum stated he was just like his father. Professor Dumbledore was deep in thought as he peered over his half moon glasses at Harry. Ron was now nudging his arm at Ginny’s strange reaction, and Hermione’s gaze was flicking between Harry and Ginny.

Lily started walking towards Ginny. “Please keep walking, and don’t talk to me. I know I am dead, and you can see me. I am not an Inferi, but a spectral image of myself. Please keep walking...”

“They are already bonded Lily,” shouted Professor Dumbledore.

“I figured that out Professor,” shouted Lily back to him, as she walked towards Ginny. “Ginny, you can see me because Harry loves you so much. Please start walking.”

Ginny glanced up at Harry when his mum stated that his love for her was the cause of this fiasco. He couldn’t do anything but shrug his shoulders. Seeing his reaction, Ginny smiled and shook her head before stepping forward. Everyone else who couldn’t see or hear what was actually happening took it as some private joke between them and nervously laughed.

His mum had reached Ginny’s side by this time. “Ginny, dear,” she said consolingly. “Harry has a magical ring or more precisely a magical stone in the ring. It is on his right hand.”

Ginny’s eyes dropped down to the ring and back up questioningly to Harry.

“That is called the Resurrection Stone. With it he can call people, who he loves, back across the veil of death. Very little is known about it. Professor Dumbledore is an expert on the subject, and he didn’t think this would happen. No one was supposed to see me or the others...”

Ginny again looked at his mum then up at him. A look of comprehension came to her as she next tried to look past Dudley to the chairs at the front.

“..., but it appears that you can see us because you are part of him. His love for you has already bonded you to him.” She stopped talking and sighed. “His father never told me he was an Animagus until our first anniversary. Why do women like us fall for toe rags like them,” she said with a smile to Ginny.

Ginny was now standing before Harry. He could see what he thought were fairies surrounding her were actually crystals sewn into a sheer veil that hung over her to the floor. Her father parted it in the middle and pushed it over her shoulders so it hung behind her. He hugged, and kissed her, before stepping out of the way. Harry stepped forward and took her hand. She wasn’t staring at him, but over his shoulder to see the front row.

Sirius in his usual bravado shouted, “Merlin! Is that the skinny little girl that ran around my house? Wow, Harry, she is one fit bird.” Everyone else shouted at him. Ginny giggled a little at the comment, but then her expression froze.

Harry couldn’t see what was going on, but it sounded as if Fred had punched Sirius on the shoulder or something because he could hear a scuffle, then Fred saying, “Watch it, that’s my baby sister.”

Ginny gaze turned towards Harry. Tears were filling her eyes, as she whispered, “Fred is here?” She wrapped both arms around Harry’s neck and snogged him. He seemed to lose all sense of anything else in the world as Ginny poured her love into the kiss. All he knew was that she was happy, very happy, that he had brought back Fred.

“Oh, wonderful, brilliant, Harry,” shouted Fred. “Bring me back from the dead so I can watch you suck the lips off my sister’s face.”

The world came back to Harry as Ginny broke the kiss and giggled into his chest. The ministry official who was presiding over their wedding was clearing his throat, and there was once again a murmuring through the crowd about the unusual events at this ceremony.

“You are supposed to wait until the end of the ceremony to kiss,” the official wheezed haughtily to them.

Mischief flashed in Ginny’s eyes as she calmly turned to the official, “It isn’t over?”

“No, Miss Weasley, it hasn’t even started,” replied the shocked old man.

“Well,” said Ginny, “What are we waiting for.”

She stepped back and went to grab Harry’s hands only to realize that the bouquet was still in her one hand. Harry also realized that he was now covered with dead rose petals and leaves. Ginny looked at him, as she nonchalantly tossed the battered bouquet to the side and took his hands.

The ceremony officially began for everyone else. Harry stood there holding Ginny’s hands realizing that they were already one. When it actually happened he didn’t know, but realizing it didn’t surprise him. At times during the past year, he could almost feel when she was happy or sad, even when she wasn’t in the same country. Staring in her eyes he knew even now that she was thinking about the same thing he was. They truly were made for each other and a part of each other. When asked to recite his vows he did so with sincerity. Ginny did also, but they each had a half-smile that said they didn’t need to say these things publicly for each other. They were already committed to each other. When they put the rings on each other fingers and the official cast the bonding charms, they felt no different.

“You may now kiss your bride,” the official said to Harry.

He smiled and gently kissed her enjoying the warmth, while everyone cheered them. He finally realized what he had been feeling for so long when they kissed. He broke the kiss and whispered to her, “I finally figured it out.”

“Oh, you have been able to do this for awhile.”

“No, what I’ve been feeling when I kiss you. I feel complete....” He was hushed by Ginny’s lips.

Mr. Weasley’s voice brought them back to reality. “If these two ever come up for air,” he shouted to the guests, who laughed at his comment. “My family would like to invite you to share the first few hours of their lives together.” He turned and saw they had stopped snogging. “All right, it looks like they are ready to greet their guests.”

The Potters turned to greet the guests, as they walked to the reception area. As soon as they turned, a brilliant flash ignited. Harry drew his wand, only to have Ginny stop him from cursing Dennis Creevey.

“He is here taking pictures. You knew he was going to be here,” she whispered to him.

He hadn’t even completely put his wand away before Hermione enveloped him in a hug. She kissed his cheek and whispered, “Congratulations, Harry. You do need to tell Ginny.”

“She knows,” replied Harry with a whisper.

Hermione pulled back from him and stared at Ginny, who leaned over and quietly said, “His mum explained it me.”

Hermione’s jaw dropped at Ginny’s comment. Harry could see her trying to process what Ginny had just said to her, but Ron interrupted her, as he pushed into the fray. He grabbed Harry’s hand and shook it vigorously, “A little unusual, mate, but you made it through.” He pulled Harry into a one armed hug, before going to Ginny and hugging her.

Harry could hear or feel him telling Ginny congratulations, when he was suddenly crushed by a familiar set of arms, again lights flashed as Dennis took pictures. Mrs. Weasley was crying as she kissed his cheek.

“Welcome to the family, Harry,” she cried. “You know I have always thought of you as a son.”

Harry felt his mother’s hands touch his shoulders and heard her whisper in his ear. “Call her Mum. She deserves it. She has earned the right over my ruddy sister.”

“I have always thought of you as my Mum, since she is no longer here,” said Harry. He was again pulled into a bone crushing hug as his living Mum cried on his shoulder. Finally, Mr. Weasley pulled his wife away from him and moved her to Ginny. He didn’t say anything to Harry. He just clapped a hand on Harry’s shoulder and gave him a nod of approval. Harry could hear Mum Weasley telling Ginny to take good care of Harry, before Mr. Weasley ushered her away.

Ginny’s Aunt Muriel was next in line. She slowly moved up to Harry and looked at him with cold appraising eyes. “I am not going to hug and gush all over you like my niece,” she coldly stated to him.

“That is fine, and thank you for coming to our wedding,” Harry said politely to her.

She stepped in front of Ginny and without hugging her or shaking her hand, she coldly said, “That is a nice tiara.”

“Thank you for letting me use it, Aunt Muriel.”

“I hope you know how to cook, because that husband of yours needs to put on some weight,” she stated before shuffling off towards the food table.

Ginny rolled her eyes towards Harry, and they both smiled at the old codger’s antics.

The rest of the Weasley’s moved past them each shaking his hand and making some comment about the wedding. George and Charlie both howled with laughter when they heard that the bouquet was the same one that Ginny had beaten Harry with after the battle. They went into great detail explaining to Bill and Fleur what Harry looked like covered with bits of flowers and Bat-Bogeys.

Harry heard George and Ginny get into some type of an argument about a bet. Angelina, who was standing with George, joined in the discussion. She seemed to have taken Ginny’s side in the discussion.

Dudley appeared next. He shook Harry’s hand and hugged Ginny; his broken heart showing on his face. When Lily heard that was Dudley, she gasped.

Kingsley and his family came through the line next. “A bit unusual of a ceremony Harry…” he said. “…, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you two.”

Gawain walked through and said something similar. Soon more people were coming, and they all wished Harry and Ginny their congratulations and best wishes. With each handshake or hug Dennis Creevey would take another picture. Soon everything became a blur, as the line seemed to be endless. They had decided to do this rather than take the time and try to go around the tables and talk to everyone.

A few of the guests stuck out in Harry’s memory. Professor McGonagall dressed in her tartan robes with a “Weasley is our Queen” button clipped on her shawl. She hugged him and then told him “it took you long enough” and “your parents would have been proud”. Harry almost told her that they were, but held his tongue.

One of Ginny’s teammates, a Chaser that he learned was Rikki Vale, went up to shake his hand. When he shook it, she lept at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. It took prodding from several of the other team members to get her to release her grip on him.

After she walked away Ginny leaned to him and whispered, “Watch out for her. She has always had a crush on you, and she was one of the ones that didn’t mind married men.”

Harry looked over and noticed Rikki staring at him. He made mental note to keep an eye on her, and not to accept any Chocolate Cauldrons from her.

Finally at the end of the crowd a shadow loomed over him and Ginny, before they were both swept up in Hagrid’s arms.

“Congratulations you two,” he cried. “You two are so much like your parents, ‘arry. You’ve done them proud.”

“’agreed, zet dem down,” said a female voice. Madam Maxime was dressed in her finest black silk and opals. She stood there teary-eyed and looked at Harry. She presented her hand to him, which he kissed. He noticed a small engagement ring on her finger. When he looked at Hagrid, he beamed with pride back to Harry.

“Yep, we is getting married soon, and you two are invited,” he said with great pride.

Madam Maxime then turned to Ginny. “I waz zo worried two years ago I had ruined all of zis. I am zo ‘appy that you two are still in love.”

Harry watched as a wave of pain washed over Ginny’s face at the memories. It was gone almost as quickly as it had appeared. After Hagrid and Madam Maxime left, they were finally done meeting and greeting all the guests. He could see the tired look in her eyes. It had been an emotionally exhausting experience.

“I think the two of you could use a drink and some time alone on the dance floor,” said Harry’s dad. He had been standing behind them the entire time with his arm around his tearful wife’s shoulders.

She smiled at Harry and quietly said, “I can’t believe you found someone so perfect for you, my son.” She put a little extra emphasis on the last two words.

“Come along you two,” stated his dad, as he turned Lily towards the dance floor. He looked over her head at Harry. “The one problem with this arrangement is we can’t enjoy any of the fine food and drink. That is all right, I can dance with my lovely wife,” he said happily, as they started dancing.

“Would you like to have a drink, and then our first dance, Mrs. Potter?” Harry said Ginny.

She smiled up at him, “Yes, I would. I would love it.”

As they were walking, Harry, without turning towards her, said, “I supposed I need to explain some things.” He didn’t even need to look to tell that she was smiling a yes to him.

“Looks like your special guests have found their own tables,” Ginny quietly said. Harry looked and saw Professor Dumbledore standing near the table with Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, and Madam Maxime. The former Headmistress was chatting with Gwenog Jones. Remus and Tonks were standing over Teddy’s high chair staring teary-eyed at him. Sirius was standing with Fred, as he watched George.

Harry and Ginny noticed how much George had aged in the past three years since Fred died. The spectral image of Fred looked to be the same age as when he died, but George seemed to be ten years older. There was even a tinge of grey in his red hair around his temples. They both understood, now, how terrible it would be to lose someone you are bonded to like Fred and George once were. Having each other for support and understanding has helped them through many difficult times.

“How long Ginny?” Harry asked.

“I think since Australia,” she responded without him clarifying the statement for her. “When you were in that terrible place for five days, Regi and everyone thought you were dead. I knew you weren’t, even though I couldn’t explain it. I just knew.”

“If it had started then, you would have thought we wouldn’t have had the problems we had,” Harry said thoughtfully. He knew he had irritated her.

“We had the problems because someone was always getting involved with our relationship,” she replied tartly.

“You’re correct dear. I guess if we didn’t have the connection we wouldn’t have fought so hard to keep our love alive.” He stopped after saying this and stared at Ginny’s chocolate brown eyes. They both stood there staring at each other for a second before he gently kissed her. They were interrupted by Mum and Dad Weasley.

“You’ll have plenty of time for that later,” stated Mum. “We need you two to dance together.”

“We need something to drink first,” stated Ginny.

They were quickly whisked away to the drink table and each given an iced Pumpkin Juice. Ginny and Harry looked at each other. They never considered that their first drink together would be Pumpkin Juice. Smiling at the situation, they drank it and walked to the edge of the dance floor. James and Lily were dancing around the floor even though the band wasn’t playing. The sight brought a smile to the nuptials.

The lead singer of the Weird Sisters announced Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter would be having their first dance. The band started playing a slow song and Harry took Ginny in his arms and started to slowly glide around the floor. He tried his best to make it look as if he was leading, but after awhile they stopped caring. The first few minutes neither one spoke as they just enjoyed dancing for the first time as husband and wife.

James and Lily glided past them. “I really like dancing in this state, son,” said James.

“I do too, Ginny. It doesn’t hurt when they step on your toes,” teased Lily.

Harry pulled his face out of Ginny’s mane of red hair. “I didn’t tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“No you didn’t, so am I?”

“Yes, yes, you are. I have always thought that, but seeing you walking towards me, you were… I can’t even think of a word that describes it.” He kissed her gently on the forehead. Without removing his lips, he whispered, “I suppose I should explain now.”

She leaned her face foreword until it rested in along side of his neck. “I would like one, but it isn’t necessary.”

“You deserve it.”

“Thank you.”

“I found out about the Resurrection Stone while destroying the Horcruxes. No one alive knows about it except Ron, Hermione, and us.” Harry could feel her smile when he said “us”. “It is a part of a trio of magical items called The Deathly Hallows. The other two are the Elder Wand and the Invisibility Cloak. Ron said they were from a story called The Three Brothers.”

“Harry, you are talking about a children’s tale, about three magical objects that can defeat death.”

“No they are all very real. I would think that you would have realized that by now. The Elder Wand is also known as the Death Stick and the Wand of Destiny. Geller Grindlewald had been using it when Professor Dumbledore defeated him. He took control of it then. When Draco disarmed him atop the Astronomy Tower, he gained control over it. Voldemort wanted the Elder Wand because our wands couldn’t fight against each other. He stole it from the tomb and then killed Professor Snape thinking that he would then have control over the wand. He didn’t because Draco controlled the wand. I defeated Draco at his manor and took his wand. That was why Voldemort’s Killing Curse rebounded on him. I controlled the wand he possessed.

“Right now, I have in my possession all three Deathly Hallows.” Ginny seemed to stiffen a little in his arms. “The Stone I will throw away tonight when we leave here. The Wand has been secured in Professor Dumbledore’s Tomb again. I intend to keep the Invisibility Cloak, since it is a Potter family heirloom.”

Ginny stopped dancing and looked into his face. There were tears in her eyes, as she looked at him lovingly. He knew that she wasn’t angry with him, and everything that he said would be safe. It was the look that told him she was sorry that he had to endure such responsibilities. She kissed him gently and whispered “I love you.” Before placing her head on his shoulder and continued dancing. Harry looked up and noticed the dance floor had filled up.

A short time later, Harry felt someone tap his shoulder. “Could I please dance with my daughter?”

Harry stepped aside to let Mr. Weasley dance with Ginny. She stepped into her father’s embrace and they slowly moved away on the dance floor. Mum Weasley put her arm around his waist as he watched Ginny dance with her father. “I am glad you never tried to break the bond those two have Harry,” stated Mum Weasley.

“Ginny told me early on that she loved her father,” he said, as he placed his arm across her shoulders. “I would never want to ruin a parent and child’s relationship. I know how important they can be.”

“I suppose you do. So when are you planning to give me Grandchildren?”

Harry snapped his head around to see her smiling at him. “A few years, maybe not for three or four years,” he nervously replied.

“That’s good, now if you will excuse me I want to go play with my grandchildren.” Harry watched her walk towards the table that had Teddy and Victoire. He looked for Ginny and saw her standing holding onto her father with her head on his chest. Her dad was barely able to contain his tears. Harry decided to go get a drink when another woman grabbed him.

“What did she mean, your mum explained it?” asked Hermione, in a demanding whisper.

Harry looked at Ron and all the other people on the dance floor now. “Let’s go to the table,” he said, and gestured to the table set for the wedding party. They crossed the dance floor. Harry had to refuse an offer to dance with that Quidditch player that Ginny warned him about. They sat down behind the table, and Harry quickly cast a Muffliato spell around them. He hurriedly explained to them about what happened and that Ginny and him were already bonded by their love. When he said this, he saw Hermione and Ron look at each other significantly. He told them he would dispose of the ring some place where no one would be able to find it. They both pressed him to find out the location, but he refused. He was still concerned about Ron and his brothers doing something to ruin their wedding night.

Ron looked sheepishly when he stated that he didn’t know of any plans to do that. Hermione glared at him and it started to look like a fight was brewing until Ron redirected everyone’s attention. “Looks like Dudlley’s made a comeback,” he laughed, as he pointed out to the dance floor. Dudley was slow dancing with Ginny’s friend Sylvia. “He must like witches, Harry.”

“I find them rather enjoyable. Don’t you, Ron,” he laughed.

Hermione snorted and said something about swine when the music stopped and everyone started to return to their seats. Ginny was walking back with two women that Harry vaguely remembered from Hogwarts. He noticed that Mr. Weasley seemed a bit put off by them. He didn’t understand until he saw that they were holding hands, and it was obviously more than just friendship. Harry lifted the Muffliato spell before Ginny arrived at the table.

“Harry, you remember Kendra and Millie from Hogwarts.”

“I am sorry, but I only vaguely remember you. Have you been enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Potter…” said Millie.

“You can call him, Harry,” laughed Ginny. “You don’t call me Mrs. Potter.”

They both laughed about that statement. Kendra spoke this time. “We are just so happy that Ginny is happy. She was a life saver for us back in school, and really so many others,” she gushed, while looking at Ginny with admiration.

“Were you all there during the Carrows’ reign?” asked Ron.

“Yes, but she helped the next year,” replied Millie. When she noticed Ron’s blank stare, she continued, “She helped us deal with being raped by Walden. We spent many a night talking and understanding what everyone was going through. It was so helpful. After awhile, we began to see ourselves as important, not what Walden left us feeling like. Many of us were able to find love again.” She said looking at her partner. “We both are now counseling others who have gone through similar experiences.”

“Is there a need for that?” blurted out Ron.

Ginny, Kendra, and Millie all glared at him. Kendra spoke this time. “Currently, we are counseling twenty witches that are out of school and ten still in Hogwarts. What do you think?” she snapped at him.

“I – I guess there is a need,” stuttered Ron.

Harry was taken aback by the numbers. He now remembered where he had seen and heard about them before. It was disconcerting to realize that sexual assaults were so common in the magical world. He remembered reading about there being divisions of the Muggle police forces dedicated to this type of case, but he didn’t realize that it was the same in his world.

“Well, we must be getting back to our seats,” Millie said.

“Thank you Harry, and take care of this special lady,” stated Kendra.

“I will try my best,” he assured them.

Ginny walked behind the table and sat beside Harry. Ron and Hermione sat on both sides of them. The caterer walked out and waved his wand. Glasses of champagne appeared infront of everyone. Ron grabbed his glass and stood up. He nervously cleared his throat, “I guess it is time for the toast,” he nervously said. “Harry and I have been best mates, since we first met. Through the years we have been through a lot, and well I can’t think of a better man to marry my little sister. All I can think of saying to him at this time is, get your ruddy hands off my sister,” he shouted the last part as he raised his glass and took a drink.

Ginny smiled up at his brother. Harry couldn’t do anything but laugh at the comment. They touched their glasses together before each taking a drink.

Hermione stood up next. She was calm and relaxed, as she smiled down at them. “I was at first Harry and Ron’s friend, but soon Ginny and I became the best of friends. She is the bravest person I have ever known. She is also trusting, very trusting. I don’t know how many of you know this but Ginny was in love with Harry after they first met. Right over there under that arch were they were bonded. But! This brave girl couldn’t even talk to Harry for about three years. Everytime she was in a room with him, she would get all nervous and tongue tied. I know all of you will find that hard to believe, but it is true.” She stopped talking as everyone was laughing.

“It was so bad that she even asked me for advice. It was when I was at her house for the Quidditch World Cup. She asked me advice about her love life. Which was really ironic, because I couldn’t stop fighting with the boy that I fancied enough to start a relationship? So I did the only thing that I could think of; I made something up.”

Ginny turned to her and shouted, “You What?” Another roar of laughter rolled through the reception.

“Yes, Ginny I really had no idea what to do to get Harry to notice you, but I knew if you could never be yourself and talk to him that you two would never get together. So, I told her to ignore him, and if someone asked her to go out, for her to say yes. Well, here is the result of the success of that bit of advice. So I would like to toast to an old Muggle saying, ‘Sometimes its better to be lucky than good’. Here is to you two getting lucky and finding each other.”

Everyone laughed as they raised their glasses to toast the happy couple again. Harry smiled at Hermione before toasting her. After he did, he looked at Ginny, who seemed a little chuffed by Hermione’s announcement. “Why are you so angry, it still worked out,” he said before he captured her lips.

Ginny broke from the kiss eventually. “I always thought she was so smart for giving me that advice.”

Ginny didn’t pout for long as the dinner appeared infront of everyone. Her Weasley appetite took over and they all sat there and enjoyed the meal. After several more glasses of champagne, Ginny was leaning heavily onto Harry. They were both thinking about leaving early when Hermione leaned over to her.

“Is it time to make George dance with Aunt Muriel?” asked Hermione mishieviously.

Ginny snapped her head up from Harry’s shoulder. “Brilliant idea, Let me have the band play her favourite song. If they even know it, then I will be over to convince him to pay up on the bet.”

“What bet?” asked a confused Harry.

Ginny flashed him a smile that said he was going to enjoy this, before hiking up her gown and sprinting across the platform to the band. Unfortunately they didn’t know how to play Aunt Muriel’s favourite song, but they agreed to play slow tunes until she came back over to tell them to pick up the pace. She walked quickly back over to George’s table. When she arrived, he looked at her and Hermione, who was sitting there talking to Angelina, Percy, and Audrey.

“What is all this?” asked George.

Ginny smiled at him. “It is time for you to pay up on your bet, oh brother of mine.”

“Oh no, Ginny, not that,” said George getting nervous.

No one else at the table knew what the bet was, and were all asking “what bet”.

“It is time to slow dance with Aunt Muriel, George. I am now Mrs. Harry Potter.”

The entire table turned against him, as they all pulled him up out of his chair and virtually frog hopped him to Aunt Muriel, who was sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and Hermione’s parents. Everyone looked at the scene approaching them. Angelina shoved George forward towards his great aunt.

Only Ginny could hear and see Fred and Sirius howling with laughter. She was enjoying their reaction almost as much as the sight of George stuttering to his aunt that he wanted to dance with her. Her parent’s had to choke back a laugh when they heard George ask for a dance. Muriel glared up at him for a minute. It looked like she would decline and George would be off the hook, but then she agreed.

“I want you to be a gentleman, Bilius,” she ordered him.

George corrected her, but she ignored him. She wobbled out to the dance floor with George.

Ginny saw Fred following them, but Sirius was gone. She looked around and saw he was getting Remus and Tonks attention. They were both sitting on the floor with Teddy and Victoire, but stood up and walked towards the dance floor. Sirius turned and sought out James and Lily next. Ginny decided to get Harry. She didn’t want to miss this, and if everyone would be standing around it would look to suspicous.

Harry was standing off to the side watching everything with an amused smile. She grabbed his hand and pulled him out to the dance floor. Soon Hermione and Ron were also out there trying to dance while watching George and Aunt Muriel dancing.

He kept her at arms length and they barely moved as Aunt Muriel shuffled her feet. To most people, it would look like a harmless show of respect. Harry and Ginny though could see the spectral image of Fred standing behind Aunt Muriel winding up his arm as he prepared to grab her arse. Remus, Tonks, James, Lily, and even Professor Dumbledore were out there watching. It was strange to see people passing through there nearly solid form.

Finally, Fred swung with all his might. Ginny had a perfect view of a handprint on the back of Aunt Muriel’s robes. She jumped a little when it happened, and even let out a soft exclamation. Ginny was waiting to see if she would slap George’s face, but she didn’t. She actually smiled warmly at him as she nudged herself a little closer to him. George’s reaction to this was even funnier, as he tried to put distance between him and his great aunt. After the song was finished, George tried to pull away, but Aunt Muriel held onto him. She whispered something that Ginny couldn’t hear, but it caused George to go peaky and the Marauders to howl with laughter. When George finally went to walk away, Aunt Muriel reached out and pinched his arse. This caused him to leap as if he had just been hit with a Stinging Hex. Many of the guests were milling around the tables talking to each other. It seemed a shame to have wasted the prank on just a few people. It was worth it though, for her.

“Do you want to keep dancing,” Ginny asked Harry.

“Sure!” he said.

“Let me make a few requests,” she said before scurrying over to the band to make another request. Ginny gave the lead singer a list of requests and somewhat of an order to play them in. She turned and tried to run back to her husband, but her shoes almost made her twist an ankle three times. She pulled them off and tossed them to the edge of the dance floor, as the music began.

They danced ignoring everyone else for some time. Ginny enjoyed this time together with Harry. It reminded her of Australia and their first actual date. Harry was such a gentleman that night. It made her feel special to have someone to trust. She had not always had a good track record. She went to the Yule Ball with Neville, who was a true gentleman. Then she met Michael, who was moodier than any woman and was hurt every time she told him to stop or slow down. Dean was a bit surprising; maybe it was his age or something. He was aggressive. She never felt threatened with him, well not too threatened. She just had to make sure he knew his limitations.

Harry was always the perfect match for her. He was willing to wait until she was ready, yet gentle and considerate towards her feelings and pleasure. As she danced and swayed to the music, she watched Harry move with her. Maybe he was this way because they were bonded, or maybe they were bonded because he was like that.

“A sickle for your thoughts,” he asked, as he leaned in close to her.

“I was thinking about how perfect you are for me.”

Without missing a beat, he kissed her quickly on the lips. “I try. I will always try,” he said with so much emotion in his eyes that Ginny’s heart seemed to skip a beat.

“How soon do you want to leave,” she asked, wanting to move on to the next phase of the wedding day.

“Have we done everything that you wanted to do?” When he saw the look in her eye, he clarified his statement, “At the reception.”

She smiled at him. “Yes, you wanted to wait until dark to leave and it is about dark,” she stated pointing at the skylights. The sky was turning a violet almost black colour, in a few minutes it would be completely dark outside. “I do want to dance with my teammates, before we leave. We will need to cut the wedding cake also.” She stopped talking and thought a little bit more. “I think that is it.”

The music stopped and the lead singer announced that the next dance would be a ladies only dance.

“Well, time for me to find my teammates,” Ginny said, as she looked around the dance floor. She took a couple of steps away from Harry, before turning back to kiss him.

Harry walked to the drink table and picked up a butterbeer. He noticed that Dudley was now talking to Kingsley and Gawain. He was wondering what they were talking about. He didn’t want to miss watching Ginny dancing with her team, so he turned and walked back out to the edge of the dance floor. Neville was standing there looking at Hannah, along with many other men watching their wives, fiances, or wives.

The lead singer asked if everyone was ready. When the entire dance floor shouted “Yes”, the Weird Sisters started to play; “Can you dance like a Hippogriff”. All the ladies screamed their approval, as they all started to dance wildly to the tune. Harry was laughing, as he watched Ginny in her wedding dress and veil twist, turn, and gyrate wildy with her teammates. The Harpies became the center attraction. All the Quidditch players seemed to dance wilder than all the other women on the dance floor. He couldn’t take his eyes off Ginny. She seemed very happy as she danced. Her smile lit up the dance floor, and her long hair whipped around as she turned. She would talk and laugh with her teammates. He could see that even though she was the newest and youngest member they all respected and liked her. Greta and Zelda have put their past differences with Ginny behind them, and they talked amicably to each other.

While he was watching her, she turned to look at him. It was a brief look, not much more than a glance, but in the split second their eyes connected, and so much passed between them. He saw a longing in her eyes. As her hair flew in the air, some strands remained stuck to her moist face. Harry immediately remembered many nights seeing a similar expression on her face. His breath hitched as he thought about her, and how she can make him feel such things with just a glance. A hand on his shoulder brought him out of his trance.

“Ginny, seems to be enjoying herself,” observed Kingsley Shaklebolt, whose wife was also out on the dance floor.

“Yes, she loves to dance.”

“It is hard to believe that such an energetic person as Ginny could be so prim and proper,” he said, but quickly added. “I don’t mean any disrespect, Harry, but seeing her here dancing and remembering last week at the Ministry’s Christmas Ball. It would be hard to believe she was the same person.”

Harry remembered her being nervous about going to the Ministry’s Christmas Ball. It was the social event of the year in magical Britain. Her father rarely went because all the pretentous snobs took the fun out of the event. Ginny had walked into the ball and impressed even the most pretentous old birds with her manners and style.

He also remebered after the Ball was over. It was the last time they made love. The memories of that night came back to him, as he watched her out on the dance floor swing her hips to the sound of the music. It suddenly became very warm, but Kinglsey once again interrupted him.

“I was talking to your cousin, Dudley.”

“I saw you and Gawain talking to him,” stated Harry.

“He was telling us some interesting things.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, he told us that he is studying to be a pleaseman…”

“It’s policeman. He wants to become a detective,” he corrected the Minister.

“He also told us about you studying about Muggle methods of law enforcement, particularly about how to secure a prison.”

Harry could tell by the tone in the Ministers voice that he had figured out where Harry had come up with the new procedures he has implimented over the past two years. “Yes, I will confess that I adapted Muggle methods into the new procedures, sir. Are you angry with me?”

The Minister chuckled at his question. “Why should I be angry, when your procedures have decreased injuries and still results in as many arrests? Harry, I don’t care where you came up with these ideas, as long as they work.”

“I just wondered being they were Muggle methods…”

“I am not like the past Ministers. I am not offended. I am curious. Did being raised with Muggles give you the idea of doing this?”

“Actually, seeing that in Australia, the magical community lives with the Muggles and use the same type of equipment made me think of it. Maybe, if the magical community would understand the Muggles better, there wouldn’t be the hatred for them anymore.” Harry waited to hear Kingsley’s response, but the Minister stood there and stared out onto the dance floor.

“That is quite possible, Harry,” he finally said reflectively. “That is quite possible.”

The song stopped playing and all the dancers cheered wildly. As many of the ladies exited the floor, Harry watched as a smiling Ginny walked towards him. She walked up and put an arm around his waist before kissing him. “Let’s cut the cake and leave.”

They walked over to their table to grab Ginny’s wand so she could dry her face and hair that was wet with perspiration. After a few quick passes with the wand she looked ready to cut the cake. Before they did, she had a few quick words with the caterer. He nodded in recognition of something, then handed her the knife. Everyone started to take pictures of them as they went to cut the first pieces of cake. They each picked one up and stared at the other with a piece of cake in their hand.

“It is traditon to stuff this in your face while feeding you the first piece,” Ginny said with a smile.

“I am surprised, love.”

“What? That we would do that?”

“No, that you would warn me first,” he said then tried to shove the piece of cake in her mouth. She had lightning fast reflexes and the pieces of cakes slammed into each other’s face at the same time. Ginny had a plan for this. She opened her mouth wide and turned so that the cake Harry had was slammed mostly into her mouth. A little of the icing smeared across her cheek and up her nose. Harry hadn’t done that and the gooey mess covered almost half his face. It didn’t help that Ginny had twisted her hand at the last minute either.

They looked at each other and laughed, with the wedding guests. At least Harry laughed, Ginny’s mouth was too full to laugh. Her mouth was so full that when she tried to swallow the cake; it was pushed out of her mouth and over her chin. This brought another round of laughter from everyone. She looked over and saw Harry smiling at her predicament. She stood there with puffy cheeks like a squirrel getting ready for winter and chewed and swallowed her entire piece of cake while Harry picked his off his face. The caterer had whisked away the cake after they had cut the pieces for themselves and was now starting to give them out to the guests.

As Ginny swallowed the last bite in her mouth Harry had finished with his face and plucked a piece of frosting of her cheek. He held the finger full of frosting in front of her. “Butter Creme frosting is really good.” He licked his finger clean.

As everyone was happily eating their pieces of wedding cake, they snuck back over to their table to get cleaned up. As they were getting the last bits of icing off their faces, Harry looked around at all the people he had summoned with the Stone. It seemed as if they already knew he was ready to leave, because they were all moving his way. The caterer walked over to talk to Ginny and handed her a box of something. Ginny and he got into an exchange of words, before he went back to the kitchen.

“What was that about?” asked Harry, when Ginny approached him.

“He didn’t want us to pay for the meal.” Ginny looked at Harry an understanding passed between them. “He would go broke, if we didn’t pay him. I did include his catering firm in the wedding write up. He might have undercharged us, but at least he can make up for it when people ask for him, because they want the same caterer that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had.” Ginny snorted derisively. “People can be so stupid at times.”

“Are you ready?” asked Harry. Ginny let out a breath and nodded. Without hesitation, he pulled his cloak out and swung it around him in one smooth motion. He wrapped his arm around his wife as they ran through the crowd towards the barrier to platform nine and three-quarters. It looked as if no one noticed them leaving. They all seemed to be too busy eating and drinking. They both looked out through the sheer fabric of the Invisibility Cloak and saw the merriment, and smiled happily that their friends were having such a good time. They were approaching the bricks at a full run.

Platform nine and ten disappeared and a barren platform nine and three-quarters appeared around them. Three Aurors standing guard jumped as motion detecting spells alerted them that someone was moving on the platform. Harry wiped off the cloak and looked at their raised wands. “Mallard.” Was all he said and they immediately relaxed. Harry walked forward on the platform, until he reached the area where Apparition was allowed. Grasping his wife to his side, He turned leaving thier wedding behind him.

They appeared in the middle of a barren stretch of fields in a foot snow. Ginny immediately started to shiver, but Harry told her with a glance that it would be alright. He pointed his wand up at a forty-five degree angle out from where they stood and muttered an ancient incantation as he turned. Just before he completed the circle, he pushed Ginny outsides of the circle and completed his incantation.

“That is a ward that if they track our Apparation, they will be stuck in that funnel shaped ward for awhile. He wrapped his arms around her and Apparated again.

They appeared inside of a decayed old barn. Harry let go of a shivering Ginny and launched himself into a pile of loose hay. As he dug, all around them, their spectral guests reappeared in the barn.

“Bloody Hell, Harry,” chimed Fred. “You act like you are being pursued by Death Eaters.”

Harry stood up holding a large cloth bag. “Worse than Death Eaters, Weasleys and other pranksters.” They all laughed at his comment, as he pulled out a large blanket and wrapped it around Ginny. She immediately stopped shivering. “I have a warming charm on it. We have a long distance to travel tonight, and it will be cold.”

Harry turned to all the people he had summoned. “Thank you for all you’ve done for us, but it is time for us to look only to the future. I love you. I love you all.” He closed his eyes and tried to let them all go without taking off the ring.

“Wait! Stop!” yelled Fred. He had moved directly in front of Ginny. They looked at each other with tear filled eyes. “I want you to know that I am happy for you. Thank you for watching over George, both of you, and... Well, you were right all those years ago, Gin-Gin. Girls are as strong as boys.” He wrapped his arms around her. She awkwardly tried to return the hug, even though he had no mass.

As he pulled away from her, she looked at him with her wicked Weasley smirk. “You’re still wrong. Girls are stronger than boys.” Fred laughed, while Lily and Tonks cheered the comment.

“I know you are sis,” said Fred, as he faded away.

All of them quickly faded, except for Harry’s mum. His dad was fading but Lily seemed to be holding him back as she gripped his arm. “Harry, what is going on? What do you want with me and not your father,” her voice cut into Harry’s heart. He had things he needed to ask his mother that he didn’t want his father to hear. His mother’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “It’s about Sev. Isn’t it?”

Harry stopped trying to let the image of his father go. He suddenly reappeared with a hurt look on his face. “Why do you want to talk about that greasy gormless git?” growled his father.

“Professor Snape was a very brave man. He suffered torture from Voldemort to save this world. He did it to – to...”

“To avenge my death,” stated his mum coldly. “Yes, Harry, we both know that.”

“He loved you,” he said to his mum. The entire barn seemed to become colder. There was so much more to his words than the simple statement.

“Explain yourself,” demanded his mum.

“Maybe everything would have been better if you had married him, instead of Dad. The three of you would still be alive. You were his friend growing up, and you hated Dad for all those years.” Harry finished talking and felt suddenly all alone and cold. Everyone’s stare was on him and they all were cold. Ginny’s was one of shock. His father looked as if his heart was broken. His mother though had a look of ice cold fury.

“Ginny dear,” said Lily Potter. “I really love you, and appreciate all that you have done for my son. I would like to ask a favor from you now.” Ginny looked at her and nodded her head yes. “Slap my son. Hard!”

Harry went to turn his head to look at Ginny, but her open hand collided with the side of his face.

“Thank you dear,” Lily said to her. “That Harry was for what you just told us. It was insulting enough to hear you say that you don’t think I really love your father. Your father should be rather chuffed at hearing the same thing and being told that I should have married Sev. Those two things are not the reason why I had Ginny slap you,” her voice rose with emphasis. “You just told us you wished that you never would have been born. You would deprive all of us of you. Do you really think I would still be alive? I AM A MUDBLOOD! I would have been tortured and killed by now. Your father, yes Harry, that very brave man right there, was fighting openly against the Dearth Eaters and Voldemort. He would likely be dead. Severus, if he had married me, would have been targeted by the very side he chose in the war. Who would you want Ginny to marry, some Pure Blood fanatic.”

“I just didn’t want anyone to die for me,” he said sadly. Tears were welling in his eyes, not form Ginny’s slap, but from his mothers words. “I just wanted to know why or how you came to chose Dad, and not Professor Snape. Was it because, he called you a Mudblood after OWL’s.” He felt a warm tingle on the side of his face. He turned and it was his mother’s hand touching him.

“Harry, I never hated your father,” she said calmly. “He just drove me spare with his constant pranking of fellow students. Something happened in our seventh year that made me see him differently.” James, who had been silent through all of this, cleared his throat. His mother rolled her eyes at his action. “I will tell him, James.”

“You will?” said his dad merrily.

“Yes, I will.” Lily Potter walked back over to her husband and wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned into him. It was a loving pose, one that made Harry feel better just seeing them like this. “I grew up in a Muggle household, and the only sibling I had was Petunia, as you know. My only connection to the magical world was Sev, and his homelife and social life was limited, let’s say. Well, when I got to Hogwarts, I thought that your father and all his friends were just bullies. The way they were constantly jinxing other students and pranking them. What I didn’t know was it was some type of a game, similar to tag in the Muggle world.

“Well, I finally realized that when we were Head Boy and Girl. James and I found this first year...”

“His friends had stuck his shoes to the ceiling on the fifth floor,” interjected James.

“With his feet still in them,” laughed Lily. “James and I got the poor boy down. I demanded that he tell me who did this, but he wouldn’t say. James took the boy off to a corner of the corridor and spoke to him for a bit, and then let him go. I was furious about it, but James assured me that everything would be resolved. Two weeks later, I learn that this boy and several others had been given detention by Professor McGonagall. They all spent three weeks in detention together, after which they were all best mates. James explained to me that the jinxing and pranking each other was just a boy thing. He just told this boy a prank he could do to gain respect from his years students.”

James leaned in towards Harry for emphasis. “I gave him a good one that I had been saving. I had him meet the Marauders later on that evening. We taught him to use a mild Sticking Charm and stick Dung Bombs to the back the students’ robes that have been picking on him. They all went in and sat down on them. It was a shame that old Minny was in a bad mood that day,” chuckled James. “After Lily realized that I wasn’t hexing and jinxing to harm anyone, she seemed to warm up to me.”

“How did you ever get to be Head Boy, with all the detentions you and Sirius accumulated over the years?” asked Harry. The tension seemed to have eased in the barn. Ginny was now huddled up next to Harry same as Lily was next to James.

“It was because of all those detentions,” laughed James. “Padfoot and I had a bet with two other people from Hufflepuff and two from Ravenclaw that we could accumulate more hours of detention than they could. We would each put ten galleons into the kitty and at the end of the year we would award the winner with all of the gold. Those ruddy gits always complained that we were lucky, and wanted the pot to remain untouched and more added the next year. At the end of our sixth year, Padfoot and I were rather upset that they again wanted to pot to go untouched. By this time, the pot was worth three hundred galleons.

“Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore overheard us arguing, and soon they had us all down to her office and discussed the little bet. Old Dumbledore made me a Head Boy. I guess he knew that would stop the betting on the time of detentions. Hey, he made them give Sirius and I the gold. It was a good thing, because that was the summer that Sirius moved in with us. He needed the gold, the poor sod.”

Harry was chuckling at the events that led his parents to falling in love. Hearing the explanations, it made him feel even more ashamed of ever doubting their love for each other. “I am sorry, that I ever doubted you two.”

“Harry, you saw memories of Sev’s. Didn’t you?”


“When I was young, I cared more for Sev than anyone else outside of my blood family. My first year at Hogwarts, he was my only and best friend. Each year, he became more immersed in the dark side of magic. He became more like the junior Death Eaters in his house, and we became less and less close. I didn’t stop caring about him, when he called me a Mudblood. I still care about him for what he did to help you survive. If he had chosen a different path, and became more like the man your father, my husband, is, than there would have been a possibility that I could have loved him. But! I don’t think he ever knew what love was until after my death, and I am not even sure if he truly understood it then.

“He struck a bargain with Voldemort. He wanted Voldemort to spare me, so I could be with him,” Lily Potter shivered and looked to be getting ill. “I could never love a man who brought about the death of my own child. I would hate anyone who did that with every fiber of my being. If Severus hadn’t turned to being a spy and try to right his wrongs, I would still hate him.”

Harry stood there. It all seemed to make sense now. Having this talk and even getting slapped by Ginny had lifted a weight, a doubt that had nagged at his soul ever since his fifth year. “I am sorry for hurting your feelings. I just needed to know about the two of you. I – I have really no happy memories.”

“My son, my loving son, forget about the past. It is over,” stressed his mum. “You and Ginny have a future together. Live it, please live it, and not worry about the past.” She stopped talking as tears formed in her eyes. Harry was feeling a lump in his throat and didn’t know what to say.

“Well, I am glad you proved that Snivellus was truly a greasy gormless git,” stated James Potter happily.

His wife looked up at him with narrowed eyes. “What, did you say?”

“You proved that Snivellus was a greasy gormless git, just I said he was.”

“How did I prove that?”

“You said that he had a good chance to have you as a lover if he hadn’t chosen to be a Death Eater. We all know he is greasy, just look at his hair. To choose Voldemort and his cronies, over the most beautiful woman ever, why, only a gormless git would do that.” He said happily down to his wife’s face.

Harry and Ginny chuckled to themselves, as Lily closed her eyes and shook her head at her husband’s logic. She opened her eyes and softly said, “be thankful I love you.”

“I am love, every day, I am,” he said, as he leaned down and passionately kissed his wife.

Harry felt his insides clench up at the sight of his parents snogging like that. He heard Ginny giggle beside him at his obvious discomfort. His mum turned her face to them as his dad feathered kisses down her neck. “Right now would be a good time to take off the ring, son.”

His dad stopped what he was doing and looked at them. “Yes, and have a good time on your honeymoon. Where are you going after all?”

“A two week Muggle cruise of the Mediterranean,” stated Ginny, as Harry started digging a flying carpet out of the hay pile. She noticed their strange expressions. “We can’t go anywhere magical and be left alone, and that is what we want right now.”

“Enjoy your selves, Harry the ring,” said James Potter.

Harry reached down and pulled the ring off his finger and tossed it onto the carpet. He pulled another blanket out of the hay and shook it off. He was busy getting everything ready for the trip.

“The caterer gave us some food for the trip, Harry. How long will it take to get there?”

“About fourteen hours.”

“Where are you planning on getting rid of the ring?”

“I’ll drop it in the Channel as we are flying over.”

“Are we going to be able to stay awake that long?”

“No need, to do that. I am trying to program coordinates into the carpets guidance system. Once we are flying, the carpet will take us to these coordinates and hover until we take it down to land.”

“Hmm. Automatic flying, two Charmed Blankets to keep us warm, a meal to feed us on our way, whatever are we going to do while we are flying, Harry?”

He turned to see her wedding dress drop from under the blanket.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]


Ginny was sitting at a small writing desk finishing up her article on the Chudley Cannons. She was not enjoying the thoughts of the fall out this article will bring. The Cannons appeared to be on the vergue of a winning season. Ron will be unbearable when he reads this. She has been writing Quidditch articles for the Daily Prophet for the past year and a half, ever since she quit playing. Taking one last look at the article, she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her swollen stomach.

“Hermione, would you proof read this before I send it out?”

Hermione Weasely was sitting on the floor leaning back onto the couch while using Ginny’s coffee table as a desk. There were volumes of law books, research books, and various other types of books from Muggle to magical surrounding her on the floor and the sofa. She was reading from one book propped against three others on the coffe table while taking notes on a piece of parchment that stretched from the floor over the coffee table and back down to the floor. “When do you need it?” Hermione asked without looking up from her work.

“Within the hour, so you will need to start getting up, now,” teased Ginny.

Hermione pushed the coffee table away from her swollen stomach. She was eight months pregnant with her first child. She spent her time at the Potters when Ron was at work. She has been able to keep her job while working from home. “Have mercy on a poor pregnant…ooo,” she moaned.

“Are- are you all right?” asked Ginny also getting up from her small writing desk.

“This child keeps pushing and twisting at the worst locations.” Hermione looked up and saw concern on her best friends face. “It wasn’t a contraction.” She stopped to find a comfortable positon while the baby stretched inside of her. “Do you miss it?”

Ginny looked down at her swollen stomach. “Hardly, since I am…”

“No, playing Quidditch.”

“Yes, but I enjoy this more. Wait until you get to hold your baby for the first time, Hermione. All the misery and pain you have gone through will vansh from your memory, the moment you hold your child for the first time. Holding James did it for me.”

“Evidently, you went and got pregnant again.”

“If you are hurting, then…”

Ginny stopped talking as a young looking House Elf appeared in front of her. He was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. “Master James is awaking, Miss Ginny.”

“Billy,” Ginny said crossly to the House Elf. “This is supposed to be your day off.”

“It is Miss Ginny.”

“Then why are you at work, if you know this is your day off?”

“I know Miss Ginny. I is doing what I want to do.”

“I order you to go have some fun somewhere else than here at work,” Ginny said while trying not to crack a smile.

“But, Miss Ginny. This is my day off, you can’t order me to do anything that I don’t want to,” replied the House Elf cheekily. “Baby James is waking. I’s go back up to watch him.” The small House Elf disappeared with a pop.

“It isn’t working,” growled Hermione from the sofa.

“What isn’t; your plan to free the House Elves? I think it is working just fine,” consoled Ginny, as she approached her friend on the sofa. She extended her hand to her. “Let’s get going. Billy is usually early with his announcements, but it is still going to take us several minutes to get to James’ room.”

Hermione grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled herself off the sofa. She stood there and stretched out her aching back and started to walk towards the stairs. “If my plan of working with only the new generation of House Elves is working than why is Billy still here on his day off.”

They started up the stairs. Hermione let out a little sigh as she slowly walked up the long staircase. “It is working Hermione, because the new generation is wearing clothes making them free to begin with, they are accepting pay, and if any of the older ones would have spoken back to their masters like Billy did, they would be beating their brains out on the floor. Please have patience, your plan is working” Ginny looked over at Hermione as she slowly walked up the stairs. She remembered how difficult it was to move at this particular stage of the pregnancy. “You want me to get behind and push your wide arse up the stairs?”

Hermione laughed at the comment. “Look who is talking about a wide arse. I was worried if you went back into Quidditch that your arse would slow you down due to wind resistence.”

Ginny chuckled at Hermione’s comment. “At least I can still fit in a chair. Unlike others, who prefer to sit on the floor, because they don’t fit in any chairs.”

“It is more comfortable,” replied Hermione. Both women stated laughing at the comments to each other. “If Ron or Harry would have said those things…”

“The ministry would be finding two new Aurors to replace them,” laughed Ginny. They walked up to James’ open door. He was sitting up in his cot and let out a loud squeal when he saw his mum. “Now, James, say it. Say it darling before somebody comes and gets you.”

James let out another loud squeal and something that sounded like “madadada”.

Ginny stood still at the door. “That’s right say Dad dad dad dad.”

“Ginny, why are you making him learn it like this?” asked a suspicious Hermione.

“Ndadadadadad,” said the baby boy.

“That’s a good boy,” encouraged Ginny. “Let’s hear it again, before we come and get you. Dad dad dad dad.” Ginny looked mischievously at Hermione. “I’ll let Harry take care of the three o’clock feedings.”

“Dad dadadadada,” squealed the exited little boy, as he jumped up and down in his cot.

“Ginny! that is deceitful, dishonest, and – well – actually brilliant.”

Ginny picked up James and smiled at her friend. “Yeah, my mum told me that one.”

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“Dadaa ndadaa ndadaa,” squealed James from his room.

Ginny still partially alseep started to pull back her covers, until she remembered Harry sleeping next to her. She sank back into bed and snuggled next to him. She nudged him on the shoulder. “Wake up, Harry, James is calling for you.”

“Wha – what?” mumbled her sleepy husband.

“Dad dad dadaa,” squealed James, his voice clearly audible in their bedroom.

Harry sat up and threw his covers off him and onto Ginny. “He called for me. He can say Dad.” He suddenly jumped completely out of bed and started runing towards his son’s room. When he reached the foot of the bed, a loud thud was heard and he started to jump up and down holding his foot. He stumbled back to his nightstand and grabbed his glasses. “Bloody bedpost,” he cursed under his breath.

Ginny had to concentrate to keep from laughing. Harry’s excitement over hearing his son call for his dad was too precious. She watched from her covers as Harry without hesitation walked, with a slight limp, towards James’ room. He had reached the doorway when he suddenly stopped. He turned and walked back towards her. He bent over her and looked at her with such love in his eyes that it made her heart flutter.

“Thank you, every thing that has made my life complete, you have given to me,” he said, before bending down and lovingly kissing her.

Even though his face was rough and they both had stale breath, the kiss sent Ginny’s head reeling. It was filled with so much love. She immediately deepened it, letting her emotions take control over the fact that their son was awake and needed to be changed and fed. Even after four years of marriage, his love was still intoxicating to her.

When the fire had gone out of most couples relationships theirs had only changed. They no longer snogged in public. They would at the most hold hands, but they never strayed far from each other’s side. The Daily Prophet even posted several articles that stated their marriage was on the rocks and divorce was immenent.

“Dadadadad,” squealed James.

Harry pulled his lips away from Ginny. She had one hand in his hair and the other around his chest. He was holding her head gently with one arm and the other was resting on her naked swollen stomach. While she was lost in her thoughts, he had undone her nightshirt.

“I should go get James and bring him in for you to feed,” said Harry.

Ginny was trying to catch her breath. “I did have a bottle ready for you, but if you want to, you can bring him in.”

Harry moved his eyes down over her naked body, she suddenly felt very fat and ugly. The two pregnancies had left her with stretch marks, wider hips, and various other changes that happen. She no longer felt like the fit athlete Harry had fallen in love with.

He laid a hand on her stomach, sending a shiver through her body and making the baby kick. Harry looked up at her with an excited look in his eyes. He lowered his face to her stomach and gently kissed her stomach. “I am not sure yet if you are Albus or Lily,” he said to the unborn baby. “But, you have the most beautiful and wonderful mother in the world.” He kissed her stomach once again. He moved over top of her, with one arm propping himself up on each side of her shoulders. “Let’s have a weekend together, just the three – three and a half of us alone for the next three days, like we used to take before James.”

Ginny thought back to their days before James. They had Teddy every other weekend, but the weekends, when they didn’t have him and she didn’t have a match, were quite often spent alone. Many times they hardly got out of bed. There were even some times when they weren’t making love, but just enjoying being together alone with each other.

“You can’t Harry, You are the Head of the Auror Department. You have responsibilities. You are an important person.”

“I have assistants. You are more important to me. You are my most important responsibility.” She went to say something, but he continued cutting her off. “The Auror department can survive without me for a three day weekend. James has you to take care of him. Who do you have to take care of you? Me. There is no one else to make sure you are happy, comfortable, and loved, my Aphrodite.”

When Harry called her “my Aphrodite” It made her feel beautiful again. He had called her that in the past to let her know that he thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She reached up and pulled him down on top of her. She didn’t care if she was six months pregnant. She wanted him, now! Harry responded to her aggressive attack. She pulled her feet up and hooked her toes under the elastic of his pajama bottoms and boxers and was pushing them down.

“Ndadadadad,” squealed James form the other room.

They both stopped and looked at each other panting from the excitement. “I’ll change his nappy and bring him back for you to feed,” he said, as he sat up and readjusted his boxers.

Ginny went to say something, but she was so caught up in her emotions that no words came out of her mouth. Harry chuckled at her and whispered, “Just like when we first met.”

He walked out of the door to get his son. Ginny took a couple of calming breaths and repositioned herself on the bed. Her nightshirt was already opened, thanks to her husband. From the down the hall James squeal of excitement as Harry announced “Daddy’s here” echoed up the hall.

Ginny sat there and marveled at her husband. He was known to the world as a fierce fighter against the dark arts, many consider him the greatest wizard of his time, stories are told to children all over the world about him, and Hogwarts added a section in Histroy of Magic about him. However, he prides himself on being a gentle and loving husband and father. Being those two things, are what she considers to be his greatest accomplishments. He has done this all after being a piece of dark magic; all after being a Horcrux.


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