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Whimsical Matchmaker by jazzydee23
Chapter 5 : Mesmerising
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- Chapter Five -Mesmerising




“Did you eat my secret stash of Honeydukes chocolate?” Gwen’s voice was cool and calm, but Rose knew better then that, she knew Gwen was trembling with rage on the inside. There was a pause before Audie answered within the bathroom.

“No…” came her meek reply.

Gwen’s dark eyebrows were knotted fiercely together, her arms crossed against her chest as she leant against the bathroom door “then how come they are all gone Audie? And you’re the only other person who knows where they are kept?” Her voice was sugary sweet now, and rather condescending, as if she were speaking to a naughty two year old.

Rose and Louisa shared a look.

Another pause. “I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Audie’s was too small and uncertain from behind the bathroom door.

“You greedy git!” shouted Gwen all of a sudden, losing all complete pretence, she pounded on the bathroom door with her fists. “I’m hungry, Audie, and there isn’t any left!”

Louisa smirked, folding up her romance novel and tucking it away under her pillow. She strode across the room quickly and sat beside Rose, giggling. “I don’t know who to feel more sorry for,” she said. They both watched in amusement from the safety of Rose’s four poster bed, as Gwen continued to bash at the door. Glancing at Rose, Louisa sighed, her cinnamon eyes crinkling at the corners, “I’m glad we aren’t like that.”

Shaking her blonde coils slightly she brightened, “will you please plait my hair, Rosie?”

Rose sat up straighter, nodding. She loved plaiting Louisa’s hair, or any one’s hair really, but especially loved Louisa’s because it was so thick and bouncy, not to mention an incredibly pretty shade of yellow blonde. “Sure. One or two?”

Louisa beamed, turning so that her back was facing Rose, crossing her long legs in front of her, “two please. So what’s your plan for Hogsmeade today?”

Rose, grabbing her comb, gathered Luisa’s locks, gently braiding the pieces together. She shrugged briefly, even though she knew Louisa couldn’t see. “I’ll probably visit WWW, stop by the book store, and have lunch at the Three Broomsticks. What about you?”

“We’re going to Madame Puddifoots.”

Rose pulled a face, glad that Louisa couldn’t see it. Rose hated that place.

“I know you hate that place,” Louisa said in a knowing tone, “but I think it’s sweet.”

“And Albus doesn’t mind?” asked Rose surprised.

“Well… he hates it too. Must be a Weasley thing.”

Rose snorted, she highly doubted that. More like a universal thing.

“But he’s going because of me.”

“Oh, wow. He must really love you,” stated Rose, tying the ends of the plaits with ribbon. Louisa laughed.

“Fini,” smiled Rose. Louisa twisted round, giving Rose a brief hug, her round apple cheeks flushing with gratitude. She jumped off the bed and bounded in front of the mirror, flicking her two plaits in and out of her face.

“Thanks so much,” she gushed, “they are so pretty!”

Gwen, who had given up on Audie in the bathroom and retreated to her end of the dormitory to change, appeared at the end of Rose’s bed fully dressed, “they’re gorgeous. You wouldn’t mind if you did mine too?”

Rose and Louisa both shook their heads, and Gwen strode forward. “Oh thanks, I remember my mum used to always do these in my hair as a child.” Gwen’s ebony hair was considerably shorter then Louisa’s but almost as curly, and she sat down in front of Rose similarly to how Louisa was perched only moments before. Louisa stood in front of her full-length mirror, scrutinizing her appearance.

“You look nice,” complimented Gwen, a rare smile gracing her dark, pretty features. Louisa did look exceptionally lovely, dressed casually in a pair of dark skinny jeans and a white-laced top that accentuated her lithe, slender figure. She paired it with brown boots ready to conquer the drizzle of snow and a fitted fuchsia jacket that complimented her rosy cheeks and blonde plaits.

Louisa’s reflection beamed at Gwen as she leant forward to apply a small amount of makeup, “thanks, it’s mine and Albus’ three year anniversary.”

“Three years?” gaped Gwen, “are you serious? It in all honesty feels like last week you guys started dating.”

“I know,” agreed Louisa dreamily, glancing at Gwen and unable to keep the large grin off her face, turning back to the mirror and smiling gracefully at her reflection, “it feels like that for me too.”

Rose sighed with content, feeling a sense of pride at these words. It made the time and effort she poured into her schemes so much more rewarding. Louisa pulled on a matching pair of gloves and beanie, she was always rather sensitive to the cold even though it was still rather warm for November. “Well, I’m off… but see you around Hogsmeade!”

“What’s your plan for Hogsmeade today, Rose?” queried Gwen as Louisa disappeared out of sight. Rose bit her lip, concentrating on the singular braid, she had reached the base of Gwen’s neck.

“Not a lot, bit of shopping, grab a bite to eat in Three Broomsticks, that sort of thing…”

“Do you want to come with me? That’s pretty similar to what I’ve gotta do, except I have to also stop off at Honeydukes and refill my stash,” she scowled, anger still evident in her words and her tawny-coloured eyes flickering over to the bathroom door where the sound of Audie’s muffled off-key tones could still be heard.

Rose laughed softly under her breath, “Sure, that’d be lovely. Done.”

Gwen sprang off the bed, her hands feeling the back of her head and she admired Rose’s handiwork in Louisa’s mirror. “Excellent, thanks heaps. You ready to go?”

Rose glanced down at her navy pinafore and scuffed gumboots. She hadn’t really thought she’d leave this early; Hogsmeade didn’t ever really bare the novelty it once had as a thirteen year old. Generally she was so busy in setting couples up to go together that she didn’t ever make it herself. Shrugging, she stood up, “yeah, lets go.”

Before they left, Gwen knocked loudly on the bathroom door, “Audie, we’re leaving. I am not gong to wish you a good time with Bobby because you don’t deserve it!”

Rose smiled, wrapping her black cloak around her and grabbing her purse. She followed Gwen out the door and down the stairs, feeling a genuine bubble of excitement rise, it’d been a long time since she’d gone to Hogsmeade with someone.

Rose and Gwen wandered through the streets, the bitter wind whipping their faces and witty conversations still on the tips of their tongues. Rose found Gwen to be incredibly entertaining company, and surprisingly clumsy considering she was one of the best Quidditch players Hogwarts had ever seen.

They had visited WWW, where Rose had nearly purchased every item in the store, much to Gwen’s surprise. Apparently most of Gryffindor were still in the dark about Rose’s yearly practical jokes around the entire castle. “Oh so you were the one who charmed the continuous mysterious bird noises in Binn’s classes! Even Binn’s himself couldn’t undo that neat spellwork!” Next they had stopped off at Honeydukes so that Gwen could restock, mumbling grumpily under her breath that she’d be sure to find a new hiding spot, one of which she wouldn’t be sharing with Audie. Afterwards they briefly stopped in the bookstore, relatively new to Hogsmeade, it had done up the Shrieking Shack and because of this, mainly stocked historic novels and it was another of Gwen’s favourite places.

Rose entered with the gentle tinkle of the doorbell, but didn’t really venture much further then that, she always found bookstore to be too terribly stuffy for her liking, and she felt bothered by the stories that concerned her parents within this little shack years ago. A shiny, new blue covered book caught her attention. She stared at it. The Dark fall of Voldermort, by Hermione Granger-Weasley.

“Can I help you, miss?”

Rose jumped. Wide-eyed she stared up at the old man who was smiling kindly. “no thank you,” she said quietly, turning away from the aisle that contained all her mother’s publishings. She glanced around for her dark-haired friend.

“Pardon my rashness, but you look awfully like that Mrs Weasley- ”

Hermione Weasley?” asked Rose, surprised and quizzical, she stared up at the old man who nodded and beamed toothily.

“That’s the one!”

Rose pushed a smile onto her face and turned away, not desiring to reveal her identity as Hermione’s daughter. She glanced at her reflection in the glass cabinet, looking beyond the dusty, dragon-bound books that lay inside. Never before had people compared her to her mother in looks. Hermione had bushy brown locks and brown eyes, which contrasted significantly towards Rose’s silky straight hair and blue eyes.

Rose could never relate to her mother.

Gwen’s quizzical face appeared from behind the old man, “hey, you ready to go to the Three Broomsticks?”

Rose pushed herself away from the cabinet, “sounds lovely,” she forced another smile, her mind still buzzing hectically. She didn’t ever consider herself a Granger. She thought she had every thing sussed out; she was a Weasley, through and through, wasn’t she?

Rose and Gwen trudged in silence through the snow, thick falling rain drops showering them both, both overwhelmed with relief as they opened the door to the warm, friendly atmosphere of the Three Broomsticks. Hogwarts students swarmed and gathered left, right and centre. Gwen cringed noticeably at the amount of people. “Almost makes you want to go to Madame Puddifoots, doesn’t it?” she joked.

Rose laughed but it was drowned by the loud conversation of two bickering third years in the nearby booth. “Oh! Over there!” pointed Rose, spotting a group of giggly girls vacate a much more secluded, peaceful booth.

Gwen grinned relieved, “awesome, nice catch! You go snag it and I’ll order the butterbeer.” Rose nodded.

"Well hello," said a husky voice as Rose slid into the said booth, attempting to ring the water out of her heavy, drenched hair. She glanced up in surprise.

It was Scorpius, his fair hair dishevelled from the chilly wind outside and his cheeks faintly flushed, dressed simply in a loose grey jumper that made his silver orbs stand out more then ever. His eyes had particularily stood out at Rose ever since she noticed them in the library. She thought them sweet, comforting and warm, like a thick stretch of clouds on a stormy, winters day.

With this thought in her mind, Rose smiled pleasantly, “hi Scorpius.”

“Don’t mind if I join you?” he asked, “Albus said he and Louisa would join me after their little ‘date’”.

Rose nodded absentmindedly and he slid opposite, chuckling at the repulsed expression on her face as she mumbled, “yeah, at Madame Puddifoots.”

Scorpius grimaced as well, shaking his head as if to rid bad memories, making Rose grin. “Thank Merlin you don’t like it,” she said conversationally, “being best friends with Louisa some times makes me feel like I must be the only sane one in this world.”

Scorpius laughed, looking at Rose in a way that made her squirm a little under his penetrating gaze, “I don’t know whether to tell you you’re not alone or your not sane.”

Rose’s eyebrows crumpled in confusion, “sorry…?”

“Three butterbeers!” exclaimed Gwen as she sat down beside Rose, pushing the mugs towards the, “I saw you sit down too so I thought I’d get you one.”

Scorpius grinned widely at Gwen, “thanks, I’m Scorpius Malfoy, by the way.”

Gwen didn’t even blink, “I know, I’m Gwendolen, nice to meet you.”

Rose looked between Gwen and Scorpius, “how lovely,” she paused, pulling out her coin purse, “how much do I owe you?”

“Nah, I’ll cover it,” said Scorpius, surprising Rose and scooping some coins into Gwen’s palm.

“No really – ” protested Rose, feeling baffled all over again.

“No, really,” smiled Scorpius. Rose blinked. Scorpius Malfoy smile?

Smirk insufferably, yes. A grin worthy of the Cheshire cat, yes. But smile?

What was going on today? Why was life handing her all these contradictions?

“Do I look like my mother?”

Rose hadn’t intended to ask that question, she hadn’t meant to say that. But she barely blinked in surprise as it left her lips. She couldn’t take it back now, besides she really did want to know.

Gwen choked on her butterbeer, not really connecting the money conversation of “no, really” to “do I look like my mother?”

Scorpius on the other hand appeared unfazed; he lifted his eyebrows, leaning his elbows forward onto the table. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, staring unblinkingly at Rose, “a little. You appear blatantly like a Weasley at first. But there is some thing else there. Some thing more… subtle, dainty, whimsical… the Weasley’s can be a rather rowdy lot.”

“Whimsical?” frowned Gwen, her dark tawny eyes still wide with utmost bewilderment, still entirely lost within the conversation.

“Whimsical,” confirmed Scorpius, his voice firm, evidently pleased with his previous answer.

Rose scrunched her freckled nose, deep in thought as she pondered this rather obscure, unexpectedly detailed answer.

“Hey!” came a bright voice, followed by a tinkering laugh.

“Oh, it’s you,” growled Gwen from beside Rose. Rose looked up, having spent the past minute staring intently at the salt shaker. Audie, with her arm wrapped around a tall, good-looking auburn-haired male was standing before them, a pretty, slender blonde beside them that Rose, with a sudden burst of excitement, recognised as Charlize.

Audie’s smile slipped a bit, then it bounced right back, ignoring Gwen’s jibe, “would you mind if we joined you? There is absolutely no room any where in here!”

Scorpius looked at both Rose and Gwen before saying, “sure, why not?”

Gwen muttered darkly some thing indistinguishable under he breath. Audie, her boyfriend Bobby and his sister Charlize slid in beside Scorpius, who looked rather odd and comical squashed in the corner of the booth against the other three.

There was an awkward pause. “Look, I’m sorry Gwenie, I really am. I bought you some more chocolate,” she lifted a large pouch from under cloak, holding it up like a peace offering.

Gwen looked up, “really?”

“Really, really,” nodded Audie with a timid smile.

Gwen let out a burble of laughter, “so did I. Awesome, now I officially have the biggest stash ever. In which you will never get your dirty mittens on again!”

Audie beamed, nodding her head enthusiastically, her bob bouncing around her face prettily. Robert wrapped an arm around his girlfriend, squeezing her shoulder gently, interrupting Gwen and Audie’s apparent reunion.

“I’m Bobby,” he said to Scorpius, offering his hand who shook it and nodded in response.


“And this is my sister Charlize.”

The pretty strawberry-blonde blushed. “Hi,” she mumbled quietly.

“I’m Rose,” said Rose, throwing it out there. It went quiet for a bit.

As Albus and Louisa finally joined them, their faces both undeniably happy, using such diversion, Rose was able to observe Gwen and Scorpius. They had gotten on immediately and smoothly too. Rose had never thought Scorpius as a candidate for any one, she’d never really thought him the boyfriends type and she couldn’t really picture a girl by his side in her minds eye, but even looking at the two of them now, she could see they’d at least make a terribly good looking couple.

Gwen was as dark as Scorpius was fair, her ebony curls looking stunning plaited back and she had beautiful, symmetrical features with carved cheekbones and dark almond-shaped eyes. It complimented well with Scorpius’ vividly blonde tresses, chiselled features, strong jaw line and mesmerising silver orbs…

Rose started, shaking her head to herself and snapping her eyes away from Scorpius’ face, had she really just thought of Scorpius’ eyes as mesmerising? Sweet and comforting, yes. But mesmerising?

Maybe I should retire, she thought to herself.

Then Scorpius laughed heartily at some thing Gwen had said, his lips twisting elegantly into a pleasant grin.

Maybe retire next year, Rose smiled to herself, leaning forward to capture Gwen’s expression in response and snickering to herself. She was going to have a lot of fun with her potentials this year.


Hehehehe... I love how naive Rose can be some times! And seriously confused, she one confused little cookie... 
Let me know what you think!!

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