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Forbidden Love, Forbidden Life by Merope
Chapter 1 : A heart split in two
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A/N Everything you reognise except for Eva and thankfully the plot, belongs to J.K Rowling. Please read and review and of course, enjoy :)

One kiss. One night. One love. One heart split in two. One curse that ends all of them but one. The heart still loves even if the kiss fades. The heart still longs for, even if the night doesn’t bring much joy any more. The heart still stands...bleeding, but it stands even if love hurts.

Valentines’ day. He placed his warm hand on her breast and his head on her shoulder as they were spread across the double bed of the room they rented in Hog’s Head. She could feel his heart still beating hard: thud, thud, thud; and her breathing was starting to gain its normal pace. The window in front of the bed let a small amount of Sun rays in the room, through the dusty, green curtains and they could still hear the wind outside whipping the buildings in Hogsmade with a swishing sound.

Lucius took his head off her shoulder and sat up abruptly at the side of the bed, holding his head in his hands. His shoulder length blond hair was not messy and his pale back was flawless, just like his face. His Slytherin robes were sprawled at his feet on the floor, next to a female form of Ravenclaw uniform with a Prefect budge on them.

“Lucius?” called a female voice from the bed. Lucius turned his head, to face her, but his eyes were no longer passionate, like the previous night. They were cold...and uncertain. “This will not go unnoticed.” His voice was deep, smooth and cold and Eva felt the chill going down her spine.

“I know.” She said trying to steady her voice. “But we could go somewhere after Hogwarts...just you and me and we can...”

“No.” He said standing up and looking at her. Her eyes fell on his left arm that was tattooed with a skull and a sneak that was moving like liquid silver through its mouth. “No.” He repeated and sat down again, head in his arms, blond hair falling over him like a curtain of silk.
Eva went towards him and hugged his back. “You don’t have to do this.” She said kissing his head. “You can quit.” She said
innocently...but she knew better than anyone he can’t quit if he cares about his life.

“I can’t quit. I won’t quit.” Lucius pushed her away from him as he picked up his Slytherin robes and threw them on uncaringly.


She ran through the Forbidden Forest hoping and praying to whatever ought to hear her that Lucius was okay. She found the owl on the Ravenclaw common room table, with a small note in its beak, black feathers shining in the dim candle light. It was late night and Eva did not know how much longer she could keep calm. The note was simple, in his royal handwriting, but containing what she feared the most: “He has found out about us and wants to see me. Please stay safe. I love you.”

The air was chilly and it started to drizzle but Eva ran and ran to where the Death Eater meeting was located, hoping that Lucius was still alive. His last sentence was running through her head, perhaps giving her the energy to keep moving even if her feet were sore and many muscles were pulled from stamping too hard in the floor of the forest, trying to not let her anger reside in her.

Then she started seeing them. Black robes and white masks, looking terrifying and angry, but she didn’t have time to fear for herself. Lucius was kneeling...on the floor, in the middle of a Death Eater circle, holding on to the soil and screaming his lungs out. His blonde hair was wet with the sweat that rolled off his forehead and his nose was bleeding.

Tom was above him....young and handsome but angrier than Eva ever saw him before. “Crucio!” he screamed and Lucius fell into a trance of shivering and screaming, wanting to pull every muscle off him ...anything as long as the pain stopped.

She couldn’t take it any longer, so she stepped out of the dark shade of a tree, into the circle, screaming and kneeling beside Lucius who was looking at her with shock and anger behind his pain. “Stop it! LEAVE HIM ALONE! STOP IT! PLEASE!” she screamed looking at Tom, tears rolling down her face from her eyes. “Please.”

“Well, well, well.” Said Tom letting out an evil smile and taking the Cruciatus curse off Lucius. “If it isn’t my lovely cousin. Hello Eva. Came to join the party?”

“He didn’t do anything wrong. Leave him alone!” said Eva standing up and going towards her older cousin.

“You shouldn’t have stood up...your place was down there, by my feet. You’re worse than a muggle.” He said spitting at her feet and looking down at her with superiority. “Crucio!”roared Tom and Lucius’ body exploded in unbearable pain again, his muscles contracting so hard that they pulled and blocked and the pain only increased. He felt a thousand small knifes stabbing him in every part of his body and his eyes were screaming so much that Eva thought they were going to come out of his head.

“Stop it! PLEASE TOM! I’ll do whatever you want, just please let him go! It wasn’t his fault!” screamed Eva grabbing Tom’s black robe. But Tom placed his hands on her wrists and threw her to the ground.

“You stop it if you want! COME, TAKE OUT YOUR WAND AND STOP ME!” shouted Tom, looking at her on the floor. “STAND UP AND USE YOUR WAND I SAID!”

Eva stood up and looked at Lucius, then at Tom and bowed her head. “I can’t.” She said in a quiet voice.

“What did you say?” he asked looking at her with an evil smirk.

“I can’t.” Repeated Eva looking at Lucius who was still fighting the curse. She started crying, softly, while the Death Eaters started laughing at her.

“That’s right. You can’t. You don’t even have a wand. You’re a squib!” he said and every Death Eater laughing.


“Do it again! I love that!” she said while hugging Lucius and looking at his wand in amazement. The longing....the passion of possessing one was something she could not understand, even if she wished to have that magical quality more than anything.

Lucius laughed and kissed her cheek lightly. “Aguamenti!” From the tip of his wand, a long line of silvery water came out and then separated in small droplets which placed themselves on Eva’s long brown hair like pearls. “You look beautiful.” Said Lucius kissing her lips with passion. She kissed him back and everything didn’t matter any longer. She didn’t care she was a squib...a disgrace to her Slytherin heritage...she didn’t care of the danger she put herself in because she loved someone who was supposed to see her as an inferior being. For the magic that she did posses...something that her cousin didn’t know the meaning of, was love.

“I love you.” She whispered in his ear and he let out a small smile, and then kissed her again. She felt the edges of her hair go on fire and there was a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that made her forget about everything that wasn’t right. “I love you too.” He whispered and the sky was blue for Eva.


“Lucius, would you wait!” said Eva angrily as he was walking along the corridors of the dungeons. It was a Saturday evening and they had just had a fight. Another fight. Since he came back from that Death Eater meeting, he changed. He was colder...angrier and most of all he was avoiding her. But she just wouldn’t do this anymore. Eva wanted an explanation from him. One day he told her he loved her and the next he avoided her.

Eventually, she caught up with him and made him face her. “What’s wrong?” she asked placing her hand on his cheek, but he threw her off him. “Just stay away from me!” he said in a hissing voice and walked into an empty classroom, slamming the door shut.

Eva followed him into the classroom and slammed the door as well. “Would you please care to explain?” she said in a cold voice, imitating his. Lucius was facing a window, his hands on his hips. He looked older than 18 and Eva felt a bit intimidated...but after all, they started dating a year ago and now they were fighting like an old couple married for years.

“Just let me be!” hissed Lucius still not facing her. “We need to stop this. It’s dangerous.” Lucius turned to face her, with a grave face.

“He told you about me, didn’t he? His disgraceful squib cousin. And if he would ever catch any of you with me...then you would lose your respect in his eyes. Is that what he said to you?” asked Eva moving towards him. “Well, let me say one thing. I don’t care how much you worship him, but he will not dictate my life.” Said Eva and Lucius could see the anger hidden well behind her brown eyes. He lowered his gaze, feeling ashamed. “So, do you think I am a disgrace too, then?”

A moment of silence followed. She turned her back on him, trying not to let the tears fall yet. She may have been sorted into Ravenclaw, but some of the Slytherin pride still resided in her veins. She was strong. When Lucius didn’t do anything or say anything, she started going towards the door, but before she could open it, a strong hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into an angry kiss. The kiss turned more and more passionate until Eva was undoing his Slytherin robe and he was unbuttoning her shirt.


Tom took the Cruciatus Curse off Lucius and made him stand up. His eyes went deep into Eva’s and she could see how angry he was at her for coming there...putting herself in danger sooner. He knew that after Tom killed him, he would kill her too, but he hoped it would be later rather than sooner.

“So tell me Lucius, what did you two think? A squib? Where is your respect?” asked Tom looking at Lucius with disgust in his eyes. “And you...” he then turned his eyes on Eva. “You little slut! You’re lucky
Dumbledore allowed you to come to’s disgraceful. But I’ll deal with you...with both of you.” He started walking towards the Dark
Lake, dragging Eva by her hair and the other Death Eaters dragging Lucius. One of them was Severus Snape who looked extremely uncomfortable and he seemed uncertain of what to do.

Her hair was screaming under Tom’s strong hand, but she wasn’t scared. She knew that if he found out, it would soon end...she just wished Lucius wouldn’t have gotten involved with him. Maybe they would spare Lucius...her Lucius. The trees started becoming less dense as they were approaching the lake and she could smell the humidity in the air. The willow branches here and there seemed to cry for what was about to happen as the wind gave them voices when they embraced.

Tom threw Eva on the floor, at the banks of the lake and the cold water was soaking her tights and school skirt and Ravenclaw robe. Close to her, Lucius was thrown on the floor, and he was looking at her with fearful eyes. Eva tried to smile at him, perhaps for the last time with her eyes.

“Not him! He has to stand.” Ordered Tom and Snape dragged Lucius to his feet. “I’ve been thinking, Lucius...because I am so merciful, I will forgive your foolishness.” Said Tom moving towards him. Lucius and looking into his eyes. Then he looked at Eva and gave her a mean grin. “Stand up!” he ordered her. Eva hesitated, but then decided it would be best if she just obeyed. “But this will only happen if you kill her yourself. If you cannot do it, I shall kill both of you.” Said Tom looking at Eva and stroking her cheek which became pale as a ghosts.
Lucius seemed translucent and statue like. He couldn’t blink, he couldn’t say anything. He was just staring at Eva with wide eyes that hid extreme grief.

She was wearing a green dress, perhaps to emphasize that fact that Slytherin blood was running throw Ravenclaw flesh. Her brown hair was in a neat bun at the bottom of her head and she was wearing the snake earrings that Lucius gave her especially for the Christmas Ball. The silk dress was long and simple, but it was highlighting her long, slim legs and her small waist. Her skin was glowing in a particular way and her eyes were glowing with happiness. She was holding on to Lucius’ arm who was wearing a black, sophisticated robe and who looked absolutely handsome. His eyes were greyer than ever and his long, blonde hair was fixed in a neat pony tail at the bottom of his head.

They danced and danced and danced and everyone’s eyes were on the elegant couple, the school seniors.

“Lucius?” whispered Eva in his ear as they were dancing a slow dance.

“Hm?” said Lucius bringing her closer.

“Can we go for a walk?”Lucius stopped dancing and he looked at her quite concerned.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked looking at her face which was paler than usual.

“I...don’t know.” She said looking down.

Lucius and Eva went out of the Great Hall and headed for the Quidditch Pitch where they sat down on a bench. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want you to leave me.” She said looking into his eyes.

“What do you mean?” asked Lucius looking at her with raised eyebrows.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked not looking at him.

“Tell you what?” asked Lucius, his eyebrows tensing.
Eva took his left arm and lifted the robe up, revealing reddened skin and a Death Eater tattoo. He lowered his gaze and snatched his arm from her. “I had to.”

“You had to or you wanted to?”asked Eva not looking at him.

There was a moment of silence from Lucius and then he said: “I was summoned by him a few days ago. There wasn’t really a way out of it.”

“I need you.” Said Eva still not looking at him. “Don’t you dare leave me for him.”

“I won’t leave you. Ever. We just have to be more careful.” Said Lucius taking hold of her hand.


She looked at the wand that was raised at her chest, as the tears were falling on her cheeks in streams. The wand was shaking and so was the hand. Eva tried not to focus on it too much...instead she looked in Lucius’ eyes and tried to see beyond the horror of what he was about to do.

And then, all sound seemed to have vanished from the world, as a green light hit her right in the chest and she fell straight into the water...into deep water which swallowed her and filled her nose and her mouth and her ears. And she felt cold and scared.

The surroundings became darker and darker as she continued to sink further and further into the Dark Lake. She couldn’t move and she wondered if this was the feeling of dying. But then something grabbed her legs and the feeling of some sharp nails stabbed them over and over again.

She felt her legs go really close together and the bones seemed to be destroying themselves with scrutinising pain. She felt something growing instead of two leg bones and the skin on her legs became if she had fish skin.


He looked so much like his father, Draco did. Or that was what Eva thought as she stood on a rock by the shore of the Dark Lake looking at a bunch of Slytherins going towards Greenhouse number four. She tried to hide her mermaid tail behind, just so she can remember how it felt to walk and be lifted up and embraced or kissed. She missed her legs...almost as much as she missed Lucius.

Dumbledore had been quite kind, he visited her every week to tell her what went on and keep her company. She found it terribly surprising that he accepted Snape’s apology and hired him as Potions master but she was so happy about Harry Potter. Maybe he will defeat Tom once and for all and then she will have her revenge as well.

Eva didn’t know what happened the night she was supposed to have died. The mer people claimed they didn’t know anything. Only Dumbledore seemed to know something, but he always changed the subject when she brought it about and he just gave her that loony smile of his saying that she will figure it out on her own.

She even saw Lucius a few days ago. She presumed he came to visit Draco, but he was with a tall and beautiful, blonde woman. Eva felt some sort of jealousy inside...she wondered if Lucius even knew that she was alive. Yet he looked so much older now. He looked angry and mean all the time...he was changed ever since he was forced to kill her. Eva didn’t age one day since that night. She still looked the same even if she was a bit wiser than before and not as angry at the world as after she woke up with a mermaid tail.

But that day she realized something. After a curse, the heart can heal, even if it is split in two. It can heal because it has the capacity to love. One part of her heart belongs to Lucius Malfoy, the first man she loved and the first man who made her feel special. But the second part belonged to the mer man who was waiting for her in the depths of the Dark Lake and the little mer child that was growing in her womb. So Eva took one last look at the place where, mini Lucius had stood and then disappeared in the depths of the lake.

From a window in the castle, Dumbledore’s eyes were twinkling and his lips curved into a happy smile. And then he turned to an 11 year old boy with glasses and a scar on his forehead to explain to him how love can sometimes act as a shield for a killing curse.

The End

A/N One day I was at my grandparents' house, where I have mainly nothing to do. I was in the back garden leaning against a tree, trying to do my History essay for next week, but nothing came to my mind. So instead, I wrote a story. This story, because I love Lucius Malfoy. Yesterday, I went again to my grandparents' house and I found it and I thought I might put it up. I know it's a bit of a strange story...but please tell me what you think. I would really appreciater it and if you have read it, I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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