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Simply Secrets: The Beginning by OneDamselsKiss
Chapter 1 : Meeting Lexi and Severus
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A/N: Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to check out this story. Some of you may have been following “Simply Secrets” a long while ago. Well life got in the way and I had to put it on hold for a while, but now I am back and better than ever! Hooray! Well this story has now been completely thought out and is broken down into five parts. This first story is set during the Marauder era and runs through their sixth year. This story, of the five, will be the shortest, but is needed in the sense to build the other stories’ plots, and so that you all, my sweet readers and reviewers, can further understand the rest of the series. This one will pick up more as it goes on, please give it till about the fifth chapter. The first few are about meeting all the characters really, there are so many! I thank you all for reading! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that we all know belongs to the great JK. I simply own people like Lexi and her family, and anything else that you may not recognize from the Harry Potter Series.

Chapter One: Meeting Lexi and Severus Snape

Sunshine gleamed happily through the deep violet curtains and peaked into the room. As the sunshine danced across the deep cherry hardwood floor, it fell upon the sleeping red head. Startled by the light, eleven-year-old Alexis Morrows sleepily opened her eyes. She pushed herself up and ran her fingers through her deep red hair as she did every morning. Today she was heading to her grandmother’s house. Alexis smiled at the thought. This meant that she would get to see her best friend. At the end of this summer herself and her long time best friend, Severus Snape, would be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Lexi dear, get dressed honey!” a woman’s voice called from afar.

“Yes mum. I’m up.” Lexi rolled her eyes and pushed herself up and out of bed. She went over to her closet and started to pull her clothes on for the day. She looked over herself once in the mirror and decided to pull her curly hair back into a pony tail.

Deciding that she looked nice enough, she grabbed her suitcase and proceeded down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Morning baby” her father smiled at her as Lexi grabbed a glass and walked past him to the fridge.

“Morning father” Lexi mumbled as she poured herself some orange juice. As Lexi was finishing her juice her mother walked over with the family dictionary.

“Now is that any way for you to walk? What did I teach you about your posture young lady? Arch your back and shoulders straight!” Her mother scolded. Lexi tensed and straightened. Her mother walked over and placed the heavy dictionary upon her head.

“Mother!” Lexi yelled as the weight of the book caught Lexi off guard and she tumbled forward.

“Well if you were walking with proper posture young lady then you wouldn’t have fallen” her mother chided as Lexi stood and dusted herself off.

“Why does it matter so much if my shoulders aren’t perfectly straight?” Lexi questioned her mother.

“Because you are a proper Lady of the house and you have nobility to follow dear. You must walk with-”

“The grace and beauty of a woman but the commanding stature of the wizarding nobility…” Lexi finished for her mother, seeing as she had received this lecture many a time. Her mother looked very angry with her daughter for the mocking tone.

“Now now Alexis, mind your mother. She is right you know. You will soon be introduced to the wizarding world and-“ her father began.

“And that’s in five years! I am only eleven! Not sixteen! I just woke up for pete’s sake father! Excuse me if I am not completely proper in my own home! No one is bloody watching me here!” Lexi shouted.

“Alexis Rose Morrows! You will not raise your voice to me!” Her father shouted back.

“Well! It’s first thing in the morning! Sheesh! Can you two give me a break here? I know this whole nobility thing is important to you but it is seven in the morning! Who cares if my back is bloody straight at seven in the morning!” Lexi yelled.

“Would you just go and get your things Alexis” her father said rubbing his temples. Lexi hurried out of the room and bounded up the stairs.

“Why is she so difficult?” Her father said turning to her mother.

“Because she is her father’s daughter Andrew” her mother replied smirking.

“What are you implying Felicia?” Lexi’s father asked.

“I mean she gets that fiery temper from you dear. You know as well as I do that you were just as stubborn if not more when you were her age. I think it’s that red hair she gets from you” Felicia smiled at her husband.

“I don’t seem to know what you are talking about Felicia” Lexi’s father smiled knowingly.

“I think you do Andy” Felicia smiled back at him, “You should go and see if she is ready to leave for your mother’s house.”

“She should be, she knows that half-blood will be there.”

“Severus dear; His name is Severus. Nice boy, quite polite” Felicia said.

“Well I think that we should start placing her with people of her rank” Andrew said.

“Now Andy, she is with a boy who is smart and polite and protective of her, what more could you want? He cannot help what blood flows through him.”

“I just wish-“

“That he was of the nobility so Alexis would take it more seriously” Felicia finished. Andrew just looked pointedly at his wife.

“And you think she gets her sass from me?” Andrew said. Felicia just rolled her eyes and started towards the stairs to check on Lexi knowing that her husband was a lost cause.
“Severus!” Lexi exclaimed and hugged him tightly.

“Lex- L-Lexi! Breath-ing breathing is good!” He jokingly muttered in her ear.

“How have you been this summer so far?” Lexi asked.

“Well I have spent most of it here with my grandmother. So far it has been nice. I don’t
have to listen to my parents fighting.”

“Well I am sorry that they are still fighting constantly, but I am here now!” Lexi said cheerfully.

“Yes, for the endearing entertainment I am surely grateful.”

“You couldn’t have just said ‘thanks’ could you?” Lexi asked.

“Of course not my dear” he replied.

“You just like your fancy vocabulary” Lexi sneered.

“You are just jealous of my vast knowledge of the English language” Severus joked.

“See, there you go again, you couldn’t have just said ‘yeah’ or something like that.”
Lexi teased.

“Well that would demean my point of enjoying a rather extensive vocabulary, and choosing to express said vocabulary” he smirked.

“Oy, what a summer this is going to be… you are lucky I missed you.” Lexi said rolling her eyes at him and Severus couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Care for a walk Lex?” Severus asked offering his arm to her.

“Sure.” Lexi replied and took his arm.

“So what have you been up to this whole time Lex?” Severus asked walking around the grounds with her.

“Well I have been in ‘training’” Lexi said making air quotes for the word ‘training.’

“For what exactly?” Severus asked looking over at her as they walked.

“Well you see my family is in the wizarding royal line, I am pretty branched out though. My father is Lord Morrows, and that my dear friend makes me a ‘Lady’, which means I have to go through all these proper classes and walk funny and all kinds of bloody ridiculous things!” Lexi explained.

“You? You are wizarding nobility?” Severus questioned.

Lexi stopped walking and looked at him, “Yeah?”

Severus couldn’t control himself, he burst out laughing. “Lex, you don’t exactly fit the snobby princess role very well.” He began trying to calm his laughter.

“Tell me about it. My parents are weird, they insist on it. They are even throwing me a ‘coming out’ ball in a few years. It’s simply ridiculous” Lexi said rolling her eyes. Severus burst out laughing again. Lexi looked over at him in confusion.

“HA! I just… I just… pictured you…. in all the frilly dresses! And make up! Ha!” Severus continued to laugh at her. Lexi frowned and just waited for him to try and calm down.

“I am sorry for laughing at you Lex, I think you could do it if you really wanted to,” Severus said calming his laughter.

“Like I would want to be a prissy pants ‘Lady’. What fun is that?” Lexi said.

“You never know, it could come in handy. Besides, you should if it is your birthright.” Severus said.

“Well I don’t want anything to do with it. I would rather not tell anyone about it, I mean, I don’t want to do it and I don’t want to make friends this year just because of that or money or anything. I want friends like you.”

“Why Miss Morrows I am flattered by your words.”

“A simple ‘thanks’ would do nicely sir.” Lexi remarked.

“Ah but what did I say earlier a good vocab-“

“Don’t start that again.” Lexi interrupted smiling at her friend as they continued walking together and sharing their summer adventures with one another.

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Simply Secrets: The Beginning: Meeting Lexi and Severus


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