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In Time by blackcat05
Chapter 10 : FML
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*Unfortunately, blackcat05 cannot be here to write an author’s note as she is locked in her bomb shelter cowering in fear of the readers angry at her for taking over a year to update. We apoligize for the inconvienience and hope you enjoy the chapter anyway.*


One could call a Death Eater many things, as Sirius well knew. What thing you couldn’t call them however, was stupid. Sure, there were those such as Crabbe and Goyle who had both obviously been dropped on their heads numerous times as children, but no Death Eater was truly senseless. They couldn’t afford to be, because one mistake, one wrong move would mean almost certain death; either at the hands of the enemy or Voldmort himself. With this in mind, Sirius couldn’t help but wonder how this particular death eater had made such a careless mistake.

Sirius of course, didn’t know for sure that ‘Harry Potter’ was really a death eater in disguise, but at the moment that was the only explanation he had for a five year old child not only knowing but flawlessly (and wandlessly) preforming a summoning charm of that caliber.

Sirius couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the charm being spoken. He knew there was something up with ‘Harry’, but this…

And if this really was a Death Eater in disguise, how had he remained hidden for so long, and where was the real Harry?

The latter question brought about horrible mental images that Sirius struggled to push away.

And anyway, the first question was the important one right now. At first Sirius wondered if maybe the Death Eaters had somehow found a way to brew a longer lasting polyjuice potion, but that seemed far too unlikely. He thought perhaps some sort of ancient magic ritual had been used, but that too sounded far fetched.

So at the moment, Sirius was at a loss for an explanation. That however, was not going to stop him from confronting the ‘boy’ the second he got home.

And so, as soon as he heard that little Kori was going to live, he quickly (but not before embracing the overjoyed parents and wishing them a good night) left the hospital and apparated home.

It was early moring by then, so Sirius knew everyone would be asleep. Stopping only to grab remove his coat, Sirius walked briskly down the hall, his eyes locked on the space across from him as he mentally prepared himself for what was about to happen. Soon enough, he was in front of ‘Harry’s’ door and without hesitating, open the door and walked in.

‘Ah crap.’ Harry swore in his mind.

He had never seen Sirius look so…well, serious. He did not put his wand away and his stance gave away his intention to attack if given a reason. Harry sat still in his bed, not saying anything as he mentally calculated his options.

Clearly, Sirius had seen Harry cast the Summoning Charm, he would not be doing this otherwise. With no idea what to do, Harry resorted to just playing dumb.

“Sirius?” He ask in his best ‘innocent’ voice, “What’s goin’ on? Why are you-”

“Shut up.” Sirius interrupted him.

Harry noted that Sirius, for an arrogant, somewhat goofy prankster, was emiting a rather dark aura all of a sudden. He figured it was probably the Black in him surfacing.

It only served to further freak Harry out when his Godfather did something very unexpected.

He smiled.

Harry struggled to maintain eye contact as Sirius placed his wand down next to him and clasped hands together.

“So,” He started, “We had a fun night last night, didn’t we?”

Harry wasn’t quite sure how to answer that, “Sirius-”

“Don’t talk.” Was all the aforementioned man had to say. “You know, I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit in my day, but I think that’s the only time I’ve seen a five-year-old child with no known magical training not only cast a summoning charm, which by the way is fourth year magic at Hogwarts, but do so wandlessly and with enough power to move another small child. I’m sure then that you can imagine what this has led me to believe.”

Harry sighed, no use denying it now, “I’m not a Death Eater if that’s what you think.”

Sirius gasped, “You’re not?! Oh my goodness I am SOO sorry. I actually thought you WERE one, but now that you have told me you’re not, I have SEEN THE LIGHT!! Because obviously just saying you’re not a Death Eater is enough for me to believe EVERYTHING you have to say to me from here on in, isn’t that right?”

“Do you have to be so sarcastic?” Harry deadpanned.

“Well do you honestly think I’m that stupid?” Sirius countered, “Now unfortunately I don’t for sure that you’re a Death Eater but at the moment, I can think of no other explanation since you are clearly not Harry Potter.”

“And how do you know that?” Harry asked, putting his glasses back on, “What if I told you I was Harry Potter?”

“I wouldn’t believe you.” Sirius answered immediately.

Harry nodded, “Yes I can see that, but what if I had an explanation for how I knew that charm?”

“I wouldn’t believe you.” The other man reiterated.

“Even if my answer was logical and made sense?”

“I can think of no logical explanation for what you did.” Sirius explained in a bored tone, “If you had gotten ahold of one of mine or Remus’s books, read about the spell, but couldn’t perform it, that wouldn’t be suspicious. All it would show is that you can read at an advanced level like Hermione Granger can. The fact that you performed it perfectly and without a wand to focus your magic- to me, there is no explanation other than you not actually being a child, and therefore, not Harry Potter.”

“Well…” Harry trailed off, unsure if he should continue and tell Sirius the truth.

‘Well, Max did say I could.’

What that in mind, Harry sighed and continued, “You’re only half right. I am not really a child, or at least my mind isn’t. I am Harry Potter though, that I swear to you.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “Oh, you swear, do you?”

Harry mentally cursed, clearly that wasn’t enough for Sirius, “Yes, I do.”

Sirius smirked, “Yeah, I bet you’d swear on your life and magic if you could. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work like that kid.”

Harry looked down at his feet, “So what do you want from me then?”

“Nothing.” Sirius answered, “At the moment I don’t know what to think of you. So, until I know for sure whether you’re really Harry or not, you will not be leaving this room.”

Harry’s eyes widened, “What?! You can’t keep me in here!”

Sirius smiled evilly, “On the contrary, I can. See when I locked the door just now, I didn’t just lock it, I also placed wards over over the door as well as the window that will prevent you from getting out, and anyone except me from getting in.”

The black haired boy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “What about Remus and Narcissa, they won’t allow you to do this!”

“Of course they will, once they find about our little conversation.” Sirius replied, “I’m sure Remus especially will be very eager to talk to you if you do turn out to be a Death Eater. There’s a full moon on Thursday by the way.”

Harry just stared at the older man, “You’re acting very dark right now.”

“That’s an interesting accusation coming from you.” Sirius shot back.

“You’re really dead set on this Death Eater thing, aren’t you?”


With that, Sirius grabbed his wand and made to leave.

“Can’t you at least hear me out?” Harry called after him.

“I told you,” Sirius turned away from the door, “I don’t believe anything you have to say to me.”

“But I’m telling you the truth, I am Harry Potter, I was sent back in time by-” Harry’s mouth slammed shut.

Harry tried in vain to unlock his lips while Sirius just stared incredulously, “Back in time, you say? Now you’re just grasping straws.”

“I’m serious!” Harry shouted, finding his voice again.

“Uh-huh.” Sirius said, clearly not listening anymore. “I’ll bring you soon food later and you can leave only to use the bathroom, under my supervision of course. Until then, have a nice day!”

With a fake cheerful wave, Sirius left the room, slamming the door behind him. Harry did nothing but stared at the door, trying to make sense of what had just happened. With a groan, he gave up and fell back on the bed.

“This SUCKS!”




Each time she heard it Ellie winced. Getting all the filing done was becoming steadily harder as the banging continued.

“Hey Ellie!” She heard a cheerful male voice say. The redhead looked up and, despite everything, smiled happily at the man before her.

He was fairly tall, only a few inches shorter than Max. Unlike Max however, this man had a much more easygoing look to him, his red hair messy underneath his brown hat. He wore a brown Zoot Suit making him look like someone straight out of the 1920’s.

“Hey Rob,” Ellie greeted him, “What’s up?”

“I was just looking for Max, is he in?”


“Yep.” Ellie answered, her eyes on the door.

Rob raised an eyebrow, “Sounds like he’s stressed.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Ellie answered.

Rob grinned, “Looks like it’s up me then! Rob Connor, Grim Reaper extrodinare, to cheer our dear friend Max up!”

Ellie, though she knew this wouldn’t end well at all, followed Rob through the door to find her boss slamming his head against repeatedly against his desk, thereby achieving the banging sounds she’d been hearing.



“Maxie! How’s it going buddy?” Rob cried happily, either oblivious to or ignoring the death glare Max proceeded to send him. On the bright side, he had stopped banging his head.

“I thought I told you never to call me that.”

Rob pouted, “Maxie, you’re hurting my feelings!”

“Max, what’s wrong?” Ellie asked, clearly worried about her boss.

“It’s that idiot Potter.” Max spat the name like it was a curse, “It turns out, thanks to his carelessness, Sirius Black saw him do the summoning charm and now he’s practically keeping him hostage!”

“Hostage?” Rob answered, shocked, “Seriously?”

Max nodded, “Yeah, apparently he can be very evil when he wants to be.”

“Well, he is a Black.” Ellie commented.

Both men nodded in agreement.

“But if all Harry has to do is explain everything, what’s the problem?” Rob asked.

“That’s the thing,” Max started to explain, “He can’t. I just reread the part of the contract that deal with telling people and it turns out he can only tell them that he is from the future. He can’t tell him about Grim Repears or Limbo or anything.”

Ellie blinked, “So how’s he supposed to make them believe him?”

“NOW YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE!!” Max screamed suddenly, causing his secretary and friend to jump back.

“So, he can’t tell anyone about us?”

Max shook his head, “Nobody but his Soulmate, Hermione.”

After that, the three silently pondered this, until Ellie once again spoke up, “Well, I know he’s gotten himself in a bit of a fix, but I’m sure Harry will find a way out of this.”

Rob grinned again, “Yeah man, Ellie’s right. And anyway, look on the bright side, Kori Granger is alive thanks to what Harry did.”

Max sighed and smiled slightly, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I am, I’m always right!” Rob smugly declared, “And I know for a fact that Kori is going to have a great life now!”

“That’s right,” Ellie agreed with a nod, “We should all be grateful that she’s alright and that she was in no way affected by what happened to her.”

In the children’s ward at St. Gerard’s Hospital, two small children sat on the floor of the children’s ward happily playing with their dolls.

“I love your dress Miss Barbie.” The girl on the right said.

“Thank you Miss Grethel, yours is pretty too!” answered the second girl, “Hey Agnes, how come you’re doll has such a funny name?”

The girl named Agnes blinked, “Her names not funny, your doll’s is though.”

Kori giggled, “How come you never talk to nobody but me?”

“Well, you’re the only one who ever talked back.” Answered Agnes, “Everyone else can’t seem to hear me, you‘re the first one in a long time who could.”

The brown haired girl cocked her head to one side, “Why couldn‘t they hear you?”

“Kori, sweetie.”

Kori turned around to find one of the nurses had walked into the room, “Hi Ms. Maggie, I was just playing with my new friend Agnes.”

“Agnes?” The woman blinked, “I don’t see…just get into bed dear, it’s past curfew.”

Kori pouted and turned back to her friend, “Sorry Agnes, I guess we can’t play nomore tonight.”

“That’s okay,” Agnes answered with a smile, “I’ll come back tomorrow night okay?”

“Kay, bye Agnes!” Kori said with a wave.

Agnes smiled and stood back up. Her feet hovered an inch off the ground as she silently floated through the wall and out of the room.

*Unfortunately, blackcat05 is STILL hiding, and therefore cannot be here to explain that she does not like the concept of ‘magical oathes’, as she believes they are a cop out. Therefore, she will not be employing the use of them in this story.

She hopes you review, even if it is only to yell at her for not updating in such a long time.*

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