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What's That Word? by Groundswell
Chapter 11 : They Call It Temporary
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11 – They Call It Temporary


I rolled my eyes entering the Hospital Wing. “Megan!” My enthusiasm didn’t quite reach the height Megan’s had.

“I’m so glad to see you,” she said. “I’ve been so bored today.”

I smiled. Megan had suffered more in her fall than Madam Darsch had first thought. Some of her skull had cracked and she’d gotten a very bad concussion and a few other things which we’d forgotten the name off as soon as we heard it. It was now only Sunday and she was sure she’d die, though she’d been in there for less than twenty-four hours.

“Lily, please, switch place with me,” she whispered.

“No way,” I said, grinning. “I like being free.”

“But you miss me, right?”

I nodded. “I truly do. Sirius too.”

“I know.” She rolled her eyes. “He’s here constantly.”

“He’s nervous about you,” I said.

“No, he’s nervous about James.”

I frowned. “Why would he be that?”

Megan shrugged slightly. “He says James has been acting rather strange the last few days. Since the match.”

I blinked unintentionally. “Really?”

She nodded. “Not really the big thing, but Sirius thinks he’s up to something… a prank or something which he does not tell the others. It’s very unlike him. Yesterday he left to the bathroom – not the one in the dorm – and didn’t come back for almost one hour straight.”

I was silent. Yesterday I’d been with James for almost an hour. It was obvious that Sirius, Remus and Peter had noticed. But otherwise James didn’t seem to act differently from what I knew. But could our little ‘thing’ have something to do with it? Because he hadn’t told his friends, just like I hadn’t told mine. He was hiding something from them, but no prank.

“Maybe he’s reading the signs wrong,” I muttered. “Maybe he’s fine but just…” I trailed off.

“Yea,” Megan said, nodding. “Just what?”

“It’s not our problem, Megan. And it’s just Potter, can’t we change the subject?”

She shrugged. “Whatever.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but as the door behind me creaked, I turned. David Lorenzo stood in the door. At the sight of me he blushed slightly, I grinned and turned to Megan who was going crimson too.

“See you later.”

I passed David in the door, spotting the little single rose in his hand. I smiled and watched as he slowly entered. Then I hurried down the corridor. Now that I was out of the Hospital Wing, I didn’t have to pull a smile anymore. I don’t’ know why, but it got me worried that Sirius was starting to get suspicious about James. He’d figure out if he really wanted to, and I wasn’t ready to confront this with Sirius Black, no way.

I needed to go see James. I stopped. I had no idea where he was. Every time we’d been together (besides the first time) he had been the one finding me. Even at the little encounters. I wouldn’t go talk to him if he was in the boys’ dorm, that’d seem suspicious. Sirius shouldn’t get more things to find strange about James. Especially not with me included.

I came to the conclusion that I’d have to catch him if he at some time would leave the dorm, so that’s where I started walking. But I could come to sit there forever, really. I’d have to wait, because apparently he had a gift of finding me, and I hadn’t a gift to find him.

I stopped at once as a deep explosion resounded through the corridors. I quickly rushed the way from which the noise had come. Soon laughter reached my ears. I recognised it at once.

“Potter,” I hissed.

I had barely said his name before I stood face to face with him and the three others. A few metres away I could see an open gap in the castle, right into the court where several students were looking inside, incredulously.

I narrowed my eyes at the four Marauders. “Okay, who did this?”

They all pointed at two third years that lay unconscious on the floor. “Them,” Sirius said.

“What happened?” I asked, trying to control my voice.

“Well, an explosion,” James said as if I was stupid. “They walked past that,” – He pointed at a sooty monkey of tree, lying on the ground - “and it blew up.”

I felt like hitting him, but didn't do it. “Why?”

“The fun?” Peter asked.

I took a deep breath. “What the hell was going on inside of your heads?”

“Mischief,” James said.

“You’ve blown half the castle away!” I yelled. “That’s no longer mischief. That’s vandalism. You vandalized the school!”

“Well, technically,” Sirius said, coolly. “It was those third years.” He pointed at the three boys on the floor. “We just put up the detonator; they were the one to set it off.”

“By walking past that!” I pointed at the sooty tree monkey.

James snickered. “Quite brilliant to say it myself.”

I clenched my teeth. “De – ten – tion,” I hissed.

“What?” Sirius whined. “You can’t be serious!”

“Well, I am.”

James chuckled.

“What’s so funny, Potter?” I asked him.

“Well, technically, you can’t give me a detention. I’m head boy.”

“Oh, yeah?” I asked and stepped a bit closer to him. “Watch – me.”

He smirked. “I will.”

With a very fast movement I grabbed around his ear and twisted it until he howled in pain. Low and very third-grade-ish, but very useful at the same time. He dropped down to his knees and tried to get my hand away, but I just twisted his ear a bit more and he stopped.

“I think it’s time for a visit at McGonagall’s office,” I said and smirked satisfied.

“Ouch, ouch, let go of me!” He was turning slightly red around his neck and on his cheeks.

“Are you following then?”

“I’m head boy!”

I smirked. “And I’m head girl. You three,” – I pointed at Sirius, Remus and Peter – “fix this and get those students up to the Hospital Wing. You have a detention. I’ll talk to McGonagall about it. You,” – I shook James slightly – “are going to McGonagall’s office with me. You’re getting a detention too.”

They didn’t dare to disobey me and hurried to get started. I loosened my grip on James a wee bit, and pulled in him, making him follow. He made a few unsatisfied noises, but followed. Halfway there he grabbed for my hand.

“You can let go now, you know,” he muttered. “I am following.”

“I never know about you, Potter,” I said but slowly let go.

I could see him smile. “So you dragged me here just to have me alone.” I could feel his hand being placed on my waist, slowly sliding lower.

“In your dreams,” I said and slapped it away.

“Well you’re there too, but that’s a nightmare.”

I turned to him. “Have you ever tried to be nice for more than just ten seconds in row?”

“No, what’s the fun about that?”


“Violently jerk.”

“Apparently violence is the only thing working on you. I’m not apologizing if you were hoping for that.”

He chuckled. “I bet you’re a sadist.”

“Well, you would know.” I didn’t look at him.

He suddenly felt me up and out of reaction I yanked his arm as hard as I could, making him pull it back.

“What did I say?” he grinned.

“I hate you.”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him. My body slammed hardly against his and we were suddenly close.

“Say what you want, Evans, but we both know that’s not what you think,” he whispered. His eyes were burning.

I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him all the way down to me. “Yeah?” I kissed him.

He smiled obviously and let his one hand slide around my neck, pressing me even closer. I could feel his heart hammer along with my own, and strangely I found the feeling very nice. He slipped his one hand underneath my shirt, breaking away. I gasped for air.

“You do know you’ve still got detention, right?”

“For this I’d take ten.” And he kissed me.

Things settled. Megan got out of the Hospital Wing Monday (she was sure it had been weeks) and David officially asked her out, I actually got around talking to James and we soon were having a more comfortable and regular ‘relationship’ (in lack of better words. ‘Thing’ would do too), and our next game came around. Things really seemed to have fallen in place. I liked it.

Somehow people had come to think that the training before our match against Ravenclaw should be spend relaxing. Well, people meaning James and Sirius.

I sighed as I neared them from behind. They lay in the grass and studied the others dribbling between some cones I’d put up. As I stopped behind them they had still not noticed me.

“Black, Potter,” I said, making them look at me, “and why, may I ask, aren’t you on the court.”

“Prongs broke his leg,” Sirius said.

James smiled.

“Oh, is that so?” I asked. They both nodded. “Which one?”

“Left,” was James’ quick answer.

I walked around them and softly placed a foot at his left leg. I tilted my head at his reaction which wasn’t as you would expect.

“Seems fine to me,” I smirked.

“That’s because I healed it,” said Sirius.

“Where’s your wand?”

“Wandless magic.”

“Get up, lazy dogs.”

They laughed, but slowly got up. They took a ball each and began running with it like everyone else. Shaking my head I joined my team soon after, but as I still didn’t have the best fitness, I stopped the whole thing soon.

“Hmm,” I said. “Let’s play a little game. Five on five?” A few nodded. “Okay, teams… Um, Mary, Megan, Remus, Da-”

“Why don’t we try something different?” James interrupted.

I raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”

He smirked. “Boys and girls.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but the rest of the team seemed to agree.

“All right!” Thea smirked.

“We’ll kick your asses!” Megan laughed.

“Yeah, right,” Sirius mumbled. “You won’t get a foot to the ground.”

James smirked at me. I scowled back.

“Okay then,” I said. “Let’s do that.”

The team divided and the girls gathered around me. I scratched my neck nervously while all their eyes fixed on me.

“Um,” I muttered. “Well, I guess I don’t really have to say anything… We can’t – just can’t – lose to them.”

Angela nodded. “Agree.”

“Great,” I muttered. “But… I’m thinking of something… You see, I think we should try to play a bit differently.”

“How?” Thea asked.

“Well,” I said. “Let’s just play! No places, no rules of who have who and such. We just play. And we play dirty.”

“How do we do that?” Mary asked.

“You’ll think of something. After all, we’re girls,” I smirked.

“Yeah!” Thea laughed, punching the air.

Megan nodded. “Sounds good. I bet they won’t count on that.”

“Yeah,” Thea said. “I bet James counts on you to follow the rules and attack this in the traditional way.”

“Just my thoughts.”

“Let’s do it,” Mary grinned.

And we began; finding out the boys hadn’t counted on it. They had lined up perfectly and had a strategy. We were impulsive and full of surprises. It didn’t seem to please them when Megan scored the first goal.

The boys had the ball. James and Sirius passed it in between each other until James shot. Angela saved it. She threw it out to Mary who dribbled a few metres and then avoided a tackle from Sirius, passing it to Megan who quickly passed to me. I looked up, and as no one was around me I ran a few metres with the ball. I stopped about to pass the ball to Mary.

The ball had barely left the ground in front of me, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my knee as both of my legs had gotten swept away from beneath me and I fell forward, landing onto someone hard. I opened my eyes, finding myself awfully close to James.

He’d literally come out of nowhere, tackling me.

I blinked. He studied me as I didn’t move, and I studied him back. He raised an eyebrow. I still didn’t move.

At last he sighed. “Well, are you getting off?”

I blinked again. “Oh. Um, sorry.”

I placed my hands in the grass on each side of his head and slowly pushed up. He rose synchronically for a few centimetres, and then suddenly placed his lips shortly at mine. Then he was gone from beneath me, running towards his goal. I got up, looking around. No one had noticed.

Grinding my teeth hardly I ran after him which just happened to be where the ball was. I kept a safe distance and when he’d passed the ball I ran up to his side, grabbing his arm. He turned to me.


“You can’t just kiss me during training!” I hissed.

He frowned. “Why not?” he asked.

“People could see,” I said with a roll of my eyes.

He smirked. “It’s the excitement.” Ha pattered me on the head and ran away again.

I studied him a few seconds. Why could he act so coolly about it when I couldn’t? Why wasn’t he worried or seemed to have to get used to it?

I sighed and realised it was because things had finally started to settle in this matter. It was a nice phase actually. But not lasting.

A/N: This will probably be the last chapter for some time. The reason... well, I had basically written the rest of the story, but now, when going through it, I find it all poor and not good. I can’t seem to find my muse again and rewrite it. And I refuse to post the other chapters before that has been done. I’ll be back with the next chapter once I can find a way to write it. I’m very sorry.

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