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The Curse of the Necklace by InvisibleWitch19
Chapter 1 : The Death of Katie Bell
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The Curse of the Necklace
The Death of Katie Bell

It was a cold, stormy night and I was under my warm blanket, sitting on my bed. I was reading a muggle novel called Twilight and I was on the part when Bella found out about Edward’s being a vampire, saying she wasn’t afraid. I threw the book on the floor; it was getting so sickeningly cheesy. I never liked reading about vampires at school, anyway.

I looked outside the window and saw an owl soar through the rain. Was that Alicia’s owl, Choco Baby? I know; it’s a weird name, right? Alicia thinks it’s cute. I remember Angelina naming her cat Hershey Kiss. Seriously, my friends name their pets after chocolate brands, which is cute for them yet weird for me.

“Katie!” someone, who obviously would be my mother, called from downstairs. I instantly stood up and went outside. My mother was at the bottom of the stairs, holding a package.

“Yes, mum?” I answered. She went further up to hand it to me.

I took it and stared at it curiously. Then I looked at my mum. “It’s not my birthday yet.” I said.

She laughed. “No, I know it’s not your birthday. It’s from Alicia, she seems to miss you. You two were very close friends.”

I nodded and took it inside my room. “And Katie, dear, come down quickly. It’s almost dinner.” She added.

“Yes, mum.” I replied. So Choco Baby was the owl that I saw by the window. I wonder why he didn’t fly straight through my window. Maybe Alicia didn’t train it well. Then I examined the package; there was a letter pinned to it. I recognized my friend Alicia Spinnet’s neat handwriting and read it excitedly.

Dear Katie,
How have you been? I got your reply a few days ago and I would love to let you be on my team. Starting a new Quidditch team is a whole lot of fun, I was thinking of asking Fred and George. What do you think?

And in case you were wondering why I sent you a package, it’s your birthday gift. I was planning to take a trip to Italy for fun next week; I was afraid I couldn’t write much or send you a gift while I’m gone. I miss you so much, Katie, let’s have fun this weekend, before I leave! We can also invite Leanne and Angelina! Did you know, Angelina thinks she’s fallen in love with Fred! Anyway, please write back! See you soon!

Love, Alicia

I chuckled. Angelina, in love with Fred Weasley? That was typical. She had a crush on him ever since he asked her out in the Yule Ball the other year. Now she’s in love? Haha, I never imagined that. I only thought she would limit Fred Weasley until the crush level only. Now this is getting juicy.

And letting the Weasley twins join her team? Brilliant, if we invite Harry and get back Oliver, we’d be the Gryffindor Quidditch team again. But I highly doubt Oliver could quit on Puddlemere United, he’s too attached to it. And the Chosen One, Harry Potter? No way, they say he’s on the run doing something to stop You-Know-Who.

I should reply to Ali, I could use some hanging out with my best friends in the weekend. It’s so like her to send me a gift early, too. Going to Italy? I wish her a safe trip.

I snapped out of my thoughts and opened the package excitedly. I peered inside the package, wondering what she got me.

It was a necklace. It was the necklace that cursed me the year before! It- it was THE necklace.

I screamed. I ran as far away from it as possible, at the corner of my room. It was sitting innocently on my bed. Then I heard footsteps. My mother opened the door and looked frantically around the bedroom. She spotted me in the corner and approached me.

“Katie, what happened?” she asked nervously.

I pointed a shaking finger at the necklace on the bed. She stared from me to the shining object. She was about to pick it up when I stopped her.

“No, mum, it’s the necklace! The necklace that cursed me in Hogsmeade!” I yelled just in time. She withdrew her hand from the edge of the bed and stared at me again.

“No, Katie, it’s just a set of jewelry.” She answered slowly, scanning me from head to toe as if I was something she’d never seen before.

I blinked and moved closer. There on the bed, was a beautiful ruby bracelet with a matching pair of ruby earrings. What got into me? Why did I think it was the necklace?

My mother hugged me and said softly, “Katie, I know that the experience you had last year shook you but you have to get over it. Forget it, Katie. Forget it.” Then she added comfortingly, “Let’s have dinner, alright?”

I stared at the jewelry. I picked it up and put both the bracelet and earrings on. Then I looked in the mirror. The effect was good; I looked fairly pretty wearing it. I turned around to find my mother standing there, smiling. I nodded.

We went downstairs but then I couldn’t help thinking, why did I imagine the necklace to be there in the first place? I was being mental. Alicia wouldn’t scare me like that. If- just if- it really was the necklace, what would I have done?

It had been a month since the small incident with the jewelry. I try to forget about it. Now, I’m officially part of Alicia’s Quidditch team. We didn’t have much time to practice and we didn’t even think of a team name yet. Well, we weren’t planning on going into the real Quidditch business, anyway. We just wanted to play around with other amateur teams.

Our team was composed of the captain and chaser, Alicia Spinnet, another chaser, Lawrence Miller (also known as Leanne’s stepbrother), and the last chaser was me. The beaters were George Weasley, surprisingly without Fred, and Angelina Johnson, unsurprisingly in love with Fred. The keeper was Leanne Miller, my best friend, and the seeker was Max Wayne, this new guy we found.

Alicia, Angelina, and I always wanted to be chasers but when Angelina found out that George was being a beater without Fred, she signed up for beater as well. When I asked her why, she said, “George is Fred’s twin; therefore I could get Fred through him.” I didn’t understand this much so I just let her be.

At first, we wondered why Fred wasn’t with George. When we asked, George said, “Fred is too busy with Potter Watch, this radio station thing with Lee, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Lupin.” We understood because George wasn’t the type who would go on air in radio, Fred was. “We’re completely fine, though; everything’s still going well. Our plans for the rehabilitation of the joke shop will take place after Harry kills You-Know-Who.” He assured us cheerfully.

Alicia and I exchanged glances of uneasiness; how could the twins be so sure about Harry’s triumph? Angelina, however, admired George’s enthusiasm in our ex-teammate.

Leanne instantly volunteered to be keeper because she was actually really good at it, yet she was too shy to be part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She was always a shy girl. But then, we still needed another chaser then Leanne suggested Lawrence, her stepbrother. We were at first skeptical since his mother was Calyx Zabini, the beautiful Slytherin who had a lot of husbands with her beauty. But Leanne assured us that Lawrence was nothing like Blaise Zabini, the ugly Slytherin bloke.

Then there was seeker. We almost considered finding Harry but then we knew it wouldn’t work. George took this seriously and asked Fred to look for Harry using Potter Watch. He announced it on air and our whole team laughed when we heard. Fred’s exact words were, ‘If anyone has found Harry Potter, kindly please tell him that he is needed at some sassy Quidditch team out there to play as Seeker. Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, and Katie Bell are dying to have him at their field.’

Obviously, it was no use but Lee Jordan suggested his friendly Durmstrang graduate neighbor Max Wayne so we were complete.

But then something happened on one of our practice days.

“Leanne, try to save THIS!” I yelled, throwing a Quaffle at the goal hoops. Leanne laughed and almost saved it, the Quaffle slipping lightly between her fingers. Alicia flew over and complained, “You two never take things seriously, do you?”

I stared at her and answered, “No, not really.” And then we resumed the practice.

A little while later, Angelina started shooting the Quaffle at the hoops very quickly and George got annoyed for no apparent reason at all. He started beating Bludgers at her, but missing her on purpose. They looked pretty cute playing around together; it seemed as if Angelina was having fun with George than any other guy she’s been with before.

It was fun, until Max lost the Snitch. He wasn’t really smart since he forgot how the Accio charm worked so he approached us. Lawrence instantly summoned it and the Snitch zoomed into view. Max was about to grab it when I noticed something.

It wasn’t the Snitch, it was the necklace. THE necklace.

I pushed Max and screamed, “Diffindo!”

Everyone watched me in horror as the necklace was cut into half, accidentally knocking Max out of his broom. He was falling until Alicia caught him quickly.

“K-Katie…” Lawrence said nervously, “Why did you do that?”

“But you people saw it! It was the necklace not the-” Then I stopped. George was holding up the necklace. I realized that it wasn’t the necklace. It was actually the- “Snitch.” I finished, dazed by what I saw.

Angelina flew closer to me and said, “Katie, you should rest. Maybe it was just the trick of the light. Or maybe you’re not yet fully over what happened last year.”

I was too scared to say anything. I shakily flew towards the ground but then I couldn’t help thinking, why did I imagine the necklace to be there in the first place? I was being mental. If- just if- it really was the necklace, what else would I have done?

I had two hallucinations about the necklace now. I was scared. But then I remembered, it was cursed. What if this was some sort of curse, to be haunted by it forever?

Then I remembered what Leanne explained to me when I got out of St. Mungo’s last year.

“Katie, I was so worried about you!” She had cried when I walked into the common room. “The professors have been saying horrible things- they say that the necklace was from this dark shop in Knockturn Alley. Borgin and Burkes, I think it was called.”

Yes. That’s what I should do. I should go to that shop and ask the owner why these things were happening to me. Then I did.

“Hello?” I called out nervously as I entered the scary shop. Then I heard footsteps.

“Who is it?” asked a man. “Ah- a customer. I could offer you pretty cursed jewelry to curse your greatest enemies- yet it has been sold already. By the way, I am Mr. Borgin.”

I nodded anxiously. “Actually, it’s about the necklace you mentioned.”

He looked at me curiously. “Indeed? You do not seem the type who would purchase dark objects, seeing that I’ve never even seen you before.”

I nodded again. “You see, I know someone who was cursed by it. I heard of this place so I came here. I was wondering what else the necklace could do aside from kill someone.”

“That’s a tricky question. Well, this necklace is highly dangerous. It usually kills but if it fails to kill the last person who has touched it, then it will haunt that person forever.” He said mysteriously. I waited for more explanations. When I didn’t react, he dropped his mysterious attitude and added wearily, “It will haunt that person forever- until the said person dies.”

I gasped. No. It couldn’t be. He peered at me suspiciously. “There are bad omens and the most widely known is the Grimm. People don’t pay attention to an equally evil one, the Opal Piece. It is also known as the Sign of the Curse of the Necklace.”

I started to cry. It can’t be. Mr. Borgin was about to approach me, maybe to comfort me or laugh at me but then I shouted, “No! I’m not going to die!” And I ran outside to apparate back home.

“Goodbye, Katie, take care!” Leanne said to me as she ran after Alicia and Angelina. It was the Final Battle. Or something like that. Well, all I know is that You-Know-Who turned up at Hogwarts and Harry Potter is about to fight him. That basically meant that probably almost half of the population of the wizarding world who aren’t cowards are rushing to the battle to fight.

I wanted to come too but then I have always been taking good care of myself ever since I found out the Curse of the Necklace. But I was guilty. If my friends had died during battle and I was just staying at home, scared, I would feel guilty.

No. Even if I die for someone, I wouldn’t care.

I apparated to Hogsmeade just in time, because I could see Alicia, Angelina, Leanne, and even Oliver enter the Hog’s Head. I caught up to them, panting.

“Katie! You decided to come!” Leanne exclaimed. “What about- the curse thing?” I stared at her and shook my head. I didn’t care anymore.

We all entered the passageway and appeared in the Room of Requirement. Harry, Hermione, the Weasleys, Dumbledore’s Army, and the Order of the Phoenix were there. After a while, we were going to battle.

I got separated from the others after dueling with a Death Eater. I was scared. A lot of people were getting hurt. No. Even if I die for someone, I wouldn’t care.

Everyone was fighting. A few injured people were being helped. I saw a few red-headed people from the distance. I ran there, blocked two curses, Stupefied two Death Eaters, and blasted another out of my way.

It was Fred. Fred Weasley. Percy Weasley was holding him and crying. I could see Harry, Ron, and Hermione nearby. What happened? Where was George?

Suddenly, someone grabbed me. I withdrew my wand but then it was Angelina. “K-Katie! F-Fred’s d-dead! And I never got to say-” And she broke down into more tears. I comforted her and hugged her. “Goodbye.” She finished.

“Crucio!” I fell down, excruciating pain rushing through my whole body. I heard Angelina gasp; I stood up, clutching her arm for support, and gasped too. It was Fenrir Greyback. He grinned, licking his lips, saying, “Oh look- a Weasley boy died. How fun! And even better, there are new girlie werewolves to mutate, maybe kill…” But then I heard a loud yell; Angelina and I turned around to see George Weasley running towards us, blasting a Death Eater out of the way. His face was pale and his lip bleeding. Greyback growled and bounded towards him; he started yelling spells. Then the two were dueling fiercely; the two were dueling to kill.

I grabbed Angelina and we approached Percy with Fred. Angelina started sobbing quietly as I swiftly conjured up a shield charm around us. After a while of mourning, she stood up and muttered, “Where’s George?”

“I’m here.” Came a soft reply. There he was. “The stupid bastard got away but he got his arse kicked, anyway.” He caught sight of his twin and kneeled down beside him.

Angelina approached him and whispered, new tears forming in her eyes, “Georgie… F-Fred was- he was-”

“Yeah. I- I know. I could see that.” He said softly. Percy looked up from his silent sobbing and asked quietly, “George. I’ll take him to the Great Hall, where all the- the people who have moved on are.”

George shook his head and firmly said, “No. I’ll do it. He’s my brother, my twin, and I want to do it. He didn’t deserve to... t-to d-”

He was cut off by Angelina hugging him and crying. George let out a strained sob and hugged her back, crying freely now. After a few seconds, he let go and mumbled, looking Percy in the eye, “You could go and fight some more, Perce. And maybe help out the other Order people; don’t worry, I’ll tell mum and dad and the others…”

He stooped down and carried his twin bravely. Angelina grabbed Fred’s other unsupported arm and helped. I sighed, watching as the two walked on together heaving Fred Weasley and crying quietly along the way. They occasionally blasted away Death Eaters and blocked some spells, but didn’t stop.

A curse soared through the air and flew towards me and Percy, who was left behind. I glanced at him, scared, and he ran, blocking it from us. I couldn’t see anything because green, red, and multi-colored curses were blocking my view. A spell hit me and I was blasted out of the way.

I landed roughly and stood up, my head pounding where the spell hit. The smoke cleared but I couldn’t see Angelina or the Weasleys. I ran through flying curses, dodging them with my wand.

I was scared. I was scared because I thought I saw a glint of green opals somewhere. But no, I will not let myself die. I won’t.

“Katie!” Someone called out. It was Leanne. I ran towards her, relieved. But then I saw a glint of green flying towards her. I was confused and dizzy; I didn’t know whether what I was seeing was a killing curse or the necklace.

I instantly ran to her because she hadn’t seen it. I was about to push her out of the way when I realized that I would die if I did that.

But no. Even if I die for someone, I wouldn’t care. Just then, I felt something hit me and I thought no more.

A/N: I haven't written anything in ages because of the amount of school work on my plate. Seriously, piling projects and assignments on middle school graduates seems too cruel to me. Anyway, please review! =)

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The Curse of the Necklace: The Death of Katie Bell


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