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All I Ask of You by macerinut
Chapter 1 : All I Ask of You
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No more talk of darkness
Forget these wide-eyed fears
I’m here
Nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you

“Granger! Wake up!” Hermione felt a scream rip itself from her throat once more as she awoke to a pair of hands on her shoulders, roughly shaking her. Her eyes blinked open instantly, quickly scanning the room for Death Eaters. After what seemed an eternity, but was really a few spare seconds in time, she looked at her rescuer.

Draco Malfoy, shirtless and undoubtedly pant less, straddling her on her bed.

Scratch rescuer. Torturer was more like it.

“Malfoy,” she croaked, her voice raw from screaming. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She cringed as he suddenly lifted a hand toward her face, vivid images of her nightmare filled her mind once more. But instead of feeling a sharp, stinging slap, instead she felt the coolness of his hand on her warm cheek. The gentleness of his touch unnerved her and she shivered. Only then did she realize that she had been crying and he had wiped her tears away.

“You’re alright Granger,” he continued softly, “you’re perfectly say here. We’re at Hogwarts, remember? We’re the Heads, something I’m sure you’ve wanted since you first read about them in that bloody thick history tome about the school on our first train ride here.”

His voice was soothing. Hermione felt her eyelids begin to droop as exhaustion numbed her mind, making her forget the nightmare sleep was sure to bring.

“Don’t leave me,” she whispered. She noted vaguely with some satisfaction the look of surprise on his face before he swallowed and nodded. “And try not to snore,” she added with a deep yawn. She felt him settle in beside her, quietly slipping under the silk sheets and warm blankets on the bed. Despite the added heat, another shiver went through her body that not even her tired mind could ignore. Immediately though, a pair of warm, strong arms encircled her and held her protectively against a well toned chest.

Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tears
I’m here
With you beside you
To guard you and to guide you

“Come on Hermione, let me teach you how to fly!”

Hermione smiled at her new friend and shook her head, her some what tame curls bouncing even more as they walked along the hall to Potions. “I’m scared of heights.”

He rolled his eyes, eyes that had begun to catch her attention quite a lot recently. They were gray yet at the same time, not gray for how could such a plain, drab word describe the beauty she saw in them every time they caught her gaze and held it, unwavering. They would sparkle like coins of silver in the sunlight on a good day, grow dark and fearsome like a storm fully intent on ripping open the sky with it’s anger and rage. Be like a mirror to her own heart, her own soul, when they remembered the pain of the War and saw it replayed each time a nightmare came back to haunt him. They could be a window into his emotions that rarely ever flitted across his normal indifferent face or be perfectly calm and serious, like a rock, the rock, that held you down when you felt like just drifting away or the rock that you hold onto when swimming. The rock that keeps you in place, whether as you struggle with death or as you struggle with life.

But it was when they grew warm with affection, like the warm rays of the sum peering through the stormy grey black clouds to cast its healing warmth on the earth, when they looked on with affection at her, was the one she liked the most.

“Of course, if you prefer to gaze intently at my beautiful eyes for the entire day, I wouldn’t object.”

Ah yes, of course there was one more. The grey, proud shield that used ego and the very definition of the word prat to cover up the troubled young man inside.

She hit him playfully on the shoulder and skipped a few steps ahead. “Ah, Malfoy, you’re right. Of course I’d rather stare at your beautiful eyes than risk my life on an unsafe piece of wood high up off the ground. Actually, on second thought...” She stopped and titled her head, pretending to think it over. “I might take the flying and painful death.”

He made a face. “Haha,” he said sarcastically. “Hermione Granger everyone, Queen of Humour!” Hermione smiled and curtseyed. “Ah, of course she’s the Queen! After all, she is bowing to her King!” This comment quickly wiped the smile off her face and she scowled before turning on her heel and stalking off.

Draco groaned. “Aw, Granger, come back! I didn’t mean it!” He broke out into a jog, rolling his eye. He caught up to her within seconds and lazily threw his arm around her shoulders.

Say you’ll love me
Every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summertime
Say you’ll need me with you
Now and always
Promise me
That all you say is true
That’s all I ask of you

“Hermione, just come out already! You don’t want to be late, do you?” Draco paced around the common room impatiently, his hands stuck in the pockets of his pants. Hogwarts was holding it’s first annual Christmas Ball and since they were Heads, it had already been predetermined by the professors that they be each other’s dates. Not that he minded, of course, but he’d never tell Hermione that. She’d get to be as big headed as he was with that new piece of information.

“I’m coming!” came her yell through her bedroom door. “Just give me another minute!” He rolled his eyes and let out a huff. Why did girls always take so bloody long getting ready for a stupid dance?

“And you better not be thinking that I’m taking too much time getting ready for what’s, in your opinion, a stupid dance!”

Draco stopped his pacing and stared at her door in shock. Damn that woman scared him some times. “I wasn’t thinking that,” he muttered sulkily, kicking the coffee table leg. The telltale creak of her opening door caught his attention and he lifted his eyes to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen before in his life. He let out a low whistle.

“Merlin Granger, you look amazing!” Hermione blushed. She was wearing a simple red dress with a somewhat modest v-neck that flowed out gently where the dress ended at her knees. It was strapless and she felt a little naked, after all, she never wore revealing clothes very often, or even dresses for that matter. She was wearing simple gold coloured heels, not too high thankfully, and there was a gold around the dress, going across her heart with a simple purple rose holding it in place. Her normally bushy and untamable hair had been transformed into many ringlets and held up in a simple ponytail, with a few curls escaping to frame her face.

She continued to blush as her fellow Head stared at her, his jaw slightly agape and his serious silver eyes intent on studying every bit of her, as if he wanted to make sure it stayed in his memory forever. Which, in fact, was true but she didn’t know it.

“Stop staring at me! You’re making me feel self conscious!” He raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow but raised his eyes to her own.

“You look breathtaking,” he said again, his voice husky as he moved toward her. He lifted her hand in his and brought it up to his lips before placing a gentle kiss on it. “I have a present for you.” Still holding her hand, he produced a black box from his pocket with the other one and handed it to her, only then letting her hand fall from his.

“And I have one for you too,” she murmured, wordlessly summoning an evergreen box. Draco caught it with a smile.

“On the count of three,” he said, excitement beginning to bubble in his chest. “One, two... three!” The two snapped the cases opened and both gasped, though Draco’s was subtler.

“Draco, it’s beautiful...” Hermione smiled at him before returning her gaze to the necklace inside the box. It was chain made of links of what appeared to be silver and there was a silver and red rose pendent dangling from it.

“It’s made of white gold, the chain that is,” he informed her without looking up. He kept staring in wonder at his gift.

It was a snitch. Completely silver, wings and all, with intricate designs running through it. When bits of the surface caught the light, it flashed green and the designs glowed a soft blue.

“H-Hermione, how did you...? Where did you get this?” He finally looked up at her, his silver eyes wide and innocent. Hermione blushed again. It seemed to be a common effect those eyes had on her. Increasingly so, she noted, with butterflies appearing in her stomach.

“I transfigured it from some old silver jewelry I had after reading up on them and how they work a few weeks ago so I’d be able to make it right and have it working properly.” She trailed off, looking at her shoes. “I wasn’t really sure what to get you,” she said quietly. “After all, you have all the money in the world.”

He moved forward suddenly and hugged her tightly. Taken by surprise, Hermione’s arms immediately snaked around his neck. She closed her eyes, enjoying his cologne. It reminded her of a pine forest in winter, with snow causing the lovely green branches to gently droop lower and lower as winter progressed.

He pulled away a little but continued to hold her close to him. “It’s the most perfect gift,” he whispered, staring into her dark brown eyes, eyes that held wisdom beyond their years yet still had the capability to remain compassionate and loving. “I will treasure it always,” he said sincerely, before gently placing it back in its box and sending it to his room. He smirked.

“Allow me to help you with your necklace, milady?” Hermione giggled and nodded, handing him the piece of beautiful jewelry. He moved behind her and gently brought it around her neck before clasping it together at the back.

“Draco,” Hermione said suddenly. “I want you to promise me something.”

“Alright. What?”

“I want you to promise that at this time next year, no matter what happens or whatever the new year brings, we’ll still be friends.”

He was quite for a moment. “Of course we’ll still be friends. Besides, even if it takes me all summer, I will get you on a bloody broom and take you flying!”

Hermione groaned. “Please stop trying to ruin summer for me, it’s my favourite season.” He let out a very un-Draco like snort.

“Must be a Gryffindor thing then.”

“Hm? How so?”

“Summer’s hot and bold, like Gryffindors. Winter is more suited to Slytherins due to the white and green and cold temperatures. Autumn’s like Ravenclaws, the way it leads you into winter, knowing full well that you don’t want summer to be over but constantly reminding you it is with it’s surprise cold breezes. And then Hufflepuffs are spring, the way everything is all cute and fluffy and peaceful like they are.”

“That’s a very interesting way of looking at it Draco,” she said, as she pictured each season with its own House quite clearly in her mind. “Thank you for sharing.”

“Any time, Granger. Any time.”

Let me be your shelter
Let me be your light
You’re safe, no one will find you
Your fears are long behind you

“Draco, you put me down right now!” she shrieked, her eyes shut tight. She wished she was back on solid ground, perfectly safe and not high up in the air on a flimsy thin piece of wood. “I’m not joking Draco!”

Draco laughed. “Hermione, we’re only a few feet up in the air and we’re just hovering for Godric’s sake!”

Ooh, how she wished she could pound on his chest as hard as she could until he stopped trying to kill her. But she was too scared to let go and, though she would never admit it, she enjoyed being this close to him, being able to ley her head upon his chest. The steady rhythm of his heartbeat was the only thing that kept her completely from flying off the handle.

Literally and figuratively.

“Just keep on hanging in there,” he advised, hoping that she couldn’t feel the way his stomach was doing a jig through his school robes. He had never felt this particular swooping sensation before and he did not want to accept that Hermione and the closeness between them might be causing it, especially since he had been seeing her in a new light recently.

He looked at her now, only able to see her wild, curly hair since her face was buried in his chest. The wind was playfully tugging at it this way and that while the sunlight seemed to make each and every hair a its own personal shade of red, brown or gold. He tightened his grip around her, feeling a sudden protectiveness come over him like the first night he had held her after one of her many nightmares, which were much like his own.

“Hold on, we’re going to actually start flying now!” There came a muffled sound and he winced as her fist connected with his stomach. “Careful Hermione,” he warned, “you don’t want me to fall off and take you with me, now do you?” His answer was another muffled noise and more air squeezed out of him as she tightened her grip around his waist. He chuckled and rested his chin on her head momentarily before rising higher and slowly began to fly around the Quidditch pitch.

“How are you doing?” he asked her worriedly after a few minutes. “Is it too fast for you?”

“If I say yes, will you put me down?”


“Then fine. No.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Right then. I’ll just go a bit faster.” The broom suddenly jolted forward and zoomed around the school. Hermione let out a loud squeak and buried her face further into his robes. He bit his tongue to keep from laughing. How anyone could be afraid of the beauty of flying simply confused him. But the again, a lot of things about Hermione Granger confused him. How her brown eyes seemed to swirl and sparkle every time she looked at him, the way his heart began to pound faster every time she smiled at him. Or how she was so bloody brilliant yet able to keep a certain innocence around her. An idea began to from in his head and with a laugh, he urged the broom faster in the direction of the lake.

A minute later they were there. He slowed them down a little until they were just flying at a leisurely pace. “Hermione,” he whispered. “Look.”

“I-I can’t!” she whimpered.

“Trust me, Hermione. Please, just look. For me.” Hesitantly, she lifted her head a little, and then a little more. As her eyes blinked once and opened, she gasped.

They were only a foot above the lake, so close she could have dropped her hand in and felt the cool water flow through her fingers. Something that Draco was also thinking about as he gently pried her arm from around his waist and, keeping their fingers entwined, dipped their held hands into the cool surface of the lake before bringing them back up to skim the top.

“See,” he whispered in her ear, “aren’t you glad you trusted me?”

She nodded, swallowing a lump in her throat. “Merlin but it’s beautiful up here!” She continued to gaze around at the beautiful scenery, not even remembering her fear of heights. Draco noticed and gradually made the broom go faster and faster until Hermione was laughing loudly and had thrown her arms up in the air.

“This is amazing Draco! Remind me again why we never did this before now?”

He chuckled. “Someone was scared.”

“Not anymore! This is amazing!” She turned to him suddenly and hugged him tightly, almost unbalancing them in the process. Draco caught her one armed and quickly re-balanced the broom. “Thank you so much Draco! I’ll never forget this!” Her mocha brown eyes shone happily. “This is one of the most amazing days of my life!”

“Glad you think so. Next lesson is teaching you how to hold your own on one of these and then... Quidditch!”

“Oh Merlin...”

All I want is freedom
A world with no more night
And you, always beside me
To hold me and to hide me

Hermione bit her lip to keep from crying. A few stray tears slid down her cheeks, despite her best attempts to stop them. She quickly brushed them away with the back of her hand as she continued to run down the hall to the library. She burst through the heavy wooden doors and continued to run until she reached the very back, where rarely anyone went. She had just finished Advanced Potions with the Slytherins and things couldn’t have gone more horribly.

She and Draco had partnered up again as they normally did and he had volunteered to go and get the ingredients.

“Make sure you get the right ones!” she called out to his retreating back.

“I will, I will!”

She smiled and continued to study the recipe. It didn’t sound too difficult, after all, it was just a Summoning elixir which would vary depending on which element each pair chose. She and Draco had chosen to do air, the more complicated element, since they both wanted good marks and enjoyed a challenge. The potion would need to reach a pearly sheen of white and produce a type of fog before they could have Snape grade it for them

Hermione was so focused on her reading that she didn’t hear the sudden whisper of a spell behind her where a couple of Slytherin girls, who had only got in by cheating off of some Ravenclaws, sat, lounging in their chairs. All of a sudden Hermione could hear their words loud and clear as a bell as if they were speaking right next to her.

“She’s so snobby,” one of them said disdainfully, flicking her hair out as she caught sight of a boy looking at her. “Thinks she’s better than all of us.”

“You’re so right! And now she’s even got poor Draco under spell!”

“I bet she used a love potion on him or some sort of obedience spell,” the first girl continued, ignoring her friends. “That’s the only way someone of his rank could even bare to be around something like her.” Her voice was full of disgust. “She’s a mudblood. Disgusting, rude, filthy creatures, not even better than the dirt he walks upon.”

She tried to ignore them, after all, it wasn’t like something like this had never happened before. But it hadn’t happened since the War, although every now and again she would catch someone glaring at her or giving her an icy look. She took a deep breath and continued to read.

“And you know what girls?” The lead girl looked over at Hermione’s figure hunched over her desk, a sneer forming on her face. “She’s trash, no matter than an animal. You know what you do with unwanted animals? You put ‘em down!” They broke out into cruel laughter but stopped abruptly as they caught sight of Draco coming down the aisle, his arms full of ingredients.

“Lookie girls, here comes the man to do the job! That is, if he can get that spell lifted off him. I bet a kiss from an equal like myself would do the job.”

“Hey Hermione,” Draco said excitedly as he set everything down on the table. “I’ve got all the stuff- is something matter? You look like... you’re crying.” Hermione bit her lip, inwardly cursing herself for letting the girls’ cruel words get to her.

“I-I’m fine,” she said, cringing at the wobble in her voice. “Let’s just get to work on the potion, alright?”

He looked at her dubiously for a moment but got to work chopping up some roots. The two worked in silence and finished their potion before anyone else. Snape gave them a perfect mark and as soon as class was over, Hermione took off before Draco could say anything to her at all.

And how here she was, give minutes later, crying her eyes out at the back of the library. She heard footsteps and looked up, letting out a sigh of relief although her cheeks flushed even more.

“What do you want Malfoy?” she asked miserably. He looked at her strangely for a moment before joining her sitting down on the floor. He took in her red, puffy eyes, full of pain and the flushed cheeks where some tears still lingered.

“I heard about what happened while I was getting the ingredients,” he said quietly, not looking her in the eye. “And Hermione, you should definitely know by now, that you’re none of those things they called you. You aren’t disgusting or rude at all! And you’re a far better muggleborn witch then some of the richest purebloods I’ve known. You are my equal- heck, my better- and far more so than any other witch here in the school or in the world for that matter.”

He moved closer to her and put his arms around her, drawing her in close to him. She hesitated at first but then gave in and let the sobs take over. They stayed like that for a few minutes until the tears became less and the sobs grew quieter and more calmer.

“You can tell me these thing, Mione,” he continued softly, rubbing her back soothingly. “I’m here for you. Always. Let me be your shelter instead of this library, you can talk to me.”

She tilted her head up and smiled at him. “I know,” she murmured before leaning her head back against his chest and closing her eyes.

Then say you’ll share with me
One love, one lifetime

Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you’ll need me
With you
Here, beside you
Anywhere you go
Let me go too
Christine, that’s all I ask of you

“Draco! We did it! We graduated!” Hermione laughed as he spun her around. He laughed too and gently set her back on the ground.

“I heard Hermione,” he said, his silver eyes twinkling. “And a certain very brilliant witch graduated with supreme offers and many many job offers.”

“As did a certain ferret I know! But I still can’t believe it!”

“I know, neither can I.”

“You know, I almost don’t want to leave.” She began chewing her bottom lip as her eyes stared thoughtfully at the castle. They were outside by the lake, under their favourite tree. “You know,” she added, “I may not have to leave after all.”

Draco grew serious and felt his heart plummet for some reason. “Wh-Why?”

“Dumbledore offered me the DADA position. I think I may accept.” She looked at him worriedly. “Do you think I should take it? I don’t know if I’d be good at it or not...” He sighed and took a deep breath. It was now or never.

“Well then, I guess I’ll take the Potions job they offered me. I’ll have to do a year apprentice ship but then I’ll be able to become the potions professor.” He gave her a crooked grin. “I don’t want to lose you, Mione.”

Hermione’s breath caught in her throat. “Wh-What do you mean?” He moved closer to her and took her hand in his before raising it to his lips and gently placing a kiss on it like he had months before.

“I care about you, more than a friend. And far more than a best friend too. Ever since that night when we first really connected, that night of your one nightmare when school had first stared and we were Heads, I began seeing you in a different light. I began seeing you for who you truly are- smart, compassionate and loving. Add your amazing beauty on top of that and, well, you’re my perfect woman.”

She stared at him before raising her free hand to his forehead. “You feeling okay, Draco?”

“I feel fine,” he said, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. “Look, if you don’t feel the same-,” she burst out laughing here and he frowned. “No need to laugh. I’m just, you know, bearing my soul here-,”

“You silly man! Of course I feel the same! I’m only laughing because I never thought you’d feel the same way!” He smiled sheepishly as his cheeks began to redden. “Draco Malfoy, are you blushing?”

“No! Malfoys don’t blush!” Apparently, his body didn’t agree with him as his cheeks continued to grow more red. “I am not blushing!” he growled again as Hermione giggled.

“Just as kiss me already Malfoy.”

“Gladly.” He swept her into his arms and claimed her lips for his own, something he’d wanted to do for a long time. Her arms snaked around his neck and she brought him in closer to her. Their kiss was tender, yet commuicated all the love they felt for each other. The perfect first kiss.

When they finally broke apart what seemed an eternity later, Draco leaned his forehead against hers. “I don’t want to lose you, Mione. Ever. I need you and I can only hope you need me. Wherever you go, let me go too. Hermione, that’s all I ask of you.”

Say you’ll share with me
One love, one lifetime
Say the word and I will follow you
Share each day with me
Each night, each morning

He gulped and wiped his hands nervously. It was now or never, he thought. A year of friendship had led to a year of dating and now... well, now it was time to pop the question. The question. The big one.

The little black box rested comfortably against his leg in his pocket. He was dressed up and ready for what was going to be the biggest night of his life so far. He had just finished his apprenticeship and was now the potions professor, ready to start at the new term a month later. He had secured a homely mansion in the country that Hermione had had her eyes on for some time and one that he was quite fond of as well.

All he had to do was ask her.

He snorted. Yeah, just ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. No biggie. It wasn’t like it was a life altering decision or anything. He sighed and checked his watch. Eight thirty. Time to meet her outside the castle.

He left his rooms and took a shortcut through the secret tunnel by the old witch’s statue. He came outside the castle a few moments later where his girlfriend stood waiting. She was wearing a sparkling black strapless dress and comfortable black dress shoes. Her makeup was lightly done as she preferred and her hair was loose and flowing around her shoulders. He walked over to her and greeted her with a tender kiss.

“So,” she said, looking at him curiously, “what’s the big surprise?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” He produced a black blindfold from his jacket pocket and motioned for her to turn around. She rolled her eyes but obeyed and he tied it around them, making sure it was secure but not too tight.

“This better not be some kind of trick, Malfoy,” she warned, the teasing evident in her voice. “I better not open my eyes and see myself on the Eiffel Tower like on my last birthday.”

“Hey, you found it breathtaking! You loved it, admit it!”

“True,” she admitted, as he began to lead her down from the castle. “But still. It was a bit of a shock suddenly opening my eyes and being at the top of the Eiffel Tower! The very peak!”

He smiled wistfully. “Ah, the wonders of magic. You just gotta love it!” They continued to walk, talking about their previous dates, which Draco was grateful for. If anything could help him convince her to marry him, the dates would be it.

They soon arrived at the lake and Draco got on the waiting broom at the lake’s edge. He helped Hermione on after, wrapping his strong arms around her waist to keep her form falling off. He began to rise a few feet and gently took off. He undid her blindfold and let it blow away in the breeze.

“Remember this?” he whispered. Hermione smiled and nodded, tears beginning to form in her eyes. The first time they had flown together- also the first time she had flown at all. Over the lake, letting their hands skim the water. She had felt so safe, so comfortable in his arms like she was now. The broom slowed down a little and she felt him fidget a little behind her. She turned around slowly, careful not to upset the broom and fixed her dark brown eyes on him.

“Draco, what’s wrong?” she asked, concerned. He gave her a nervous smile and pulled out the little black box from his pocket.

“Hermione,” he began, “I’ve loved you since the day we first truly met, as Heads and equals. The day we first saw the real us in each other’s eyes. I don’t want to be with anyone but you. Each morning, day and night I only want to spend with you. Please, do me the honour of sharing the rest of our days, an entire lifetime, with me, by becoming my wife.” He flipped open the box and Hermione gasped as she saw the beautiful silver band. There was a large emerald in the middle and tiny diamonds around it.

“Of course I’ll marry you!” He grinned and slipped the ring on her finger before drawing her in close for a passionate kiss that showed her just how much he loved her.

Say you’ll love me 

“Say you love me,” she whispered. He smiled at her, a beautiful smile.

You know I do

“You know I do. Love me, that’s all I ask of you,” he whispered back before hugging her to him and kissing her again.

Love me, that’s all I ask of you

Anywhere you go let me go too
Love me, that’s all I ask of you 


Author's Note- please review as this is my first songfic and I would love to know what you all think of it! The song is All I ask of You from the musical The Phantom of the Opera, the music for which was created by Andrew Llyod Webber!

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