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The Bet by Bookworm045
Chapter 1 : Getting Ready
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Getting Ready

As my cousins and close friends finished getting ready, I decided it was finally time to carefully slide my dress over my body. It wasn’t long until they quickly came over to ‘make me beautiful’.

I stared at myself in the mirror and watched as they did my hair and slid the veil in ever so gently, so as to not mess anything up. Next, they attacked me with make-up, until they deemed me ‘breathtaking’.

They kept making changes, still as gentle as they could possibly be, so as not to hurt my appearance or ruin my hair or stab me in the eye.

I smirked (very Malfoy like) into the three way mirror that was a birthday present that my dad got for my thirteenth birthday, which I loved. I rolled my eyes. My dad had never been amazing at picking out meaningful and amazing gifts –but he’d wanted to do it without my mum’s help.

"You evil, immature, ignorant, arrogant, bloody, sodding little PRAT!!" I screeched at Malfoy. 

Those closest to me, including Al (Malfoy’s best friend) and Dom, covered their ears with their hands at my dulcet tones.

"I hate you!! I
hate you!!!" Those a little further back, including my best friends, Megan and Alice, along with Nott, and Zabini, covered their ears. I rolled my eyes at them. Wimps.

Can’t even handle a screaming girl.

"I will not now, nor
ever go out with you! SO STOP BLOODY ASKING!!" I screamed.

The rest of the Hogwarts population –all having come out to watch me murder Malfoy –covered their ears.

I repeat, wimps.

And now we’ve come to the actual reason as to why I’m screaming bloody murder. Al’s bestest friend finds it amusing to ask me out a thousand times a day.

You think I'm exaggerating, don’t you.

"Ahhhh... Don't worry your pretty red head any more, my beautiful Red Rosie," he smirked, "I am done asking for today. The bet is now over."

What. The. Fuck.

"THIS WAS A BET?!?!?!?!" I screamed/ shrieked.

Even Mal-git winced, but didn't cower under my fury –I have to hand it to him, he’s got guts.

I’m surprised he has yet to go deaf with all of my screaming at him.

course it was a bet, my silly Red, I only ask you out a dozen times a day... You know that," he said slowly, as if speaking to a very young, very dumb child.

Ick. He called me Red again.

I was literally shaking with fury. I felt Al and Dom grab me, so I wouldn't attack Mal-git, and
they were vibrating shaking because I was shaking.

That is so cool.

I pulled out my wand, and did the second silent spell that came to mind (the first being
Avada Kedrava) Levicorpus-Lockus, and Malfoy was dangling from one foot in the air.


Lockus was a spell I developed myself. It only allows the caster to undo the spell

Hold the applause.

Anyway, I
adore that spell.

I folded my arms and smirked a smirk to rival that of Mr. Malfoy himself. He glared at me, positively fuming, his cool and calm mask finally gone.

"What the fuck did you
do?!" He demanded, struggling from his spot, trying to get down.

I leaned in, towards him, easily shaking off Dom and Al's grips. I don't think they know Levicorpus. Uncle Harry told me the whole story behind it. It was interesting. The spell is cooler than the story.

I whispered softly in his ear. "It's called magic, Malfoy,” I twirled my wand in my fingers in front of his face. “We learn it here at Hogwarts.”

I stepped back, re-crossing my arms, watching as Nott and Zabini tried to get him down. Also, about my spell, only me, Uncle Harry, and my dad know about it.

You might be wondering why I didn't just do the world a favor and casting the
Killing Curse on Malfoy, and that is because the Killing Curse just happens to be illegal (unfortunately), and I would like to finish my magical education before I get shipped off to Azkaban for my ghastly temper.

While I had been wandering around inside the wonder that is my mind, Malfoy had managed to regain his faux calmness, even though he was still upside down.

He's good, I will give him that. He looked totally unfazed by the fact that I had him hanging upside down by his ankle.

"My Rosie. My beautiful Rosie. My beautiful, feisty, Red Rosie," he smirked. Git.

“Bastard,” I muttered.

"My, my, you do have one temper to match your beautiful hair." He continued. Super-git. "I have a little bet for you."

I stared at him suspiciously, studying his face, trying to get in behind his little emotionless act.

I couldn't do it. There was nothing to find in his face, no sign of a lie.

He seemed innocent enough though.

"Lay it on me," I said coldly, crossing my own arms, hoping he wouldn't use that minor innuendo.

There were several excited gasps that came from the people watching us, including my family members. It was his turn to study my face. I had a reputation for not ever rejecting a bet, as most of my family did, and he knew that. Hell, everyone knew that! 

"Okay, sweetie," A lot of girls looked insanely jealous that he kept calling me these names. Believe me, girls, I don’t enjoy it anymore than you do. "I bet that you and I will eventually end up married. You will eventually marry me, probably in about four and a half years."

My mouth fell open. Can you really blame me, though? And I was not the only one surprised.

WHAT?! What the hell?!

does belong in a mental institute!! HA DOM, I WAS RIGHT –he’s insane!!

I was so shocked senseless, that my spell wore off and Mal-
git fell to the ground. I would have laughed, but this bet proposition really rendered me speechless. Malfoy got up, dusted himself off, and stepped towards me.

My shock finally wore off as I immediately felt Dom and Al's hands around my arms again.

"What are the terms and prizes?" I asked, my voice full of cold scorn.

"Rosie, when I win, I'll get to kiss the bride," He declared quite loudly, causing a lot more gasps.

"What about when
I win?"

"I don't know, how about one hundred galleons?" He asked, sounding very much like he hadn’t expected to get this far.

And he probably hadn’t.

I considered for a moment. "You’re on," I breathed threateningly.

"Thanks, honey, it means a lot," He chirped.

And then he leaned in even more and kissed me. Smack on my lips.

I felt Al and Dom's hands tighten mega- big time, as Malfoy, Nott, and Zabini walked past us.

I began screaming. VERY LOUDLY.

Al and Dom's hands let go of me, to cover their ears again. It was loud, so loud I'm pretty sure all of England heard it.

Without having to break away from my cousins this time I stormed after to Malfoy, spun him around and punched him straight in the jaw, and smiled sweetly when I heard the loud crunch that told me it broke.

I stalked away, shaking out my fist and bringing a majority of the crowd with me…




"ROSIE!!" Dom was yelling my name.

I smirked again at myself in the mirror and turned to her, my eyebrows raised questioningly.

"What?" I asked after deciding that she wouldn’t tell me what she wanted until I gave in and asked.

"It's time," she answered softly, "Are you ready?" 

I took a deep breath and smiled, "Let's go."



6.6.11: Revamped! It's a little better, isn't it? Also, reminding you lot, this has nothing to do with Normal? That's Weird... and how that Rose and Scorpius get together. This is a different story entirely, kay?



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