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His. by calid23
Chapter 1 : The Last Summer
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Braxtany Everard

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Everything you recognize is JKR's.


I stumbled out of the club, laughing. Devon Bullard swung his arm over my shoulder to keep me up. He was laughing too. I’m not sure why we were laughing though. I could be the amount of alcohol we had recently consumed. That usually did it.

“Oh man Bee. I miss you when you go off to school!” My friend Anna Richards called as she followed us out of the door, her boyfriend Gabriel Hutchinson in tow. I waved my hand in acknowledgment. She already knew I missed her too.

“Devon man, can I crash at your place? Mum and Jackson would slaughter me if I showed up like this.” I slurred looking up into Devon’s face as we stumbled along a side road in Bristol. He smirked and nodded letting out another laugh.

Maybe an explanation is in order. My name is Braxtany Elizabeth Everard, but my friends call me Bee (like my initials) or Brax. I am now 17 years old, and I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life. Unless you count when I’m away at school. Then I have no idea where I am. I think Hogwarts is some where in Ireland though. But don’t hold me to that. Oh yes, Hogwarts. See, I’m a witch. I’m muggleborn though, thats how I’m friends with this lot.

When I was eleven an owl showed up at my window and dropped a letter right on my desk when I was doing my summer homework. What a shocker that was for my young self. I nearly peed my pants. My mum was so excited to have a witch for a daughter. I was her only kid though, so she was kind of bummed that I would be moving away and she would be all alone. She would be alone cause my dad had died three years before that, when I was nine. She’s got a new husband named Jackson Hart now though, and a new bun cooking in her oven. But as I was saying, I went off to Hogwarts and it was simply amazing.


A girl with shoulder length blond hair and pale blue eyes struggled past the other kids pushing to find a compartment. She blew her hair from her face and rolled her eyes when she noticed two prissy looking girls of about her own age sizing her up as she pulled her trunk into the only empty compartment she had found. Once she situated herself, she heard a small knock on the door and a little red head poke in.

“Hi.” Said the girl in a timid voice. Her eyes, which were hidden slightly behind long lashes, were a shocking green color. “Mind if I share this compartment?”

“Hi! Not at all!” The blond said brightly. “My names Braxtany Everard. But you can call me Bee if you like. I go by Brax too though. Whatever.”

“M-my names Lily Evans.” The red haired girl stuttered, obviously shocked by the boldness of the other girl. She recovered quickly however as she smiled, flashing a set of pearly whites. Lily pulled her trunk into the compartment after her and Braxtany helped her lift it up into the rafters. They sat down across from one another, and began to talk. They were going to be good friends, Bee could tell already. After about ten minutes, a boy with messy black hair and laughing hazel eyes bounded into the compartment. Once he saw the girls however, he stopped dead.

“Can we help you?” Braxtany asked after a moment of the boy just looking at them. He blinked once.

“I called this compartment.”

“What are you on about?” Braxtany asked rudely.

“From the platform. Sirius and I called it.”

“Too bad for you we got here first then huh?” She snapped. As the boy’s jaw dropped, another boy hurtled in.

“Oi! You cheated mate!” The newcomer had black hair, like the first, but it was tamer, and he had bright grey eyes.

“And who are these two beauties in our compartment?” He added. Braxtany crossed her arms and glared. Lily’s eyes merely widened at the boy’s bravado.

“First off, you don’t need to know my name. Second, I don’t see your name anywhere on this compartment. So sod off.”

“Feisty.” The boy with grey eyes smirked. “Well, my names Sirius Black, and this here is James Potter.” Sirius indicated the boy with hazel eyes who stood up straight, eyeing Lily, who looked nervous.

“And who’s this?” The boy named James asked her.

“Lily Evans.” She blushed. “And that’s Braxtany Everard.” She said, obviously feeling the need to be polite. Braxtany rolled her eyes. She would obviously need to teach Lily a few things.

“Well, Lily and erm, Braxtony. We’re gonna crash your little party if you don’t mind.” Sirius stated, a bored expression on his face. Braxtany stood up, glowering.

“Actually, its BraxtANY. Not tony. And I do mind if you sit here.”

“Great Tony dear.” Sirius said, as he plopped down next to Lily, who gazed at Braxtany anxiously. James shot a look at Sirius, who seemed unphased.

“Erm, Bee. Sit down and breathe please.” Lily said soothingly. “Calm down.”

“I am calm.” Braxtany snapped, but she sat down as well, seeming to decide that a fight within her first half hour of school ever, was probably a bad idea.

“You there, Potter. Are you going to stand there looking like a wanker?” Braxtany barked. Sirius chortled as James blushed and sat down next to her.


Remus Lupin joined us a little later in the ride. But for the most part it was just the four of us. We chatted, and ate when the snack cart came along, and James and Sirius told us all about the magical world. When we arrived all five of us were sorted into Gryffindor house. Lily and I became the best of friends, but she was the only girl I really got along with. I hung out with mostly blokes. That’s probably why a lot of girls didn’t like me much. They thought I was a slag.

James, Sirius and Remus picked up a fourth member of the gang they later dubbed the Marauders. His name was Peter Pettigrew. I wasn’t much fond of him, but it didn’t matter much because I didn’t really hang out with that lot. I mostly hung round with blokes like Avery Myers, Taylor Hall and Jacob Anderson. They were the Gryffindor boys in the year above me. We took to each other like glue. Lily hung out with us a lot, but she liked to have her girl time too, so she hung around with Alice Smith, Kelly David, and Eliza Hastings. The other Gryffindor girls in our year. But my favorite boys were gone this, which meant I would be with the marauders. Or worse; the girls. I'd deal with Sirius Black over Kelly David and Eliza Hastings anyday. Alice Smith was alright.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the girls a lot, but they tended to gossip and talk behind each others backs. That wasn’t my thing. I wasn't one of the girls really. I never really wore make up, and I didn’t care about fashion. I liked to relax and hang out, or party and go wild. I enjoyed crude behavior, and blunt comments and the company of those who could understand my sense of humor.

So I fell in with the boys immediately. I imagine the only reason I was friends with the uptight Lily Evans was because she accepted me how I was and was able to have fun with me. She didn’t try to alter me like the other girls did. She liked who I was, even if it was her polar opposite.

But I’m not in the magical world at the moment. Right now, I’m wandering around the familiar back streets of Bristol with my very best muggle friends. We’ve been close since I went to muggle primary school. I grew up with Devon and Anna as my next door neighbors. They knew I was a witch, they were in my room when I got the letter. They thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

They were always there as if nothing had changed, as if we still went to school together. They were always there. Every summer. Every time I came home. We wrote to each other all the time while I was at school too. It was like I never left. And I loved it.

“I seem to have misplaced my keys.” Devon stated somewhat dully as he slumped to the ground in front of hid house. I struggled to comprehend what not having the keys meant, and why it was relevant to getting inside where it was warm. Anna laughed as she looked at my confused expression.

“It means we can’t get in Bee.” She explained. How was she sober? Then again, maybe she wasn’t. After all, she was spinning. But that was probably my head. Gabriel sighed and lifted me up in his arms honeymoon style.

“Babe, you take this git. We’ll have to crash in the play house tonight.” Anna rolled her eyes. I think.

“Come on you prat. Lets go.” Gabe carried me round back. I rather liked him. He was so good to Anna, and I could see the positive affect he had on her. She always seemed to glow now.

I had just met Gabriel at school in our sixth year believe it or not. We became friends almost immediately. Gabe was a Ravenclaw pureblood. So we were never really in the same crowds before, so I had only known his face. He lived in Bristol too though, so I had brought him clubbing with Anna and Devon one night. Then bam. He and Anna were dating. Unfortunately, tonight had been our last outing before Gabe and I were to be shipped back to Hogwarts. His parents were taking us to the station. Tomorrow morning. Or rather, a few hours from now.

The place where we were apparently going to sleep was located in Devon’s small fenced in back yard. If you could call it a back yard. Gabe placed me down gently in Devon’s little brother’s play house. My head was spinning from movement, and it felt good to lay down on the cool wooden floors.

It was a big play house. It was more a ratty guest house though, I guess. It had a bedroom and a kitchen and a small living room. There was a small moth eaten double bed in the bedroom. But Gabe obviously didn’t want to risk me throwing up on it. Smart move I suppose. I was pretty wasted. Anna helped Devon lay down next to me on the kitchen floor then she joined Gabe on the bed in the next room. I could hear them whispering. How could they still be talking? I was so tiered.

I didn’t regret this last night out though, wasted as I was. It was my last day of freedom before school started. It was my last day of summer break. Ever. I was going into the real world after this school year. I would have a job. I would get a house. This was it. I was glad it had been fun.

Devon wrapped his arm around me as I shivered. His body radiated heat and I curled into him. I smiled as I feel asleep. If this had to be my last real day of freedom, it was a least a good one. I could hear Anna and Gabe still whispering in the dark as I drifted to sleep, a smile on my lips.

Hey all,
So I really like this story so far and I really like where I think I'm going to take it. If you don't, let me know. I like all forms of feedback. Just don't be evil about it please.

Thanks everyone!

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