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Help Me, Please by Sarcastic_Bones
Chapter 15 : "You better watch your back; one of them will catch your heart some day,"
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Hey, all.
It’s finally the wedding. Yay! I hope I did it justice... I love Teddy and Victoire. I might even write a little story for them after this one (but that’ll be a while yet).
Now, importantly, this one is in SCORPIUS’ POV. So, I hope you like it. I find that I needed a change for once and I really loved writing Scorpius’ POV in that earlier chapter. I’ve never read a Tory/Teddy wedding from Scor’s POV either, so I hope this will be interesting... :)
NorahGP7 (I know you love the shout outs) and hpfan77 (because you still manage to get round to reviewing) are splendid people and I want to thank you for your continuous support and reviews as well as those of you who have reviewed at any point in the story. Thank you muchly! :)
Anyhoo, the next chapter will be back to good ol’ Hogwarts. :) Yay... I think that, f=after about five chapters, we’re ready to return, are we not, readers? :)
Now, I’ll stop rambling and let you read, but I do warn you, I haven’t written any of the next chapter yet so hopefully it’ll only be a week or two before the next chapter is updated because I’m so excited about returning to Hogwarts. :)
I’d love to hear your random comments... :)

P.S. I haven't really checked the spellings too much, sorry if they're terrible. :)

I’ve never been to a wedding before. Well, not a wedding to this scale.

Everywhere I looked there was somebody rushing around trying to solve a problem or somebody looking lost.

It reminded me of every second of yesterday. Mrs Weasley was running around with the others in tow trying to sort out everything whilst Teddy and Victoire simply looked anxious and excited. None of us wanted to get in her way but we had to put ourselves in that dangerous situation to ask if she wanted help. Not knowing Mrs Weasley as well, I was the least scared (roughly translating into the most brave to talk to her when she was... preoccupied), so I offered help first. I was starting to think that she liked me... hopefully.

Almost all the chairs at the wedding were full of guests, some from the Weasley side and others from Victoire’s French family. The only blood relative of Teddy’s was his Grandma Andromeda, who was looking extremely pale, old and ill despite the large smile that had permanently spread across her face for the day.

It was hectic. Honestly, there were so many people with either red hair or that looked completely (and unbelievably) beautiful that I thought I was simply seeing double of everybody as I tried to negotiate between them all to get to the entrance.

Talking about beautiful people with red hair, I spotted Rose as I walked out of the large marquee and into the garden of the Burrow. She really did look beautiful in her long, backless flowing midnight blue dress that the bridesmaids had been assigned as she laughed with a pretty older girl who I’d never seen before by the back door to the Burrow.

I approached them, walking through the snow in my shiny (well, not-so-shiny anymore) shoes, and stopped beside Rose.

Despite being mid-conversation, she turned and gave me a heart-breaking smile before introducing me to the other girl. “Scor, this is Élodie Petit. Élodie, this is Scorpius Malfoy.”

“Hello, Scorpius,” she pronounced her English well (if anything a little slower than normal) in a light, breezy voice.

“Nice to meet you,” I gave her my best smile and then turned my full attention onto Rose. “Do you know where Teddy is? Andromeda says that he wants to talk to me.”

“He does?” She asked, looking genuinely confused.

“Apparently so... I’m confused too,” I grinned again.

“I think he’s up in Uncle Bill’s old room,” she told me, and then added. “Probably just freaking out.”

“Great,” I muttered sarcastically.

“You’ll be alright, Scor. Ted likes you,”

“He does?” I asked, feeling another smile play at the corner of my mouth.

“Of course,” Rose told me sweetly and I did grin then.

“How long have you two been dating?” Élodie asked us suddenly.


“We... I’m sorry?”

I looked at Rose, a little confused as to how to answer her. Then we both started to laugh.

It was so typical that we were stuck in those types of situations.

“We’re not dating,” I answered Élodie firmly. “Anyway, I better go. If Teddy is freaking out he’s probably gone orange with pink spots and green hair.”

I left them then and eventually found Teddy where Rose said he would be. I pushed open the door to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, suit on and twiddling his thumbs nervously. His skin looked a little green from nervousness.

I corrected myself on a second glance. His skin actually was green.
“Ted?” I asked to announce my presence. “You alright?”

“Oh, hey Scor,” he looked like he hadn’t even heard what I’d said. “I’m getting married today.”

“I know,” I tried my hardest not to smirk at his behaviour. Teddy was normally very cool and acted so even if he wasn’t feeling cool. But today he was a complete mess. “Ted, your tie is a mess.”

“I’m wearing a tie?” He asked, looking down to try and see it.

“Don’t worry, man, you’ll be fine. You’re marrying Victoire after all.”

“Yeah,” he beamed. “I’m finally marrying Tory. Merlin, it took me long enough to propose, let alone ask her out.”

“Why?” I grinned. “You should have just asked her when you realised you liked her, Ted.”

He didn’t answer me, only stood up to check how many people had arrived out the window. “You asked Rose out yet, Scorpius?” He asked in a tone that I expected to hear from a protective big brother or father.

I tripped on my way over to the cupboard and only just managed to keep my balance by landing on the bed. “You what?”

“Well?” Teddy asked again. “Isn’t it about time you asked her out, rather than leaving it late like I did?”

“But...but you and Tory are completely different to Rose and I,” I complained.

Teddy laughed and I heard him mutter under his breath, “holiday romance”.

“What?” I asked, suddenly remembering the way he’d laughed when he guessed that we decided to only have a holiday romance until the end of Christmas break.

Which was only until tomorrow, I sighed.

“Scor... I know how it goes. You finally realise that there’s this amazing girl that you like and who actually likes you but you deny any feelings more than those expected from hormonal teenagers for each other because you don’t think its right.”

“Yeah...” I agreed; that was how it was going for us.

“Be careful, because you’ll soon realise that you miss the romance and you’ll soon fall back into it in secret. It’ll be ‘only for the holiday’, then ‘just until valentine’s day’, then it’s ‘only until school breaks up’, then you realise that you’re officially a couple and your weddings the next day.”

“Relax, Ted,” I chuckled. “It’s not like that.”

’You better watch your back; one of them will catch your heart some day,’” he recited to me.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked as the door was pushed open and Mr Harry walked in.

“You’ll know within the week, Scor,” Teddy chuckled. “It might even come to you by the time you board the train tomorrow.”

“You better get down there, Scorpius, they’re starting soon,” Mr Harry told me and I quickly left the room, glad to be in the fresh air and happy to see that Ted was returning to his normal skin colour.

After a few quiet moments leaning against the back door and trying to gather my thoughts (which Teddy had officially scattered for me) I walked swiftly over to the large marquee and took my seat beside Rose’s empty one and Al at the front.

Only a few moments later did Teddy appear at the front, looking shaky, with Mr Harry and Mr Ron as his support. A tune began to play from the small orchestra in the corner and the bridesmaids made their way slowly down the isle in pairs.

Teddy and Victoire had realised only the day before that Victoire had too many bridesmaids to stand up at the front of the marquee with her. Instead of demoting some of Victoire’s cousins she decided to have most of them walk up the isle and then take a seat at the front instead of standing beside her.

First came Dominique, being Victoire’s only sister, wearing the same lovely midnight blue dress that I saw Rose wearing earlier. She grinned at Teddy as she approached and winked as she stood near him, leaving a gap for her sister. After her, Victoire’s best friends, Aurora and Sky, elegantly strolled down the isle together, also beaming widely, and took their places beside Dominique. Molly and Lucy followed, looking scarily similar wearing the same dress, and took a set each at the front but on the opposite side of the isle. Roxanne had chosen not to walk down the isle in a long flowing dress and high heels because she didn’t want to make a fool of herself or ruin Victoire’s wedding by knocking over the whole orchestra. Knowing Roxanne to sometimes be clumsier than Rose when anxious or nervous, Victoire had agreed. Lastly Rose and Lily walked next to each other, arms interlocked, and both waved to their fathers at the front before sitting in the front row. Rose took her seat beside me and Lily and sent me another huge grin before turning to the back of the marquee.

And suddenly the whole marquee was on their feet as a wedding march was started up and Victoire, along with her beaming father, appeared at the far end of the isle.

She wore the traditional white in a long strapless flowing dress that was simple yet made her look absolutely stunning. I could see why Teddy had fallen for her, most of the guys she wasn’t related to were drooling after her already. My favourite were Tom and Chris, who weren’t used to seeing her dressed up and looking her supreme best.

And still, I couldn’t help but glance briefly to my right where Rose was beaming at her cousin, tears in her eyes. She still looked beautiful even with tear tracks down her face.

I reached over and placed my hand in hers, where they were clasped together in her lap. “You alright?” I whispered.

“Yeah, I’m just so happy for them,” she beamed back at me.

We both turned back to the front as Victoire and Bill reached Teddy and her father handed her over to him.

“Keep her safe,” we heard him whisper to Teddy, whose hair had turned bright yellow (much to the surprise of those in the audience who did not know that he was a metamorphous) and then he took a seat at the front next to his own wife, who was crying hard.

Looking to Teddy, I wasn’t completely surprised to see that he was about to cry, and the minister hadn’t even started talking yet.

“She looks amazing,” Rose leaned over to whisper in my ear and I nodded to show that I agreed.

Victoire chose that moment to make eye-contact with us and grinned as tears sprung to her eyes too. Rose beamed back at her and I put my thumbs up as encouragement.

When she turned back to face her soon-to-be husband, Victoire sighed dramatically in an ‘I can’t believe he can’t do one simple thing when I’m not there’ and reached forwards to re-tie Teddy’s tie. He grinned stupidly at her.

The wedding was rather slow but, when it’s between two people you care about and who you know love each other, it’s never boring. The whole time I was also aware of two small hands enclosed around my own and it made me feel like I belonged with these people.

My attention was highest when the minister turned to Teddy and told him to “repeat after me”.

Teddy repeated earnestly, looking deep into Tory’s eyes, “I, Theodore Remus Lupin, take you, Victoire Gabrielle Weasley, to be my beloved wife, to have and to hold you, to honor you, to treasure you, to be at your side in sorrow and in joy, in the good times, and in the bad, and to love and cherish you always. I promise you this from my heart, baby girl, for all the days of my life.”

Victoire grinned and it looked like she’d cry harder when Teddy called her “baby girl”. It seemed it was an inside joke between them.

By this point, even I had tears in my eyes, and I’d only known the two of them particularly well this past week. But it was obvious to anybody that they were so deeply in love. The same thing could be seen with Hermione and Ron, Harry and Ginny, all the couples in this family, really. It must be something that surrounded these Weasley’s, but they were all passionate and, when it came to love, they didn’t mess around.

Victoire said the same back, almost having to stop from tears running down her face, which Teddy reached over to gently wipe away.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” the minister declared. “You may kiss the bride.”

They both grinned widely before Teddy wrapped his arms around her tightly, lifting her off her feet.

The whole marquee erupted into cheers and clapping as everyone got to their feet to yell their congratulations.

The chairs disappeared and were swiftly replaced by tables and chairs surrounding a large dance floor in the middle of the marquee. A band made their way on stage as people filtered off into different directions to get drinks or seats, some onto the dance floor as the first song started up and many went to swarm the newly weds.

I turned to Rose, Alice and Al, “Shall we find a seat and give the others a minute?” I asked.

“Good idea,” Al agreed and led us over to a table near to the drinks and the dance floor.

I collapsed into a chair next to Roxanne as their other cousins made their way over and sat around the table with us.

“How long ‘til you reckon Fred gets drunk again?” Al asked absent-mindedly.

“Hey, I’m sitting right here,” Fred complained from opposite me.

“So how long do you reckon?” Rose prompted.

“Probably a few hours,” he grinned.

“Hey all!” Came two cheery, overly-ecstatic voices and then Teddy and Victoire both sat themselves down in the same chair around the table.

Everybody started to speak at once.


“Congratulations, you two!”

“It’s the Lupin’s!”

Victoire held up her left hand so that she could show off her ring to us – it was mostly the girls that were interested in that. But it was huge and shiny.

“What are you doing over here, anyway?” Rose asked. “Shouldn’t you be putting up with all the ‘congratulations’ by the random cousins you’ve never even met and who barely speak a word of English?”

“No way,” Teddy told us as Victoire and he laughed.

“They didn’t have to come,” Victoire added. It seemed like she wasn’t very close to many of her French relatives.

“Harsh, but true,” Molly agreed surprisingly.

“Anyway,” James stood up, looking around anxiously. “I’m… err, I’m going to go and find somebody…” Everybody gave him a curious stare. “Rose will tell you.”

And he ran off quickly, disappearing through the crowds. We all turned to stare at Rose.

“What was that about?” Angie asked.

“Come on, tell us, Rose,” Victoire pleaded when she didn’t speak right away. “It can be our wedding present.”

“Which, by the way, you haven’t gotten us,” Teddy added jokingly.

“Give her a moment,” I told them, knowing that she usually needed a second or two to collect her thoughts sometimes.

And I was right.

It took her a minute, but Rose eventually looked at us all and told us, “James probably just went to look for his girlfriend.”

“His what?!” Fred exclaimed first.

“I’m sorry, what?” Lily looked completely puzzled.

“James doesn’t have a girlfriend,” Al argued.

I had to agree with him there. We’d know if James had a girlfriend, right?

“Okay, okay,” Rose motioned with her hands for everybody to be quiet. “Shut up. Leave him alone. James really likes Élodie and I think it’s really helped him grow as a person so he doesn’t need you all constantly undermining him, okay?”

“Élodie?!” Victoire was shocked much more than the others, having known Élodie since she was six years old.

There was a quiet grumbling response of a dejected ‘alright’ from everybody before James suddenly graced the scene again, Élodie standing with him.

She looked at Victoire first, one of the only friendly faces in this circle of red-headed-crazy-family-ness, and smiled sheepishly.

“You’re dating Jay?” Tory asked, shocked but kindly.

Élodie nodded. “The wedding was beautiful.”

“Thanks,” they both replied.

“Everybody,” James grabbed the attention of us all again. “This is Élodie, Aurora’s little sister.”

We all greeted her with a kind ‘hello’ and Roxanne grabbed a seat for them both to sit in and join us around the table.

“Better go talk to the relatives,” Teddy nudged Victoire and they both hauled themselves to their feet, sighing.

“You owe us a present, Rosie,” Victoire joked and then waved goodbye to us as they walked towards the other side of the marquee where some of the older French relatives of Victoire were huddled and talking in rapid French.

We all replied with one, very loud “Bye Mr. and Mrs. Lupin,” lead by Fred.

They both beamed at us as they walked across the dance floor.

“So,” Alice spoke up, addressing Élodie. “How long have James and you been dating?”

“Since June last year,” she replied casually.

June?” Lily spoke up. “Man, that’s ages.”

“James has been in a serious relationship for eighteen months?”I joked.

“Very funny, Scorpius,” he sighed. “It’s not that weird.”

“Yes it is,” Lucy replied, smiling.

“I find that even the biggest rebels can find themselves in a serious relationship if they find the right girl,” Al beamed at Alice, who kissed him on the cheek.

“I agree,” Rose and I spoke at the same time. We exchanged a grin at that.

Not that we were in a serious relationship. Just a fling,
I reminded myself.

Teddy’s words from this morning came back to me and I hoped that nobody looked my way in case I was blushing or looking confused at a pretty simple conversation.

“Why James, though,” Louis asked Élodie. “He’s so… so—“

“—Louis!” James interrupted him. “Do not finish that sentence.”

Élodie laughed with a happy, musical laugh. “Jay eez a great guy and I love him dearly.”

“Love?” Hugo asked first.

“Of course,” she replied.

“I love her too,” James stated firmly, taking her hand. Nobody argued.

“Man, you should have told us sooner,” Al suddenly told his brother whilst Lily nodded.

“Yeah, I should have,” James sighed as Élodie smiled kindly at him.

“At last you knew,” Al tried to get his brother to sympathize with him. “This lot all knew that I liked Ally before I did.”

Alice laughed the loudest as a voice suddenly came over the microphone at the front of the stage, announcing that the bride and groom would be having their first dance now.

Teddy and Victoire took to the floor gracefully and danced a slow waltz for a while to a classical tune. One, I’m told, that Bill and Fleur danced to as their first dance at their own wedding.

Soon enough they started gathering people to their feet to dance too. Many looked weary, perhaps not knowing how to dance or not wanting to be one of the first couples up on the floor.

The first few couples were Harry and Ginny and Bill and Fleur and a couple of other older people who knew how to waltz. None of the youngsters had expressed the desire to properly dance and risen to their feet.

I sighed, feeling as if at least a few of us lot (the largest crowd of stubborn teenagers at one table) should get to their feet, even if it was classical dancing.

I turned to Rose, being sure to make eye contact, and raised my eyebrows, smiling.

“You know I can’t dance properly,” she grumbled.

“But I can,” I smirked, sounding pompous.

“Scor…” she warned half-heartedly.

“Come on, Rosie,” I attempted to persuade her, leaning forwards to make her look in my eyes. I knew she couldn’t refuse my seductiveness, even if she did insist otherwise.

She squirmed in her seat and sighed. I knew I’d won.

“Fine,” she exclaimed, getting to her feet.

Beaming, I copied her move and we walked out onto the dance floor. Victoire noticed us from over Teddy’s shoulder and mouthed ‘thank you’ because we were the only teenagers who looked willing to dance or particularly happy about it.

We grinned back and started to waltz.

As soon as it was just us two, Rose sighed. “Now I’ve got to get them a present.”

“I don’t think Tory meant it seriously,” I informed her.

“I know, but now she’s said it I won’t be able to think of anything else unless I get her a present.”

I smirked, “I bet I can fix that for you.”

She slapped me across the arm. “Scor!”

“Alright, alright,” I laughed. “We go back to Hogwarts tomorrow anyway,” I reminded her.

“Yeah,” she sighed unhappily.

What did that mean? Did she not want this to end? Did I want this to end? Did she simply not want to go back to school? Was I thinking too much into this?
My thoughts started to go off at a tangent.

“Anyway, you didn’t get me a Christmas present,” I reminded her. “And that’s not bothering you.”

“Well…” she smiled mischievously at me as the song finished and we hurriedly left the dance floor, happy that we’d only had to dance to less than half a song, heading off in a random direction. “I’d like to think that the whole evening was your Christmas present.”

Remembering that evening brought a smile to my face. We were able to be together to laugh and kiss and talk all evening without anybody realizing, as long as one of us made an appearance downstairs or to watch a few minutes of a Quidditch match.

“Hmm...” I muttered. “I don’t recall that evening...”

“Maybe you need some reminding?” She teased, glancing over her shoulder.

“Maybe I do,” I agreed, pulling her into a small space in one of the far corners of the marquee where no light reached and no guest dared to venture.

She managed to pull her body closer to mine and work her hands so that they were under the jacket of my suit.

With my back against the thin material of the tent it felt cold due to the winter air and snow-covered ground, but Rose’s body was warm against mine and I soon forgot about the weather.

One thing’s for sure, Rose Weasley was much more enjoyable to kiss than any other girl I’d ever dated. She just interested me like nobody else ever had. And she knew exactly what she was doing.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and keenly pulled her body closer to me. Lately it seemed as if we couldn’t be close enough. Maybe it was because we knew that this would be ending soon.

After a few minutes in which I could taste the strawberry on her lips and feel her soft lips crash on mine, Hermione’s voice rang out dangerously close to where we were.

We both broke apart but didn’t dare move much more in case Hermione noticed the movement in the darkness only a few centimeters beside her. Rose’s face went from shock to fear as her father appeared with Hugo and Angie.

“She was dancing with Scorpius, last I saw,” Angie commented and I felt like screaming out for her to be quiet.

“Where’s Scorpius now?” Ron asked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him either,” Hugo answered. “Al will probably know.”

“I don’t like this,” Ron said.

“Why?” Hugo sounded genuinely confused.

“If they’re both missing then there are only a few reasons why,” Ron elaborated. How right he was… I mused.

“Stop being so paranoid, Ronald,” Hermione sighed at her husband. “Let’s go find Al.”

All four of them moved off, disappearing through the crowds now dancing to more modern tunes, and Rose and I wasted no time in straightening our clothes and fixing our hair.

“Ready?” I asked. She nodded.

We quickly made our way out of the darkness and casually arrived at the table that we were sitting at beforehand.

We barely had enough time to sit in our seats and start sipping at drinks before Hugo and Al stormed over from nowhere and towered over me as I slumped in my seat.

“Scorpius,” Hugo started curtly.

“Hugh…” I said, my voice sounding surprised, confused and amused.

“Mind if we have a word,” Al spoke up frostily. I knew he wasn’t really asking and this thought was confirmed when they both grasped one of my shoulders and yanked me away from the table.

“Whoa,” I mumbled, placing my feet firmly on the floor and easily pushing their hands off me. “Guys, what’s all this about.”

“Is there something going on between you and Rose?” Al got straight to the point whilst Hugo folded his arms and nodded in a way that was meant to be threatening.

“Calm down,” I almost yelled at them. “Rose and I are good friends. You already know this.”

“Good friends?” Hugo scoffed.

“Yes,” I agreed. “We have been all year. Why the sudden paranoia?”

“Look, Scor,” Al put his arm over my shoulders in an ‘I’m going to tell you a secret’ kind of way. “You and Rose have been awkward lately, and then flirty and then really close. And now, you both seem to disappear at the same time.”

“You understand why we’re… concerned?” Hugo added.

“Look, guys,” I ducked out from underneath Al’s arm. “There is nothing going on between Rose and I. I don’t have time for girls. And, anyway, my parents are trying to get me set up with Harriet Young because they know her parents and—“

“—and Rose seems to have another admirer,” Hugo interrupted cheerily.

Al and I both turned to look where he was pointing to over our shoulders. And there was Rose, laughing and smiling with another tall, blonde guy by the drinks table. He looked about nineteen or twenty, almost three years older than Rose, and was one of those guys that you’d never want your sister nearby.

“Well… I think you get the message,” Hugo quickly said. Then him and Al hurried away to interrupt Rose’s conversation.

Me? I wasn’t worried about what this meant for Rose and I. I mean, we were going to stop all this messing around after today and go back to normal. Besides, I quite liked Harriet. She was a nice girl…

Who am I kidding? I really hate that blonde-haired nineteen year old.

And then he did the worst thing that he could possibly do when standing less than ten metres from five guys that cared about Rose – he asked her to dance.

As you can imagine, we didn’t like that.

It took less than a nanosecond (not literally) for Al, Hugo, Fred, James and I to block their path to the dance floor.

“I’m Hugo,” Hugh held up his hand for Blondie to shake. “Rose’s brother.”

“James,” he introduced himself.

“Albus,” Al followed his brother.

“Fred,” amazingly, he was already a little drunk.

“We’re the cousins,” James added.

“Hi,” I stepped forwards, taller than the others, including Blondie. “I’m Scorpius.”

He looked confused for a moment, and then spoke in a disgustingly smug voice. “Scorpius Malfoy?”

He might as well have said ‘You’re never going to be competition with that last name’.

“And you are?” Al asked rudely, but not rude enough.

“I’m John,” he replied smugly.


“Oh… how ordinary,” I threw back at him politely, ignoring his offered hand to shake.

“Isn’t Albus a little ordinary?” He replied snootily, shooting Al a look that proved that he thought he was superior.

Al had to be physically restrained by myself and Fred so that he didn’t punch Blondie in the face. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t just… slip. After all, if the guy couldn’t take one little punch, he wasn’t really a man, was he?

I’d already decided that he didn’t deserve Rose.

“Is there something we can help you with?” Rose asked us pointedly, placing her hands on her hips. The light caught her hair as she flipped it out of her face and I wished to Merlin that I could just hold her then.

James’ voice brought me back to the present. “No, no, we just came to introduce ourselves to your… friend.”

“Jay?” A voice that I assumed was Élodie’s called from behind us.

“I’ll be watching you, John,” James threatened before running off to find his girlfriend.

“Hey, Rose, look,” Hugo pointed over her shoulder to distract her. “Tory and Ted are about to cut the cake, let’s go get a good spot.”

Al and him each took hold of one of Rose’s elbows and steered her across to the other side of the room where Ted and Tory looked as if they were potting how best to start a wedding cake food fight without Mrs. Weasley going mental.

Such children.

That left me standing with Blondie, who looked particularly smug when Rose turned round to get another look at him. In actual fact, she turned round to shoot me a ‘Don’t you dare threaten him or I’ll kill you’ look (which she saved just for me) as Al went in the opposite direction with his expression of ‘You let him know that we mean the threats’.

“So, Jake—“

“—it’s John.”

“Whatever,” I snapped. “It looks as if you’re interested in our Rose…”

Must not say my Rose, must not say my Rose…
“Yeah, she’s hot,”

“No, Jeff,” I ignored it when he opened his mouth to correct me again, suddenly even angrier than before. “No, she’s not ‘hot’! Don’t you dare talk about Rose like that! You don’t deserve somebody like her, Josh. She’s kind and clever and cares about everybody she meets—“

“I—,“ he tried to interrupt again, to defend himself.

And,” I cut him off again. “I’m only going to tell you this once, Jim. So listen carefully, because I’m not wasting my breath on you and I’m certainly not letting somebody like you hurt her.”

“Who do you think you are?!” He seemed slightly angry, but it was nothing compared to me. How dare he think he’s good enough for Rose?!

“Rose,” I clamped my hand over his right shoulder, crushing it in a way that was obviously painful, and forced him to make eye contact. “Is nothing short of beautiful.”

I caught a flash of red out of the corner of my eye and turned to see Rose’s exuberant face searching the crowd. “Scor!” she beckoned me over quickly, ignoring Blondie completely. “They’re cutting the cake.”

And with that I decided this… this guy wasn’t worthy of my time, and hurried away to somebody who was worth all my time and more.

I made sure to wave patronizingly to Blondie as I went.

And then suddenly, seeing Rose’s face in the light, listening to her laugh softly in my ear as Ted and Tory threw cake at each other, remembering the phrase that Teddy had recited to me this morning, actually listening to what I’d just told Blondie, it all connected into place.

Did I… Did I have feelings for Rose?

YAY, finally a little look into that guy we love the most. :) I hope you liked this difference from the norm. :) Let me know… I might do bits of upcoming chapters from Alice’s POV, Al’s POV, maybe even Angie’s… :) I’d love to know if there was anybody who you’d particularly like to see a little bit of a chapter in their POV? I don’t think I’ll do another whole chapter like this though. :)
Anyway, I’d love a little insight into your thoughts from the little box below?
Thanks for taking the time to read! I love you all! :)

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