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Marauding There And Back Again by Prongs05JP
Chapter 4 : Feasts and Headmasters
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This is chapter four, sorry for the delay if there is anyone following this story - if there are let me know! R&R

Chapter Four:
Of Sorting and Headmasters

Will hopped off the train just in time to see Lily storm over to James and scream at him about the first year’s hats. He sucked in his cheeks and scrunched up his eyes – feeling James’ pain. However he was incredibly shocked when he saw James, for once, deny her accusations and start directing some first years over to Hagrid, the gamekeeper. James Potter claimed innocence in front of Lily Evans!

…And with good reason.

Will shot a sly grin in his best friend Abbie Riley’s direction. She slid her wand back into her robes, glancing around and whistling innocently. Rachel Sanderson also stumbled off the train laughing at Abbie. The laughter quickly ceased as he saw Lily come storming up to them after her confrontation.

“Can you believe his nerve?! Of course it was him – it’s always him! Why is he such a – such a – UGH!” She pulled at her hair in frustration. Abbie had the presence of mind to look guiltily at Lily. Luckily for her, Lily didn’t notice.

“Look, Lils,” Will began.

“Don’t ‘look’ me –“

Look, Lils.” Will interrupted. “Potter’s gone to help some first years – you don’t want to be outdone by him, do you?” Lily threw a dark look in his direction. Will ignored it, and Lily stalked off to some lost looking students.

“What?” Will shrugged at the raised eyebrows from Rachel and Abbie. “I had enough of her ranting on the train – ‘Oh James Potter’s Head Boy? What’s Dumbledore thinking? I mean I know I’m supposed to hate him but all I really want to do is have him in a broom closet!” Rachel and Abbie shrieked with laughter, bending over clutching their sides as Will recited his impression of Lily in a high girlish voice.

“Really, now?” Will turned round facing the laughing silently gray eyes of Sirius Black.

“Yeah, Black, guaranteed by the end of the year she’ll be all over him.” Sirius snorted.

“I would love to back you up on that, but being on the wrong side of Lily Evan’s is dangerous. Not that I’m ever on the right side, but y’know.” He then raised his eyebrows and sniggered as he gestured behind Will. Will scrunched up his eyes – this wasn’t good.

He turned slowly, his arms stiff at his side.

“Doris, hi!” He began cheerfully. In front of him stood a young woman in her early twenties, straight golden brown hair cascading down her shoulders. She had a large pair of round – rimmed glasses perched on her nose and her light blue eyes were filled with anger, her eyebrow twitched every so often. She did that a lot when she was angry, Will noted.

Hang on.

But that meant…

“William Sebastian Crockford.” Full name. Not good. Her eyebrow twitched again. “May I ask who you were impersonating just now? It wouldn’t be your Head Girl, now would it?” She uttered in a strained voice. Twitch went the eyebrow.

“Look, Doris – sis,” He began nervously.

“Don’t sis me, dear brother!” She snapped angrily. Will’s nostrils flared.

“Look I think you’re over-reacting just a tiny bit –“

“As Assistant to the Board of the Heads of Houses I feel the need to reprimand you for the disrespect of Hogwarts’ new Head Girl!” Will was about to retort when an irritated voice drifted from behind Doris’ back.

“Disrespect, did you say?” Lily smiled sweetly in Will’s direction who merely grinned at her.

“Nothing from the usual,” He shrugged nonchalantly and Lily visibly relaxed. Much to Doris’ annoyance she even laughed.

“Oh, good – I thought it was something serious!” She grinned – it didn’t reach her eyes though.

“You called?” Sirius turned to face Lily. Lily rolled her eyes and turned on her heel, Will, Abbie and Rachel following leaving a twitching Doris Crockford on the platform. When the foursome turned the corner of the station leading out to where the carriages were being pulled away by nothing.

Lily turned and slid her fingers round Will’s throat.

“Disrespect?” She spat. Rachel and Abbie hauled her off, crying in outrage. Will adjusted his tie so it fit back into place.

“It was nothing! My dearly beloved sister was overreacting – what’s gotten into you?” he cried indignantly. Lily sighed wearily and touched a hand to her forehead.

“I – sorry, I don’t know what just…” She trailed off. She looked round confused.

Abbie and Rachel released her and laughed at her confused face. Lily smiled despite herself.

“Well I’m sorry, but I’ve done nothing but work this whole train ride!” Will grinned.

“Forgiven.” The friends walked up to the carriages – or rather carriage, as there was only one left. They clambered into the carriage and discovered to their dismay that it was already taken. Five of the eight seats where taken up by the infamous Marauders and a pretty girl that Lily hadn’t seen before. She smiled up at her through round-rimmed glasses like James’.

The girls reluctantly took the three remaining seats in the carriage, but Will lingered on the outside.

“Will, you’ll have to sit on the floor – sorry but you’re the guy.” Rachel laughed. Will didn’t move.

“Wiiillll…” Abbie called in a sing song voice. “Earth to William?” She laughed. Will just stood outside gazing at the front of the carriage. Abbie poked her head round the side and followed his gaze. Nothing.

“What is it, can we just go already?” James whined from inside the carriage.

“WILL!” Abbie shouted and Will jerked out of his reverie. His head snapped to look at Abbie and he offered her a small smile. Casting one final glance at the front of the carriage, he clambered into the cramped space behind her.

“What’s up with you?” Rachel asked, eyebrow raised in amusement.

“Nothing.” Will replied automatically. “I mean… I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” Lily shook her head muttering something. Will grinned again, back to normal.

“So, Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew. Care to introduce us to your new friend?” Remus rolled his eyes.

“You lot, this is Peri Carltona. Peri, these are some of the other Seventh Year Gryffindors. Will Crockford, Abbie Riley, Lily Evans and Rachel Sanderson.” Peri chuckled.

“The famed Lily Evans.” She smiled. “Pleasure to meet you all. I guess I’ll be sharing a dorm with you.” Lily groaned at the first comment, but nodded at the next one, chewing on a strand of auburn hair thoughtfully. The carriage continued on in silence for the rest of the journey, surprisingly James and Sirius didn’t make any comments or attempt to strike up conversations with the girls – they seemed rather subdued for the most part of the trip. Now that Lily thought about it, all of the Marauders seemed a bit solemn. She didn’t complain though, as they didn’t bother her. 


The carriage soon drew up to the castle, and Peri stepped out gazing in wonder at the sight before her. Tall dark spires towered over the smaller buildings, all with the similar enchanted feel she got whenever strong magic was nearby. As they stepped through the great oak doors, the entrance hall seemed to crackle with energy, thriving in the air around them and making the hair on their arms stand on end. Slowly, the 8 Gryffindors and Peri made their way into the bustling Great Hall, students rushing around to find seats at their respective tables. As the others made their way over to the Gryffindor Table, Peri was taken to the side by a very short professor she soon learned was Professor Flitwick.

“Ah, Miss Carltona. Good to see you made it.” He squeaked, patting her arm. “For today, you can sit on whichever table you wish, although I might recommend Ravenclaw.” he winked. “Professor Dumbledore will meet you in his office after the feast – I’m sure Miss Evans will show you, she’s Head Girl, you know.” Peri nodded.

“Thank you Professor…”

“Flitwick. Professor Flitwick, my dear.” Peri smiled her thanks and made her way over to the Gryffindor table. She smiled as she reached James and Sirius and tapped James on the shoulder. He smiled and immediately budged over, giving her a space between the two of them. Peri dropped down onto the bench, and then realised a hush had been created around her.

Little did she know that no one sat between James Potter and Sirius Black.

No one.

Whispers began reverberating throughout the Great Hall and Peri shifted uncomfortably.

“Don’t worry about them.” Sirius whispered in her ear. “You’re a new girl - and a pretty one too,” he added playfully. Peri smiled and shoved him in the shoulder. James sighed and stood up – Peri looked at him confused. Sirius stood up with him, closely followed by Remus and Peter.

“Yes, yes, there is a new girl entering the Seventh Year,” He began solemnly.

“And we’d like to inform all of you that she is a friend of the Marauders.” Sirius added.

“Her name’s Peri Carltona.” Peter mumbled.

“And it’s a name you’ll remember.” Remus finished with a wink. The boys then abruptly sat down to a few claps or approval. Peri turned bright red and took off her glasses in the pretence of cleaning them to hide her embarrassment.

The hall was then silenced as Hagrid walked in down the central aisle between the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor tables. This meant that the First Year students would be coming for their sorting soon. Peri, who had no clue whatsoever about what was going on, just watched on in curiosity.

The small eleven year olds stumbled down the aisle, led by Professor McGonagall, who held a stool and a scroll of parchment in one hand and a tattered old hat in the other. The students shuffled forwards, reluctantly – none of them wanted to be first. Sirius chuckled.

“If only they realised they were done in alphabetical order. Then they wouldn’t be nearly as shocked as I was.” Peri snickered and a couple of students turned to look at her. She flushed but was saved as McGonagall placed the stool down loudly and placed the hat on top. A small rip appeared near the brim of that hat, and opened to reveal what Peri thought to be a mouth.

As it began to sing Peri sat in wonder. It sung of four old founders who found the houses of Hogwarts – Gryffindor, for the brave, Ravenclaw, for the quick witted, Slytherin, for the cunning and Hufflepuff who took all the rest. But then it moved onto darker things, Peri noted it often made references to what was going on outside Hogwarts, but wondered how it could know – it was just a hat!

“And now without further ado,
But I’d feel better knowing
That you all pay heed to my warning,
So let the Sorting now begin!”

The Great Hall burst into applause and Peri joined in, but still concerned about what the hat had said. They were soon hushed by Professor McGonagall unravelling her scroll and reading the first name from the list.

“Arrow, Niamh!” A small ash haired girl scurried up to the stool and placed the hat carefully on her head.

“RAVENCLAW!” The hat cried.

“Brown, Carlyle!” a chestnut haired scruffy looking boy bounded up to the hat and jammed it onto his head eagerly.

“GRYFFINDOR!” The Marauders and all the Gryffindors cheered and bounced to their feet. Carlyle jogged over to the Gryffindor table and slid in on the other side of James. James grinned and ruffled his hair, making it look scruffier than normal.

“Hey, he kinda looks a bit like you!” Peter laughed and James slung an arm round his shoulder.

“Because you look like Prongs, welcome as an honorary member of the Marauders!” Sirius reached round James and slapped him on the back. Carlyle looked positively glowing. (“Billinghurst, Jane” “RAVENCLAW!”)

“You’re the Marauders? My brother told me about you. Tam? Do you know him – Tam Brown?” James looked around, and shrugged his shoulders, whilst Buckington, Anna made it into Slytherin. “He’s a second year – he’s gonna try out for the quidditch team this year!”

“Carl!” Came a stern voice from up the table. Another scruffy haired boy sat there, cheeks flushing. “Carl come here and stop bothering the Seventh years!” He flushed again. “And don’t go telling them things!”

“Cancerous, Jacob!”

“SLYTHERIN!” The students offered the appropriate boos and jeers, and then turned out to the boy that appeared to be Tam.

“Hey, you should tryout if you think you can cut it.” James encouraged. Tam flushed again and gestured for Carlyle to join him further up the table. Carlyle waved a cheery goodbye and jogged up to join his brother.

The Marauders were about to turn to discuss this recent turn of events in hushed tones when they were interrupted.

“Carltona, Peridith!”

Peri froze in shock. Faces swivelled round as no one moves up to the hat – but Peri was in Seventh Year, surely she didn’t have to…

“Go on,” James whispered. “You’ll be fine.”

“Easy for you to say.” Her cousin chuckled as she stood shakily to her feet. Whispers began again and Peri moved up the aisle towards the Hat. Her legs were feeling like jelly, and she prayed she wouldn’t fall over in front of everyone. She turned back and all the Marauders smiled encouragingly. She adjusted her glasses and reached the front of the hall.

“Just try on the hat.” McGonagall spoke quietly. Peri flopped onto the stool, glad to take the weight off of her feet. She placed the old tattered hat onto her head nervously – she could feel herself shaking right down to her fingertips.

“Hmmm… not really a first year now, are you?”

Peri started as she heard the voice that seemed to reverberate through her mind. She wondered whether to reply.

“Hmmm you’re very accepting, quite a trait for a Hufflepuff there – also quite brainy. Now, I think Slytherin would do quite well for-“

“No.” Peri replied, firmer than she felt. After all she had heard of Slytherins she definitely didn’t want to be one.

“Fine. Then I guess it better be GRYFFINDOR!” The loudness of the final part scared her again, but she smiled and jumped from the stool, before rushing to the cheering Gryffindor table. James and Sirius both stood up to greet her, slapping her on the back and congratulating her.

“You made the best house, Peri!”

“It’s the blood – the Potter blood!” James cheered happily. Sirius however turned to him.

“I suggest you keep it a secret that you two are even related. Either that or Prongs prepare to have all of your deepest secrets spilled to the Hogwarts Gossip Squad.” James frowned but Peri nodded.

As the Sorting slowly progressed (“Mark Simpson” “HUFFLEPUFF!”) Peri watched in silence, feeling the pain of every nervous student.

“Zabini Karkose,”


With the sorting finished, and the resounding boos finally fading, Professor Dumbledore stood to his feet and the noise in the room ground to a halt.
“I have few words to say. And they are-“

“Nitwit Blubber Oddment and Tweak – there is a time for speeches but this is not it!” The Marauders recited. Professor Dumbledore bowed his head and gestured towards the hall.

“Tuck in!”

And to Peri’s absolute astonishment, all the silverware in front of her was suddenly filled with all the food she could possible imagine. Next to her, Sirius licked his lips and began greedily stuffing his plate with as much as he could pile on. Peri leaned over to Peter.

“Is he always like this,” She asked pointing a thumb in Sirius’ direction. Peter nodded in mock seriousness before turning to fill up his own plate with goods. Peri hesitantly began to fill her plate up with a few things.

“Back at Salem, we didn’t have extravagant feasts like –“ But she cut herself of with a scream of shock and her hands flew to her mouth. Out of her chicken legs on her plate came a pearly white form that Peri recognized to be a ghost. It floated up from her food and distinctly put her off of her food.

“Oh I am sorry, my dear, you must be Miss Carltona. I am Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. At your service.” Peri nodded weakly.

“Hey, Nick.” James mumbled through a mouthful of food. Peri wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“You never change, Jamie.” James scowled. “That reminds me, I was going to ask about Trix-“

“Hey Padfoot,” Remus asked loudly. “When are you thinking of pulling the start of term prank?” Sirius thought for a moment.

“I’m not sure, Moony. Maybe start of term? Or we could give them a few days, you know, lull them into a false sense of security?” Sirius grinned and the others laughed.

“Care to join us, Peri?” Asked Peter brightly.

“Uh… sure.” Peri replied hesitantly. She was annoyed that she had been so obviously cut off by Remus, but decided against pursuing the subject. James would tell her in time.

The conversation continued on lightly, narrowly treading lines that Peri was sure they didn’t want to discuss with her around. Soon the pudding plates vanished and Dumbledore stood to his feet once more, tapping a goblet to get everyone’s attention. The chatter died down once more to listen to the Headmaster.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, and to those returning, welcome back. I am glad to know that you have all had time to empty your heads and are now ready to fill them up with new knowledge. However first, announcements must be made.

“The Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students,” Professor Dumbledore seemed to look specifically at the Marauders. “Hence the name. No students are to play near the Whomping Willow – I’m sure you remember last year’s incident with Mr Black’s eye.” Sirius shrunk down into his seat. “Mr Filch would like to remind all students that duelling in the corridors is strictly prohibited, and that products from Zonko’s Joke Shop are not allowed – a list of these items can be found on the door to his office.

“Next, I would like to introduce you to this years Head Boy and Girl – Miss Lily Evans, Gryffindor.” Lily stood up awkwardly. “And to Mr James Potter, Gryffindor.” Dumbledore began to clap and the hall followed suit, Lily standing there embarrassed whilst James bowed to the hall. Peri just laughed at her cousin’s antics.

“And although I am sure she has already been introduced, Miss Peridith Carltona has also joined the school and will be starting her final year.” Peri stood up and gave a quick curtsey.

“As for staffing arrangements, I would like to welcome our new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher, Professor Vincent Holland.” There was a round of polite applause as he stood. He had sleek black hair and a small toothbrush moustache that reminded Peri of a muggle dictator, Hitler. He seemed to glare round at all of them before he sat down again, brushing dirt off of his robes.

Remus leaned across the table and Peri turned to him.

“We’ve never been able to keep a DADA teacher for more than a year – no one gets their hopes up.” He whispered “And besides, he doesn’t look like he’s gonna be one we'd even want to keep for more than a year.” Remus smiled. Peri giggled.

“Mr Lupin?...” Remus turned abruptly and reddened at being addressed directly by the Headmaster.

“Sorry, Professor.” He called up. Dumbledore smiled and carried on with a few other random notices.

“I also feel it is my duty to inform you, that a wizard named Lord Voldemort is at large beyond these walls.” The positive mood in the Great Hall evaporated, and everyone fell into a solemn silence. “But I would also like to tell you that whilst inside these walls you are far more protected than many other witches or wizards in the country.

“I require you all to stand together and continue your studies as normal. The best way to defeat this tyrant is to stick together, and remain unaffected through this dark time. There will be tragedies, casualties, but there will also be triumphs. We must all have faith in each other, and remember who our friends are.

“On a lighter note,” He began again, after letting his words sink in. “Miss Carltona who has transferred from Salem school, has also suggested that I submit all the Seventh Years to visit our American counterparts. And so for two months towards the end of the year they will all be taking a trip there.

“If that is all then, staff? Goodnight.” Dumbledore dismissed them all with a wave of his hand. As Peri stood she turned around and found herself face to face with a pair of startling emerald green eyes.

“We met back in the carriage but not how I would like to be introduced – Lily Evans.” Lily smiled and held out her hand. Peri smiled back and shook it warmly.

“Head Girl,” Peri commented and Lily smiled briefly.

“I’m to show you to the Headmaster’s Office. I’m heading there anyway – Head’s meeting and all,” She glowed and Peri couldn’t help but smile as she followed her out of the Great Hall.

As they walked up through the corridors Peri couldn’t help but stare at the Hogwarts décor and Lily smiled at her. But a frown creased her face as she walked.

“I see you were hanging around with the Marauders, then.” She remarked casually and Peri bristled.

“So – I’ve known James for a long time.” She replied coolly. Lily didn’t mention anything more on the subject, and proceeded to give her a small tour of the castle. Five minutes later, Peri found herself outside a stone gargoyle, but Lily didn’t do anything when they reached there – instead she just bit her lip nervously.

“Something wrong?” Peri asked.

“No… I just… haven’t been told the password.” Lily chuckled lightly but cursed under her breath. At that very moment, James came speeding round the corner and stopped in front of the gargoyle.

“Hey… Peri… Evans,” He panted. “Sorry I’m… late.” he gasped and then turned to the gargoyle. “Sugar Quills.” The gargoyle then jumped to the side, allowing them to pass.

“The three ascended a spiral staircase until they reached the top where there was a small wooden door. James walked up to it and knocked twice.

“Ah, yes. Come in.” Came a voice from inside that Peri recognized as Dumbledore’s. James smiled at the two girls before pushing open the door. Professor Dumbledore sat at a wooden desk in the middle of a brightly lit room. All around the walls in every space there were paintings of previous Headmasters, but it was the red, golden bird in the corner of the room that surprised Peri the most. She bolted over to the bird and cried in shock.

“A Phoenix! A real live Phoenix here!” She beamed, but as she pushed her hand closer to stroke it, it leaped from the perch spreading its wings. Peri gasped in awe and jealousy as it then flew across the room and came to rest on James’ shoulder. He chuckled and began to stroke it, much to the girls’ shock.

“Heya Fawkes – good summer?” He purred quietly. Peri then turned to Dumbledore who was smiling, his hand steepled in front of his face. He gestured for her to sit down and she bowed her head politely before taking a seat opposite the Headmaster.

“Miss Carltona – it is a pleasure to see you here,” He began and Peri smiled.

“It’s a pleasure to be here, sir.”

“I’m glad to see you’re settling in.” he looked pointedly at James who didn’t notice. “This is merely a meeting for you to voice any opinions you might have – or if you have any problems.” Peri shook her head.

“Everything’s fine, professor.

“Good. I will talk to you about the trip to Salem at a later date, your classes start tomorrow. Someone from your dormitory will show you to the Great Hall for breakfast.” Peri nodded. “And if you wouldn’t mind, Miss Evans, Mr Potter, could you please show Miss Carltona to Gryffindor Tower. But first I would like a word with you two – so Miss Carltona, if you wouldn’t mind just waiting outside for a moment.” He gestured towards the door and Peri hopped from her seat and skipped outside the door.

In the meantime, James and Lily each took a seat opposite the Headmaster.

“First, I feel the need to clear something up. Mr Potter, I am aware that you have a higher detention record than anyone this school has ever seen-“

“Even Sirius?!”

“Yes Mr Potter, Mr Black has had three less than you – I believe that time three years ago that involved the bucket and the Drooble’s best –“

“-blowing gum, yes, there is, um, no need to go into details.” James shifted uncomfortably. Dumbledore smiled.

“In any case, Mr Potter, I did not choose you because of your obvious dislike for rules. I chose you because behind you and Miss Evans here, you will be able to unite this school against whatever will remain outside of these walls. The Marauders have so much influence throughout the student body, and Miss Evans – you are looked up to by almost every muggle born and even those that aren’t muggleborns in the school.” Lily blushed at the high praise.

“Thank you sir, I won’t let you down.” James replied firmly.

“Yes… I am confident you won’t. Anyway to your duties. You will perform rounds, together, two nights a week round the whole castle. You will also organise Prefect meetings where you will discuss things for the year and present your finalised ideas to me. I’ll leave the rest up to you. I believe Miss Carltona is outside so please escort her to Gryffindor Tower. Also tell her… eavesdropping is not a habit she should get too much into.” James gaped at the door before charging out with Lily hot on his heels.

“Were you listening?” James asked, mortified. Peri’s eyes gleamed.

’I won’t let you down sir,’” Peri mimicked and James slapped a hand to his forehead.

“Just pretend I didn’t say that!”

“You wait ‘til I tell Trix that one!” Peri laughed as they clambered down the stairs. “She’ll crack up so hard!” James shifted uncomfortably and Lily looked curiously into his face. She had heard that name before somewhere that day – she just couldn’t place it…

“I… er, maybe tomorrow.” James shrugged. Peri cocked her head to the side.

“What do you mean?”

“Look, this isn’t the time –“ James cast a glance at Lily “- or the place. We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” Peri nodded and they carried on in silence. Many staircases later, they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady and Peri looked expectantly at it.

“The password is Manticore – Lily will take you up to your dorm, okay?” James smiled warmly at Peri, the awkward silence forgotten.

“See you tomorrow, Jamie!” She hugged him close and James sighed. Lily watched the spectacle awkwardly.

“See you, Peri.” He waved as Peri followed Lily through the portrait hole. Lily smiled and turned to Peri, welcomed by the dim glow of the firelight.

“This is the Gryffindor Common Room. It’s where the Gryffindors meet up to lounge, or study and whatnot. That door over there leads to the boys dormitories, and I am just going to take you to the girl’s dormitories.” Peri nodded.

“There’s something kinda… homey about this place.”

“I agree. I’m going to miss it now that I’m staying in the Head’s Dorms.” Peri nodded politely. “Here we are – Seventh Year Girls.” Lily pushed open the wooden door which led into a circular room.

There were five red and gold four poster beds, and Peri took in the three girls lounging around on them. A girl with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail sat behind a girl with long raven black hair, braiding it, on the bed whilst the last girl with shoulder length brown hair was leafing lazily through a magazine on the floor.

The three looked up when they heard the two girls enter the room and Lily beamed whilst rushing over to hug the one on the floor.

“Alice, it’s been so long!” Alice smiled and hugged Lily back. Lily got back to her feet and brushed off her skirt neatly.

“Girls, this is Peri Carltona – the new Seventh Year Gryffindor.”

“We know.”

“So we heard.”

“The Marauders are better at introductions than you are, Lils.”

“Shut up, Abbie.” Lily held back a smile. “Peri, this is Abbie Riley-“ The girl with the blonde hair. “- Rachel Sanderson –“ The girl with the black hair “And Alice Summers.” The final girl.

“Play nice, girls, now I’ve got to go and see the Heads Dorms.” Lily smiled excitedly. “But I have to share them with Potter…” Lily trailed off in disgust.

“What’s wrong with James?” Peri snapped indignantly.

“Nothing, Peri.” Interjected Rachel. “You will come let us see tomorrow, won’t you Lily?” Lily smiled and swept from the room. Peri stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“Come now, there’s no need for that!” Abbie laughed and bounced from her seat behind Rachel. She took Peri’s hand and led her to one of the beds. “This here is your bed – it’s got your trunk and everything.” Abbie smiled.

“Thanks.” Peri flopped down onto her bed. “So, can I just ask, what’s the deal with Lily and James?” Abbie breathed out a long sigh and bounced onto the bed next to her.

“Well, you could say they got off on the wrong foot - and over the years Potter has learnt how not to impress Lily Evans. He’s madly in love with her but Lily won’t hear a word of it – she hates his guts.” Abbie replied solemnly.

“Well… he is a bit conceited sometimes.” Peri giggled.

“He is a bit, isn’t he?” Abbie laughed. Rachel and Alice glided across the room to engage in the conversation.

“Talking about Potter, are we? Oh, I love your hair Peri. Can I call you Peri?” Alice asked. Peri nodded.

“I hate Peridith. It’s such an ugly name.” Peri scowled.

“On the contrary, I love it.” Alice laughed as she sat behind Peri and began playing with her hair.

“So you and the Marauders seem to get on pretty well – do you know each other?” Rachel asked as she too sat on Peri’s bed. Peri shook her head.

“I’ve known James since I was very little, but I’ve lived in America since I was ten and I just met the others.” Rachel nodded thoughtfully.

“The Marauders are so funny – all they’re pranks and all that.” Alice commented, laughing.

“Why are they called the Marauders?” Peri asked. Abbie shook her head.

“No sodding clue.” Peri laughed with the others, knowing she had made some firm friends tonight.

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