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Quidditch, Quaffles, and Quarrels by EW4eva
Chapter 3 : Shall we Ms. Parkin?
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Chapter 3: Shall we Ms. Parkin?

“Cass, you do realize it’s almost October right?” I asked in disbelief, staring at my best friend who was currently helping me pick out an outfit for today, my date with Oliver Wood. I glanced at my dresser where she was standing, holding up a short black skirt and a rather revealing purple v-neck spaghetti strap top.

“Your point?” She asked with a shrug.

I scoffed, giving her an exasperated look. “I’m going to freeze to death!”

“Then where a jacket!”

“Do you see how short that skirt is? I will have goose bumps bigger than that pimple you had in third year!”

Cass gasped, holding a hand up to her chin where the pimple used to be three years ago. “I thought you promised never to bring that up again!” She glared at me, a cold fire in her eyes.

I sighed, letting my hands, which were previously placed on my waist in my motherly stance, fall to my sides. “I’m sorry… but I’m wearing jeans like a normal human.”

“Fine,” she said, giving in after sending me one final glare and turning back to the dresser where she pulled out a pair of dark jeans. She then pulled out a pair of black flats and handed everything to me. “Now hurry up and change so we can do your make-up.”

I sent her a dazzling smile and took the offered clothes.


“Don’t do anything stupid!” Cass reminded me for the hundredth time, “and do not, I repeat do not under any circumstances talk about Roger!”

I opened my mouth to reply that I was not daft, when she looked over my shoulder, smiled, and quickly walked away. I frowned, and then turn to see who managed to send her away willingly.

It was Wood. I smiled up at him, yes up… thank goodness! I do not know what I would do if he was shorter than me.

He returned the smile. He then looked me up and down, nodded and said “You look very nice today.”

“Thanks, so do you.” And it wasn’t a lie. Oliver was sporting a white polo, jeans, and a tan jacket. He looked very nice indeed.

“Shall we Ms. Parkin?” he asked gesturing towards the main doors leading out of the castle, and holding out his elbow for me to take.

I smiled at his old-fashion behavior and with a short chuckle I took his elbow, allowing him to escort me to the village, “It is my pleasure, Mr. Wood.”

He laughed lightly at that, sending me a playful grin.

As we walked we talked of pointless nonsense: classes, teachers, the works. The lively mood only diminished slightly once we passed the dementors at the gate. I shuddered as all the happiness left my body, feeling Wood do the same. After a few minutes, once I could feel life once more within me again did I speak.

“So are you looking forward to finally being finished with Hogwarts?” I asked seriously. We were both walking side by side, although I was no longer holding his arm. We gave up that act a while ago.

He frowned a bit, contemplating his answer. “I guess so… I mean it will be nice to be finished with all the school work, but it is a bit of a scary idea you know… being off on your own in the real world.”

I paused a little in astonishment. I had never really thought about what would happen after I left school. I mean I knew it was going to happen, and that I would be off on my own. But it never really hit me.

“Yea, it is a bit… odd to think about. But it’s still exciting at the same time. I personally cannot wait to start playing Quidditch professionally.”

He smirked at me, “I thought we weren’t going to talk about Quidditch?”

I rolled my eyes at him, “This doesn’t count since it is about our futures. Are you going to play professionally?”

He frowned, “No idea…”

I stared at him in shock, “What do you mean? You love Quidditch! Everyone claims that if you could you would marry it!”

He raised an eyebrow at me, but I simply shrugged with a slight smile.

“I just don’t think I’ll get offered a spot anywhere,” he said with a sigh. He expression then grew a bit astonished, “I never told anyone that before.” His hand flew up and rubbed the back of his neck, a sign I knew meant he was uncomfortable. I was even surprised to realize this. I had barely interacted with this boy in five years, minus the occasional handshake before a match, but I was still able to read him fairly well.

Before I knew what I was doing, I said, “But you are an amazing player! I even have trouble getting the Quaffle passed you!”

He smiled at me and then with a shrug said, “I know I’m a good player, but no team will want to hire a captain who has never earned his team the Cup! This year is my last year to prove to the scouts that I’m not just a Quidditch nobody! I’ve been working non-stop, coming up with plays and new moves like th-”

He cut himself off and glared at me. “Nice try, but I’m not going to tell you our game strategies!”

I stared at him in disbelief of his paranoia. I had to bite my tongue to keep back a rather nasty remark before saying, “Oh come on Wood, I was not trying to make you say anything; you dug that hole yourself, mate. But anyway, scouts don’t look only at how many Cups you’ve won, but at your own skill.”

“I know that, but as a captain, it is my duty to train up my teammates and ensure a victory. That’s what shows true leadership.”

In all honesty I completely agreed with him, but for the sake of my plan I said, “It’s not all about winning Oliver, look at Dragomir Gorgovitch! He made it on to the Chudley Cannons and he never won any awards in his school!”

Oliver looked at me in disbelief and laughed. I tried very hard to hold back a glare. I mean I try to comfort the guy, and he laughs in my face.

“Let’s face it, we both know the Cannon’s standards are a bit lacking. Besides, I’m aiming for Puddlemere United.”

“Puddlemere United?” I asked in disbelief. “Way to abandon your country Oliver! Even I am sticking to my Scottish roots and going for the Wigtown Wanderers!”

He raised his eyebrow at me with a smirk on his face, but he held off his comment as we entered the town of Hogsmeade.

“Where would you like to go?”

“How about the Three Broomsticks? I could go for a butterbeer.”

“Alright,” Oliver said with a nod. We then turned and headed towards the lively pub. When we entered we were bombarded by the usual sound of dozens of teenagers. But we both did not appear to mind. Not to mention the warmth of the pub was rather pleasing. We found an empty booth after a few minutes of searching and took a seat.

“I’ll go get your butterbeer,” Oliver said as I took a seat down.

“Oh, alright, give me a second,” I then went to grab a few coins from my purse, but he stopped me and said, “Alex, don’t worry about it.”

I looked up at him in surprise, stopping my search through my purse and asked, “Are you sure?”

He nodded. “What kind of guy would I be if I made you pay for the drinks?” He added as if this was the most obvious thing in the world and then walked off towards the bar, not giving me a chance to debate any further.

I stared after him with furrowed eyebrows, my mind then flashed backed into not so distant memories.

Hey, I spent all my money on that new Quill, can you pay this time?” Roger asked with a hopeful expression.

I nodded, telling him not to worry.

“Thanks babe, you’re the greatest!” He then kissed me on the check and waited as I got up to get the drinks.


“Ugh! I can’t believe it!” Roger said while reaching in his robe pockets hopelessly. “Someone must have nicked my money bag! I’m so sorry. I guess I can’t buy you this candy after all… I’m such a horrible boyfriend…”

“I can’t believe someone robbed you! Oh well, don’t worry about it sweetie, I’ll pay for it!”

He smiled at me handing me both his and my candy. “You’re so amazing Alex!”


I stared around at the overly tacky decorations of Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, it was rather hot and crowded in the shop. Roger smiled up at me, leaning over for a snog. I sighed, I hated snogging in public, but every time I told Roger this he would just scoff and lean in again. He was an amazing kisser though.

However, before he could kiss me, Madam Puddifoot came over, and placed the bill on the table. She smiled sweetly down at us and said, “You two lovebirds have a lovely evening!” She then winked and walked away.

I frowned at the retreating woman. Her and her tea shop could go to Hell for all I cared. I stared around at the pink walls with obvious distaste. Why did I come here again?

“I really like this place, don’t you babe? It’s rather romantic!” Roger said as he stared around the shop, trying to fake interest. “I knew you would love it here!”

I faked a smile and then looked at the bill, which had remained untouched. Roger continued to look around the shop, paying no attention to the little slip of parchment.

“I’ll pay the bill then shall I?” I asked in what was meant to be a motivating tone to get Roger to fork up some money, but what I got instead was an astonished look .

“Oh babe, you are so sweet! You don’t have to!”

I smiled at him and opened my mouth to say ‘okay’, when he added, “But if you insist!”

I stared at him for a moment, and then sighed, not wanting to get into another argument. Plus, Roger was a sweet enough guy, and I had enough money… there was no point in me being selfish.

I pulled out a galleon and 3 knuts and placed them on the parchment, which instantly was swept away by Madam Puddifoot, who continued to coo about the “adorable couple” as she waltzed away.

Roger smiled at me as he said, “Alex you are the sweetest girlfriend, I don’t know what I would do without you!” He then grabbed my hand and gave it a light but affectionate squeeze. I smiled up at him, a real smile this time. He was such a nice guy sometimes!

He leaned over and gave me a short but hard kiss, “I love you Alex.”

I smiled into his lips, “I love you too Roger.”

“Happy Anniversary.”


I was shocked out of my thoughts as two mugs were placed on the table with a dull ‘thud’. I jumped slightly at the sudden sound.

“Are you alright?” Oliver asked with a worried look.

“What? Oh yeah, I’m fine!” I said a bit too quickly.

He quirked his left eyebrow and stared at me in disbelief. “Are you sure about that?”

I smiled at him for his concern, and then without thinking I said, “You know that you’re a really nice guy?”

His other eyebrow rose at this. He laughed lightly while taking a seat. “Is that a bad thing?”

“No!” I said in astonishment, “It’s just Ro-“ I stopped myself abruptly, I could see Cass stomping around in my head in frustration over my stupidity. I made a face at my slip and turned my face down towards the table, hoping Wood didn’t notice.

“Well Davies was always a bit of an arse hole.”

My head shot up in disbelief. “How did you…?”

He smirked at me and said, “Oh come on, who else could you have been talking about?”

I opened my mouth and then shut it. After a moment I opened it again and said, “Let’s not talk about Roger.”

“So it’s Roger again?” He asked with a teasing smile, “It sounded like you really wanted everyone to remember him as Davies, the what was it? Oh yeah 'Davies, the son of a bitch who you would never let hurt you again while he went around to have a cheap fix.'”

My face contorted in discomforted, as I shifted in my seat I said, “I was kind of hoping people would forget about that…”

His face lit up slightly as he continued to mock me, “Well I don’t think anyone will be forgetting that anytime soon. And besides, why should they? You threw one hell of a punch!”

I couldn’t help the laugh that erupted from my throat, “Well if you remember my dad at all, you would be more surprised if he didn’t teach his only daughter how to fight.”

“Oh, I remember your dad alright. I remember him shouting that I better not go and hurt his future Quidditch star, otherwise I would be in for a rather violent arse-whooping!”

My eyes widened in shock, “He never said that!” I said in disbelief, though thinking about it that sounded like something my father would say.

He nodded, laughing at my shock.

“What were you, four? Ugh I’m sure he was just joking!”

“I was five actually, but it didn’t matter if he was joking or not, he still scared the hell out of me.”

I stopped to ponder this, thinking back, trying to recall the memories of my four-year-old self. I could only seem to conjure up mud-pies and toy brooms. I was never much of a doll girl that was all Cass’s territory.

Then after a minute it hit me. “Was that when you went all quiet and kept fumbling and stuttering every time I came over to play with you?”

I was surprised to see a light blush creep onto his cheeks at that. Why though, I had no idea.

“No, that was actually when I was six… the same year you moved away. I see you lost your accent by the way. How do you like living in England? Where did you move to exactly?”

I stared at him in curiosity, was he changing the subject?

“Why did you act like that when you were six?” I asked, determined now.

Oliver just stared at me for a moment, his mouth slightly ajar as he searched for something to say. Nothing came.

After a moment, it hit me. I gasped, “Did you have a crush on me?” I asked with a wide smile, more teasing that anything.

No reply.

“Oh Merlin, you did, didn’t you!” I exclaimed, my smile widening tenfold.

The slight blush that was present before, spread and grew, the color deepening.

“I had no idea! I mean I was five at the time, but I should have known something funny was going on! That’s so sweet!”

“Oh shut up!” Oliver said with a glare, but I knew he didn’t mean it. “It was a long time ago!” The blush remained however.

I snorted. Yes, snorted. “Oliver, if you were any redder, you would be an overripe tomato.”

Oliver looked at me laughing and cracked a smile too. “I have no idea why I had a crush on you anyway. You were just a scrawny little girl in pigtails.”

I faked disbelief as I scoffed and said, “Hey! My mother made me wear those! Besides you weren’t that charming either with all that baby fat on you!”

His smile turned into a smirk as he admitted, “Well, what can I say, I was a sucker for chocolate.”

“You still are if I remember correctly… or was that not you that Chrissy Masters gave a huge chocolate Easter bunny too last year?”

The blush once again returned, “Yeah that was me… but what a bunny has anything to do with Easter I have no idea…”

I smiled at this, having debated over this issue once myself and saying rather bluntly, “Apparently the bunny shits out chocolate eggs and gives them to children… at least that’s what my muggle neighbor told me. But he is a rather mean man who hates everything… especially children, so he might have been lying to me.”

Oliver was laughing by this point, “Well, I believe it!”

I flashed him a brilliant grin and began to laugh too. After a few minutes our laughter came to a halt, we then spent a moment staring at each other quietly, smiling. Oliver was the first to break the silence.

“You know, I was really surprised when you asked me to come with you to Hogsmeade. I figured our friendship was over after first year…” He appeared rather uncomfortable after he said it.

I frowned, “What happened in first year? I can’t remember why we stopped talking.”

Oliver’s embarrassment grew. He frowned as well and said, “I think popularity was the main reason. I was considered a bit of a loser before I got on the Quidditch Team… but you… you were always popular. I understand why you didn’t want to talk to me.”

I stared at him in shock, mouth agape. “That can’t be it! I would never stop talking to someone because they weren’t popular!”

He gave me a disbelieving look, “Well then, let’s just blame it on being in different houses.”

I contemplated this, knowing it wasn’t true. I had friends in all houses, even a few in Slytherin! I ran over my memories in first year, trying to remember the last time I had talked to Oliver. It only took me a moment of searching.

“Hey Ollie!” The smaller, eleven-year-old version of myself shouted at the slightly tall brown haired boy down the hallway. He turned and smiled at me. Though he was a lot skinner than he used to be, he still had a bit of baby fat still evident on his cheeks.

“Hey Allie! How are you?” He asked excitedly hurrying over to me. I glared at him, a playful smile tugging at my face as I said, “Ollie, I told you call me Alex! Everyone else does!”

His smile turned into a smirk as he narrowed his eyes and replied, “I’ll stop calling you Allie when you stop calling me Ollie! Besides as far as nicknames go, they fit well together, Allie and Ollie!”

I tried to reply, but was cut off by a couple of giggling girls who started chanting, “Allie and Ollie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marria-“

“Guys quit it!” I yelled at the pack of girls that were all my friends.

“Oh come on Alex, stop hanging out with that loser!” Marcy Abrams teased.

“Don’t call him that!” I yelled in anger at my friends.

There was a chorus of “oooooh’s” as I stood up for my friend.

“Aw, Alex, you never told us you had a boyfriend!” Marcy said with a sly smile.

The girls giggled once more and continued their song. “Then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage!”

“Stop!” I glanced at Oliver who was bright red from head to toe and looked as if he wished to be anywhere but where he currently was. I couldn’t blame him.

“Fine, tell your boyfriend you will talk to him later. We’re having a girl’s night! Manicures, facials, the works!” Marcy Abrams then turned, flipping her hair over her shoulder and strolled away.

I turned back to Oliver. We were both blushing immensely. “Um… I-I should g-go… I’ll talk to you later?” I added the last bit in a rush, turning and hurrying away before Oliver could even reply.

As I caught up with my friends I snapped, “He’s not my boyfriend!”

Marcy turned to me with a serious expression, “Then stop hanging out with him, he’s hurting your image!”

The rest of the girls turned to me expectantly. I colored once more and simply nodded.


I gasped at the sudden recollection. Placing my head in my hands ashamed. What a horrible girl I was. I was eleven, in a new environment, and seeking acceptance. Stupid Marcy Abrams, that Slytherin “Queen” went on to be one of the biggest whores in Hogwarts. Hell, I remember that she even tried to go out with that “loser” Oliver Wood when he made it on the team in his third year, my second. I stopped hanging out with her and her posse when I was thirteen. It was really Cass who did it. We were friends since first year and both Marcy’s followers. But eventually Cass pulled out and dragged me with her. We have been best friends ever since.

“You’ve remembered?” I heard Oliver ask.

Without looking up I said, “I can’t believe I listened to Marcy Abrams. No wonder I forgot, I tried so hard to block all memories of that bitch out of my life!”

I heard a light chuckle and I looked up. “No worries, after all who am I to judge the decisions of a insecure pre-teen?”

I opened to mouth to squabble on the “insecure” bit, but I quickly shut it again. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence I sighed.

“How about this. Let’s start over. Let’s pretend that we’re just two teenagers who don’t know each other, never met before. Hell, I’ve changed so much since you last talked to me anyway…”

Oliver smiled widely at the suggestion. He then stuck out his hand and said, “Hello, my name is Oliver Wood.”

I smiled brightly in return and grabbed his hand, shaking it, “Alexandria Parkin. It’s nice to meet you Oliver.”

“It’s nice to meet you Alexandria.” He said, letting go of my hand and placing his on the table.

“Ollie, please call me Alex!”

“Alright Allie, I’ll call you Alex when you stop calling me Ollie.”

We laughed together at our own stupidity, both knowing that we would never drop the other’s nickname.

A/N: Ok… this might have been overly boring for some. If so I’m sorry. I really didn’t plan for the conversation to be this long. Hell the date isn’t even over. But I figured it was getting a bit lengthy. Please review. I’m thinking of putting Roger’s and maybe Oliver’s POV in the next and later chapters. Would you like to see other POV’s or just Alex’s? Please let me know!

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