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Love doesn't come cheap, you know. by black_n_proud_hp4lyf
Chapter 8 : Well, that certainly was...unexpected.
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hey guys!sorry for the late update. been busy with skool and whatnot :) but anyway. here it is. this chappie is longer than others, though. so i hope this makes up for the lateness. read and review please!! and remember that Lily doesn't like James least she hasn't realized it yet. the story involves her getting to know James more. ahead!!! oh and thanks to SteupUpx Gryffindor for agreeing to be my critique. and thanks to GreenEyes713 for thhe incredibly sweet review!


“How could you, Aqua?”


“You know he’s for Lily-“

Brenda stopped her sentence when she heard a menacing growl from behind the curtains on Aqua’s bed.

Lily was on Aqua’s bed reading the Daily Prophet while Brenda and Ella were pacing with their hands behind their backs, scolding a sitting Aqua, whose hair was still that murky brown.

“Ok fine!” Brenda snapped. “You know that-“

She lowered her voice so Lily would not hear.

“- Lily has yet to discover her true feelings for him.”

“I don’t know I was just… how will I put it… er- um …practicing?” Aqua said it in the form of a question. She had been sitting on that seat for over 30 minutes, listening to Brenda and Ella go on and on. She didn’t know what the big deal was! She had just kissed him! A friendly kiss. And besides he had kissed her, not the other way round…well she did ask…but that was not the point! He should be the one getting in trouble. Not her. But, she admitted to herself, it could have been worse. Lily could have been the one shouting at her. Lily should have been the one shouting at her. Aqua had been very surprised when Lily just shook her head at her when she entered the dorm. Maybe she was just putting on a show to prove she didn’t like James.

“Practicing?” they chorused.

Even Lily looked up from her newspaper with a confused look on her face.

“What do you mean by, practicing?” Brenda exclaimed.

“Well…I was… I mean… what I meant to say was… look I know you guys will be angry I told Potter before you but… I like –" she stammered.

“Yeah, yeah, Sirius.”

“We know.”

They were impatient.

“How –" Aqua began.

“Please,” Ella said rolling her eyes. “If you could be any more obvious, you’d be throwing yourself at him every time you see him.”

Aqua’s mouth dropped open.

Lily snickered at this. She had told them not to include her in any way. It was not her business in any way. She had to admit, she felt a little uncomfortable but she would rather die than tell her friends. Those smirking, knowing looks would send her off the edge. Especially Aqua’s.

Needless to say, she also felt disgusted. A marauder! The only person that felt her disgust was Ella. Not surprising. After all, Brenda liked Remus. Nope. Brenda was just disappointed because she thought James and Lily made the perfect couple. Ah, the poor, delusional girl.

“Well?” Ella asked impatiently.

Aqua took a deep breath and began to tell them everything. By the time she was done, all three of them were staring at her as if she had sprouted an extra head.

“What?” she asked bewildered.

Lily broke the silence.

“We were just wondering if there was any other thing that could confirm that you were a total lunatic. Just wondering, you know.”

Aqua’s hair turned pink and she blushed.

“I was just –“

“Practicing?” they chorused. “On Potter?”

Aqua hung her head.

Brenda sighed and sat down on her bed. Ella looked dejectedly at Aqua. Lily just rolled her eyes. She felt strangely lighter. As if some great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She turned happily back to the newspaper.

“I wonder why there have been so many storms. It’s only September.” She murmured.

At the word storm, Aqua stood up so fast, Ella blinked twice.

“What did you say?” Aqua squeaked to Lily.

“Umm…”Lily said confused. “I said storms in September.”

“Where?” Aqua whispered.

“Not too far from here, actually.”

Aqua paled.

What was wrong with her?

“How bad?” she choked.

Lily glanced at the paper.

“Apparently, the storms have torn down houses and destroyed homes and trees. Oh, and a little hurricane and an almost tsunami.”

Aqua swayed.

“Aqua are you okay?” Ella asked worriedly.

“I’m feeling just a tiny bit queasy,” she replied, as her hair turned green.

She walked to her bed, and sat down next to Lily.

“My father,” she whispered.

There was silence.

Lily’s heart lurched.

“What happened to your father?” Brenda squeaked.

Aqua looked at her hands.

“My father is…very…very angry.”

And it clicked. They realized the reasons for the storms. Her father was the king!! He was in control of the seven seas!! His sister was Mother Nature! The only reason he would do such things was if –

“He’s trying to tell me something.” Aqua whispered.

Silence again.

“Like what?” Lily whispered anxiously.

Aqua wringed her hands.

“Well the only reason he would try to contact me above water is…” She looked up thoughtfully. “I probably broke one of his rules.”

Brenda sighed with relief. For a second there, she thought something bad had happened. False alarm.

“Well, that’s good then,” Lily said brightly. “You always break his rules.”

“Yeah,” Aqua agreed. “But he’s never been this angry. I just wonder what I did wrong now.”

She sighed as her hair gradually turned blue.

“Knowing my father,” she started worriedly. “He’ll probably summon me in like two to four days.”

The girls brightened up. Summon? Like the time he dragged her to the sea when she was sleeping? Fun!!

“Ooohhh,” they squealed. “Can we come?”

Aqua snorted.

“If you can survive under water for more than 30 minutes I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh yeah, that.”

Lily put the newspaper aside. Time for work! How was she ever meant to be an auror if she never studied?

“Homework!” Lily yelled.

“Awww! Come on Lily! ” they cried simultaneously. Unlike Lily, they didn’t give a hoot about homework. There were more important things in life. Like this situation for instance.

“Nope! Just that muggle studies essay on navigation and ships,” Lily said stubbornly.

“But it’s like eleven o’ clock in the night!” Aqua wailed, and then yelped. “It’s eleven o’clock in the night! How did that happen?”
Lily smiled happily. “Well we better get started if we want to get any sleep!” nothing could keep her away from homework!

Brenda heaved a sigh. “Our bags are in the common room.”

So down they went in Lily’s wake muttering thinks like “What the bloody hell is navigation?” and “Spoiling a perfectly good moment.” and “Dang it, I thought she would have forgotten.”

*                           *                           *                           *

James and Sirius were just coming from the Hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey had given them this potion for body pain. Naturally, it was revolting and they had spat it out all over her face.

“Best kiss ever, I swear Padfoot!”

James was cut short. Something that sounded like an elephant stampede was coming from the Girls stairs.

“What the- “

Lily, Ella, Aqua and Brenda jumped down one by one, grinning and laughing.

“Ha!” They high fived each other, proudly.

James grinned at them. He couldn’t help it. It was hard to stop grinning when Evans was near him. Probably some disease he caught over the years.

Sirius coughed pointedly.

They blushed. They had thought no one was in the common room to see them do their leaping competition. So much for that.

“Hello ladies!’ Sirius said charmingly.

As if on cue, Remus and Peter burst into the room each carrying a large pile of books.

“Hi guys!” Remus said breathlessly. “What’s up?”

“We’re good,” James said, casually stretching. Any other group of girls would have fainted at the sight of James muscles rippling. But Lily? Aqua? Brenda? Ella? Yeah, right. They didn’t even look in his direction. They were too busy looking at the boy that was climbing through the portrait hole.

“Oh,” Remus said brightly. “Haven’t you met Chad? He’s the new transfer student from… well I don’t know how to say it but I think it sounds something like Dosena…bladger…flaorashiblahblah.”

They stared. He shrugged

“I don’t know how to say it.”

Then the boy stepped into view. He was gorgeous! He had mussed fair hair and sparkling blue eyes and was just as tall as James.

“Hi!” he said to the girls. He had a very cute accent. “We haven’t actually met officially, but I’m in your year. I’m Chad Brookes. But no need to introduce yourselves, I already know you.”

The girls giggled. Yes. Giggled!

James and Sirius rolled their eyes. They recognized him. He was that new boy that every girl was talking about. Sirius inspected him. He manly admitted that he wasn’t that bad, then spoilt it by thinking, ‘What does he have that I don’t?’

“Please,” Sirius scoffed. “Who doesn’t know who they are?”

“Ah yes.” Chad flashed a grin, revealing bright white teeth. He walked towards the girls.

“Who doesn’t know who the most popular and might, I add, beautiful girls in the school are?”

They giggled again.

He took Lily’s hand and James’ expression changed from disgust to murderous. Chad, oblivious to James, bowed and kissed Lily’s hand. Lily, who was blushing madly, smiled. He really was gorgeous. But she couldn’t place the accent.

“Lily Evans,” he continued suavely. Lily wanted to melt at the way he said her name. He had more style than James and Sirius added together! Come to think of it James and Sirius never had much style. They depended on their, as much as she hated to admit it, good looks. But she would rather eat her own foot than admit to them that they were even passable as relatively good looking.  “Lily Evans, the red haired beauty with eyes like pools of emerald green. I am very honored to meet you.” He finished with a flourish and straightened up, flashing her a dazzling smile. Then he moved on to Aqua.

Aqua was already smiling.

“Aqua Triton!” Sirius’ eyes narrowed. By now he and James were glaring daggers at Chad. “Another fantastic piece of art whose beauty competes with that of Lily Evans. With eyes like that of pieces of the sky. And the beautiful luscious hair that never fails to disappoint.”

 Then he bowed again and kissed her hand.

 By now James and Sirius were being refrained from pouncing on him by Remus and Peter. Surprisingly, Chad and the four girls were oblivious to it all.

Chad grinned at Aqua. “If you will excuse my grammar of course. I have been told I have a bit of an old fashioned way of speaking.”

James snorted. “Old fashioned? Please, you speak like Lancelot of the Roun-‘

Lily growled and James stopped abruptly. Then she smiled and looked at Chad, urging him to continue. Aqua’s hair turned red. Chad let out an excited chuckle at her hair, and clapped his hands in such a child like way that it was clear on the girls’ faces that they were all thinking ‘Awwwwwwww’

Still chuckling slightly, Chad moved on to Brenda who blushed as he kissed her hand too and bowed once again. Remus paled and looked ready to join Sirius and James in their attempt to murder the poor boy.

But with a reproachful glance from Peter, he heaved a great sigh and continued to half-heartedly hold the back of Sirius’ shirt.

“Brenda Chang. A pleasure to meet you, of course.”

“No no,” Brenda giggled. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Remus forced his dinner down.

“But of course Brenda. The cutest girl that Hogwarts has ever set eyes on. With sparkling eyes like diamonds and beautiful hair. What else is there to include?” He smiled gorgeously at her and she felt her knees go week. Then he moved on to Ella.

“Ella Malcom. Last, but definitely not the least beautiful.”

Sure, Ella was not a big fan of boys since the whole Daniel thing, but she wasn’t stupid enough to resist a perfectly gorgeous boy when he turned up. She smiled at him blushing faintly.

James, Sirius, Peter and Remus froze. Nowadays, for a boy to make Aqua blush, it took hours of planning. And this boy just showed up and he was working it as if he had some magical quality that made girls fall at his feet! This infuriated James and Sirius even more and they pounced again, but not before Remus and Peter caught them again.

Chad bowed again and kissed Ella’s hand. Ella rolled her eyes but she was still smiling. Ah, to hell with Danny.

“One could stare into your eyes all day. Your hair holds me entranced and your beauty alone leaves me speechless.” He kissed her hand again and waved his wand. A silver rose appeared in Ella’s hand. He stepped back shyly, then looked at the girls and bowed a final time.

“So sorry ladies,” he said charmingly. “But I must go. I hope I shall see you later.” He winked at Ella and walked upstairs, just as Sirius and James finally managed to free themselves from their cages.

“Damn! He’s gone!” James said angrily.

“What was that for?” Sirius asked Remus just as angrily.

Remus just shook his head as if he did not even know why he had done it. They turned to the girls. They were staring dreamily at the stairs. Then they sighed simultaneously.

“Where has he been all my life?” Lily said.

”He’s like an angel.” Aqua said.

“He’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.” Brenda said.

“He’s absolutely gorgeous.” Ella said.

They sighed again.

Sirius rolled his eyes and coughed pointedly. They swerved round, surprised. They had forgotten the Marauders completely.

“Uh, hi guys,” Brenda said sheepishly.

“Yeah, good to be recognized," Sirius said sarcastically.

“We’re sorry,” Lily said dreamily. “It’s just… did you see his eyes?”

“And his hair”

“And his manners”

“And the gifts”

“The accent.”

“The face.”

“The compliments.”

“Oh the accent.”

“He likes Ella!”

“What? No he doesn’t!”

“How come he only gave you a rose then?”

“I – I – don’t know.”

“He’s perfect.”

“Did you hear when he said that my eyes are like pools of emeralds? No one’s ever said that to me before.”

“Evans, I say that to you almost every day,” James said rolling his eyes.

They ignored him.

“Did you see the way he clapped his hands like a baby?”

“Oh yeah I wanted to eat him up!”

“Aaawww!!!! It was super cute!!”

“He’s adorable!”

“Okay, okay!” Sirius said loudly. “We get it. He’s adorable. But not as adorable as me.”

He struck a pose.

They mimed vomiting. Again, they would rather eat one of their body parts than let Sirius Black know he could pass for a relatively good looking person.

“Well, I’m beat. G’night guys.” Ella yawned. There was no way in hell she could do work when she was tired. She would just end up drooling on her book. Anyway, she didn’t even understand a word of it any way. She flicked her wand. Her bag zoomed to her.

“G’night,” they all chorused back.

And she walked upstairs, admiring her rose. That Chad guy had been really cute…

“Let’s get started then,” Lily said briskly.

“Yes let’s,” Sirius said in a high pitched voice.

“Go away Black,” Lily said menacingly. Why did they always have to irk her so?

Lily. Aqua and Brenda sat down on the sofas and pulled out their muggle study notes and text books. Aqua and Brenda were grumbling.

They opened them and set to work.

*                             *                               *                                    *

Brenda was staring at her notebook.

“Lily, she asked weakly. “What are we even doing?” the only words she could understand in the textbook were the ‘the’s and the ‘and’s.

Lily smiled. “We’re to write a three foot essay on the definition of navigation, the four cardinal points, the secondary points, the parts of a ship, the movement of the sea and the island coordinates.”

They all stared at her.

“What?” she asked defensively. “Have you boys done it?”

We spent hours in the library doing it,” Remus said indicating himself and Peter.

James quickly pulled his lying face on. “Psh. Psh …Uh, puh…uh yeah! Of course we’ve done it.” The last thing he needed now was Evans telling him how irresponsible he was. She hadn’t yelled at him once! And he was determined to keep it that way for now. Although he did like seeing the way her eyes flared up when she was angry.

“You’re lying,” Lily said in a bored voice.

Well, then.

“How do you know I’m lying?”

“You run your hand through your hair when you lie.”

James quickly brought his hair down. He did not even know when it had gone to his hair.

“No, I don’t,” he said. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously. Damn. He did it again.

Lily smirked.

“Prongsie, I love you but you stink at lying so shut up,” Sirius muttered darkly. Then, out of the blue, a brilliant distraction came to him. He put up a great big smile and said,

“My dear Lilykins. We shall indeed perform the sad and unfortunate thing that is called homework. But first implore you have a little, ah, how shall I put it? Fun with us…”

“I, Sirius Black, and he, James Potter challenge you Lily Evans and she, Aqua Triton, I would invite Brenda as well but she is a little, ah, occupied…

Brenda was sitting with Remus as he tried to explain the assignment to her. She probably wasn’t listening to what he was saying, seeing as she was just staring dreamily at his face.

Sirius continued.

“We challenge you to a game of…”

“Stop the hype Black. What is it?” Aqua said, irritated. Him and his stupid games.

“Fine, a game of Truth or Dare.” He said the last three words in such a way that it sent shivers up Lily and Aqua’s backs.

They went silent.

Then they burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked a confused James.

“What makes you think we would actually agree to that?” Aqua spluttered.

“Yeah. We’re not as stupid as you think we are.” Lily gasped.

“Oh, but you will agree. Or else…” Sirius smirked.

The girls went silent immediately.

“You wouldn’t,” Lily glared. Then again, he was perfectly capable of doing it…

“Oh yes. We would.” James grinned.

Sirius flicked his wand, and their bags and notes and quills zoomed to the boys’ dorm, leaving Aqua and Lily gaping like fishes.

“You… you… you did not just take our stuff to your dorm,” Lily said weakly.

“Really?” Sirius walked towards Lily. He put a finger under her chin and pushed her mouth close. “Whatever let’s you sleep at night, Evans.”

Lily glared at him and snatched her jaw from his hand.

“Sirius Orion Black. Give us back our books. Now!!” Lily said, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“No. Not until you play our game,” Sirius pouted.

She glowered at him. This was useless. On a normal day she would have probably hexed him badly. Today, she was incredibly tired. She sighed, accepting defeat.

“What’s the catch?”

Sirius smiled delightedly and said,

“No. No we get to our playing area first, then we give our conditions.”

Lily’s face crumpled in thought. “You…have… a playing area??!!

They nodded happily.

“Which is where?” Aqua asked tiredly.

“Oh you’ll see,” Sirius said mischievously. “Now let’s go before it gets too late.”

Lily and Aqua exchanged glances. This had trouble written all over it.

“And what if we get caught?” asked Aqua.

“We’ll use this,” James pulled out a silvery black cloak.

“No way,” Lily and Aqua whispered.

“Yes way, “ James grinned. “Now get over here.”

Lily and Aqua stood up and walked slowly towards them keeping their eyes on the cloak. When they got there, James threw the cloak over the four of them.

“What about our feet?” Lily murmured.

James flicked his wand and tapped it on each of their heads. Lily felt the sensation of something wet trickling down the back of her neck.

“Evans and Triton, come to the front. Sirius and I will direct you from the back. Now walk. We have the marauder’s map. No need asking what it is. But I guarantee we won’t be caught.”

Lily rolled her eyes but moved all the same.

And on they walked. Out of the portrait hole and down many corridors and corners. The only noise that could be heard was the soft patter of their footsteps and the occasional “Potter if you put your hands there one more time, I swear I will hex you into oblivion” and “Black you have two seconds to remove your hands from there.”

Finally they stopped in front of a double door.

“Alohomora,” whispered James, and they heard a click.

Lily pushed opened the second door and Aqua pushed open the first and they felt their mouths drop open.

They were on a very large rounded stone balcony. There were flowers near the railings and on the floor near it. If you went to the edge, you could see for miles and miles. Above them, the stars were twinkling brightly.

“Sweet Jesus,” Lily whispered.

“Sweet who?” Sirius asked curiously. He and James were looking amused by Aqua and Lily’s expression.

“Never mind,” Lily said impatiently. “How did you find-“

“Let’s get cracking,” Sirius said rubbing his hands together.  It would not do to tell the Head Girl how they found it.“Time for our conditions. It’s called Truth or Dare…Marauder’s style. First, we’re paired. It’s me and Prongsie against you and Triton. Second, we use this.” He put his hand in his pocket and brought a small, bright green rubber ball. “If you lie, it glows. Thirdly, me and Prongs start first. This game is more of a double game. The question or dare applies to you both. And lastly, the dare has to be performed and the truth must be told. If it is not, the person will profess their undying love for Snivellus Snape. Do not attempt trickery as you are already magically blinded. The only way you are excused not to perform the desired action is in case of emergency. All clear?”

Lily and Aqua were looking horrified. They nodded slowly.

“Good,” James clapped his hands happily.

They sat down cross legged in the middle, Lily and Aqua opposite them James and Sirius with the green ball in the middle.

“Aren’t you guys a little uncomfortable?” James asked them, raising an eyebrow.

They were still wearing their Hogsmeade clothes.

“Yeah, we are,” Aqua said gratefully. “We’ll be back in a sec.”

Lily and Aqua jumped up and walked out the balcony. Luckily, there was a prefect’s bathroom directly opposite.

First Lily flicked her wand and their pajamas appeared.

Aqua looked at Lily, horrified.

“Lily there is no way we can wear our bunny pajamas in front of them. We would never leave it down!”

Lily rolled her eyes.


She flicked her wand twice. The old ones disappeared and new ones appeared.

“Much better,” Aqua smiled.

“What’s the difference?” Lily asked in wonder. “Mine is just that oversized green shirt my dad got me for my sixteenth birthday and those blue shorts that can barely be seen beneath my shirt. Yours is that tight yellow shirt and those vertically striped pink and white loose cotton trousers that always that always drag on the floor!”

“Like I said, much better,” Aqua smirked.

Lily sighed. Aqua was a piece of work alright. Sometimes she wondered if it was a mermaid thing.

They removed their shoes and wore a pair of black flip flops. They cleaned up all the make up and packed their hair into loose ponytails. Then they flicked their wands and all of the things disappeared to their dorms. They tiptoed out and opened the doors to the balcony quietly and went in closing the doors behind them. James and Sirius seemed to be arguing.

“We’re ready,” Aqua said as they sat down.

James and Sirius looked at them in shock then shook their heads.

“What?” asked Lily confused.

“Oh nothing,” Sirius said quickly covering his shock with a smirk. “We just think you should go au naturelle more often.”

Lily’s jaw snapped audibly. She hated it when a Marauder apart from Remus made a comment about how she looked. It made her feel self conscious.

“Ask away,” Aqua said through gritted teeth.

“Fine. Truth …” James leaned in, unaware of the discomfort he had caused her. “Or dare?”

Aqua exchanged glances.

“Truth,” they said.

 Heavens knew the type of dares they would give.

“Hmmmm. Let’s see,’ Sirius pondered. “Aha! Are you a virgin?”

Lily’s eyebrow shot up. Aqua turned slightly green.

Then they blushed.

“Yes,” they said defiantly, still blushing.

“Really?” Sirius asked, surprised.

Lily coughed pointedly and Aqua asked hurriedly. “Your turn, truth or dare?”

“We’ll take it easy for now. Truth,” said James winking.

“Why do you like me?” Lily asked bluntly.

Sirius grinned. “I can honestly say I don’t like you Evans. At least not like that. So tell us Jamesie.” He turned to James. “Why do you like Evans? Never understood myself.”

James blushed furiously.

“I – I think… ‘cause you’re different, I guess,” he muttered.

Aqua and Sirius tried to stifle their laughter as Lily scrutinized James as if to detect if he was lying. She had been expecting him to say something stupid like, “You’re hot.” Maybe there was a different side to Potter. Maybe. Just maybe-

“Evans, I know you find me attractive and irresistible but you really should learn to hide your affections for me instead of displaying them openly by staring at me.” He said cockily.

Lily snapped back to reality. Nope, there was no different side. She was just mistaken.

She glared at him.

“Your turn. Truth or Dare?” Sirius asked.

“Truth,” they said quickly.

They were not ready for the Marauder’s crazy dares.

“Come on, “James whined.

“Fine. Next time we’ll choose dare.”

“Good. Now lemme think. Yes. Tell us any secret at all.”

Their eyes widened.

“I sleep with a teddy bear. His name is Mr. Cuddles,” Lily whispered.

“In the night, when I feel hungry I steal some of Lily’s chocolate stash.” Aqua whispered.

Lily looked at Aqua in surprise. So it had been Aqua! Every morning she would wake up to find some of her chocolate had disappeared. She had long since accepted that a little man she had dubbed Mr. Chocoman came to take some in the night.

You were Mr. Chocoman?”

Aqua’s expression was a cross between amused, apologetic and surprise.


They looked at Sirius and James. They were staring straight ahead mouths fixed and eyes watering in the useless attempt to stifle their laughter.

“Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want.” Aqua said crossly.

James and Sirius roared with laughter, rolling on the floor, tears pouring down their faces.

“Mr. Cuddles,” James gasped.

“Mr. Chocoman,” Sirius sputtered.

“Yeah, we get it. Funny. Hahaha. Now it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

James and Sirius composed themselves.


Lily cast her mind for something embarrassing. Then she remembered how her parents had forced her to do the salsa in front of her muggle school when she was eight. That had been one of the most embarrassing days of her life!

‘We dare you to do the salsa.”

“Aww come on!”

“Sorry. A dare’s a dare.” Lily flicked her wand. A faint Spanish song was sounding softly from God knew where.

Grumbling, they stood up.

“I’m the boy,” James said quickly.

“Damn,” Sirius muttered.

They faced each other. James put his hand on Sirius waist, cringing, and Sirius put his hand on James shoulder. Their other hands were entwined by the side. By now, Lily and Aqua were giggling uncontrollably. They glared at them and started to dance, wiggling their hips stupidly. By the time James had dipped Sirius and the song ended, Lily and Aqua were laughing harder than James and Sirius had.

The boys sat down.

“You are going to pay,” James said evilly.

“Truth or dare?”


“Ah.” Sirius said waving his finger. ‘You promised you would pick dare.”

They stopped laughing at once. Well, that was a stupid move.

“So we dare you…”James started.

“Why do you guys always do this tension thing?” Lily snapped.

“So you can prepare yourself for the bad news, ‘cause we dare you to kiss us.”

There was silence.

“Damn,” Lily cursed under her breath. She couldn’t kiss Potter! She just couldn’t!

“How did I miss that?” Aqua wailed silently. She was not ready to kiss Sirius at all. Not to mention it was incredibly mean of them to take advantage of them like that. No. If she kissed anyone, it would be because she wanted to, not because she had to.

“Helloooo? Sometime before we graduate?” Sirius said impatiently.

“Oh would you look at the time? It’s getting quite late.” Lily said hurriedly, looking at her wrist.

“Nice plan Evans. But you don’t have a watch.” James pointed out.

Lily and Aqua looked at each. Aqua gave Lily a What-the-hell-are-we-meant-to-do-now-I-don’t-want-to-kiss-him! look. Lily gave her a What-else-Wing-it-of-course! look back.

“Ouch! My head.” Lily clapped her hand to her head.

 “Achoo!” Aqua gave a very convincing sneeze.

“Would you look at that –“

“Terrible cold-“

“Pounding headache-“

“At the wrong time too –“

“What a pity –“

“Won’t want to give it to you –“

“Can’t kiss with a headache –“

“Really won’t do –“

“Not at all –“

“Pity though –“

The green ball glowed bright green.

Lily and Aqua shot it evil looks.

“Nice try though,” James grinned.

They sighed.


They looked at each other one more time. Praying to God for some distraction, Lily leaned reluctantly to James and Aqua leaned reluctantly to Sirius. They closed their eyes. Their lips were a hair’s breath away from each other. Just a little more…
mwahahaaaaa!!!! i know useless cliffie. dont worry. Imma get better at that ;) so what dyou fink huh?? i wrote this long chappie so i could get to the point of the story before you get bored :) so read on!! and review!!

oh i almost forgot the pic!!

umm okay so here is Chad's pic

like?? I do! i know i know, lily and aquas pics are coming soon. im also doing the little boys too.

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