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Semi Charmed Life by SlytherinSweetie
Chapter 17 : Semi Charmed life
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I had been right tough times were ahead. Three months ahead to be exact. Draco had gone to the Headmaster as he had promised. Mrs. Malfoy had been moved to a safe house and Mr. Malfoy was none to happy to say the least. Draco had received several howlers through the first month of his disownership but my love had never looked back.

He’d become quick friends with a few Ravenclaws and even Ernie from Hufflepuff. However it took much longer for the Gryffindors to come around. They didn’t trust him very much, they said he would have to prove himself to them. Well his day had come, and I truly wish it never had.

It was late March when the Death Eaters took over Hogsmeade and invaded Hogwarts. It was late March when everything I had was put to the test.


It had to be two o’clock in the morning when the siren went off. I felt like it was right next to my head. Sirens were blaring and red lights were flashing waking everyone in the castle. The entire student body reported to the Great Hall as was Hogwarts regulation.

“ My young minds. I’m afraid to say the Hogsmeade and Hogwarts are being invaded. Only those of age may stay, the rest of you will make your way to seventh floor and do as Professor Sprout tells you. “ Dumbledore said urgently before taking off to God knows where.

Many of the younger years left, including all of Slytherin except Draco Evan Malik and I. Most Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws above fifth year had stayed and all of fifth year Gryffindor and up had stayed.

“ You can not all stay!” McGonagall said shrilly.
“ Like hell we’re leaving.” Harry yelled back.
“ This is our school, our home. We’re going to fight for it.” I backed Harry up and our fate was decided.

Death Eaters were standing at the Gates of Hogwarts looking like demons from Hell itself. Behind them floating almost stood Voldemort. He glowed eerily compared with the dark night and I felt the adrenaline start pumping through my veins.

It was this monster who had taken my mother from me. It was this monster who had taken my from my family and it was this monster I hated more than anything on Gods green earth. This son of a bitch was going down and he was taking as many death eaters with him as my wand would allow.

“Layla.” I heard Draco call to me as I stood at the front doors.
“ Yes love.” I said calmly.
Draco took my shoulder and spun me around to face him. He didn’t look scarred but determined. A grave sense of seriousness made up his features and I couldn’t help but think that I had never seen a more beautiful man before in my life.

“ Layla I love you. I know I could never stop you from fighting in this war but I’m more scarred for you than I am for myself and it’s the most un - Slytherin thing I’ve ever done in my life. Promise me when this is all over Layla, I’ll still have you.” Draco spoke quickly.
“ I’ll always be with you Draco. I love you. Make sure you come back to me.”


A red curse whizzed by my head as I ran along the grounds looking for my next fight. I’d taken down a number of death eaters already and I was hungry looking for more. My Gryffindor courage was at its peak tonight. I wasn’t afraid but I felt the fear inside me. I greeted it with a cold nod and embraced the strength in which it gave me.
“ Oh if it isn’t the little Snape slut. Hows daddy darling?” I heard a cruel female voice behind me.
“ Very well thanks for asking.” I snapped back.

Bellatrix Lestrange was a force to be reckon with and the entire wizarding world knew it. She was only surpassed in cruelness by her master. She was known for the torture of the Longbottoms that landed Nevilles parents in St. Mungos ward for the incurably insane.

She had wild black curls and dark hooded eyes. She could have been beautiful once upon a time but now she was marked with her own cruelness, her sins etched onto her skin.

“ CRUCIO!” she yelled sending the fire red curse my way.
I didn’t move quick enough and the curse hit me sending me into a wave of unbearable pain. It felt as if a thousand hot steak knifes were plunging into my body every minute the curse was held on me. I heard screaming and it took a few minutes to register that it was coming from me and not another duel. Sweet relief came but not soon enough.

“ Was that painful my dirty little whore? I should hope so.” the mistress of dark smirked triumphantly.
“ Your mother screamed the same way.” she taunted.
“REDUCTO!” it was the only spell I could think of.

I looked away as I heard the scream of Bellatrix and ran on only to stop at an amazing sight before me. Harry and Voldemort stood wand to wand measuring each other up. This was the last stand, we all knew it. Either our world would fall into complete darkness or the light would prevail like in ever fairytale. What a twisted little fairytale I’d let myself live.

“ This is it Potter, the end of the line.” Lord Voldemort sneered.
“ I know.” Harry said sternly and the duel began.

For a mere teenager Harry was an incredible duelist, his skills were legendary inside the walls of Hogwarts and I had a feeling they’d soon be legendary outside them too.

“ AVA KEDAVARA!” Voldemort yelled in a last ditch effort.
“ PROTEGA!’ it was Harry’s only chance.

The green light ricocheted off Harry’s shield before Harry collapsed from his magic being drained. The green light hit and unsuspecting Voldemort and the Dark Lord fell to the ground. He was dead! It was all over!


Draco finally found me in the Great Hall in the midst of the celebration. Everyone was running around finding loved ones and family. I was with my brothers when Draco had found me but we hadn’t found Dad yet. I feared the worst. The death eaters had wanted him dead almost as much as they wanted Harry and Dumbledore.

“ LAYLA LOVE!” Draco screamed before picking me off my feet and twirling me in a warm embrace.

I kissed him hard. His lips tasted salty and slightly brittle but I’d never had a better kiss. Silent tears of relief flooded my face as I kissed the man I loved.

“ Don’t cry Layla love.” Draco whipped my tears away with his calloused thumbs.
“ I’m just so relieved your okay Draco.” I hid my face into his shoulder.


It was two hours later when the final death toll was announced. Four hundred and twenty people had died defending the wizarding world that night and one of them was my father.

They announced his name with honor but I couldn’t help but burst into tears. I’d just gotten my father, my true father this year and they’d taken him from me. First my mother and now my father. It was cruel, it was unfair and it was the worst form of cruelty the death eaters had in their arsenal of pain.

Others had been lost. Both Wealsey twins, Remus Lupin, Professor Flitwick, Filch, Aberforth Dumbledore, Ernie, Colin Creevy, and Cho Chang were among the dead.

I’d never felt so much heartache in my entire life. I truly thought I’d never be able to live a normal day again, that I would never truly smile again in my life. Yes I still had Draco, Evan, Malik, Harry, and Ron. Yes I loved them and they were my family. But I was Daddy’s little girl, and Daddy was gone.

It takes death to make you truly appreciate life, which is a sad fact but the truth. My father had been a great man and had given me a charmed life in the short time he was able to. I dedicate my charmed life to him. I live in a diluted fairytale, my semi- charmed life.

This is the last chapter. :(

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Semi Charmed Life : Semi Charmed life


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