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Finding it All by bbfreak59
Chapter 1 : 1. A New Beginning
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A/N: My first story! Well, first published anyway. Have fun reading! Any and all reviews are great, even criticism, as long as it’s constructive and help me make this story better.

Disclaimer: Any thing or one you may recognize belongs not to me, but to the wonderful, imaginative creators of it.

And on with the story.

“Then what do you have to fight for?” shouted a fierce Ginny Weasely.

“You,” replied Draco Malfoy, letting his guard down for once.

Ginny got the blazing look on her face as she threw her arms –

“Caroline! Anyone in there?” my mother asked.

If only they were real.

“What were you dreaming about this time, sissy?” my sister, Alexis, asked.

“How great it would be if I was able to jinx you every time you called me sissy.” I was in a bad mood. I had been ever since the start of Easter Break. I was mad because the only way possible to get out of driveway was by tractor. My dad was using the tractor to drive eleven miles to the dairy everyday but he refused to bring me five miles into town to see my best friend, Megan. The satellite dish was covered with snow every five minutes, so the TV wouldn’t work, and we were kicked off the computer. That meant we had to clean. And to top it all off, I couldn’t run, my only stress relief. In the winter, Megan and I would run around the halls in school. The teachers didn’t care; we were their star cross country runners.

“Cut it out you two,” my mom said. She and my father proceeded to talk about cows – AGAIN. I love cows and every thing – support the industry that supports you – but it could be too much for a fourteen year old girl.

I started to lapse into a daydream again when I heard a soft “pop.” Later I would say that was the sound of the rest of my life, even if that doesn’t make sense.

“What was that noise?” I asked.

“Probably the dogs screwing around,” my dad answered.

“I didn’t hear any –, “ but my sister’s rudeness was cut off by a knock on the door. Looking back, I realized our driveway was only accessible by tractor and snowmobile, both of which were noisy.
Alexis and I locked eyes for a split second, and then we jumped out of our chairs and raced to the door. Of course I beat her because I was a runner and she was ten.

I opened the door, expecting the neighbor come to see if we were still alive, but found a young woman with bushy brown hair and wearing what you would call robes. My heart skipped a beat.

By that time my mom had come over and invited her in. thank goodness for my hours of cleaning.

“Hello, I’m Hermione Granger, sorry to intrude upon your supper, but I have some important business to discuss,” said the woman of my dreams.

At that point I couldn’t breathe, but my mom just burst out laughing. She knew all about the wizarding world, as she read the Harry Potter books, but she just wasn’t obsessed like me.

“That’s a good joke, who sent you?” my mom said.

Hermione snapped her fingers and a folder popped into her hand.

My dad had ambled over and saw that brilliant breach of science. All four of us were speechless, quite a feat for Alexis and my mom.

“Why don’t we sit down?” Hermione said as she directed us to our couch. I started shaking with excitement. Hermione sat in a chair that I don’t remember us ever having.

“I hope you know what I am by now.” Hermione directed to my parents.

They just nodded. I don’t think my dad knew what was going on, he was more into biographies.

But I knew exactly what was going on. And it sucked, just like the rest of my life. Alexis was a witch. I knew she had levitated when we were arguing today. I probably set her off, she was so moody. She didn’t even like magic, the heathen she was. It simply wasn’t fair. I think my eyes filled with tears.

“I have come to tell you that one of your daughters is a witch. I’m here on behalf of the Ministry of Magic of Great Britain. The American Ministry just found out mere hours ago that one of your girls has magical abilities.” She paused and looked at her notes.

“Since the magical school in Salem, Massachusetts, the only other English speaking magical school aside from Hogwarts, is failing at this time, the wizarding community in Britain has decided to invite your daughter to Hogwarts.”

My mom look amazed, and my dad simply dumbfounded.

“But there is one catch. You would have to move to Britain,” she said apprehensively.

Now my mom paled. I knew we didn’t have the money to pick up and move to England. Jobs were here. All our friends were here. We couldn’t just leave.

Then I guess Hermione checked her notes and blushed. She seemed a little flustered, but went on.

“And I almost forgot. We, the Ministry that is, have found you a house on the Eastern Coast of England. It has a barn and pasture for your horses. A job has also been found for you, Mrs. Fresia. You would work from home, talking to farmers over the phone about possible improvements. As for you, Mr. Fresia, a 500 cow dairy near your home will be in need of a herdsman. The American ministry will pay off your mortgage here along with your vehicles, and also the house in England. Of course all of this is only if you accept.”

“We’d have to talk about it as a family,” my mom said.

“Would you have a decision by tomorrow at this time? I have some business to do in a place called South Dakota.” Hermione answered, popping away her folder.

“That would work just fine. And South Dakota is Northwest of here,” my mom answered.

“Well I should be going then.” Hermione said, getting up. We followed her to the door. “I’ll just let you finish your supper.” We all looked over at the table where the cats were eating our dinner.

“Thank you for coming. See you tomorrow night,” my mom said.

Hermione started to walk out the door.

“Wait!” I knew it was Lex, but I had one shot left. “Which one of us is it?” I had tears running down my cheeks.

“Oh, let me see.” Hermione re-popped the folder and ruffled through it. She blushed and stopped looking once she realized the name was on the front. “Caroline Elizabeth Fresia.”

I could have fainted. Instead I screamed. My dad walked into the kitchen to get some uneaten food to eat. Alexis let out a breath.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t me, sissy, I would have been miserable.”

I hugged her and gave her a smooch on the forehead.

“How did they figure it out?” my mom asked Hermione.

“I guess she has been showing a small amount when she ran, but not enough for the systems the American ministry uses to catch. But today she levitated something, and the system caught it.” Hermione said with disgust, probably about the system of the American ministry.

“I knew I flew,” Alexis said.

My dad snorted from the kitchen.

“Well you can tell me of your decision tomorrow, have a good night.” And with that, Hermione stepped out the door, and swished away with a ‘pop.’

The rest of us went into the kitchen to eat some uneaten food with my dad.

“Well, Caroline, what would you like to do? The rest of us would love to live in England. The answer is up to you.” And that was my ultimatum.

“I need to see Megan.” I said, looking pointedly at my dad.

“When I get home from work tomorrow I’ll bring you into town.”

“Thank you Daddy!” I said as I got up and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Alexis yawned and my mom looked like she really wanted to talk to my dad.

“Come on, Lex, let’s get to bed.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the stairs.

“We can go sit on your bed and talk into the night like you and Megan do!” she said excitedly as she yawned again.

“How ‘bout we sit and talk on your bed.” 

A/N: Well, how was it? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I promise more chapters yet to come!

Review, por vavor!

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Finding it All: 1. A New Beginning


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