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At His Side by CatGryffindor
Chapter 3 : The differences between professions
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Hermione pinched the bridge of her delicate nose and let out a groan, blindly pushing the mounds of parchment to the far corner of her desk as she muttered grimly "how long have we been here?".

"Today or this shift?", Paige's voice low as she switched her sleek eagle feather for a Sugar Quill.

Sipping cold tea Hermione made a face and heated up the mug with a tap of her wand "whatever is longer".

"Sixteen hours", the fellow Healer mumbled around her sugary snack "but that's just working hours, not in-the-office-hiding hours-".

Tender brown curls flew up as Hermione's head shot up from her chart "we're not hiding, we're taking a break in our office".

Paige nodded, brought out some Toothflossing Stringmints and laughed "except we didn't tell anyone where we were going".

"Erm", Hermione's eyes met Paige's before her face broke into a grin "ok you win, we're hiding".

An instant later the door swung open and a tall, golden eyed, sandyhaired adonis of a Healer entered with a flourish of his arms "what do I win for finding you two then?".

Beaming at the male Healer Paige turned to Hermione and mouthed "so cute!".

"Heard that", his tone full of laughter as he waved several rolls of parchment "back to work, ladies. We just got a rush of kids with spell damage".

Hermione drained her mug and chewed a few Toothflossing Stringmints as she gathered her hair into a messy knot of curls at the nape of her neck "how would children have spell damage?".

Paige pocketed her sweets and pulled her strawberry blonde locks into a high ponytail as she followed the twosome "yeah Jer, kids don't have wands".

Jogging down the stairs Jeremy divided the scrolls between the three of them, unrolling one of his and reading the back story to give the general idea of what they'll be dealing with:

"Candice Glenman snuck off with her father's wand, gathering under a tree in her backyard with thirty other children from her birthday party. Each child took turns waving their stolen wands until it broke out into a water-and-slime fight that lead to an all out spell war. Miss Glenman has multiple wiggling bunny tails covering her body, over-sized bunny ears drooping onto her shoulders and her nose has been hexed to twitch continuosly. She is also covered with a pink slime that smells of bubblegum and sprouts bubbles that refuse to pop".

Hermione and Paige frowned behind Jeremy, shaking their heads with sympathy before entering the children's ward and swatting away the bubbles, birds, clouds, dragonflies and floating tuffs of cotton candy that clouded the air.

"Mother of Merlin", Hermione's voice barely a whisper as she raised her wand to clear the busy air, waving it nanoseconds before a screaming chorus of "no!" and "don't!". Instantly the air thickened three times over, the parents and Healers ducking to talk under the clutter as the children cried and sniffled from their various positions.

Hermione blushed a deep pink and spoke above the noise "I'm so sorry everyone!". Shrugging meekly at Paige and Jeremy they all seperated to their patients.

Slowly but surely the air started to clear with each restored child, leaving only the candy cotton tuffs behind as a snack for anyone who dared eat them. Only Jeremy was brave enough to try a sugary treat, and sure enough his hair turned pink and whipped around like a tornado until Hermione managed to freeze it and Paige shattered it with an Engorged reflex hammer.

Jeremy entertained the children with Muggle slight-of-hand while Paige and Hermione collected the needed payment from the parents, finally sending the children off with sweets and Transfigured toys. Collapsing against each other the Head Healer came in and dismissed the threesome, each person Disappariting home with sighs of relief.

Draco linked arms with Mackenzie before Apparating into a Quidditch shop, oggling at the newest broom "Dragons'Wind?".

"Says its faster than the Firebolt", Mackenzie's voice curious as she stroked the polished dark wood and twisted bristles "looks like it could be".

Running a single finger over the handle Draco nodded to himself before walking to the counter and order two, walking back to the still curious female "ordered you one too, need anything while we're here?".

Mackenzie blinked "you had mentioned needing wax and new gloves", chewing her lip gently before petting Draco's hand as she whispered "and thank you".

"You're getting new gloves too, and goggles", his hand pulling her along by a beltloop "you squint alot when we fly in bad lighting". Mackenzie frowned when Draco looked at her "it's not healthy or attractive, Mack".

Sliding on a diamond-crusted pair she stuck out her tongue at Draco "is this better?".

"A vast improvement", his nimble fingers pulling the goggles down Mackenzie's face and onto her collarbone like an odd necklace before gently pushing an aviator-style pair over her eyes "these are more practical though".

Mackenzie brushed her fingers against the glare-reducing black material "I was only joking about the diamonds, they'd reflect too much light", her eyes sparkling behind the purple lenses "and Pansy was going to drop by today".

"I am aware of that", Draco's hand removing both goggles before sending them to the front in addition to a case of wax and orders for new gloves. Turning to his side Draco saw a lack of presence, his eyes landing on Mackenzie thumbing through Qudditch robes. Smirking at the twinkle in her eye he walked up behind her and rested his chin on her shoulder.

Chuckling softly Mackenzie smoothed her hand over emerald green wool "do you ever miss Hogwarts?". Her fingers tickling the silver stitching as she spoke again in a longing tone "being on a Quidditch team, flying for the Cup?".

Draco frowned slightly as he nodded "some days, yes". Reaching around Mackenzie he touched the fabric "good quality, you want a set?".

"And who would get the green ones?", Mackenzie's voice trailing as she gripped the sleeve belonging to her size "I mean, I did find them and everything-".

"But", his arm wrapping around her waist as Draco pulled her back while reaching for his size "Malfoys are known Slytherins, and that means green".

Clutching the sleeve to her chest as Draco held her to his body Mackenzie reached to grab the hanger "finder's keepers", her fingers tickling the sculpted hook before she let out a shrill gasp.

The sleeve slipped from her grasp as Draco swung her to the side, grabbing the shoulder of his size before releasing her waist only to have Mackenzie pounce on his arm. Draco instinctively let go of the the plush cloth and wrapped his arms around Mackenzie, losing his balance and sending the twosome crashing into the racks with matching gasps. Robes parted and fell off hangers as they hit the wall and slid to the floor, limbs tangled they sat for a moment with matching smirks before roaring with laughter.

Draco laughed into Mackenzie's hair as everyone in the shop gathered near them and gawked, their whispers rushed and ignored as toned bodies bumped and rubbed against each other. A thick curtain of black hair covered most of Mackenzie's face with her lean form on top of Draco's, her knees bent and slithering around his legs while her chest bumped against Draco's shoulder as she shook with laughter. His arms still wrapped around Mackenzie's waist as his eyes went back and forth between the crowd to her chest.

Hidden amongst the crowd photographers snapped pictures of Draco sitting comfortably on the floor with an attractive female moving on top of him. Their cameras catching the images from different angles making the scene look more like a steamy session between lovers and not at all like a funny accident between close friends. Without sound the movements of Draco's lips could be taken as murmurs of passion and not smothered laughter, and for that the photographers kept snapping pictures.

Gentle snickers were heard from a witch crouched down behind a display, her camera catching images of Draco's lips close to the plump lips of a female and moving closer before being hidden behind the swishing black hair. She took a moment to grin at her work before placing her camera into a silk indigo bag, tapping it with her wand and sending it to her editor.

Picking themselves off the floor Mackenzie and Draco grabbed several Quidditch robes, Mackenzie's a variety of colors and Draco's multiple sets of black, green and greys. The pile larger than they could carry Draco sent them to the front, slinging his arm around his mate's hips before walking pass the clerk and dropping a sack of gold with a muttered "all of it to Malfoy Manor". Opening the door of the shop Draco welcomed the gentle kiss Mackenzie gave him on the lips before stroking her cheek and Apparating with a gentle pop, leaving the toned female to pull the door closed with a snap before Apparating herself.

Hermione relaxed in the bath, her hair damp with bubbles as she massaged honey and clove bath butter into her skin before rinsing off and grabbing lounge clothes. Pulling on loose fleece pants, soft long sleeved tee and warmed socks she stepped into slippers before grabbing a hoody and walking to her kitchen. The slender spoon tinked as she stirred a mug of tea, flipping through the morning Daily Prophet before catching the afternoon addition a tawny owl delivered. Feeding the bird old bread before it flew out the window Hermione settled down on the couch with both newpapers.

Flipping through the morning paper Hermione shook her head at the nonsense about Draco Malfoy, her eyes focusing on the important articles before folding the read paper and picking up the afternoon addiction. Hermione rolled her eyes at the cover story, a picture of Draco Malfoy and Unknown Beauty moving intimately circled by the caption 'Draco Malfoy and Unknown Beauty have a soon-to-be unclothed moment in the Definition of Quidditch shop in Diagon Alley'.

Shaking her wet curls Hermione smacked the picture and shouted out to her empty home "what's so interesting about Draco Malfoy?!".

"Everything", the longing female voice breathed "absolutely everything".

a/n: so sorry for delay, but next chapt is mostly written so it should be out asap after this one. also, may be writing a few short stories or one-shots; aiming for comedies.

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