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Gutted by a rollerball
Chapter 3 : The Christmas From Hell? Part II
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Disclaimer- you know the drill!

Chapter 3
The Christmas from hell?
Part II

Roses POV

Dom giggled.

I turned my head to look at her. She pointed me towards Malfoy. I shifted me gaze as he looked up at me determinedly.

He looked scared.

I wondered why as I stared into his eyes. (Did you know they say the eyes are the window to the soul?) But his eyes were like a bottomless pit.

You could never see the bottom. You could never see his true feelings. The deeper I searched the more lost I got.

Then, I found myself remembering how he had changed over the years.

First year- he was horrible to me all the time. Even Al was a little put out.

Second year- he suddenly got nice halfway thought the year. At first I was suspicious, but when it didn’t end, I was okay with it.

Third year- third year was the freakiest year, he was always staring at me strangely which I never quite got.

Forth year- he kept dragging me off for these “private little talks” but when it came to it he would ask me something completely normal, like how are you?

Fifth year- everything changed when I got a boyfriend. He just blanked me for ages and then he got real nasty with sarcy little comments like “Jeez Rose, after what happened last night you might want to take another pregnancy test. You might need another abortion”. James and Al laid onto him a lot that year but that didn’t put him off.

And sixth-when he goes back to being perfectly normal (oh, except when he asks out my part vela cousin for a bet).

In conclusion Malfoy is just as weird as my parents make out his dad to be.

“Bill, I really wish you’d let me cut it!” I heard Molly say.

My gaze wondered to then for a few seconds but then returned when I realized they were talking about his hair yet again.

Malfoy looked slightly relived. Why would he look relived? Strange. Then as I’ve said before he's a strange boy.


I looked around the same time Malfoy did. Different emotions on different faces. Most confused, but Al and Dom smirking. (Note to self kill them later.) The majority were staring at Malfoy but mum and aunt Ginny were looking at me… Worriedly?

I heard a mutter, and the scraping of a chair on wooden floors. Turning around I saw Malfoy running off, blushing madly.


“Right, shall we all move into the lounge, to give me a chance to clean up in here then” Oh joys!


It was crowed in the lounge but its one of those things you just put up with. All the parents started talking about money, kids, garbage days. The usual stuff. James, Al, Fred and Hugo moved off into the garden for a game of 2 a-side Quidditch. Teddy and Victoire peeled off into one of the bedrooms for a quick snog while nana molly was busy.

God, they go at it like rabbits sometimes! Ew! Nasty mental image. Teddy. Rabbits. Victoire. Not a combination you want to think about.

My expression must have been messed up because Dom’s staring at me weird. I “silently” told her not to worry.

So now it’s just me, Dom and the adults (not counting the sleeping Louis).

Time to make an exit, me thinks.


“Dom, what’s with the bedroom?”

“What’s with you and Malfoy?”


“No! Seriously. What’s up with you two?”

“I don’t know Dom. I just don’t know.”

“What do you mean you do know?”

“It’s just… Well… That”

“Just spit it out Rose” Dom said impatiently.

“He's changed” I blurted out.


“No, Dom, you don’t get it. This isn’t one of your on off relationships, that lasts a few weeks. This is different. I don’t know how or why. But it feels like something different. Something strange. Something new…”

Despite the fact I had basically called her a slag, she kept calm in the silence.

“Rose, you hate him.”

“I know Dom, but he's changed.”

“Trust me he hasn’t, I’ve had it first hand from Scorpius Malfoy. He asked me out for a bet, remember?”

There was a sharp intake of breath but maybe it was just my imagination.

“Just leave it for a while, wait and see what happens.”

I was gunna live to regret this. With one last look at me, Dom opened the door and walked out.

As I entered the lounge my gaze drifted over to Scorpius.

He looked happy. I wonder why.

He was happy the rest of the evening. I kept throwing him glances but he just kept smiling. Something had changed.

Dom and Al were confused. To tell you the truth so was I.


Scorpius’ POV

Life looked a little brighter now. Rose liked me. She might not know exactly how she felt, but she didn’t hate me anymore. If only I could get her to see the real me rather than the son and heir everyone thinks I am, then she might even love me.

"Slow down scorpo" said the annoyingly sensible part of my brain. You don’t know that for sure.

See this is the thing that put a real downer on life. Sensibility.

“Hey Scorp”

I turned around to see Al walking towards me.


“Right” he whispered “you know my parents are going to the ministry ball for New Years Christmas. Well me and James were sort of planning to have a party of our own, and well since your staying with us, well, you get the picture.”

“Party? I'm in man!”

A huge lop sided grin grew across his face. The sort of grin that tells you that this is the sort of party your parents don’t want to find you at.

“Ok dude, your mission today, should you chose to accept it, is to use the true Slytherin in you and see how much firewisky you can nick out the drinks cupboard. It shouldn’t be hard because no-one underage lives here so nana molly keeps it unlocked. The problem is getting it out without my parents seeing it.”

I gave Al a little salute.

“Mission accepted sir. I’ll do my best.”

Al smirked and walked away. I sighed. This was gunna be a hard one.

We were going home around twelve so I decided the safest time would be around half eleven when everyone was getting ready to leave. So when the clock chimed once I snuck to the back of the kitchen where all the alcohol was kept. Gently opening the door, I looked upon hundreds of bottles and whistled.

“Wow! They keep a store here” I muttered to myself.

I quickly grabbed 5 bottles of firewisky and pulled out my wand. I then shrunk them and slipped them into my pocket (luckily I had turned 17 in November). I repeated the spell 6 times so I had 30 bottles in my pocket and went back to the lounge.

“Scorpius, are you alright darling?”

I turned to face Ginny only to realize that I was sweating. Oops!

“I do feel a little ill, actually” I croaked whilst winking at Al. hopefully he had understood. Thankfully he did.

“Yeh mum, he is looking paler than usual” he said, winking at me. I winked back. He winked again. We both keep on winking. Its just one big wink-a-thon.

“Right, I guess we should be going then.” Aunt Ginny said. We all stood up said our goodbyes and flooed home.

“That was a close one” Al gasped when, me, him and James got into his room.

“So Scorpo, how many bottle did you get?” asked James with an eager look in his eye. I pulled out all thirty bottles from my pocket.

“Thirty bottles, wow. Don’t you think she’ll notice?” Al asked wearily

“Nah, she had like three hundred in there.”

“Woah, nana molly’s an alci.” James admired.

“Right so about this party. Who's coming?”

“Well most of the Gryffindors, and a lot of the Slytherins you guys like, Lots of girls from any house. Any others?” James asked

“How about getting some people in from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons?” I suggested.

“What do you mean?” he asked

“Well you wanted to make this the party everyone knows about, so well it wouldn’t be everyone if other people weren’t there.” I philosophised.

“Scorpo my boy, you’re a genius.” James shouted.

“I know, wait, I am?”

“Yes, this is going to be the party of the century. No, scratch that. This is going to be the party of forever.”

I beamed happily. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all… Boy had I never been more wrong!

A/N- heys guys *crawls out from under bed* you have every right to be mad at me, but think of it this way. if you killed me you wouldnt get to see how this story ends. i have no excuse for being away so long except for "life". its not much, but its all i got. so plz plz dont kill me!

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