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Nursery Rhymes by daisychain1
Chapter 4 : 16th August
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Okay chapter 4's up!

The nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie is by William Miller!




Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown,
Tapping at the window and crying through the lock,
Are all the children in their beds, it's past eight o'clock?


16th August


Neville sat in the greenhouse as he watered his plant; he carefully checked the leaves for any markings or unusually behaviour when he heard a noise.


He spun round on the bench to see Professor Sprout holding a pot with a Mandrake in.


“Sorry Neville, did I scare you?” She asked as she placed the pot on the bench.


“No, sorry.” He said as he turned back around to carry on watering.


“I guess everyone’s on edge after the resent events.” She said while placing her earmuffs on and handing some to Neville.


“Thanks.” He said while putting them on.


“Ah well, Dumbledore will get to the bottom of it!” She said while clapping.


“Lets hope so.” Neville mumbled.


 Professor Sprout then pulled the Mandrake from its root as it let out a mortifying cry.


“Arr there there baby!” She said while pulling out some berries from her pocket and shoving them in his little mouth.


“Right then lets re plant you because I think someone’s becoming a teenager.” She said while going over to the other bench and re planting the Mandrake in it.


Neville continued to water his plant while he asked her a question.


“Are there any suspects yet to who it is?” Neville asked as Professor Sprout carefully embedded the Mandrake.


“Not that I’ve heard of love, but I am sure whoever or whatever it is will be caught!” She said hopeful as she placed more soil into the new pot.


Neville nodded as he clambered out of the bench.


“Well, I better get going. Thanks for letting me stay here for a while.” Neville said.


“Any time my dear. Now you be careful.” She said as he nodded and then left.


Neville walked through the school, seeing people in suits and in uniforms and then saw the woman who continuously wore green and had her Quick-Quotes Quill floating mid air next to her.


“Neville just the boy I wanted to see! I have a few questions to ask for the Daily Prophet!” Rita Skeeter said as Neville walked past her.


“Neville! Its only a few, like do you know who had anything to do with the death of your tragic fellow students?” She asked while catching up with Neville.


“No.” He said.


“Right right.” She agreed while the quill wrote something completely different.


“Hey! I am not saying that!” Neville moaned as the quill wrote his speech.


“As I said to your friend Harry, everyone loves a rebel.” She said while smiling.


“Maybe, but I am certainly not an accomplish!” He said leaning over her and reading off the quill.


“Get ready for the front page tomorrow!” She cheered.


Neville turned and walked back in the opposite direction, he headed back for the greenhouse.


He opened the door to see Professor Sprout pulling a baby Mandrake from its pot.


Neville’s hands clapped against his ears, but it was too late already he was collapsed out on the floor.


Professor Sprout turned to see his body lying in the doorway, luckily it was only a baby Mandrake so he would be knocked out for a few hours but she still dashed over to him.


“Neville?” She said while clapping his cheek.


Madam Pomfrey was quickly called and Neville was rushed into the hosiptal wing.


“He’ll be out for a good few hours.” Professor Sprout said as her and Madam Pomfrey surrounded his bed.


“Lets just say he’s lucky to be re gaining consciousness at all after the stupidity he’s just pulled.” Madam Pomfrey said as she straightened the bed cover.



“Poppy don’t blame him.” Professor Sprout begged.


“How can I not! If that Mandrake was fully matured he would be dead right now from the scream!” Madam Pomfrey protested.


“You don’t think I know! Listen Poppy after everything that has happened I think we need to cut the boy some slack.” Professor Sprout said.


She slightly nodded.


“Good sense wouldn’t come a miss though.” She said while walking away to see to another patient.


Several hours passed and Neville began to open his eyes.


“Good you’re up!” Madam Pomfrey said as she filled his glass with water.


“Here drink this, you’re probably dehydrated.” She said as she passed the glass to Neville.


“What happened?” He asked while sitting up.


“You made a foolish mistake! One that I think you’ll find could have cost you your life.” She said sternly.


He gradually sipped the water.


“Can I go?” He asked.


“Yes, its getting late you better be off.” She said while taking the water from him.


Gradually he staggered out of bed while pressing his hand up against his head.


“No major injuries just a few bruises.” She said while smiling.


When Neville made it to the Gryffindor tower he entered his dorm and got changed into his nightgown, then he pulled out his Herbology books from his desk. He began to start his essay on the plant he’d been studying, suddenly he realised that his plant was still in the greenhouse. He sighed and then slid his slippers on and his dressing gown, he shoved his wand in his dressing gown pocket and left his dorm.


He looked up to see the clock showed 8.45pm, he rushed out of the tower and down the corridors until finally reaching the greenhouse. He slowly knocked hearing Professor Sprout allowing him to enter.


“Come in.” She said as he entered.


“Neville what a surprise! Glad to see you’re feeling better! I am just about done here.” She said as she climbed out of the bench.


“Oh that’s alright, I just wanted to take my plant.” He said as he picked it up.


“That’s fine.” She said as she showed him out.


“Night Neville.” She said while locking the door.


“Night, thanks again!” He said while walking up the corridor.


He rushed through as he knew it was forbidden to be out of bed past 9.00pm, he finally reached the tower and was confronted by the fat lady.


“Damn it!” She said as she held a wine glass while singing a screaming tune.


She stopped realising she had a guest.


“Who have we here, Neville Longbottom late?” She chuckled.


“Yes, well I need to get in.” He said.


“Password to gain entry, you know the rules.” She said.


“Urm right, well is it Fairy Lights?” He asked.


“That was the one previously.” She said.


“Okay, how about Pig Snout?” He asked.


“Last month.”


“Oh come on! Please you know who I am!” Neville moaned.


“Sorry no can do.” She said as she began to sing in a high voice again.


Neville began to bite his nails while walking away from the portrait until out of sight.


“Tapeworm, no that’s not it, urm, Baubles no.” Neville said while biting his nails.


Suddenly he heard the chime of the clock.


He turned back round and started to head towards the fat lady again. But something stopped him, a feminine figure stood in his way.


“I think you’ll find the password is Abstinence.” The voice said while smiling in the darkness.


Neville took out his wand and pointed it into the darkness.


“Who are you?” He asked as the clock chimed 9.00pm again.


“Oh no, that’s not good!” The voice said.


“Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town, upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown,
tapping at the window and crying through the lock, are all the children in their beds, it's past eight o'clock?”


“What?” Neville’s terrified voice asked.


“Neville I think you’ll find its past eight o’clock, time to join mummy and daddy now!” The voice giggled as a green light came from the darkness and ran through Neville’s spine leaving him paralysed.


What did you think? Review and tell me! :D

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