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Parental Guidance by Veela_is_me
Chapter 6 : A Feeling So Real
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Despite Hermione’s terrible evening Ginny’s, on the other hand, was more enjoyable. Especially because she could spend her time with harry without rons constant nagging or chattering or whatever else he had come up with to distract them from being together. 

Earlier that night 

Ginny was sitting in the Gryffindor common room pouring over the quidditch mania magazine she stole from Ron. Homework could wait she thought as she put her feet up. She had been walking around all day and her feet had never been so sore. The baby project had started off very well in her opinion. 

Harry was her partner, mainly due to the fact that she complained to the headmaster and he seemed to read her very thoughts on what she wanted. Of course he was the only reason she wanted to do this project in the first place. She didn’t really mind about the baby part. 

The portrait hole opened to reveal the very object of her thoughts and her annoying brother. Ginny hid her magazine from the latter of the two. 

“- why?” protested harry, 

“Just because” answered Ron 

“But she might know” 

“I don’t care! I don’t want to know how she knows in the first place” 

Ginny looked up curiously 

“What are you two arguing about?” 

After giving Ron a look out the corner of his eye harry turned to Ginny and said “how do you get to the ravenclaw common room?” 

Ginny looked up at them bewilderedly. Surely they hadn’t been arguing about asking her something so stupid. 

“You don’t know do you” Ron said relieved “well I’ll just have to-“ 

“No wait- I do know” Ginny interrupted. 

Harry turned triumphantly to Ron “hate to say I told you so” 

Ron ignored harry and turned toward Ginny, his face a slight pink colour “How do you know this” he demanded 

“Merlin calm down, Luna showed me” in truth Luna had shown her although it was not Luna that Ginny had gone up there to see, it was her old boyfriend, Michael corner. However she thought Ron might not react well to that little fact. 

He breathed out and when he was not about to explode anymore he posed his next question. 

“So how do you get there?” 

“Well it’s on the 5th floor” 

“I thought it was in a tower?” harry interrupted, taking the seat next to Ginny on the sofa. 

“it is, well on the 5th floor there is a sort of hidden staircase behind the tapestry of the Hogwarts knights and it takes you right up to the ravenclaw tower, don’t worry, there isn’t a password either, you only have to knock” 

“Is that all” he asked incredulously 

“Yep” Ginny smiled, of course she left out one minor piece of information regarding the common room. To get in you had to answer a question and if you got it wrong you had to wait for someone who knew the answer to open it for you. 

She had a feeling that Ron might not get in there on his first go, it would teach him to mess with her love life. 

“Okay well I’m going now, see you later” he hesitated “don’t do anything stupid” 

Ginny rolled her eyes. 

Ron watched them as he backed out the portrait hole, Ginny interrupted into a fit of giggles. 

“What’s so funny?” harry questioned, putting his arm around her now that Ron was clear of the room 

“Oh nothing, Ron may not even get into the ravenclaw common room at all tonight, why is he going there anyway?” 

Harry looked confused but answered the latter part of the question “he needs to work with Luna for their project” 

He looked like he was holdiong back something. she raised her eyebrows at him and he smiled sheepishly.

“Well... I told him that he didn’t need to be so overbearingly protective of you and that it’s me your with so he needn’t worry, that’s why he went and also because he was hoping Luna would help him with his homework now that Hermione’s not here anymore.” he said reluctantly 

“Oh well now that he’s gone I think make the most of it.” Ginny whispered seductively and got up, walking ever so slowly toward the boys dormitories. Looking back she winked and he jumped off the sofa after her. 


Ron exited the portrait hall and went through a hidden tapestry that would take him down to the 5th floor. He wondered what harry and Ginny were doing now. Vivid images sprung into his mind. He shook his head vigorously.

Those were not the kind of things he wanted to picture his baby sister doing. Especially with his best friend. He shook his head again. He turned through the tapestry of the Hogwarts knights and started to climb. 

This has got to be it 

Ron stopped climbing in dizzying circles, breathing heavily in front of a wooden door that was bare except for a knocker. He lightly knocked on the door, well he thought he knocked lightly but the sound echoed like a bang. The knocker spoke in a soft musical voice 

“What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?” 

Ron stood there silently longer than he intended. What was this? Ginny said I just had to knock. The little- “What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?” the door said again 
Ron concentrated on the matter at hand. If only Hermione were here. 


That woman is the most ridiculous, annoying, insufferable know-it-all I have ever met.
Draco sat on his bed after narrowly escaping the flock of birds Hermione had sent to attack him. He examined the cuts on the back of his hands. That's going to leave a mark. 
He had never met a girl who didn’t faint at the sight of him or fall instantly in to his charm before he met Hermione granger. She was a muggle born, of course that didn’t mean she wasn’t any less smart. She was the only person in his year that had achieved higher grades than himself. 

He often found himself wondering why she had bet him in every single test, every single assignment, every single exam. It wasn’t like she had been raised knowing all the things you were supposed to know about the magical world. She had been in the dark until she got her very first letter. 

and yet she had not failed. why stop now. 


I watched Ginny walk up the steps to the boys’ dormitory. She turned back and winked at me. So I did what any sane man would do. I followed her. Surely what Ron didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt him. 

I took the steps two at a time and wrenched open the door. I scanned the room, it was empty except for Trevor the toad who was croaking from beneath deans bed. i walked a few steps forward, checking the bathroom seemed like a good idea. 

i only got about three steps forward when the door behind me shut and a hand pulled me back. 

I turned around, she was smiling at me. Her chocolate brown eyes sparkled as she put her arms around my neck. 

“Now it’s just you and me” she whispered, her face inching closer to mine. Her sweet breath was on my face. I thought of Ron. What would he say about this? 

Then she closed the gap between us and all thoughts of Ron flew from my mind. She was my bliss Ginny was. She was all i could feel, one hand in her sweet smelling hair while the other trailed up and down her spine. I felt her shiver against me and I smiled against her lips. Just knowing that i had that effect on her made me feel as if I could do anything. 

I felt something hard hit my stomach and I pulled away. i Looked down, her stomach was huge and it was pushing straight into mine. I looked at Ginny apologetically, but she wasn’t looking at me at all. She had one hand on her stomach and was looking down at it with surprise. 

“What, what’s wrong, I’m sorry i didn’t mean to push you away, your stomach surprised me that’s all” i said desperately but she still didn’t look up at me. i guided her to my bed and sat down next to her. 

I captured a strand of hair and tucked it behind her ear. Her eyes widened.
“Ginny; you’re making me go insane here!” 

She looked up at me finally but pushed a finger to my lips, then without any explanation she grabbed my hand and put it on her stomach. 

“Kiss me” she whispered. I leaned forward just as her eyelids fluttered shut. Then i kissed her. i tried to put a lot of unsaid words into the kiss. Maybe she understood because she kissed me back with a fire blazing on her lips. But I stopped again, because that’s when I felt it. 


Ron should have been here by now. He has probably been attacked by buzflying wimples. They will take over his brain and make him forget everything he had been meaning to do. Maybe I should go look for him. I’d better bring my gurdy root; it’s the only known cure. 


I hate him; I hate him I, HATE HIM!! Draco Malfoy is foul loathsome evil little cockroach! He can’t think that I actually want to work with him and hear his loathsome words every day, but he just can’t seem to get it through that thick skull of his. From this moment forward I will not converse with him in any way other than for head meetings only. 

I sat up on my bed and looked around. My room was quite large, decorated with breathtaking red and gold with my large kind size bed and magnificent bathroom. True the east wall is filled with bookcases of all my favourites but if i had to live in a common room with Malfoy than i would rather not live here at all. 

I’m sure i can put up with parvati and lavender for a night. 


Ginny is a liar. “What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?” 

“SHUT UP YOU STUPID DOOR!” Ron yelled in frustration. He slid down the wall and put his head between his hands. This door was giving him a headache. 

“You know you might actually want to answer the question” said a voice. 

Ron shook his head, he going crazy, was the door actually talking to him? 


Oh great so the stupid door knows my name too 

“Ronald, what are you doing?”

None of your business you stupid door” Ron half yelled looking up, then he jumped to his feet. In front of him was a bemused Luna with her eyebrows raised so high they disappeared into her hair.

“Oh er hi Luna” Ron said awkwardly.

“Was it the buzflying wimples? Did they get you?” she asked urgently

Ron coughed to cover up his laugh “yeah they did Luna” he said gruffly

Luna’s mouth dropped open; she grabbed him by the hand and pulled him inside pushing him into the first vacant chair she could find.

She rummaged in her robe pocket and pulled out a small bottle of dark purple liquid.

“Luna” Ron said apprehensively eyeing the bottle. “What in the name merlins underwear is that?”

She was now pouring it into a small glass she produced out of nothing. “Oh its gurdy root!” she said quite cheerfully handing him the glass.

Ron took it and brought it slowly to his nose before flinching away. “Bloody hell Luna it smells like merlins baggy grey underpants I’m not drinking it”

“The buzflying wimples are making you think it smells bad but really it smells nice like the giant squid or cats!”She said dreamily

This girl really is a loony

“Not drinking it”

Luna frowned” Ronald I want you to drink this NOW!”

Ron started to protest but his hand was moving involuntarily toward his mouth “no!”
He choked down the liquid.

“Bloody hell Luna, are you trying to kill me? It tastes even worse than it smells”

Merlin! It did it again. The “baby” was kicking me! Impossible! Dumbledore said they weren’t real. He didn’t tell us they would do this.

“Ginny” harry said weakly.” its- it –did-“

“I know” the truth is i didn’t know, i mean i knew what he was talking about but i didn’t know it would be like this. So different, so real.

“Wow” harry let out a low breath and moved his hand slowly around my stomach.
“Imagine what it’s like for me” i mean i was carrying the thing.

Harry looked me straight in the eyes.His eyes were the best i'd ever seen. the greenest of green, ‘his eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad’. i smiled at the memory.

“What’s so funny?” he cocked his head to the side, eyebrows raised

“Oh nothing, just thinking” about us.

He put his arms around me and i rested my head on his shoulder while he stroked my belly.

i smiled again into his chest, only it was because this time we were together. And i wasn’t chasing after him,
he was already mine.

i know i promised to have this chapter over 3000 words but i was really struggling. i thought i hit a dead end so i just decided to post it. i hope its okay.and i am soooooo sorry everyone for the long long wait. i was just really busy and never had time to finish it. also i was reading Mysisters keeper :) Awesome book. sad too. i want to see the movie now. Anyone seen it? any Good?
anyway completely off topic.
Let me know what you think of the chapter, anything i can do to improve, things you want in the story, anything even if you just want to say hi. i'll be happy to hear from you :)

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