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My Life as a Snape by Wanted Free7
Chapter 11 : Rescue
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AN: I want to thank everyone who has reviewed/put this story on their favorite list. It means a lot to me. This story has over 1,000 views. Thanks SO much!

Thanks to Snapegirl for giving me the idea for this chapter. Without her, my writer's block would still be here. Thanks!


I was walking home when I heard a voice call out. I stopped, looking around. When I finished looking around, I continued on my way. The voice called again. It sounded sort of strangle, like it wasn't human.

"Child," the voice said. again."Help me, please."

I spun around. I stared intently at my surroundings. I spotted something black lying in the bushes. I walked over and pulled the bushes aside.

A black cat lay there bleeding from a wound in its side. I gasped and kneeled down next to it. It raised its head and smiled weakly. It was losing strength. Without a word, I picked it up and put it in my bag.

I hurried home. I tried not to jostle the bag, not wanting to injure the poor cat anymore. I wondered why a cat could talk, surely it wasn't an Animagus? They weren't able to talk.

I quickly said hello to Mum. She gave me a strange look. I ignored it and went upstairs. I set my bag gently on my bed. I turned around and locked my door with magic. We weren't supposed to, but I didn't want anyone to find out about the cat. Not yet, anyway.

The cat had a large cut on its side. It's fur was matted with blood and dirt. It was weak and tired. Its back leg looked broken and an ear was torn slightly. There were small cuts all over its body.

"Are you male or female?" I asked gently. I didn't want to keep calling it "it", which seemed rude.

"I'm female," she said. She looked like she was going to pass out. "Please, help me."

"I will," I muttered under my breath. I took off my sweater. Our school had uniforms kind of like Hogwarts, except our school colors are navy blue, white, and black. I rolled up my white shirt sleeves and took off my tie. I kicked off my shoes and set to work.

I summoned a Bone-Knit Potion and a Level Five Pain Reliever. I hoped that Dad wouldn't notice that they were missing until this was all over. I gave her the potions.

I started chanting the Bone-Knit charm that went along with the potion. I concentrated as hard as I could, not wanting the cat to have permanent damage. I then healed the cut on her side as best as I could. I healed some of the larger cuts and bandaged the smaller ones. I put some Healing Salve on her torn ear. There would be a scar, but at least it would be healed.

The cat had passed out when I had started to heal her broken leg. She looked horrible. I started feeling her sides and stomach gently, seeing if she had any internal injuries. I felt something strange, but I wasn't sure. I cast a diagnostic spell.

She had internal bleeding, and she was pregnant. Her babies were very close to dying. The bleeding would soon force her to lose the babies. I sighed. I didn't want her to have to go through anymore pain.

"They're going to die, aren't they?" I jumped. I hadn't realized that she had woken up. I gave her a tearful look.

"Yes. I don't know what to do. My dad never taught me how to heal internal bleeding. I can give you a potion, but it'll kill the babies. I'm so sorry," I said quietly. Tears rolled down my face. I didn't want to kill her kittens, but I didn't want her to die, either.

"Do what you have to do," she said. She looked sad and I felt sorry for her.

I sighed and summoned the internal bleeding potion. I poured a little in her mouth. She would have to have a small dose every hour until the small bottle's contents were gone.


All through the night she either slept or passed out. I didn't want to summon anymore potions, fearing that Dad would find out. I had risked enough and the cat had told me she would be fine. I didn't believe her.

Just before dawn, we started talking. I told her about my family and she told me a little about her. Her owner had started testing curses and other things on her. I almost cried.

"What is your name?" I asked her. She was licking her front paws. She paused and looked at me.

"My name is Morgan. I'm a Dracan cat. What is your name, child?" she said. I wondered what a Dracan was. I pushed the thought away, deciding I would ask her later.

"Me?" I asked. She nodded. "I'm Emma Snape. I'm the sister of Harry Potter-Snape."

"I know about Harry Potter," she said softly. "My owner was a Death Eater. He had meetings at his home sometimes, and I was there. Terrible things happened."

I nodded. Dad had been a Death Eater. He had spied for Dumbledore, but he quit when I was born. He begged Voldemort to let him go. Voldemort almost killed him, but Dad told him that he would help kill Harry if Harry ever tried to get rid of him. Voldemort agreed, accepting Dad's lie. Dumbledore had helped come up with that lie, hoping Voldemort wouldn't see through it.

"What's Dracan?" I asked curiously. My stomach rumbled and Morgan mewed in amusement. I blushed. I hadn't eaten dinner. I went downstairs and told Mum I wasn't hungry. She gave me a look. I took an apple and ate it to ease her worries. She thought I was going to stop eating again.

"Dracan is a type of magical animal. We usually live underground with the goblins. They were really nice. I was kidnapped by Death Eaters. I miss the goblins," she said. She got a far-away look in her eyes, like she was remembering her past.

She fell asleep and I left her alone. I crawled into my bed and fell asleep. I woke up a while later to give her a dose of her potion. I became restless, so I went downstairs and into Dad's study. I looked through his books.

I had seen a book about Dracan cats a while ago. I spotted the book after a couple of minutes of searching. The name was Dracan Cats: A Look Into Their Lives. I opened it up and started reading.

~ Not much is known of Dracan cats. They live underground with the goblins and don't trust humans. They have been known to be companions to humans, but they don't usually like to get close to humans. They are magical creatures and are able to talk. Their magic enables them to teleport, talk any language, and to heal most wizarding diseases.

The cats are usually black, but they may be brown, white, or gray. They mostly mate for life, but they can have litters with another cat who isn't their mate. They don't breed with other animals. They stick to themselves. ~

I read some more about their lifestyle and their relationship to goblins. A noise outside Dad's study made me snap the book shut and shove it back onto the shelf. I hurried out of the room and back up to my room.

I gave Morgan her potion. I suddenly felt exhausted so I crawled into bed. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until nine. Thankfully, it was a Saturday and I didn't miss school.


Three days later, I noticed that Morgan was getting worse. I summoned a pain reliever and gave it to her. One of her cuts had become infected and she hadn't lost the babies yet. They were dead, but they hadn't come out of her body yet.

I went back to the Dracan book and read that female Dracans had trouble aborting litters. They could end up killing her if they weren't aborted properly.

I practically freaked out. I was worried that she was going to die. On Saturday, a week and a day after I rescued her. I was walking out of Dad's study when I ran into Dad.

He grabbed me to make sure I didn't fall. He let go and I looked at his face. He looked beyond angry. He pointed me into his study. I sat down on one of the chairs and he sat behind his desk.

"So," he began, his voice filled with anger. "Care to explain why I'm missing a lot of my potions?"

I looked out the window, then back at Dad. He stared at me, angry. I sighed.

"Sir," I began. "I've got a Dracan cat in my bedroom. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. She's dying, sir, and I was going to ask you if you could help her. . . ."

Dad got up. I lead the way upstairs to my bedroom. He took one look at Morgan and got to work. It was long and hard, because Morgan was extremely sick now. I regretted my decision to heal her myself.


Morgan was now stable. Dad gave me a stern lecture about hiding things from him. I was almost crying. He gave me a hug and told me that I wasn't going to be punished. I breathed a sigh of relief. Mum gave me a look.

Morgan was back to normal by Sunday. She told me that she wanted to be my friend. I told her that she could live with us if Mum and Dad agreed.

I asked them at dinner. Dad agreed but Mum didn't know because the baby was due in a month. I begged and she finally said yes.


A month passed. It was finally May and Mum was due to have the baby tomorrow. I was so excited for my little brother to be born. Mum was miserable and she snapped at me for everything. Dad took me aside and told me to ignore it. He said it was just hormones talking over and she didn't mean any of it.

Mum came into my room at one o'clock in the afternoon on May 7 and told me that she was having the baby. She asked me to Floo-call Dad and tell him to come home so he could take her to St. Mungo's. I raced to the fireplace.

"Severus Snape's office, Hogwarts! " I cried, throwing a handful of Floo powder in the fireplace. I stuck my head in.

Dad was sitting at his desk, grading papers. He looked up when he saw the fireplace flash green. He rushed over to the fireplace and knelt before it.

"What is it?" he asked urgently. I could tell that he was worried that something had happened to me or Mum.

"Mum's having the baby and she wants you to take her to St. Mungo's," I said. Dad nodded and told me to remove my head and that he'd be there in a few minutes.

He arrived three minutes later. Mum was laying on her side on the couch. She was in a lot of pain. Dad picked her up gently and told me to go ahead to St. Mungo's.


A few hours later, our family welcomed little William Severus James Snape into the world. I was forced to wait outside Mum's room with Mrs Weasley. Mum was in labor for seven hours. William was born at eight o'clock exactly.

I went into the room. Mum was laying on the bed. She looked exhausted, but happy. Dad was holding the baby. He looked happy.

"Hi, sweetheart," she said. "I nearly broke your father's hand."

I giggled. Mum smiled weakly and Dad handed her the baby. I went over and sat on the bed next to them. Little William was asleep. He was wrapped in a little blue blanket. He had a lot of black hair on his head.

"Well," I said, smiling slyly. "At least he doesn't have Dad's nose."

Mum giggled. I smiled at her, then looked at Dad. He looked amused and then he mock glared at me.

"Brat!" he growled. He smacked me on the bottom lightly. I laughed.

"Sh," Mum said. "You don't want to wake up Will."


Another month passed. Will was a quiet baby. Harry got out of school and he finally met his younger brother. He told me later that when Will was fifteen, he'd be thirty. I laughed and said that when Will was thirteen, I'd be twenty-six. We joked for a while.

I became even closer to Sam, which made Dad slightly angry. Sam and I went on a double date with Harry and Katie. We went out to dinner and a movie. Dad and Mum let Mrs Weasley babysit Will and they got a night to themselves.

All of us teenagers slept at Sam's house and Will stayed at the Weasley's. We had a ton of fun, playing card games and truth or dare.

I was dared to kiss Sam for thirty seconds. Katie timed it. It went past thirty seconds. Katie claimed that it lasted for forty-five. Harry said that Dad could never find out about it, because Dad would kill Sam.

Everyone was glad that Mum finally had the baby. I was so excited to be a big sister. Mum agreed to let me babysit when Will was older. Dad took Harry and I fishing. Mum stayed home with Will because he had a bad cold.

We had fun. Harry threw a dead fish at me. I freaked out and fell in the lake. It was really deep and I almost panicked because I couldn't get back up on the pier. Dad hauled me up.

After that, he dried me off and gave Harry a lecture about doing stuff like that. He dragged us home. Mum gave us a disappointed look. She told us to go outside.

We did. Then, we started throwing water balloons at each other. A huge water fight followed that. We went inside, dripping wet.

Dad said, "I'll need a glass of fire-whiskey if the rest of the summer is going to be like this. I'll never survive if Will's like this!"

Mum smacked him playfully and he went downstairs, grumbling about crazy teenagers and what they could get into. I went upstairs and changed. Morgan asked me about my day and I told her. We laid down on the bed and took a nap.


AN: I hope you guys like Morgan. She'll be a regular character from now on. She was inspired from Snapegirl's Smidgen from her stories.

Thanks again for reviewing. I'm so happy that you guys like this story. Please check out my other story, Diary of an Ex-Death Eater.

Please remember to review! I really appreciate it!

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