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It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing by LogicalRaven
Chapter 1 : It Only Hurts
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“I dedicate this to anyone who has ever had a broken heart”

It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing

This is a short one shot song fic. The song belongs to Shania Twain and the characters belong to J.K. Rowlings.

The winter, it passed slowly. She stared up at the moon as her hair fell through her small frail fingers. Only a short while ago everything was perfect, now nothing made sense. She took another deep breath as a few tears trickled down her face. Alone, it was just the moon and her memories of him for company.

Hope life's been good to you
since you've been gone
I'm doin' fine now--I've finally moved on
It's not so bad--I'm not that sad

The moon didn’t answer as her heart begged for answers. She knew it wouldn’t answer, she had been asking the same questions for months. In her dormitory lay her sleeping housemates. They could sleep peacefully without the thoughts of him haunting their mind. She could smell his scent, hear his voice and feel his touch as she drifted into the land of dreams.

Dreams, that was all she had left to hold on to. She had no choice but to move on. He wasn’t coming back no matter how real her dreams felt. She couldn’t die, she couldn’t be with him anymore.

I'm not surprised just how well I survived
I'm over the worst, and I feel so alive
I can't complain--I'm free again

She took a deep hallow breath as she lifted her heads up towards the beaming moon. Slowly she whispered to herself to be strong. She closed her eyes as she thought of someone new. It had been nearly two hours since she had been in the secret room with the D.A. It had been two hours since her first kiss since him.

She had survived, she was going to move on and live. She had to forget about her fallen love. He was gone. He had left her alone. Her strength failed and she cried.

And it only hurts when I'm breathing
My heart only breaks when it's beating
My dreams only die when I'm dreaming
So, I hold my breath--to forget

It took a moment before she could breath again and the pain pressed from the inner part of her chest. Her heart would not stop breaking. The moon stayed silent as she gave it one departing glance and made her way over towards her bed.

The cold floor stung against her bare feet, chilling her body. She didn’t even feel anything when the warmth of her bed engulfed her. She was numb. It was like everything else in her life, barren and lifeless. Everything was lifeless without him. The tears damped her pillow as she curled her knees into her chest.

Don't think I'm lyin' 'round cryin' at night
There's no need to worry, I'm really all right
I've never looked back--as a matter of fact

With another deep rattled breath she managed to stop her tears. She was suppose to be strong, she was suppose to move on from this. He wouldn’t want her to lay around and die. It was going to be alright and this pain would pass. She would hold her head high and not look back with regret. She had none.

And it only hurts when I'm breathing
My heart only breaks when it's beating
My dreams only die when I'm dreaming
So, I hold my breath--to forget

She had to forget, she had to move on. Her fingers danced across her wet lips as she remembered what they had felt not long ago. Someone new was there, someone new was in her life and she had to forget the past.

Closing her eyes and holding her breath she tried to make herself forget about the emptiness in her chest.

It only hurts when I breathe

Mmm, no, I've never looked back--
as a matter fact

Her eyes didn’t reopen but her breathing slowly began again. A single tear trickled down her face as her dark hair lingered across her face. The moon continued to shine as her sobbing slowly faded.

And it only hurts when I'm breathing
My heart only breaks when it's beating
My dreams only die when I'm dreaming
So, I hold my breath--to forget

Dreams took her. In her dreams she could still be with him, but this time, it wasn’t him who was holding her.

Hurts when I'm breathing
Breaks when it's beating
Die when I'm dreaming
It only hurts when I breathe

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It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing: It Only Hurts


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