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Bewitched by Azha
Chapter 8 : Duel gone wrong
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A/N- this is the FOURTH time I have written this chapter- enjoy it and review or you will be choked! just kidding....I have no power....
Reminder- This is rated R for language and future actions. If you have any Ideas, please email me.

"I'm telling you," Hermione explained. "Its the most effective counter-curse you could use." She droned on and on like she had since lunch. However, her pupil was far from listening. Reona sat facing the fire with a teacup in her hands and thoughts pacing dangerously in her mind. In the chair across from her sat Harry, steadily glancing at his watch creeping closer to 12 o'clock. Ron sat next to Hermione, staring at the floor, and wondering why the hell he had even stayed up. Besides these few people, the Gryffindor common room was vacant.
"We dont have much time left." Harry cut Hermione's speech off. "Maybe we should have told Remus."
"Now, Harry." Hermione shot back. "you know he would have told us not to go, then Gryffindor would definatly loose the house cup!"
"Since when did you care about winning the house cup?" Ron spoke up. "You just want Pansy to get her ass kicked."
Hermione puffed up, but kept silent. He was right.
"Are you ready?" Harry asked Reona.
"I'm not going." She said bluntly, squeazing the cup.
Harry opened his mouth to say somthing but stopped when he heard the portrait swing open.
"Hi." Draco swung his long legs through the portrait hole and sat in the chair next to Hary.
"Great." Ron stormed away followed shortly by Hermione ("Ron quit being childish!")
"Nice to see you too!" Draco said sarcastically, although he was utterly unfazed.
"Nevermind them." Harry implied. "Did you do it?" Taking advantage of their minor truce, he had apointed Draco to charm the Slytherins so none of them would tag along with Pansy.
"Mission acomplished." Draco looked over to Reona who was still staring at the fire with an annoyed and sad expression.
"So we better get going." Harry said.
"I'm not going." Reona repeated and looked at the two gorgeous boys sitting across from her. She slapped herself mentaly; now was not the time for those thoughts. They had no idea what it was like to know that you might kill someone at any given second.
"But 300 points?" Harry pleaded. He hadn't lost a house cup since he had been there.
"Someone will get hurt."
"But isn't that the point of dueling?" Draco added.
Shards of class littered the floor as the cup she was holding cracked from her frustration.
"Fine." She said."If its just that damn important." She tucked her wand in her pocket and headed for the exit.
"Wait." Harry grabbed the invisibility cloak from under the chair cusion and threw it over them. "Dont want to get caught, now do we?"

"Are you sure this is the right way?" Harry whispered as they crept down the lower corridors.
"Of course, I've been here a million times." He slipped the cloak off of them. "Look we're almost there."
Reona wiped her tears away quickly so they wouldnt see.
"You were almost late." A familiar cold voice stuck them as they turned dowm the next hall.
The potions professor stood in front of a wooden/iron door with a smirking pug face girl at his side. His face scrunched with dislike when he saw who his prized Malfoy was walking with.
"I expected better things from you." He said to Draco as they approached. "Your father will be very unpleased."
Draco held his tongue and followed Snape and Pansy into the designated room. The door shut tightly behind them.
The room was made of large stones and lit by a few torches. There was a platform raised about a foot from the floor. Un-official dueling room.
"Girls." Snape nodded his head toward the platform. Pansy nearly flew to her end, while Reona trudged reluctantly up on the platform's opposite end.
"Wands ready.....1....2....3." Snape announced.
Pansy's wand shot out what looked like a lightning bolt. (Somthing snape had taught her recently, since Pansy wasnt the best at casting spells.)
Reona simply held her wand in front of her face and Pansy's curse instantly back fired.
Harry cringed at the sound of breaking bone as Pansy hit the wall and was knocked unconsience.
"You are not allowed to CHEAT! You worthless coward!" Spape screamed at Reona. She hid her face with her hair and walked off of the platform and towards Harry and Draco.
"It's over." she said as she passed him.
"No its not!" He grabbed the back of her head, held hand fulls of hair, and revealed the reason for hiding her face. Blood was dripping from her eyes.
"Let her go!" Draco took a step forward.
"Stay out of this!" Snape demanded and looked back at Reona who was no longer struggling to escape his grasp."I told him...I TOLD him you were dangerous!"
"Yes, but I'm still here, arent I?" Reona said in the deep voice.
Harry's scar begain throbbing with pain. He knew this wasn't a good sign, so he nudged Draco towards the door,witch was locked. (of course.)
"But you shouldnt be!" Snape started searching his robes. "I'll put an end to this."
"It wont help, Severus, I have them already." Reona held up five wands; Harry regognized one of them immediatly.
"No fucking way...." Draco reached in his own pocket to find nothing, then begain tugging furiously at the door.
"It wont help." Reona called over to them then turned back on a frightened proffessor Snape. "You disgust me."
A burst of green light shot between them causing Snape to fly several feet in the air and hit the ground hard.
Nothing could prepare Harry and Draco for what she did next. Words began spilling from her mouth as she advanced on Snape, words only a chosen few could understand. Harry's jaw dropped and Draco was sure that someone was sqeazing the air out of his lungs.
"Stop!" Harry gathered every piece of courage in his body, then ran forward; his head burning more with every step. "Reona, stop."
She stopped dead in her tracks, turned,looked at Harry, then fell straight to the ground. The pain in his scar was exterminated.
"WHAT IN THE HELL!" Draco exclaimed.
Proffeser Snape sat up, looked around, then fell unconciense.
Harry walked over to Reona and kneeled beside her.
"Reona." He looked into her wide open eyes, filled black from all the blood.
"You know, I've seen some weird shit in my life, and this....doesnt top it off, but it came pretty damn close." Draco walked to where they were and leaned over her. "Is she ok?"
"I'm fine." Reona whimpered and sat up (with help).
Harry reached the hug first, witch pissed Draco off despite the situation.
They helped her up and walked towards the door leaving two unconsience people in a frequently visited room.
"I'm so sorry!" Reona was crying hystericaly by the time they reached the hall.
"Lets just get you to the Hospital Wing." Harry urged them down the hall.
"No." Reona tried to stop crying. "You deserve to know what happened." She headed down the hall in the opposite direction. Harry and Draco followed close behind.

A/N-Now wasnt that and action packed adventure! Now try to guess who Reona is related to. Hmmmm.....
Please review, even if you didnt like it.

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