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I'm Norah by cacophony
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
Same as it ever was
-Once In A Lifetime, The Talking Heads

loveage by tda's BitterSweetFlames

I browsed through the books in the library, hoping there was something I hadn’t read. Alas, after an hour of searching I went back to the Gryffindor common room (I don’t know why I said Gryffindor, I mean I can’t get into any other common room). I gave the Fat Lady the password and plopped down in a vacant love seat by the fire. I sighed and stared into the dancing flames. This is how it would be just about every day –how it was meant to be. Just sitting all alone, not minding that I had no social life. All my life I’d been an outsider. When I was younger, my parents, books and toys were my only friends. I never saw it as odd. I still didn’t, really, I mean–

“Hey, Norah,” were the two words that interrupted my thoughts. The only student that knew my name, Remus Lupin, stared at me once more.

“Hello, Remus,” I smiles at him and looked back at the fire, expecting him to walk away, which he obviously didn’t. I looked at him again, this time a confused expression finding its way in my features.

“Erm, would you like to sit with us?” he offered, gesturing towards a group of two girls and boys.

I didn’t know any of them, and would find it difficult to pick their faces out of a crowd of people. The first of the girls had wavy golden hair that fell elegantly on her shoulders. Her face was round and cute, and when she smiled I saw she had dimples. Next to her sat the second girl, looking rather disgruntled. She didn’t seem to like being there as much as the first girl did. She was a ginger (hehe, I remember when my cousin pounced on me and declared himself a ginger ninja), and her long hair reached the small of her back. She had piercing green eyes that she would roll every time either of the boys spoke. They boy nearest to her was very handsome. He had messy black hair that looked like he hadn’t combed it since… before his existence (don’t get me wrong, he looked great anyway). His eyes were a soft grey that lit up every time he but glanced at the ginger girl. The last was an extremely attractive boy –the most attractive of the three by far. His hair was chopped up and was long enough to cover his ears; it was a muddy brown. His eyes were of a stormy grey, and every time he smiled (which seemed to be very often) his dimples would appear.
I looked away from them and back to Remus.

“Sure,” I mumbled. He grinned and led me to his friends, sitting by the most attractive. I sat by him and waited, expecting him to introduce me. When he didn’t, I sighed. Same as it ever was.

“I’m Norah,” I muttered. They all stopped talking for about five seconds while they took me in. Then they just kept on talking, “How unexpected,” I sarcastically murmured as I went back to the love seat I was previously sitting in. I was surprised to see a couple making out in it, jumping around on it like it was a trampoline and they needed to touch every inch of it. Disgusted, I turned to go to my dorm, ready to call it a night, when someone caught my arm and turned me around. Remus.

“Why did you leave?” he asked.

“It’s a bit obvious that I’m not wanted there, Remus,” and I tried to turn back to the stairs, but his grip was strong.

“Come on, that’s just how they are…”

“Okay,” he let go of my arm, misunderstanding me. He thought I’d agreed to go back. I’d merely said that to make him leave me along. I took advantage of this and made a quick escape, dashing up the stairs.

a/n: So this is chapter two, not much longer than chapter one. I hope you enjoyed it and that nothing bugged you too much. I’m going to try to go slow in this story, I always seem to make things rushed when I write and I’m trying to change that.

Reviews are nice.

Not as much as Reese’s, but still, nice.


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I'm Norah: Chapter 2


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