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Of Demons and Dark Lords by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Okay, this is my newest story and is a crossover with Supernatural. This story contains spoilers for Deathly Hallows, though HP and the gang only make a brief appearance, and for season four of Supernatural. The story starts after the episode Heaven and Hell but before Family Remains. I’ve been working on this the past three months so, I hope you like it!

Okay, I've borrowed this little idea from Drue (Phoenix_Flames) and Kalina (Elesphyl) and that it the idea of having an cast list at the beginning of each chapter, giving faces to the original characters of that are in the chapter (Besides Sam and Dean of course, since they are canon characters). 

David Morris -- Alex Pettyfer
Natalie Morris – Dakota Fanning
Unnamed Demon -- Catherine Zeta-Jones
Unnamed Wizard -- Wentworth Miller

And major props to Drue (Phoenix_Flames) for agreeing to beta this story!
Thanks so much again!  And thanks so much to Elysium at TDA for the amazing chapter image!

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural. 

Chapter 1

“Chicken okay for dinner?”

David Morris looked up from the bills he was reading over at the dining room table and over to his sister standing in the kitchen, her blonde head peaking around the door of the refrigerator. David nodded his head, and the blonde head disappeared into the fridge. A second later the seventeen-year-old closed the fridge with her foot, setting a bag of Foster Farms chicken breasts on the island in the center of the kitchen.

David watched her for a moment longer before looking back to the bill in front of him. For not the first time that day, the nineteen-year-old wished that his parents were around. He had not told his sister that they were on the verge of losing the house, his own pay just didn’t cut it. If I don’t pay the phone bill this month, I may just be able to pay the mortgage on time, he thought as he listened to his sister chopping up vegetables to go with the chicken.

He stopped reading the bill before him and looked over at his sister. She stood at the island, furiously cutting the celery before her. He muscles were tense and her jaw clenched. David’s eyebrows furrowed slightly as he set the bill down on the table and pushed himself up out of the chair. Their mother had done something similar after her father had passed away. He slowly walked over and stood on the opposite side of the island. “Nat?”

“What?” she snapped, not looking up from the vegetables.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly.

“I’m fine,” she stated.


“I said I’m fine, David!” she yelled. She stopped cutting and glared across the counter at her brother, her knuckles turning white from how tightly she was holding the knife in her hand.

David held up his hands in front of him as he slowly moved around the island. “I know you’re not fine, Natalie. Now put down the knife, please.”

She glared at him for another moment before she set the knife down, her glare fading as she did. She looked down at the floor as David came to stand beside her. “Okay,” she muttered. “I’m not fine.”

“I know,” David replied, placing a hand on his sister’s shoulder and turning her towards him. She looked up and met his eyes. “I’m not alright either. Neither of us will be for a while.”

“A brother comforting his younger sibling. That is just too sweet.”

The two siblings turned towards the voice and spotted a figure standing in the doorway that connected the kitchen and dining room to the bedrooms. The figure moved into the room as David moved his sister behind him, his hand slowly moving down to his pant pocket. The woman was tall, with shoulder length black hair. Her bright red lips were turned into a smirk. She wore a black mini skirt and a tight black tank top that dipped low in front and showed her cleavage.

David pulled his wand out of his pocket and pointed it towards the woman. “Who are you? How did you get in here?”

“Oh, I had a little help,” she replied. Natalie yelped behind him as a tall and muscular man grabbed her from behind, his wand pressed against her throat as he pulled her around the other side of the island to stand beside the woman in the doorway. “Now, unless you want her to get hurt, put down your wand.”

David set his wand down on the island, his eyes never leaving the smirking woman. “What do you want?”

“What do I want? I want my master to be freed,” she told him, sauntering over to where he stood, her hips swaying seductively. She stopped in front of him and traced his jaw line with her heavily manicured nails. David tensed and refused to look down at the woman before him. “But right now, we’re only here with the orders to kill you.”

“Who’s your boss?” he asked.

The woman pulled her hand away from his face. She blinked and her brown eyes turned jet black. The demon grinned at the shocked expression on David’s face. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”


Their lives had never been easy, but within the last few years’ things seemed to have only gotten more difficult and even more complicated. Demons versus angels was one fight they had never expected to live through, but somehow they had. Anna had gotten her grace back, and Dean had finally told him what had happened to him in the pit. Sure, he knew it had to be bad, seeing as it was Hell, but he never expected the words that had come from his brother’s mouth.

Dean was obviously hurting from what had been done to him and what he had done to others, but there was nothing Sam could say to help. ‘I’m sorry,’ just didn’t cut it, and there never would be anything to be said that would help. Add to the fact that it was his fault his brother had gone to Hell in the first place and that only made Sam Winchester feel even worse. And since that roadside confession, the two brothers had been hunting almost none stop. Going from job to job and barely stopping in between, most of the time sleeping in the Impala rather than finding a motel.

Though this was one of the rare occasions that they had stopped at a motel. They had checked into the hotel in Green River, Wyoming late that night. Sam had taken a shower to clean off all the dirt that he had gotten on him during the last hunt before crawling into the screechy sheets, falling asleep to the sound of Dean searching through one of the newspapers that had been provided by the motel. And it was to that sound that Sam awoke five hours later. The sound of rustling paper and a pen circling something that had caught the eldest Winchesters eye.

Sam pushed himself up and pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment as he shook off the last remnants of sleep. He then looked over at the small table just beside the door of the motel room and spotted Dean more or less in the same position he had been when he had fallen asleep just after midnight. Dean looked up from the paper, the bags under his eyes growing more and more each day. “I think I found us another case.”

Sam pushed the sheets off his legs before swinging them over the edge of the bed. He placed his hands on either side of him as he looked over at his brother. “What?”

“San Antonio, Texas,” Dean replied, his hazel green eyes scanning over the article. “Two teenagers, David and Natalie Morris found dead in their home. No signs of forced entry and cause of death unknown. Seemed completely healthy, besides the fact that they are dead. And this is the third murder like this in the last month. Mother and baby in Austin last week and an older couple in Houston the week before that.”

“Any connection between them?” Sam asked.

Dean shook his head. “Only that they all lived in Texas, but there’s a couple hundred miles between them and the last victims. A memorial is set for tomorrow.”

Sam sighed and stood up. “Guess we’re heading for Texas,” he muttered as he headed towards the bathroom.

Dean stood up from the table, pulling the keys to the Impala out of his pocket. “I’m gonna go grab us some breakfast from the diner across the street!”

“Okay!” he heard faintly through the closed bathroom door. He glanced down at the paper on the table before opening the door. There was something connecting the victims, they just had to find it.

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