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Problem by dracos_hotter
Chapter 7 : Plans in progress
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By xlivexlovexdream... @ TDA

^Matthew Grimbsy^

I own nothing!

“Rose Nymphadora Weasley, you are in so much trouble right now!” 

Problem sixteen: Caspar’s out for blood. More specifically, mine. 

“Why?” I ask wearily, sinking into a comfy chair that’s just appeared. We’re in the Room of Requirement, our spot. 

“You lead him on, push him back, turn him into a mouse—“ 

“That was Livi!” I protest, as said mouse-transformer girl slips into the room. 

“—I’m not done yet! And then wonder why he’s an arsehole.” 

“And? What’s your problem, Cas?” 

Caspar sighs deeply. I can almost hear her mind trying not to throttle me... Though why she’d want to, I don’t know. 

“You need to let him go, Rose. He’s never, ever going to be Scorp your friend ever again. You can’t just mess around like that.” 

I look Caspar up and down. “Shut up.” 

“Rose, I’m just saying this because—“ 

“Don’t! Don’t ‘just say’ anything! There’s no reason for me to give up on him, at all!” 

“There is. Did you notice Matthew Grimsby, at all?” 

“... Yeah. I was sitting by him.” 

“But did you notice him?” 

“Are you feeling okay, Cas?” 

“Rose, he likes you just as much as you like Scorpius. But he’s a good, well rounded individual. What’s wrong with you? Once, you would’ve been straight in there!” 

“I’d like to point out being hopelessly in love with an arsehole never did anyone any good,” Livi adds. 

“Alright, this is funny. Ha, ha ha ha.” I cross my arms. 

“We’re serious.” 

I gape at my best friends. “You want me to go out with Matthew?” 

“Matt, to his friends.” Caspar has gone mad. Finally lost it. 

“Jebus Crimea!” I might have done, too. 

“Now Rose, there’s no need for expletives,” Livi says calmly, smiling sweetly. 

“There is every need for expletives! What have you guys been drinking? Anything weird?” 

“Rose, you’re funny, you know that?” 

“There is no way on this earth I’m dating Matthew Grimsby!” 

“Could you at least talk to a boy that you aren’t related to, that isn’t Scorpius or Marius, for once? And Professors don’t count,” Livi pleads, “You’re not normal!” 

I sigh deeply. “Fine. What lesson are we skiving?” 

“Defence Against the Dark Arts, double period,” Caspar says from memory. 

“Damn, I like dada,” I stand up, “Come on, let’s get moving, chop chop!” 

Caspar and Livi exchange a glance. 


“We’re sitting together,” Livi says slowly. I nod. “You’re sitting with Matt.” 

I glare at them. 

They smile back. 

Oh, fantastic. 

“Girls, why are you late?” Professor Bell asks, and the whole class swivels around in their seats to stare at us. I can feel my blush heating up my thighs already. 

“Rose had to go to the hospital wing,” Livi says quickly, “She got hexed.” 

“What hex was it?” Professor questions. 

“Babbling curse,” Caspar blurts, before we can say something more interesting. 

“Well... Sit down then girls. Today we’re working on Bedazzling objects to conceal them. This can be used in emergencies to...” 

Caspar and Livi quickly claim a desk to themselves, and, as promised, I got the seat next to Matthew Grimsby, who grins at me lazily. 

He’s not actually that bad looking. 

Light brown hair... Deep brown eyes... Cute face... Nice smile... Plays Quidditch... Maybe the nutcases were onto something. 

“Rose Weasley, are you listening to me?” 

Again, thighs burning. “Yes, Professor,” I say, smiling sweetly. She looks at me suspiciously. 

“See me after class.” 


Katie Bell, my Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, went to school with my parents. She comes around every year for the Christmas party, and laughs and jokes. But in school, she doesn’t cut me any slack at all. Maybe a bit. Occasionally. 

“Now we begin the practical. You must make yourself as invisible as you can. Your partner will try to find and curse you. Begin!” 

It’s good I revised over the summer. 

“Ladies first,” Matt makes a sweeping gesture with his arm. 

“Thanks,” I say sweetly, “Tegotum!” 

I look down and find I have no body. Literally, there was nothing to see. I leg it across the room and go to sit on one of the old armchairs Professor keeps for emergencies.
Matt’s looking confused. Suddenly, an idea seems to hit him. I can almost see a light bulb above his head. 

He conjures up some glitter and blows it around the room. Suddenly, everyone has an outline, whether it disappeared or not. I vanish my glitter quickly, but everyone knows where people are now. I have to run back around the room to hide behind my attacker.
Sneaking up quietly, I pull out my wand and wait until I’m standing directly behind him to act. 

Petrificus totalus!” I yell triumphantly, and Matt snaps into a full body lock. 

“Well done, Rose,” Professor Bell says as I undo the Bedazzling charm. “Ten points to Gryffindor.” 

I beam at Matt, who looks shocked at me. I frown. He still looks shocked. 

Oh yeah, that spell... 
I laugh. “Relashio! Damn, sometimes I’m stupid.” 

“On the contrary,” Matt says, smiling, “You’re the smartest girl I know. Tegotum.” 

He left his feet behind; whether he meant to I don’t know, but he did. I pretend not to notice for a moment, and then absentmindedly stun him. 

When the bell rings for lunch, I leave him there, forgetting both him and Professor Bell.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Livi laughs. 

“Olivia! It’s not funny!” hisses Caspar. 

“No, Cas, it’s hilarious,” Livi sniggers. 

“She left him frozen with only his feet showing!” 

“You know what, Livi’s right. It is funny!” I’m laughing loudly at nothing. What’s wrong with me? 

“Shut up. It’s not funny, both of you stop laughing, and you have to apologize.” 

I stop laughing pretty quickly. “What? No way! That’s not fair!” 

“You left him on his own, invisible!” 

“Apart from his feet,” I point out, like it changes everything. 

“Shut up, Rose. In fact, don’t shut up, go and apologize to him!” 

Grumbling, I stand up and look around the common room. We’re currently making up information about Felix Felicis, which isn’t going badly, but Caspar can’t stop hissing at me. I swear, she’s more like my mother than I am. 

Matthew is sitting by the window with a couple of his friends, looking like he’s having fun. As they notice me they sober up, though. By the time I’m standing in front of them, they look like someone just farted on their puppy. 

They look a bit like Scorpius does when he sees me, actually. 

“I... Uh...” My intellect never fails to amaze me. “I’d like to apologize for leaving you... invisible apart from your feet.” 

Matthew raises an eyebrow. Just one. Aren’t I worth the effort for both? “Apology accepted.” He’s trying really hard to sound cool. It’s sweet. 

“Well, thank you.” Just because I have really overactive hormones, I kissed him on the cheek. Then I left before I did anymore damage. 

“Damn it Rose, I said apologize, not ‘woo the fuck out of him’!” Caspar hisses at me as I sit down again. 

“Shut up, Caspar,” I say absentmindedly, “Unless you’re helping me with potions.”
She huffs, but helps me anyway. She loves me really. 

“So after wooing him do you plan to go through with it and stuff?” she asks casually. I watch her carefully as she checks over my made up essay. I have a knack for getting stuff anyway, thanks to mum. 

“What do you mean, exactly, by ‘and stuff’?” I reply, watching her pull her innocent face.
“Oh, you know... If he asks you to go to Hogsmeade... Which by the way is now three weeks away... Will you go?” She thinks she’s being very clever. 

“Caspar, quit it. We’ll see how things go, you know? It depends who else asks.” 

Caspar throws down her quill and rounds on me. “For fucks sake he isn’t going to ask you!” she yells, and the common room falls silent. She’s obviously yelling about Scorpius. What changes? “Do it yourself!” She’s pointing to the essay, but it’s given me a brain wave. Marius’s plan plus Matthew... Well, this could work out well. 

“Alright then,” I say to Caspar and Livi, standing up, “I will.” 

I walk over to Matthew, again, except this time he looks a lot less... Scorp. 

“Hi, Rose,” he says, grinning broadly, “Caspar noisy much?” Oh great, he’s laughing at my demented friends. 

His friends have mysteriously disappeared. I wish Livi and Cas would do that for once in a while – every time someone approaches, they only make rude comments. 

“Hi, Matthew,” I say sweetly, “Do you want to go to Hogsmeade this weekend?” 

He looks stunned. In a good way, I think. Then he blushes, and my heart melts. 

Shizz, what just happened? 

“I didn’t think there was a trip on,” he says, trying very hard to sound cool. 

“There isn’t,” I grin, “But still...” 

“I’d like to go,” he says quickly, then saves face, “If I’m not busy, that is.” 

I’m trying very hard not to laugh. Really, I am. I manage to smile sweetly again and walk away quickly, grabbing my essay and bag and heading to the library. There I plonk myself down at a spare table, fold my arms on the desk and proceed to fall asleep for half an hour. 

I love extra work to do out of lessons. Yes, that was sarcasm. Blasted stuff... Why couldn’t we just leave lessons in lessons? Way easier. 

“Rose?” I look up groggily to see Livi looking miserable, “Please make Caspar stop making out with Harry.” 

I laugh and stretch out as she plonks herself down. For a very conservative person, Caspar spends a lot of time snogging. 

“Done your potions?” I ask her, yawning. 


“Me neither.” 

“Wanna do it now?” 


“Tough shit.” 

I get up and start trudging through the shelves, searching for a book that’ll tell me everything I need to know. Perhaps how to not make a fool of myself, how to get Scorpius to be just Scorp again, how to sort out my life... 

But less of that. 

Pulling a couple of books off the shelves, I realise I have, once again, done it. Victory is mine. I’ve picked up the book that tells you all you need to know. It’s the Libero Ensurio, the book of your greatest desires. I’ve abused this book so badly with stories of me and Scorp it shouldn’t still draw me back, but it does. 

I open the dark leather cover and marvel at the plain, yellow boringness of the pages. Taking it quickly back to the table, I pick up my quill and write: 

I desire to know the properties of Felix Felicis. 

The book writes back almost immediately. 

Hello, Rose Weasley. Strange request from you. The properties of Felix Felicis are few and far between, but this essay should help you... 

I flick through a couple of pages covered in neat writing, settling on a list at the very end of the endless essay. 

After half an hour, Livi has fallen asleep on her textbook and I’ve finished the whole piece, and am ready to indulge in a beautiful piece of fantasy the book will write shortly. 

Unfortunately, fate never did run smoothly. As soon as I’ve written I desire... James shows up. 

“Rose doing homework?” he grins, ruffling his hair as he throws himself into a chair and throws an arm around me. “Do something fun for once?” 

“Don’t test me, James; I’m in a strange mood!” I threaten, making him grin wider. 

“I see you have the Lusty book out again Rose!” James says in delight, “What’s it written in its wisdom this time?” 

He picks up the book, and frowns. Handing it to me, I realise why. It reads: 

I desire— 

Rose Weasley, I cannot help you if you desire nothing. If you come back with wishes of more fairytales or help with essays, please come to me. I miss concocting tales of the forbidden kind. 

“You interrupted me,” I say sheepishly, feeling my thighs heat up. 

“’Forbidden kind’?” James questions. When I don’t blush much, he touches my face gently. “Normally you’d be like a tomato. What’ve you done?” 

“Caspar moved my blush,” I say quietly. James disapproves of me altering my body. He’s frowning at me right about now. 

“Suit yourself,” he sounds like he’d rather move it back then let me live, “but what’s this ‘forbidden kind’?” 

I snatch the book back, cradling it to my chest. “None of your business.” 

“Yes it is! I’m almost your big brother; I’m protecting your virtue!” 

I snort rudely. “I haven’t had virtue for about eight months.” 

James looks horror struck, but luckily Livi chooses this moment to wake up, therefore saving me. 

“Jamie?” she says sleepily, “What are you doing in the girl’s dorm?” 

“It’s the library, love,” James says romantically. 

“Meh,” replies Livi, equally romantically. She then proceeds to put her head back down on her book and go back to sleep. 

“I’ll carry her back,” James says bravely, “Give me her bag.” 

I hand it to him, and he gathers her up in his arms, pushing her heavy book towards me. 

“How gallant of you,” I say dryly, “Who said chivalry is dead?” 

My amazing banter is lost on James, who is currently gazing down at Livi with the love usually reserved for old, married couples. He pulls himself together to ask me the same old questions. 

“Any boys after her?” He tries hard to sound casual for the first minute or two, but after that it’s a blur of insecurity. 

“You mean there are straight guys that don’t go for willowy, stunning and Quidditch player?” I ask in mock disbelief. James’ mask is already dropping as we walk past a portrait of gossiping veela. 

“Alright then... Anyone make a move?” 

“No, James. Livi’s as intact as ever.” 

“Just checking.” Anyone who does make a move get’s swiftly dispatched of. It used to mystify poor Livi, but then again me and Caspar swore not to tell her. For a smart person, she’s remarkably sheltered. “So... She interested in anyone?” 

“Might be.” 

“Might be?!” It’s this kind of stuff that makes James go into meltdown. He almost drops Livi, and then recovers himself. “Who?” 

It’s less of a question than a statement, or demand. He’s pushy about Livi, but not with her. 


“Rose. This is important.” 

“Nope, not telling. Next question, if you please?” 


“Some people would say it’s unfair to talk behind her back.” 

Yeah, that shut you up. 

“Rose, please?” 




“Pretty ple—“ 

“Damnit no!” 

James starts to sulk. I ignore him. 

Livi stirs in her new bed that is James. “What you doing?” she mumbles. 

“Nothing, love,” James replies. 

“You smell like jumper.” 

I desire a normal friend.

Hey, Ella agin... who else would it be? It's the story fairy! Ahem. Moment over. As always, I adore reading your reviews, and I do reply to them, but unlike other fan sites I've found (specifically Twilighted, which is where I started) you have to chase up replies on HPFF. Oh well.
Love as ever!

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Problem: Plans in progress


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