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Stars Will Shine by lilausty
Chapter 1 : Stars Will Shine
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Disclaimer: I own nothing of the wonderful Harry Potter universe. By now I think we all know that JK does!

Stars Will Shine


That was the only feeling that Ginny could admit to as Harry pulled on her hand, leading her out of the common room. Only vaguely aware of the stares that the Gryffindor students were giving the two of them, Ginny stepped carefully through the portrait hole and into the hallway.

Her blood was pounding in her ears so loudly that she was amazed that Harry hadn’t commented on it. She gave a quick glance at Harry and was surprised to see him looking thoughtfully down the corridor. At first look, most people would not suspect that he had just pashed her in front of a quarter of the school. But Ginny could see a tightness in his stance, a stiffness in his back which belied his casual face.

Tugging on his hand, Ginny started to move through the school, still trying to get a grip on her breathing patterns. Harry still wasn’t saying anything and she was far to overwhelmed to try and initiate a conversation.

While uncontrollable joy was coursing through her system, a slight niggle of worry was eating away at a dark corner in her mind. What if he didn’t mean to kiss her like that? What if it was simply the heat of the moment?”

Shaking her head in an effort to dispel the thoughts she found herself at the main gates of Hogwarts. Harry gave a slight smile and pulled her out into the night air. While still early, there was enough of a cool breeze to make her shiver slightly.

Instantly aware of her discomfort, Harry frowned, “D-Did you want to go back inside? Is it too cold out here?”

Glad to talk about something as mundane as the weather she shook her head, “No its fine. I am a witch after all.” She pulled out her wand and cast a warming spell over them both.

He grinned, “I definitely need to remember that. Sometimes I forget that I can do magic; common problem with being brought up muggle.” He led them both to a seat in the garden and they sat down, Ginny hesitantly entwining her fingers into his hand. He stared at their clasped hands for a moment before biting his lower lip, “So does this mean we are going out now?”

Instantly letting go of his hand, Ginny crossed her arms and smirked, “No, absolutely not. Simply snogging me does not give you the right to call me your girlfriend without actually asking me!”

Harry blushed deeply and muttered something unintelligible under his breath before raising his head and looking deep into her eyes. Nearly melting at the emotions swirling around in the emerald green depths, Ginny forced her face to remain neutral as she raised an eyebrow.

He gave a hesitant smile, “You aren’t going to make this easy for me are you?” She shook her head and he sighed, “Very well then, Ginny … will you be my girlfriend?”

And there it was; no romantic poems, not huge spiels about her eternal beauty; just a simple question that took her breath away. Ginny was silent for a moment, in which Harry started to look nervous.

Moving in a blur she threw her arms around him, causing him to jump backwards slightly. Ignoring his startlement, she pushed her lips to his in a firm but quick peck. Whispering into his lips she said, “yes Harry, of course I will.”

The relief that could be heard in his sigh was enough to cause her to giggle. Leaning her head against his shoulder she breathed deeply, watching as her breath made swirling patterns in the silver night. After a moment Harry roused her and offered her his hand, “I’d like to show you something if you don’t mind?”

Instantly curious, she took his hand and allowed him to pull her off into the grounds. While still before curfew, it was late enough that the stars were out and twinkling brightly. They walked in silence as Harry led the way towards several trees down by the lake.

The giant squid could be seen lazily floating on its back, but Harry ignored it, instead walking directly up towards a particular tree and gazing at it. A slight smile appeared on his face before he faced Ginny, “According to Remus, this is the tree where my mother first agreed to go out with my father. He said that Dad would often watch Mum from here, a not-so-secret stalker I think was how he put it.”

Ginny felt her lips twist up in a grin, “And you Harry? Were you a not-so-secret stalker?”

His eyes twinkled, reflecting the starlight above them, “If you have to ask that, it obviously means I wasn’t.”

“Point” she replied. The warming charm that she had cast was starting to wear off and she gave an involuntary shiver. The next instant, she nearly jumped in surprise when she felt Harry’s arms encircle her in a gentle hug. The hesitant care and affection in the gesture was enough to make her smile in complete contentment and she snuggled herself into his embrace.

Suddenly there was a flash of light as a magnificent shooting star rocketed its way across the sky, its fiery tail stretching out behind it. Unable to help herself, Ginny gave a squeal of delight. Harry gave a chuckle, “Like how I arranged that for you?”

She merely nodded before burying her head back into his chest, “You know what Harry? It is good to see that even with all the darkness and evil in the world, there is still beauty everywhere you turn. And it is beauty that cannot be touched by dictators, murderers or monsters.”

Sensing his gaze on the top of her head she looked up, straight into his eyes, “There will always be light and goodness in this world, though at times we may not be able to see it. If that isn’t enough to keep hope alive, then I don’t know what will.”

He nodded in agreement before turning away and sitting himself on the ground. Ginny imitated him, sitting next to him and leaning against his chest. As his arms went back around her he asked, “I realised something, I am dating you yet I know very little about you as a person.”

Ginny frowned, “I beg your pardon? We have spent the last five years together! How could you not know about me?”

He hastened to explain himself, “Oh, I know that you are brilliant, brave, fun, beautiful and fiery, but aside from that, I don’t know much. Like what sorts of things you like to do, what your favourite colour is or even about your childhood. As a person, you are a mystery to me.”

She asked, “Well, what would you like to know then?”

He considered her pale face, “I don’t think there is any rush. Why don’t you start off with a story about your childhood? Something that has stuck with you for years and years?”

Stumped for a moment, Ginny stared up at the stars. To be honest, there were several stories which instantly jumped into her head and she didn’t know which to tell. However, a blue twinkle above her solved that particular dilemma.

She raised her hand and pointed to a particularly bright blue star, “Very well, do you see that star there?” At his nod she smiled, “I was six years old when Mum and Dad decided to take a camping trip. It was over the holidays so Bill and Charlie were home as well. I don’t remember where we went, but we all decided to take a walk in the starlight.”

The air was rapidly cooling, but Ginny hardly noticed as memories of the past enveloped her, “I guess Fred and George got up to some mischief of some sort and went running off into the woods. We all chased after them, Charlie holding my hand and Bill looking after Ron. However, I guess I was slow because Charlie and I fell behind. After a little bit we couldn’t even hear the others and it was pitch black.”

Ginny’s eyes dimmed slightly, “I remember feeling absolutely terrified and that Charlie was also a little nervous. However, we kept walking, hoping to catch some sign of the others. We reached a little clearing in the woods and I guess I had had enough because I started crying. Quite loudly I would imagine, after all, I have inherited more than just my mum’s looks.”

Harry chuckled, “Yes, it is no secret that you have a fairly impressive set of lungs.”

“Anyway, Charlie was hugging me and trying to get me to calm down but nothing he was doing was working. I know now that we were never in any danger, but at the time every shadow held a monster and every rustle was a new terror waiting to pounce. I guess I must have been calling pretty loudly for mum because I remember Charlie giving me a little shake to try and get my attention.”

“I don’t know how he did it, but he said something that got me focussed on him. He sat me down and held me in his arms, rocking me to and fro. As a child, Dad always used to do that and Bill and Charlie soon learned that it helped me sleep. Anyway, he pointed out that star to me and told me to look intently at it. As I did so, he told me that it looked just like one of mum’s bright eyes; that she had put that star in the sky so she could watch over me so that I could never be lost forever.”

Ginny felt tears in her eyes as she continued, “He said that as long as I could see that star, I was under mum’s watchful and loving gaze and that I need never worry. It might seem a little silly, but ever since that day if I can see that star, I always feel safe.”

She lapsed into silence as Harry’s voice said softly, “It is not silly at all Gin. I wish I had had siblings when I was younger to look after me that way. And you’re right, your mum does make everyone she cares about feel safe. It doesn’t matter if she is standing next to you or on the other side of the country.”

Ginny felt him sigh and she asked, “What about your childhood then? Ron won’t tell me anything about it except that it was pretty horrible.”

Gently kissing her forehead he muttered, “It’ll ruin the mood Gin, are you sure you want to hear?”

She nodded, “I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t sure.”

“Well, as a child I never had friends and obviously no siblings. In fact I really didn’t have a childhood since by the time I could reach the stove I was forced to cook for my relatives. That doesn’t include all of the other chores I had to do such as gardening. Anyway, because of that I was always lonely and, well, I used to pretend that the stars were my friends and that I could talk to them.”

Ginny could feel his embarrassment and she hugged him tighter, “Go on Harry, please….”

“At night time I could never see them since I was locked in my room-“

“Hang on, didn’t your room have a window?” Ginny interrupted, her gaze sharpening.

There was a snort, “Oh goodness no. I had forgotten you didn’t know. For the first eleven years of my life I lived in the cupboard under the stairs. No windows there believe me; darkness was something that I learnt to live with very early in my life.”

Ginny felt a swell of anger rise within her and she almost missed Harry’s last statement her fury was pounding so loudly in her ears.

“So while my cupboard didn’t have any windows, I would try and stay up as late as possible each night so that I could see the stars and marvel at how they would twinkle happily away in the sky.”

Ginny didn’t say anything, she was too busy trying to control her breathing in an effort to maintain some semblance of calm. Harry obviously was nervous and asked softly, “Gin? Are you asleep? Did I bore you that much?”

Letting out a strangled grunt she sat up and viciously shook her head, “No Harry, not at all.”

Concerned, he held her head in his hands, looking deep into her eyes, “Well what’s wrong then? Did I say something to upset you?”

“Oh you betcha!” she snapped causing him to flinch backwards. Instantly she threw her arms around him, “I’m so sorry Harry! I am so sorry that your childhood was so awful. It just doesn’t seem fair that you had to suffer like that after everything you had been through.”

Feeling him rubbing soothing circles around her back she relaxed slightly. Dimly she heard him murmur, “It is ok Ginny, really. I have gotten over my nonexistent childhood. Sure, it wasn’t pleasant, but as of now I really couldn’t care less about it.”

Feeling his hand under her chin, Ginny allowed her head to be raised as she stared into his eyes. He gave a warm smile, “Weeping about the past won’t change it, and frankly, I have found something that makes up for any pain that I have suffered.”

Ginny felt blood rapidly rise to her cheeks and praised the darkness for hiding her blush from Harry. Unable to tear her gaze away from his mesmerising green stare she instead leaned in and kissed him passionately. Deepening it instantly, Harry returned her fire with his own, causing her to gasp into his lips.

Pulling away slightly, he pressed his lips to her forehead gently and whispered, “Just as the stars always shine Ginny Weasley, so I will always be there for you.”

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this little filler scene. I enjoyed writing it and the story of the star was actually something that my brother did for me when we got lost in the woods when I was little.

Anyway, please, if you read it, REVIEW it! It only takes a moment and they give me such pleasure!

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Stars Will Shine: Stars Will Shine


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