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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 8 : Incense
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A/N: hey guys!  I'm sorry it's been so long! But my final exams start on wednesday so i haven't had much time. this chapter is a product of stress relief, so i'm hoping you'll like it. 

Chapter 8: Incense

enrage: to make somebody extremely angry

The Beaubaxton camp, in all of its purple and gold glory, is made up of several large tents and stands not far behind Hagrid’s hut. We manage to make it most of the way without encountering anybody but just as we are nearing Hagrid’s overgrown pumpkin patch we see a large group of Beaubaxton girls heading in our direction.

“Quick, down here!” I hiss, dragging Draco down behind a giant pumpkin. Once the girls are out of sight we edge our way around Hagrid’s hut to where we can see the grand tents. Outside the tents, two girls are speaking rapidly in French. I wish I could speak French, or better yet, I wish I had a boyfriend who spoke French. There’s something sexy about the French language.

“Damn, I had hoped that Regenta wouldn’t have been smart enough to leave sentries.” Draco says, pulling me out of my musings, again.

“Personally, I think you’re underestimating her, Draco. She did manage to jinx my broom, and that’s no easy feat. I think she puts on the bimbo act for false pretences, other things I think she does because she’s distracted by something. Like her disregard for some of the things in the book, I think she’s just being careless, not stupid.” Draco gapes at me and I raise an eyebrow.


“How do you do that? How do you analyse and read people so well?” Draco exclaims. I shrug,

“I don’t know, I think it comes from living with so many brothers. They’re never going to tell you what they feel outright, so you have to guess and check. I suppose I got good at it along the way.” Draco just nods and looks towards the two girls thoughtfully.

“Maybe we could sneak in there disillusioned?” I suggest. Draco shakes his head.

“I reckon they would have a counter spell on the doorway, just like all our meeting rooms.”

“Our meeting rooms have counter spells on them?” I ask, incredulously. Draco raises his eyebrows.

“You didn’t know that? All of our meeting rooms have anti-concealment charms on them. Any sort of concealment charm is broken the moment you enter the room. Only the most powerful invisibility cloak would be able to penetrate the wards” I gasp, and turn to Draco with wide eyes.

“I have an idea! Wait here for me, I’ll be back soon!” I say before racing off across the grounds. Only the most powerful invisibility cloak would allow us to remain invisible in the Beaubaxtons camp, and I knew just where I could find one.

I was panting heavily by the time I reached the castle but I pushed myself to go on, taking every shortcut I could remember Fred and George ever showing me. There is nobody in the common room when I get there, the entire school is at the game, making it easy for me to slip undetected into the boys’ dormitory and borrow Harry’s cloak.

I can barely breathe by the time I get back to Draco. I bend over and lean on my thighs, panting heavily.

“Whoa, deep breaths, Ginevra. In out, in out” Draco teases. I stand up and glare at him, thrusting out my arm which has the cloak on it. Draco takes it and raises an eyebrow at me.

“Is this what I think it is, Ginevra?” he asks.

“If you think that it’s a raincoat, then no, it’s not.”

“Ha ha, where on earth did you get this?” he asks. I grin in a fashion I learnt from the twins,

“Ask me no questions and I shall tell you no lies”

“Fine, get under here then” Draco huffs. I slip under the cloak and we make our way slowly to the tents, careful not to let our ankles show.

The two girls continue to jabber away, not really paying much attention, which was lucky as I’m sure we flashed some of our feet when I stumbled over a rock. Once we were in the main tent and found it deserted we stripped off the cloak and stared in awe around the tent. I hadn’t had much time to appreciate it last time I was here but now I can see just how spectacular it really was. Whilst the tent was very big from the outside, on the inside it was huge. Lush purple carpet covers the floor and plush couches are grouped around the room. Bookshelves and intricate paintings line the walls, giving the room an elegantly royal look. At the end of the room there is a large desk with a high backed chair that I presume belongs to their Headmistress. On our right hand side there is a group of arches that lead into other rooms, magically linking all the tents together. It seems that this room acts as a large common room for all the girls.

“Come on, we won’t find anything here” I say, heading towards the first arch. Draco follows me into the second room. I gasp as we gaze up at the sight before us.

“Typical, Regenta” Draco snorts from beside me.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, is she for real?” I whisper. Surely nobody could be that conceited? On the wall in front of us is a huge portrait of Elizabeth Regenta herself, and I mean huge. It’s larger than life and actually quite creepy the way it’s smirking down at me.

“This is unbelievable” I laugh. Draco gives me a wry look,

“You should see the one in her room, it’s even bigger than this and is on her ceiling” he says. I laugh and am about to reply when I get distracted.

“You’ve been in her room?!” I exclaim. Draco winces, realizing what he’s let slip.

“I,…er,…we,… my family” he stutters. I laugh at his flustered attempts to explain. Draco sighs and runs a hand through his hair,

“We’ve known each other a while, our families are friends. Of sorts.” He explains. I just nod and move about the room, trying to find anything which may explain why she is trying to kill me. The room is smaller than the main one and appears to be Regenta’s personal office. If we were going to find anything, it would be in here. Draco is shuffling through some letters on a desk so I start to look through a pile of books on the coffee table. I actually laugh out loud when I read some of the titles of the books.

“What is it?” Draco asks

“Listen to this ‘104 Ways To Charm Your Way Onto His Arm’ and ‘The Book Full Of Looks’, oh and this one, ‘Beauty Spells and never Fail Nails’. This is ridiculous!” I laugh. I look over to Draco but instead of laughter that I am expecting his face is panicked and facing towards the door.

“There are people coming!” he hisses, beckoning me over. As I hurriedly put down the book I was holding up I see a letter that one of the books was sitting on. Grabbing it, I duck under the cloak that Draco is holding out and we hold our breaths as one of the girls enters the room.
The girl makes her way over to the table Draco was just looking through and starts shuffling through papers. She says something loudly in French and another voice replies from the main room. I can't understand anything they are saying so I turn my attention to the letter in my hands. The seal is already opened so I unfold the parchment and begin to read. I feel Draco stiffen beside me but I continue to read, my eyes widening at what I find. The girls leave and Draco turns towards me.

"Ginny, you can't understand what they are saying can you?" he asks me. I shake my head, dimly noting the fact that Draco can understand and probably speak French.

"Ginny, they're talking about-"

"Your father" I interrupt. Draco looks at me surprised and I hold out the letter.

Miss Regenta,

As per our previous discussion, all we require you to do is remove Ginevra Weasley.
On the completion of this task you will receive what you desire.

Lucius Malfoy

“That bastard!” Draco exclaims. I watch as he starts to pace back and forth, muttering furiously.

“Draco?” I ask hesitantly, “Is this because of the three pointed star?” Draco stops pacing and walks closer to me.

“I won’t let him hurt you, and I especially won’t let that blonde bitch get to you either” he snarls.

“But I thought that he would only target people you care about?” I ask, unsure of what I expect, or want, the answer to be. Draco raises an eyebrow and puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Ginevra, to my father, family is everything. You always put your family before anything, no matter what. Being seen with you, let alone being your friend, given our family circumstances, it’s pretty much the ultimate betrayal. To my father, I must care about you a lot to have turned my back on family traditions like that.” He lets his hand drop and takes a step back,

“Besides, I do care for you.” He finishes. I can tell in the tone of his voice that the conversation has ended, so I don’t push it, though I can’t ignore the butterflies that are suddenly in the pit of my stomach.

We make our way out of the tent and back towards the Quidditch pitch silently, listening to the roar of the crowd as it gets louder as we draw nearer. Draco nods at me once before slipping through the stands to the Slytherin section. Instead of trying to find Charlie and the others I try to find a seat on the edge of the stands.

“Ginny!” a voice calls. I look around and see Leanne gesturing at me to come and sit with her.

“Hello, what’s the score?” I ask

“One-hundred and twenty to one-hundred and thirty, Beauxbaton’s way” she tells me, keeping her eyes trained on the game.

“And the snitch?”

“No sign of it yet, but Beauxbaton’s seeker is wicked fast” I nod and become engrossed in the game that I love.

Fifteen minutes later Leanne and I are gripping each others’ hands so tightly they are turning white. We are sitting on the edges of our seats and are holding our breaths.

“The two seekers are neck and neck” the commentator is saying. And then, before we can comprehend it, Harry is holding the snitch in his grasp. The stands erupt in cheers and catcalls, the Hogwarts students jumping up and down, shaking the stands.

“We won!” Leanne squeals, throwing her arms around me and shouting in my ear.

There is a party held in every common room that night and the teachers do their best to ignore them. I sit on a couch in our common room watching my housemates celebrate the victory. Someone has snuck firewhiskey in and many of the older students are stumbling around and laughing loudly. Ron is standing on a table re-telling the game, play by play, which was good the first time around as I hadn’t been present for the first half of the game but now, as he repeated it for the fifth time, it was losing the excitement.

“I’m glad to see Gryffindor can still throw a decent party” Charlie laughs, flopping onto the couch next to me.

“Shouldn’t you be trying to put a stop to this? You know, being a professor and all?” I laugh. Charlie just grins at me.

“My first class isn’t until Monday morning, so until then, it doesn’t count” he winks. I roll my eyes and lay my head on his shoulder.

“I’m glad you’re here, Charlie.” I tell him.

“Me to, little sis, me to” he sighs.

The party lasts well into early the next morning until the very last seventh year, typically being Seamus, drags himself to bed. I’m still lying on the couch staring into the fire. Draco’s father is trying to kill me because Draco cares about me. The same thing runs through my head over and over. Only, it’s not the being targeted by Lucius Malfoy that has me thinking. Draco cares about me. Do I care about him? Don’t kid yourself, girl. Of course you do! The cricket tells me. I’m not so sure yet. What about Morgan? What would Harry, Ron and Hermione say? What would Charlie think?

I continue to question myself until, eventually, my eyelids close and I fall asleep. 

“Ginny, Ginny?” Maybe if I ignore them they’ll go away.

“Ginny” Why is this person so stubborn?

“Ginny, wake up!” Ok, that shaking is getting on my nerves.

‘Ginevra Weasley, I know you can hear me!” Slowly I open my eyes and blink at the brightness.

“Oh good, you’re up” Hermione says to me as though she hasn’t just spent the past ten minutes shaking me awake.

“What do you want, Hermione?” I groan. Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night. I sit up and feel my neck and back crack. Maybe I shouldn’t have slept on the couch last night either.

“I need to speak to you. Urgently” Hermione says to me. I look up at her to see a panicked expression.

“Sure, Hermione, do you mind if I get changed first?” I ask, standing up.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll meet you outside in an hour?” she asks me. I agree before making my way up to my room.

The girls are all still asleep when I enter so I grab some clothes from my trunk and make my way over to the shower. The hot water awakens me as I breathe in the steam and the fruity scent of my shampoo. I feel refreshed as I walk down the stairs and into the Great Hall. I grab a blueberry muffin and make my way outside to where Hermione will be waiting for me.

Hermione is standing in front of the lake with her arms wrapped around her, staring out into nothing.

“Hermione, what’s wrong?” I ask tentatively. The older girl sighs and continues to stare out across the water.

“James Maxworthy invited me to the Quidditch Finals Ball” she tells me. A grin breaks out on my face, and I laugh. Hermione looks at me, a wry smile on her face.

“What’s got you so worked up about that?” I ask her.

“I know I should be excited, it’s just-”

“You’re worried how my brother and Harry are going to react” I finish for her. Hermione nods and looks to the ground.

“You remember how Ron reacted last time! He was furious with me!” Hermione cries, tears starting to form in her eyes.

I guide her over to a tree and sit down next to her, both of us leaning against the tree.

“He was just jealous that he didn’t get to take you” I tell her.

“I know, but now I’m doing it to him again.” Hermione says sadly.

‘Alright, listen to me. My brother is an idiot and still has not worked out that he should say something to you about how he feels. Maxworthy is a decent bloke and cute to boot. Go with him to the ball, Hermione. Look your best and flaunt it in Ron’s face. Maybe this time he will be smart enough to sweep you off your feet when he realises what he lost.” Hermione laughs and takes my hand.

“Thanks, Ginny. You’re right. Like always” she laughs and I join in.

“So, how did he ask you?” I ask, nudging her with my elbow. Hermione smiles shyly.

“I was sitting at the table eating breakfast when he came and sat next to me. He took my hand, kissed it and asked me to accompany him to the ball. Very much like Viktor actually” she giggles.

“Maybe they get lessons on it or something?” I laugh.

“What about you? Who are you going with?” Hermione asks me.

“I’m not sure, I haven’t been asked by anybody” I muse.

“I’m sure you will have plenty of offers. Two in particular” she replies, raising an eyebrow.


“Don’t be daft, Ginny. Malfoy and Galloway have both got their eyes on you! Not to mention half the boys in the school” I just laugh and the idea. Draco and Morgan? No likely.
Don’t be so sure about that. Remember Morgan at lunch the other day? Draco cares about you.

My laughs die away and my brow furrows, maybe it’s a possibility after all.

“Do you want to get ready together? You can come and get ready in the heads room with me” Hermione suggests. I accept her offer and we spend another hour sitting under the tree discussing hairstyles and dresses. The kind of talk only a ball would inspire in us.

After my morning spent with Hermione I retreat to the library to complete my homework. After about an hour of Herbology I get bored and decide to plan out what I will teach the Hufflepuff I am tutoring the next day.

“Afternoon, Red” I huff and look up from my work.

“I’m trying to work here, Morgan” I tell him. The Durmstrang leader just grins and sits opposite me at the table.

“Did you hear about James and the Head Girl?” he asks me. I grin and look up.

“I did hear. Hermione was quite shocked, to say the least” I tell him. Morgan chortles and leans back, resting his hands on the back of his head.

“My boys are trying to snap up the best dates before the Hogwarts boys can get all the best girls” he tells me. I roll me eyes and shake my head.

“You’re going to turn the male population of Hogwarts against you, you know?” Morgan just shrugs.

“So? The only ones we care about not pissing off are those in SO, and half of them aren’t old enough to attend anyway.” I hear giggling and look over at the nearest bookshelf. A group of girls are hiding behind it, obviously trying to spy on Morgan. I roll my eyes and jerk my head in their direction.

“Don’t look now, but I think they may want you to ask them to the ball” I say with disgust. Morgan just laughs and throws a wink in my direction.

“I’ve already got someone in mind” he says before sauntering away from my table. I blush and look back down at my work, forgetting what I had been doing previous to his arrival.

“Stupid Galloway” I mutter under my breath.

The rest of the day is uneventful and I spend the evening playing exploding snap with Harry and Ron in the common room. It was nice to catch up with them again without anybody bringing up Draco or Morgan.
The following morning I receive an owl from my tutor telling me to meet them in the library after lunch as we both have free periods, they didn’t sign their name at the bottom so I don’t know who to expect but I cross my fingers that it won’t be a Slytherin.

Morning classes pass in a breeze and at lunch I sit with Leanne and Hermione.

“I got asked to the ball” Leanne suddenly says.

“By who?” Hermione and I ask at the same time.

“A Ravenclaw boy in my Charms class” she tells us, blushing.

“You should come and get ready with us!” Hermione suggests, I nod eagerly and encourage her to join us.

“Okay, sure. Where?” Leanne agrees.

“We’re getting ready in Hermione’s room in the Head’s dorm” I tell her. “Anyway, I’ve got to go and meet my tutor. Wish me luck!” I announce, leaving the table.

“Good luck!” Hermione and Leanne chorus and I wave over my shoulder.

In the library I make my way over to the table I was told to meet them at and stop in my tracks as I see who my tutor is, a smile breaking onto my face. Well this was a pleasant surprise. 

A/N: i'm not going to promise you anything, because i'm not sure how well i would live up to it at this point so i'll just say that hopefully i will find the time to write soon. 
who do you think will be Ginny's tutor?
who will she go to the ball with?
let me know what you think!  Review pretty please!
Bella xx

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