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The Elite: A Legacy by amandatonks
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Beginnings and Ends
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Velvet petals fall slowly to the ground. Slowly. Slowly. Like snow colored red and yellow they float through the air. Waves of grass whisper delightfully to each other, swaying in the wind, and birds chirp happily, fevered with spring. Mother Nature is rejoicing, an unfitting goodbye to the life you once led.


You had been here once. I remember it clearly as if it were a film playing though my mind over and over again, every detail analyzed. It hadn’t felt so alive back then. Covered in a white blanket, the land looked dead, cold, unwelcoming. You had protected yourself with the same kind of mask. Perhaps so you could forget everything that had happened.


Over time, you so carefully distanced yourself that, eventually, none of us truly knew who you were anymore. I don’t think you knew who you were. But that’s all as well, I suppose. You’re gone now, and I mourn for you. Or who you used to be. I hum your familiar, bittersweet song, but it isn’t enough. I want to feel your presence, icy though it was. For a second, I remember you: the real you. Not the shell of a woman you had succumbed to be. 

Who would have thought that you would become so indifferent, so broken? In your absence, I’m breaking apart. Like you, I am withering away into nothingness as everything that surrounds me grows tall and healthy. Our children and our children’s children have lives of their own now. Under their passing gazes, I am fading away like the sandy shore washes away beneath the beating waves.

I hear the ocean in the distance; feel its breath on my skin. For me, there is very little time left. The last grains of sand are falling, but there is a legacy in our wake. It’s not over. Not yet. Once I am gone, their secret will be revealed. We all have the right to know about the other world and the power they can wield. The proof I possess could, in fact, be the only way we will ever learn of it.

Ashes will rain down on weary heads, flames will grab for the sky, blood will be shed, and sides will be chosen. There is no doubt in my mind that battles will be waged. And perhaps it is a good thing that the two of us will not be here as chaos prospers. Machine against magic? It is a terrible match indeed.

I am alone in this world. Many others will be too. It is inevitable for them to be so. As the seasons fade into each other, I am another grain closer to death. And as white snow floats to the ground, my last breath is taken from me, a peaceful smile forever frozen on my face. The icy hands of winter have taken my soul from this Earth as it had yours the year before. You and I are together once again, watching as events slowly unfold below.

The Magical World’s long-lasting peace is shattering to pieces. We watch and we smile forlornly with hands intertwined comfortingly, shaking our heads at the violence we left behind. It had to happen because it would have happened eventually. It was only a matter of time, we reassure ourselves. The Elite will rise to the occasion, and fight for the truth we deserve to be told. This is what we have left in our wake. This is our legacy.

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The Elite: A Legacy: Prologue: Beginnings and Ends


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