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Déjà Vu by dream_BIG
Chapter 2 : Quidditch Matches, Giving Up, and Mentally Unstable Quidditch Captains
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Hi, guys! 
I know it's been a while since I last updated chapters, but I have a reason for it!
I have school, and lots of activities. And a social life. I'm a busy girl. 
And, I'm also writing five stories at the same time. 
It's a lot of work. A lot.
AND, I'm also waiting for my banner. Which, I can assure you, will be absolutely fabulous, since my bestest friend is making it :)
I can hardly wait!
But, yeah. Here's the second chapter, keep your eyes out for the third one! Hopefully it'll be soon!

another one by moi :)

“Aand, there’s James Potter with the Quaffle he’s streaking towards the goal posts super-fast, oh, Zabini intercepted him, and…wait! James has passed the Quaffle to Artemis Jones, who grabs it, and…YES! SCORE FOR GRYFFINDOR! GO MISSY!” Fred yelled into the mike.


The crowd cheered and I pumped my fist in the air. My team members whooped and pointed at me with both hands, and I gave a little bow.


See, it’s a weird tradition for our team…whenever someone does something amazing, we whoop in triumph and point at them with both pointer fingers. The crowd loves it.


We’re insane, I know. But tradition is tradition.


“And Malfoy now in possession of the Quaffle, passes it to James Potter, and he shoots…aw, man, looks like Davis has finally saved something, guess the bloke isn’t totally useless” – he shot Dom the finger, and she grinned. “Slytherin now in possession of the Quaffle, and…YES! Well shot bludger by our very own Ella Longbottom! But…aw, Slytherin still in possession of the Quaffle, Goyle shoots…YES! HUGO WEASLEY HAS SAVED THE GOAL! YEAH, HUGO!” Dom added, shouting into the mike next to Fred’s. We have two commentators now, makes life more interesting. We screamed and pointed at him, while the crowds started a loud, rousing chorus of ‘Weasley is our King.’ Apparently, it was from Hugo’s dad’s time, and is still immensely popular. Professor Neville was singing it under his breath once, and we caught on and now we sing it all the time. It’s an awesome song, really. Whoever came up with it is a sheer genius.


“Gryffindor now has the Quaffle…Malfoy shoots, YES! ANOTHER GOAL FOR GRYFFINDOR! It’s now 20-0 to Gryffindor!” Fred cried.


We all clapped once and yelled ‘WHAT?!” at the Slytherins, giving them the gangsta ‘what’ gesture. They simultaneously gave us the finger, which we gladly returned. The crowd started going wild.


“Okay, the teams have stopped shooting each other the finger, Slytherin now in possession of the Quaffle again…Jason Black shoots a bludger at the Chaser…but no, the Slytherin beater shot it away…and…Nott shoots…YES! HUGO WEASLEY HAS DONE IT AGAIN! I KNEW THAT KID WAS MY FAVORITE COUSIN!” Dom screamed. A bunch of people yelled “HEY!” indignantly at her, including Fred. “Don’t worry, I love the rest of my family too.” She added hastily.


The team joined in on the chorus of ‘Weasley is our King’, pointing, screaming and clapping at Hugo, who gave a little bow.


“…he never lets the Quaffle in, Weasley is our King!”


“Okay, Gryffindor now in possession of the Quaffle…the Slytherin beater has shot a bludger at him…oh no…YES! Jason Black swooped in at the last minute and shot it away! AND JAMES POTTER SCORES! 30-0 to Gryffindor! And…look! Albus Potter is shooting towards the snitch, Rodriguez right behind him…YES! ALBUS POTTER CAUGHT THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS!” FRED AND DOM SCREAMED THE LAST PART TOGETHER.


We all streamed towards Al, who was holding the snitch up in the air and whooping, and latched on to him, screaming and hugging in midair. The team was just a huge mass of gold and red. We slowly sunk to the ground, and the crowd streamed towards us.


“Well, Gryffindor has won, that concludes the rousing match between the wankers - I mean Slytherins, sorry professor – and the GRYFFINDORS! WOO-HOO!! GRYFFINDOR WINS, SUCK ON THAT, YOU HISSING LOSERS!” Dom yelled, ignoring Professor McGonagall, who was shouting at her.


“Oh, sorry professor, got a little excited.” She added apologetically. Professor McGonagall shook her pointer finger at her, but I could see a faint smile at her lips.


“TEAM! LOCKER ROOMS!” James yelled over the screaming fans, and we managed to fight our way to the locker rooms.


“Great job, everyone!” James beamed around at us. “I knew we could do it. Now, the next match is against Ravenclaw, against Roxy’s team, so we have practice tomorrow at six!” Roxy is Fred’s twin sister, and the captain of the Ravenclaw team.


“WHAT?!” We all exclaimed.


“Come on guys, it’s my last year. I want to win them all! I mean, we won this one with practices twice a week, but if we train harder, we’ll be able to beat all of them! We’ll have practice every night from now on. We’ll be unstoppable!” Potter smiled a slightly manic way.


“You’re insane!” Ella yelled at him. “We have lives, you know!”


“Come on, Ells. Please? Do this for me, the best captain you have ever had!” He grinned at us with what he thought was a winning way.


“Fine.” We grumbled. He really was a pretty good captain. Really understanding, but slightly maniacal about Quidditch. If we missed more than one practice, he totally flipped the shit. But other than that, he was the reason we had a five-year winning streak, so I guess he was the best. The one before him sucked.


“I LOVE YOU ALL!” He launched himself at us, and we all landed on the floor in a huge, Quidditch team heap, laughing and screaming at him to get off.


I love our team. I’m going to miss it desperately when school is over.


Later, when I was in the shower, I felt my eyesight go fuzzy and I knew I was going to see the future. I sat down and let the vision swim in front of my eyes.


“Hey, Rose.” Scorpius Malfoy sat down next to Rose Weasley at the library. She smiled and moved her stuff over for him.


“Hey, Scorpius.”


“Er…so…what’s up?” He sounded nervous.


“Nothing, really. Just homework.”


“Cool.” He gulped nervously. “Um…Rose?”


“Yeah?” She looked up and smiled at him. His eyes widened a little.


“Will you…wanna go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?” He looked hopeful. Rose looked surprised.


“Sure.” She smiled at him.


“Great.” He looked more confident, and grinned back. He took out his homework and started working with her. They shot each other glances when they thought the other person wasn’t looking, and both of them were smiling quite widely.


I slowly came back, and grinned. So…Rose and Scorpius, huh?








“What the hell are you doing in here, Potter?” I growled, and stuck my head out of the shower.


“Uh – um…I…uh…um – sorry. I’ll just go now.” He turned around and nearly ran out the door.


Damn right, Potter. You RUN.




“Rose…and Scorpius?” Dom asked me later on that night when I told her about it. I grinned. “Yep.”


“Aw…that’s cute! They’re both gorgeous, they’d look nice together.” Dom smiled.


“Yeah, and their futures are finally starting to get less foggy.” I dropped my head and rubbed my temples. “But not too much. My head is killing me.”


“What about you and James?” She asked after a short pause.


I shrugged. “Haven’t seen anything else yet. It’s only been two weeks…I don’t think I made much of a difference so far.”


“He really likes you.” She said quietly. I gritted my teeth.


“I’m not interested, Dom.” I muttered.


“No…I mean it. He really does like you a lot. And you’re going to fall for him, that’s not a bad thing. Maybe you should…just leave things as they are. You shouldn’t try to change the natural way of things, Artemis.”She said seriously.


“I’m not changing anything. The future changes all the time.” I shook my head.


“But…this is fate, Artemis. You can’t do anything to change that.”


“It’s not fate.” I insisted. Fate, my arse. It is NOT fate.


“Whatever you say.” Dom finally sighed.


My eyes started getting blurry again. AGAIN?! My poor, poor head. Visions always make it hurt so much. They take away a lot my energy.


My eyesight unfocused as I stared at something thousands of miles away. My normally stormy grey eyes turned to light silver, and I got another glimpse of the future.


Alex ran up the stairs, tears streaming down her face.


“Alex?” Ella stopped doing her nails and looked up at the crying girl. “What’s wrong?” Alex sat down on her bed and let the tears run down her cheeks.


“Alex, why are you crying?” I sat down next to her, Dom on the other side. Ella knelt in front of her, her cute face creased with worry.


“F-Fred…he’s going out with Mallory Finnegan.” She sobbed.


“How do you know?” I asked gently, rubbing her arm.


“I – I walked in on them s-snogging.” She wailed. “And then when Fred unlatched himself from her face, he asked me ‘Can I help you?’”


“That wanker!” Dom cried. “I’m going to go over there and –”


“No!” Alex cut across quickly. “D-don’t. I- I don’t even care anymore.”


We exchanged glances. “But…” Alex said. “But, Alex, you’ve been in love with him since forever.”


“I’m giving up.” Alex shook her head. “It’s not worth waiting any longer.”


“Alex…it’ll be okay. Promise.” I said gently.


“N-No. I don’t want to go through this pain every time he gets with another girl. I’m done.” She wiped her cheeks and climbed into bed.


“Alex…” Dom started.


“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” Alex gave us a weak smile. None of us bought it.


“No, Alex, you’re not.” Ella said.


“Seriously. I have to loosen up. Just because I find Fred attractive doesn’t mean I’m in love with the bloke. There are plenty of other guys out there. I’m going to start dating.” Alex said decisively.


“But –” Dom started.


“Drop it.” I advised her. “Alex, if that’s what you feel is right, go ahead. Just…are you sure you’re okay?”


“I’m fine. Good night.”


“Night.” We chorused. Alex pulled the curtains around her bed and we all exchanged glances again.


“Not going to end well.” Ella mouthed. I shrugged and grimaced, while Dom shook her head and muttered darkly under her breath about ‘bloody wanker…idiot…should show him a bloody lesson…can I help you…arsehole…’


I gasped as I got back to the present and blinked a couple of times to clear my eyes. My head was pounding from the effort of having so many visions in one day.


“Artemis?” Dom asked worriedly. “What did you see?”


“Alex…she gives up on Fred.”




“Alex? What’s wrong?” Ella asked.


Dom pulled her curtain aside to reveal the exact scene I had seen just moments ago.


“Wow.” I whispered to her. “That was fast…this is what I saw two seconds ago.”


Alex sat down on her bed, tears streaming down her pretty face.




“Good morning, everyone!”


I looked up and my jaw dropped open, revealing the very attractive oatmeal I was chewing. I noticed that all around the table, jaws fell to the ground as well.


“A-Al-Alex?” I spluttered. I finally swallowed my oatmeal, it seems. Oh, wait. It’s splattered all over the table. Oops. My bad.


“Hey, Missy.” She smiled and sat down next to me.


“Whoa. What happened?” James asked her. Dom just gaped.


“What do you mean?” Alex piled some pancakes on her plate, and without looking, reached out a hand and snapped Jason’s gaping mouth shut.


“You-you-you…” He spluttered.


“You look gorgeous.” Ella breathed, gazing at Alex.


She smiled. “Thanks.”


“Change back into yourself. Now.” Jason demanded. Alex rolled her eyes.


Alex had finally come to terms with her beauty, it seemed. Instead of wearing her hair in the usual braid she always did, she had let it loose, and it tumbled down in a single sheet of mahogany to the middle of her back. She was wearing eyeliner, a little mascara, and just a touch of shimmery eyeshadow. Her naturally pale face looked like a creamy ivory instead of just ‘pale’, thanks to the contrast her dark hair and her skin created.


“Hey-whoa.” Apollo arrived at the table, and Dom quickly shut her mouth and turned faint pink. “Alex…is that you?”


“Hey, Pol.” She grinned and waved a little.


“You look great. Wait’ll Fred gets an eyeload of you.” He chuckled, and sat down next to James. To our immense surprise, Alex just shrugged and said, “I didn’t do this for him. I’m kind of giving up…it’s not worth it.”


Potter’s spoon clattered to his plate. “What?”


“Giving…up?” Jason asked incredulously.


“Yep.” She said airily. I have to hand it to her. The girl’s a bloody amazing actress.


“Wow.” Fred had finally decided to grace us with his presence. We all looked around at him, but he was staring at Alex, who gave him a vague smile and turned back to her pancakes.


“I – wow – I mean, you look…great. You look great, Alex.” He finished lamely.


She shot him another smile. “Thank you.” Then she went back to pretending she didn’t like him anymore.


I looked around and noticed a whole bunch of males gazing at Alex with hungry looks in their eyes. Poor girl. She’s going to get STALKED by those guys.


I have this feeling…it’s a bad feeling. Something is going to go wrong…


This will not end well.


“Hey Lewis,” A random boy I have never seen before in my life passed by our table and winked at Alex. “Looking good.”


Jason snarled at him, and he walked away, but not before giving her another wink. Alex turned and hit Jason on the arm.


“What the hell?” She hissed.


“Alexandria Savannah Lewis, I am not going to let one of those manwhores go out with you.” He said sternly. Jeez, he was like her mother or something. Actually, he was more like her over-protective best friend. He was nearly her brother.


“Jason Matthew Black, if you don’t butt out, I’m going to hex you.” She growled.


“Oh, are we doing full names again?” Dom asked brightly.


“Dom, not now.” James warned her. She pouted.


“Alex. You’re not dating a single bloke that I don’t approve of.” Jason said sternly, while Ella giggled.


Alex gritted her teeth. “Jason, stop getting all best friend/older brother overprotective on me.”


“But Alex –”


“Jay, please. I know I’m like a little sister to you, but I swear, if you get any more overprotective of me, I’ll put you in a full body binding curse until the end of the year, understand?”


He opened his mouth to argue but she shot him the ‘big eyes’ look. “Okay.” He muttered meekly.


“Good boy. Now, I’m off to Runes. Bye.” Alex swung her bag over her shoulder, waved at us, and left, completely oblivious to the males staring hungrily after her.


“Did you notice the way all the blokes were looking at her?” Jason demanded, turning back to us after he was done glowering at a couple of boys who had wolf-whistled at Alex. “Did you?”


“Yes, Jason, that’s what usually happens when a girl is hot and single. Guys go after her.” Ella said reasonably.


“Well, I don’t like it.” He stabbed angrily into his eggs. “No one looks at my best friend sister like that.”


“Yeah, not without you gouging their eyeballs out.” She muttered, rolling her eyes at us.


Did you notice something? No? Well, I did. Guess who didn’t say a word during this whole conversation. That’s right. Freddie-boy.


Gee, I wonder why.


 “Okay, today in class we are going to be practicing the duplicating charm! Now, repeat after me: Geminio!” Flitwick squeaked.


Geminio.” We repeated back in one, monotonous, dull voice.


“Perfect! Now, think it silently in your head!” He beamed around at our blank faces for a moment. I was 100% positive that not a single person in this room was thinking about the spell.


“Okay!” He smiled again. That creature is way too happy. It is a bit sickening, actually. “Now, each one of you has a stone on your desks; I want you to duplicate them! And don’t tell me this is useless, our very own Golden Trio used it many times during the hunt for horcruxes!” He beamed at James like he was the one who had done it and everyone turned around to look at James as well. He flushed and scrunched in his seat a little.


“It was Aunt Hermione.” He muttered. “Stop looking at me.”


Everyone turned back to the front again, and James sighed visibly. He wasn’t too much of a fan of people staring at him because of his father. Unfortunately for him, people literally worshipped Jimmy-boy because Jimmy-boy is famous. Really, really, famous. Like, paparazzi stalks his every move famous. Poor kid.


“Begin!” Flitwick piped. I flicked my wand at the stone and it immediately duplicated. Well, that was easy. As usual. Okay, this is boring. I watched Dom struggle for a little while. Haha. She looks kind of constipated because she’s concentrating so hard. Her face is even kind of green…


“I think I’m gonna hurl.” She finally gasped, and looked at me. She was turning greener by the minute.


“Well, not here!” I hissed frantically.


“Missy, I’m going to puke!” She moaned.


“Hold it for a couple of seconds…Professor!” I yelled. He made his way over to us. “Yes?”


“Um, Dominique isn’t feeling so well, can I take her to the hospital wing?” I asked.


“Did you duplicate your stone?”




“Yes.” I said.


“And Miss Weasley?” He asked, smiling. Okay, I am two seconds from strangling you, you disfigured, freakishly happy creature! If you value your life at all, you will let me GO!


“Yes.” Dom said faintly. I quickly duplicated hers too, and he turned around to check. He actually clapped his hands and squealed in delight when he saw two stones. Wow.


“Well, then. Off you go!” FINALLY!


I grabbed Dom’s hand and towed her to the closest bathroom. She threw up into the toilet while I held her hair back.


“Ugh.” She moaned, stepping out of the cubicle and washing her mouth in the sink.


“You okay?” I asked her.


“Yeah…I just probably caught a little stomach bug or something.” She said, shrugging. She did look a little pale.


“Yeah, that’s probably it. Wanna go back now?” I asked.




We made our way back, just in time to see Potter exploding his rock into a million pieces and Flitwick diving under the desk.


“Yes…” He panted, emerging and pulling shards out of his hat. “For homework: practice.”




“Okay, guys, let’s start with twenty laps around the Quidditch pitch!” Potter yelled, looking around at our stony faces happily.


“WHAT?!” Hugo yelled. “We play Quidditch in the air you dumbass! Why the hell are we running around the goddamned pitch?”


Well. Someone has a dirty mouth. Now that I think of it, so does Rose. Huh. Must be Mr. Weasley’s influence.


“Because you need to build stamina!” Potter retaliated. “And also because I’m the captain and I said so.”


“Oh yes, we totally need to build stamina so we can sit on brooms in the air.” Scorpius said sarcastically.


“Exactly.” Sarcasm is lost on people of lower intellect, it seems. “So start running.”


“No way! I’m not running around the pitch twenty times!” Al yelled.


“Yes you are! GO!” Potter blew his whistle, and grumbling, we followed his lead.


After twenty laps around the pitch, fifty push-ups and sit-ups each, and one hundred broomstick suicides, he finally decided to let us go.


“See you guys tomorrow!” He called after us brightly as we staggered back into the school.


“I hurt everywhere.” I moaned, dragging myself onto the couch. Albus sat down next to me, Scorpius on the other side. Ella was sprawled in an armchair, sitting on top of Jason, who looked thrilled and in pain at the same time.


“He’s a fucking Quidditch Hitler, your brother.” Scorpius said.


“I’m sad to say I actually share genes with the freak.” Albus responded desolately.


“Hey, what happened to you guys?” Rose sat down next to Scorpius, making the couch move. We all groaned in unison.


“Don’t wanna talk about it.” I whispered.


“Hey, guys!”  Potter bounded into the room, beaming. “How’s everyone doing?”


Scorpius made a strangled sound somewhere between a groan, moan, and whimper, which made Rose snort in an extremely unattractive way.


Way to go, Rose. Scorpius totally wants you now.


 But…hey … Scorpius just grinned at her. Okay, then. I guess some people like girls who snort like that. We all looked at Potter with dead expressions, and he sat down, still smiling maniacally.


“Hey, what’s going on?” Alex arrived, looking around at us. “Ella, why are you sitting on Jason?”


“I – what?” Ella looked over her shoulder and jumped in surprise. “Jason? Oh my god, I didn’t realize I was sitting on someone…sorry! I would get off, but I really don’t have the energy.” She said regretfully.


“I don’t mind.” He wrapped his arms around her stomach, and she pushed them off, somewhat reluctantly. He pouted, but then smiled again when she leaned back into him and closed her eyes.


“So tired.” Ella sighed, snuggling into his chest.


“Me too, babe.” Jason closed his eyes as well.


“Don’t call me babe.” She said this half-heartedly, though, and barely suppressed a smile when he wrapped his arms around her again.


“Has anyone seen – whoa, James what did you do to them?” Apollo also looked around at us with worried expressions.


“We just had the best practice ever!” Potter announced proudly. I whimpered and cringed away from him, into Albus.


“Uh – huh.” Apollo looked at me with amused eyes, and Al patted my arm consolingly, wincing.


“He’s mad.” Hugo said hoarsely. “Absolutely barking.”


“We are so going to win!” Potter said excitedly.


“If you don’t kill us first.” I muttered.


“I can’t wait for tomorrow’s practice! Wait’ll you see what I have in store for you guys!” He was still smiling in the manic way. It’s actually kind of terrifying, his expression.


I whimpered even louder and scooted closer to Albus, as far away from James as I could get. I pushed my head onto Al’s chest and he put his arm around me, wincing from my added weight.


“So…comfortable.” I sighed, snuggling in. “Sorry Al, you don’t mind, do you?”


“Not at all. But…stop moving, you’re jostling my ribs, they hurt like hell.” He replied. I moved a little again by accident and he whimpered.




“S’okay.” Al pulled me against him again. God, this kid is like the little brother I will never have.


“OI! What are you doing?” Potter’s voice came from right above my head.


“Sleeping.” I muttered.


“Get your hands off my girl, Albus. Now.” I opened a bleary eye and saw that he was scowling murderously at Albus.


“Just friends.” Al muttered. He tried moving, but then groaned loudly in pain and decided to stay the way he was.


“And I’m not your girl, Potter.” I growled.


“I know you want me, Jones.” I opened my other eye just in time to see him waggling his eyebrows at me in a very nauseating way. I whimpered and buried my face in Al’s chest so I would never have to see that disgusting image again.


“Make him leave.” I moaned, my voice muffled by Al’s shirt.


“Albus, I swear, get your hands off of her now, otherwise I’m going to hurt you.”


“Oh, shut up, Potter. Al’s like my little brother, we all know that.” I mumbled.


“Exactly. So bugger off.” Al slurred, half asleep.


“Feeling insecure?” Pol asked Potter, smirking. He merely scowled and pouted, crossing his arms over his chest like a little schoolgirl.


“Very manly.” I complimented him.


 I pulled myself off of Albus, wincing. “Urgh. I better get upstairs and take a shower. See you guys later.” I managed somewhat of a wave – my arm hurts too much to lift – and started staggering over to the staircase. Needless to say, my progress wasn’t going too well. The wincing in between every step didn’t help, either.


Ouch. My body hu-u-urts.


I want my mommy.


Am I at least halfway there? NO?!


Why is the distance between the fucking armchair and the fucking staircase so fucking LONG?!


God, this is bloody painful.


I can’t do this.




“Need help?” James was suddenly beside me, looking kind of worried.


“Die, Potter.” I muttered, and started shuffling away from him. I got to about three feet away from him when I sighed. “Fine. Yes.”


“Here.” He bent down and suddenly lifted me up.


“OW!” I shrieked. “Ow,Potter, put me down, that bloody hurts.” My eyes welled up with tears of pain.


I hope karma is a total bitch to you, Potter. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!


“Sorry, sorry.” He mumbled, hastily setting me down again. I gave him a look full of betrayal (well, come on, I thought he was supposed to be kind of my friend. Friends don’t try to kill each other), and managed to trip my way up the stairs and into the first bathroom I could find, which just happened to be the first years’ one. They looked downright terrified at seeing a half-dead, seventh year girl who closely resembled a zombie appear in their dormitory.


“I come in peace.” I droned. They just gawked at me.


“Um.” Well, this is awkward. “Mind if I use your bathroom? My Quidditch captain just tried to kill me, and I don’t have the energy to walk to my room.”


Blank stares.


I’ll take that as a yes.


“Great, thanks.” I summoned some clothes and let myself into the hot running water.


Aaaah. Pure bliss.


Wow. This feels so good.


I finished showering – I probably used up enough water to sustain a small country. Oops – and pulled on my pajamas. My muscles had loosened up, so I could finally walk without it feeling like my body was made out of lead. I felt much better, not so much in pain. Who knew a simple shower could be so magical.


“Thanks, girlies!” I announced, bouncing out of the bathroom. “I owe you big time! Now, I must be off! I’ve got places to go, things to do, people to kill!” Shocked, slightly terrified stares met me.


“Kidding.” I laughed.




“…no? Okay, then. Guess I’ll just be…going. Bye.” I gave a little wave and skipped to my room.


I’m in a fabulous mood. Want to know why? I saw the vision, with the kids and all…you know, the one where I’m married to James? Yeah, well, guess what? It’s starting to get a little fuzzy.




I, Artemis Jones, am an unstoppable force of nature. Even fate crumbles before me.


Oh, yeah.

I'm not gonna beg. But aren't you, like, DYING to write me a review?
I know you are. Don't try to fight it.

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