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Déjà Vu by dream_BIG
Chapter 1 : Visions, Full Names, and Silent Conversations
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chapter image by me :)
it's sort of pathetic, i know. i'm still figuring this out, okay?

My name is Artemis Jones.

And I have a twin brother named Apollo. I know, you’re probably thinking, whoa, that’s so clever, just like the Greek gods! Yes, yes, mother, we are quite aware that you pride yourself in being a genius. But seriously, our similarities to our namesakes end there.

While I do have an unnatural love for the moon – it’s all silvery and pretty! – I do not have the sudden urge to swear off of boys for the rest of eternity and then go around shooting arrows. Shooting arrows – not my thing. I’m more of a broomstick type of girl, if you get my drift. And by that I mean flying. Get your head out of the gutter, kid.

But, in Greek mythology and all that, it’s Apollo that can tell the future. Not Artemis. Artemis is just the Goddess of the Hunt, and the Moon, and all that jazz. Apollo – he’s supposed to be the seer. Once again, I must remind you that us and the Greek gods – we are very different. Because, guess what? It wasn’t my brother who was ‘gifted’ with the knowledge of the future. It isn’t my brother who, at random times, suddenly falls into a trance and gets glimpses of what’s to come.

Oh, no. Of course not. He gets to be a regular teenager. I get to be the lucky girl that can see into the future! Joy!

Yes. In case you are mentally incompetent and have not already guessed, I am a Seer. I can see the future. Not all of it, obviously, but glimpses. Little snippets. Luckily (or sometimes, not so luckily), those little snippets are enough. They’re the main reason that we’re so rich. Yeah, when your daughter has the uncanny ability to predict trends in the stock market and what the next winning lottery ticket is, it’s not much of a surprise that you will undeniably become wealthy.

Like, when I was four, I predicted that my Uncle Henry was going to get into a terrible car accident. My parents didn’t believe me when I told them that ‘Uncle Henry’s gonna get a big boo-boo tomorrow. Biiiiiig boo-boo. Ouchy. Uncle Henry shouldn’t drive tomorrow.’ I had looked at them very gravely with my silver eyes, but they just patted my head with an absentminded ‘That’s nice, sweetie,’ and sent me off to play.

The next day, Uncle Henry got into an accident with a drunk teenager. He’s currently paralyzed from the neck down.

After that, they started believing me. Smart of them.

When I was seven, I predicted a new trend in the stock market. My dad decided to listen to me, and bada-bing bada-boom! Instant money!

And then, when I was ten, I started Seeing better. Into the future, I mean. I still got glimpses, but they were more defined. They were longer, scenes rather than just snapshots. I remember that year, when I saw my brother’s whole life in eight minutes. I saw the girl he was going to fall desperately in love with during his seventh year; I saw the three kids he was going to have, the job he was going to get. I saw him dying.

Now, most girls would be ecstatic to see their twin brother die. But not me. Because unlike everyone else, me and Apollo are really close. He’s my best friend, my closest confident, my protector and my shelter. Basically, I love him more than my life. So when I saw him dying…I was a tad upset. I curled up in his lap and cried for hours while he explained to me that he was going to live a nice, long life, he was still alive, and everyone has to die one day or another.

Of course I know that. I’m not completely stupid. But seeing Pol all old and wrinkled…I try not to think about it.

Yes, you heard me. Pol. I call my brother Apollo Pol. I mean Apollo is a bit of a mouthful, and he’s alright with me calling him ‘Paul’, although I spell it Pol. In my defense he calls me Missy (Artemis is also a bit of a mouthful), so Pol isn’t so bad.

Okay, it is downright blasphemy to call someone named ‘Apollo’ ‘Paul’. I mean, Apollo’s all unique and mysterious and cool-sounding, while ‘Pol’ is all boring. So shoot me.

But you have to shoot Pol too. He calls a girl named Artemis ‘Missy’.

Missy. Missy. I feel like he’s admonishing me every time he says my name. Although, over the years, it has grown on me a bit. So I don’t mind if my friends call me Missy. At least not too much. Although hearing my real name, Artemis, which I rather like, would be nice, too. Artemis sounds so much more regal than ‘Missy’.

Artemis sounds like a beautiful girl with gleaming hair who takes walks in the moonlight and smells like roses. ‘Missy’ sounds like some nerd with huge glasses.

I tell my friends this all the time, but they all just laugh. LAUGH! I mean, I’m expressing my deepest and inner feelings with my friends, and they laugh at me. Gee, great friends, huh?

I guess I should take the time to explain my life a bit more. Along with being a Seer, I’m also a witch. A really powerful one. It’s slightly scary (to other people. I like it) when my magic works a hundred times better than anyone else’s.

 My shield charm can deflect Unforgiveables. No shield charm can deflect Unforgiveable Curses. The only person ever to have survived the worst one (Avada Kedavra) is Harry Potter. And that’s only because Voldemort (oh, stop gasping and cringing, you sissies. The bloke’s dead) was too stupid to realize that ‘love is the most powerful magic there is’.

Really? I mean, corny much?

Anyway, I’m going to be a Gryffindor seventh year at Hogwarts. I loooove Hogwarts. And before you go and reserve me a spot at the mental ward in St. Mungo’s, I should explain that I don’t love school. I just love Hogwarts. It’s hard not to fall in love with the castle, with its moving staircases, and walking suits of armor and giggling walls. Not to mention all my friends.

My friends. God, I love those wierdos. There’s Dominique Weasley (Dom for short), a gorgeous blonde with an awesome personality and a strong hate for anything pink, Alexandria Lewis (Alex for short), a tall, pretty brunette who’s disgustingly smart, and totally obsessed with Fred Weasley (II) and Elizabeth Longbottom (Ella for short. She will severely injure you if you call her ‘Elizabeth’), a short, bubbly brunette with a love for plants, fashion, and Quidditch.

And then there’s me. Artemis Jones (…Missy…for short), Seer (although only Dom knows about my gift), strong witch, tall, curly blonde hair, grey eyes, Chaser on the Quidditch team, and pretty darn smart (even if I do say so myself). Oh, and James Potter II is the bane of my existence. I swear his goal in life is to tick me off. His hobby is pissing me off. Every time I freak out at him, he gives me his trademark smirk, and then walks away, probably to add another check mark for the day on his ‘annoy Artemis’ calendar.

And the worst part? He’s best friends with my brother. Which means he’s over my house all summer as well. Oh, joy! I get to spend all my time with James ‘I’m a prat’ Potter. Seriously. See, I’m best friends with Dom, who is his cousin, so every time I go to the Burrow with her, he’s there. And then when I come to my house, he’s there! HE’S EVERYWHERE, I TELL YOU! It’s like he’s stalking me or something! Just so he can annoy me!

And he’s the only one who calls me Artemis. Like, I’ve been begging all the people I like to call me Artemis, and the one person I don’t like is the only one that calls me by it! I asked him why (during a short truce at one point in our lives), and he said it was because he liked it better than Missy. Buddy, so do I. So do I.

But other than that, he annoys the crap right out of me. Every day, it’s a different and new prank, something that will make me mad and explode in rage. And once, after he had succeeded in pushing me into the Black Lake, I was yelling at him, all up in his face. And do you know what he did? He kissed me. Right smack dab on my mouth. While I was still ranting at him! And then he pulled away, whispered, “You’re so hot when you’re mad,” and then ran off, with me staring after him in shock. I was fuming for a week. I cannot believe that I let James Sirius Potter kiss me. I hate the bloody idiot.

So you can only imagine the horror I am feeling right now. Actually, you can’t, because you don’t know why I am horrified.

Let me tell you a story. Picture this: The last day of summer. Artemis Jones and Dominique Weasley are sleeping in one of the many rooms in the Burrow. Artemis is sprawled all over her bed with her blankets every which way and her hair splayed across the pillow. Dominique is sleeping with grace, her hands folded gently underneath her cheek. On the floor of the same room are Apollo Jones and James Potter, both snoring quite loudly. Now, don’t ask me why Dom’s family let them sleep in our room. They trust us too much.

 I have painted the scene. Now, let’s take a little look at Artemis’ dream, shall we? Keep in note that whenever Artemis dreams something, it is actually a vision.

“MOOM!” A little girl with blonde hair and brown eyes screeched. “MAKE HIM STOP!”

“Jacob.” I warned, poking my head out into the yard and giving a stern look to a boy with black, messy hair and glittering grey mischievous eyes. “Leave your sister alone.”

“But mo-o-om. I was only showing her this cool slug I found!” He held it up for me to see.

“Yes, it’s awesome, now put it down, please.” I said patiently.

“Fine.” He huffed. He set the slug on the little girl’s shoulder, who shrieked in fear and then burst into tears.

“JACOB!” I said angrily, giving him the evil eye only mothers could give. He grinned sheepishly at me and brushed it off.

“It wasn’t going to do anything.” He muttered.

“Emma, sweetheart, stop crying, honey. It’s gone now.” I said. She looked at her shoulder and stopped crying when she noticed her slug-free shirt.

“Jacob’s a meanie.” She sniffled.

“Jake. Apologize. Now.” I said sternly.

“Sorry, Emma.” He mumbled, and hugged her just for good measure. I smiled at them, especially when Emma giggled and kissed his cheek, and Jacob pretended to be disgusted and wiped it off.

“Hey! Want to see a butterfly I found?” He asked her.

“Yeah!” Emma nodded vigorously, her curls bouncing. Jacob grabbed her hand and they ran off.

“GUYS!” I yelled after them. “NOT TOO FAR!”

“You worry too much.” I deep voice chuckled in my ear. Strong arms wound around my waist and a man’s chin came to rest on my shoulder. He gently kissed the side of my neck. I was suddenly filled with a strong feeling of love and tenderness, like if I was in those arms nothing in the world could happen to me. I sighed and leaned back into him.

“I just want them to be safe.” I gazed at the retreating figures of my children.

“Artemis.” He said. Something about the way he said it sounded familiar… “Don’t worry. They’ll be fine.”

“I know.” I smiled at their silhouettes.

“I love you, Artemis.” He whispered in my ear, kissing my neck again.

“Mmm. I love you, too.” I turned around, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him gently. I pulled away, looking into the soft golden eyes of my husband. I brushed a strand of his unruly black hair away from his eyes, and kissed him again. “I love you too, James.”

James. James? JAMES?!

Oh, fuck.

I woke up screaming, curls flying all over the place as I shot up.

Dom sat up fast, eyes wide. “What, what, what’s wrong, who’s hurt?” She panted, looking around.

“Missy? What happened?” I looked to see Pol holding his wand and pointing it at various shadows.

“Bloody hell, Artemis. Why in the blazes are you screaming at this ungodly hour?” James’ sleepy voice came from the foot of my bed. Pol shone his wand light in my face, and at seeing the look of absolute terror on it, all three of them started getting all fussy over me.

“Missy, what happened –? ”

“-Nightmares? Are you -?”

“Artemis, why do you look so scared –?”

But it was James’ voice that did it. It was the same voice I heard in my vision, the same voice I had associated with love and affection. I whimpered and cringed away from him. They all stared at me.

“Missy?” Pol finally asked quietly. “What did you dream about?” Pol knew about my dream visions (obviously), as did Dom. James just looked worried. It was weird, seeing such a kind expression on his face.

I shook my head. “I don’t want to talk about it right now.” I said in a small voice. I avoided James’ eyes at all costs.

My future husband. He was going to be my hubby. That wanker was going to get married to me.

Oh, please, kill me now.

It’ll save me from the brain damage that will cause me to fall in love with that prick.

Artemis Potter. I shuddered at the thought.

“James, don’t you fancy a walk?” Dom asked him, gaze riveted on me.

“Um, no. It’s like, three a.m.; no bloke in their right mind would go for a walk right now.” He sounded confused.

“No, I think a walk would be lovely right about now, don’t you, Apollo?” She asked through gritted teeth.

“Yeah.” Apollo agreed, also watching me intently.

“But I don’t want – ”

 “James. Leave. Now.” Dom pointed at the door.

“What?! But I wanna know what’s wrong – ”

“James, man, please. Go. We need to talk to Artemis.” Apollo turned his ‘I am so dead serious right now’ expression on James, and he left the room, muttering under his breath about ‘just a bloody nightmare’ and ‘blowing out of proportion’, and something about overreacting and babies. Whatever.

“Tell us what happened.” Dom turned to me, and I burst into tears. “No, wait – sorry, I didn’t mean – ” Dom said hurriedly, hands fluttering towards me. But it was Apollo who knew what to do. He climbed up on my bed and pulled me onto his lap. I bawled into his chest as he rubbed soothing circles on my back. Dom stroked my hair.

Oh, I should add. Those two are made for each other. Seriously. They are going to get married and have three children, David, Marisa, and Stella. Remember my ten-year-old vision? The girl was Dom. I haven’t told either of them yet, and I don’t plan to until after they get married.

“Was it that bad?” Apollo asked me as I started crying harder at the thought of marriage. I nodded.

“Did someone die?” Dom asked gently, still stroking away. I shook my head.

“Get injured?”Apollo guessed. Another shake.

“Lose their memory?” Nope.

“Get tortured?” Try again.

“Did you get injured or die?” Dom asked. I nodded, and hiccupped.

“What?” Apollo sounded alarmed.

“I suffer severe brain damage.” I finally choked out.

“Oh, god. When? How?” Dom asked frantically.

“When? Seventh year.” I could tell that from my vision. It was in the back on my future mind.

“Is it an accident?” Dom asked, sounding like she was on the verge of tears. “How does it happen?”

“You won’t forget everyone and everything and become brain-dead, will you?” Apollo asked anxiously, also sounding absolutely miserable.

“No.” I managed a watery chuckle.

“Then what happens?” Dom cried. “I just find out my best friend is going to get severely injured in her seventh year, and you’re laughing?”

“I don’t get injured.” I replied.

“What?!” They both said at the same time.

“Then what happens?” Dom asked, frustrated.


“…you what?…come on, Missy, let’s hear it.” Pol hedged.

“I fall in love with James Potter. And I get married to him.” I wailed. I started bawling even harder.

Dom gave a relieved sort of laugh. “That’s it?”

“That’s it?! It’s not ‘it’! It’s the single most terrible thing that is ever going to happen to me!” I cried.

“No, Missy, it’s not. Come on, he’s not that bad.” Apollo said. “And once you fall in love with him, you’ll learn to deal with his weird quirks.”

I made a strangled sort of yelp-shriek-groan noise. It came out sounding like I was some sort of a rabid beast.

“Aw, that is so cute! My best friend and my cousin fall for each other!” Dom squealed.

“You’re going to fall for James Potter.” Apollo laughed.

“Yeah, you were right about the brain damage comment.” Dom added, also giggling.

“Watch it,” I said warningly. “I know stuff about you two, and I was thinking about telling you, but now I don’t think I will.”

“Eh, who cares?” Pol shrugged. “We’ll find out anyway.”

“I hate you.” I pouted. I liked having an advantage over them.

“So, what are you going to do?” Dom asked me.

I gritted my teeth. “I’m going to change the future.”

“Um…Missy, you know you can’t change the future.” Apollo sounded unsure.

“No. I can.” I insisted. “The future is subjective; it changes based on our actions and decisions. It’s not written in stone.”

“I bet that vision was rock solid.” Apollo said. Sometimes, my visions were a little blurry because they could change.

“It was.” I admitted. “But I can change the future. I will. I’m not going to fall for that prat.”

“Artemis.” Dom said gently. I was sure she was going to say something wise and deep. When she said my full name it usually was important. “You can change the future, but you can’t do anything to change fate.”

Wow. That was deep. Whoever said blondes were dumb is a blithering idiot.

Well, some are. But there are definitely exceptions to that rule. Me, for example. I am definitely NOT dumb. Neither are Dom or Apollo. So there. All blondes aren’t dumb. You stereotypical assholes.

“Who said that was fate?” I asked stubbornly. Dom opened her mouth to say something, but Apollo held up a hand to her, and she closed her mouth, looking confused. “Drop it.” He advised her, and she nodded…wait was that a faint blush? Oh my god, Apollo’s cheeks are also kind of tinged with pink…they’re finally falling for each other!


“You can try, Artemis. But I doubt whatever you’re going to do will work, because Dom’s right, this is fate. And you don’t mess with fate.”

“Whatever.” I grumbled. I was NOT going to fall for a grade-A prick like James Potter. Now, if he was a little nicer, maybe…

“I’m going to go get James. Good night, you two.” Apollo left the room. As soon as he was gone, I turned to Dom. “Spill.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw the way you were looking at my brother. Spill.”

She looked nervous. “We-um… we might have…I mean, like at that party last month…with all the drinks and stuff…we kind of…um.”

Whoa, wait. I thought she was going to admit her feelings for him. What is she talking about?

“I kind of, sort of, accidentally slept with him.” She mumbled, looking down and turning bright red.

“Whaaaaat?” My eyes bugged out of my sockets. Definitely did not see that one coming. I usually do.

“Sorry.” She mumbled, looking absolutely mortified.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I demanded. I was still sort of shocked.

“I thought you already knew.”

“I didn’t see that.” I shook my head. “Probably because it was a spur of the moment thing…but really?”

“Yeah, we um…decided not to tell anyone about it…”

“You told me.” Weird, but I wasn’t mad. Probably because this was her future husband.

“I thought you already knew, but just needed me to admit it.” She was still bright red.

“No, I thought you were going to…admit something else.”

“What?” She crinkled her brow.

“Never mind.” I said quickly.

“You’re not mad?” She sounded confused.

I turned around and grinned at her. “Nope.”



“Why not?”

“Because I know stuff.” I smiled widely at her, and turned around to fall asleep.


“Night, Dom.”


“DOMINIQUE GABRIELLE WEASELY, NO!” I said right back, grinning

“APOLLO OLIVER JONES, WHAT HAPPENED TO ARTEMIS SELENE JONES?” James asked my brother, coming in and grinning at us.



“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, NO.” I said coldly.

“ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER WANTS YOU LOT TO SHUT UP SO HE CAN SLEEP!” Albus, James’ little brother yelled from the next room. Albus is such a sweet boy. He deserves his future – a gorgeous wife (Noah Longbottom, Ella’s little sister), and three kids. He’s also going to be the seeker for the Chudley Cannons (they’re no longer the worst team out there).

“ROSE LUNA WEASLEY AGREES WITH HIM!” Rose added. I love that girl. She is so sweet…but her future keeps shifting. It drives me absolutely mad.

“SCORPIUS HYPERION MALFOY WANTS TO KNOW WHY EVERYONE IS USING FULL NAMES AND SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS.” Scorpius, Al’s (really hot. If only he was older) best friend chuckled. Scorpius also has a foggy future.

“ARTEMIS SELENE JONES HAS NO IDEA.” I said. We all burst out laughing, and I could hear laughter from the next room as well.

“Well, that was weird.” I finally said.

“You can’t expect anything less from us.” James remarked.

I shrugged. “True.” Then I promptly lay down and went back to sleep.

I’ve decided what I’m going to do. I’m going to avoid James Sirius Potter at all costs. I will change the future. I can.

So ha.


“MISSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Ella’s screech could be heard throughout the platform, and people laughed as she jumped on me, making me stagger.

“OW! GEROFF, YOU CRAZY CHILD!” I yelled while she hung onto my back and squealed happily in my ear.

“Hey, girls,” said Jason. He’s also best friends with Apollo, but not as close as James. He pulled Ella off of me. She wriggled to get out of his grasp, but he just laughed and slung her across his back like she was a little rag doll.

“HEY! PUT ME DOWN!” Elle yelled indignantly. Ella is petite and cute, while Jason is muscular, tall, and really, really handsome. They’re both lighthearted and fun-loving, which is why they are meant to be. Really. They are going to become the cutest couple ever and have eight children because they won’t be able to keep their hands off of each other. I saw all of it in a really long vision – twenty minutes. And I mean all of it. Ella’s a screamer, in case any of you wanted to know.

It’s actually kind of creepy. My group of friends each has a soul mate in someone from Apollo’s group of friends. See, Ella and Jacob are together, Alex and Fred II get married, Dom and Apollo fall desperately in love, and then it’s me….and Potter(insert shudder of disgust here). But that will change.

“Thank you.” I sighed gratefully. “She was about to blow my eardrums out.”


“And there goes my hearing.” Jason winced. Right now, Jason and Ella kind of have a love/hate relationship. Soon it’ll be love/love. They’re going to be disgusting. I can hardly wait.

“Jason, my man!” Potter came up and punched Jason’s shoulder. “Hey, Ella.” He added, looking at the shrieking girl. She smiled and waved, then continued screaming.

“WHAT?” Jason asked loudly. Ella was still screaming in his ear, attracting an awful lot of odd looks.

“I SAID HI!” Potter yelled loudly. “Oh, for heaven’s sake.” He added exasperatedly, pulling Ella off of Jason and setting her gently on the ground.

“Thank you, Jimmy.” Ella said with as much dignity as she could muster. Sadly, it wasn’t a lot, seeing as she had just been lifted off the back of a bloke whose ear she was screaming in. “Now, where was I? Oh, right! MISSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” She squealed again, jumping on me. This time, she took a running start, and I started to fall. Suddenly, strong, warm hands caught the tops of my arms and steadied me. A jolt of electricity shot through my arms at his touch.

“You alright?” Potter asked me as I started untangling myself from Ella, who was back to screeching happily in my ear.

“Fine, thanks.” I said distantly.

“DOMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” Ella suddenly screeched. She let go of me (thank you, sweet Merlin), and ran at Dom, who gave a little squeal of fright and started sprinting in the opposite direction.

“She’s insane. But you gotta love her.” Jason smiled at Ella, who was still running after Dom.

“More like, you gotta love her.” I smirked at him, and he spluttered. James smirked at him as well.

“Hey,” Said a cool, quiet voice.

“ALEX!” I yelled, and launched myself at her. Alex was the most normal of our group, which isn’t really saying much, since our group consists of a seer, a part werewolf/part veela, and a girl who acts like a child. But still. She is quiet, sweet, and really smart. And drop-dead gorgeous of course, but she really doesn’t know it. Sad, really. I mean, she’s got the looks to get any bloke she wants, but she goes after the one bloke who has absolutely no romantic interest in her. She’s such a masochist.

Says the girl who is determined to change the future, even though she knows it’s not going to work.

Touché, brain. Touché.

“Hey, Missy.” She hugged me back. “And James.” She added, giving him a smile. He grinned back at her. “And Jason…what’ s up with you?” She had finally noticed that Jason was red-faced and still mumbling to himself.

“He likes Ella.” Me and Potter said together. Jason glared at us.

“Really? Cool, man.” Apollo arrived and punched him in the arm as greeting. Really, boys were something else. “Where’s Freddie?” He asked James. Alex immediately became very interested in a clump of cement at her feet. Her cheeks turned slightly pink.

“How should I know?” James shrugged.

“Well, apart from the fact that he’s related to you and you came here with him, you mean?” Jason asked.

“Speaking of people you’re related to, where’s Dom? And Ella.” Apollo added.

“Probably still running around here somewhere. Dom’s running away from Ella’s greeting hug and screech.” I replied for Potter. I hadn’t looked at him once today. YAY FOR ME!!

“Of course.” Pol nodded and rolled his eyes.

“OKAY, I bloody get it, you missed me, now will you please get the hell off of me?”

“Aah, looks like the ever-so-polite Dominique has arrived.” Fred’s voice came from behind us.

“Freddie!” Jason hugged Fred (in a manly way, of course), and Alex turned even brighter red.

“ALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX!!!” Ella flew at Alex, who screamed in genuine fear and tried her best to look as insignificant as possible. It didn’t work. She got the screech and hug treatment just like the rest of us. Whatever happened to hug-pat-sway, I have no idea. We basically just shot that little greeting to hell.

“Finally, she’s like a fucking howler monkey.” Dom arrived next to me, rubbing her ears.

“I know. I’m deaf too.” Jason pointed sadly at his own ear.

“I feel for you, buddy.” I patted his arm consolingly. “But if we don’t get on the train now, it’s going to leave for Hogwarts.”

“ELLA, ALEX, COME ON! HAUL YOUR BUTTS ON BOARD!” Dom yelled at them. Well, someone was in a snappy mood today.

“THE RIBS, ELLA, WATCH THE RIBS!” Alex wheezed. Fred pulled Ella off of Alex and set her upright on the ground. Ella looked around at us, beaming. “I missed you guys!”

“Really? We couldn’t tell before.” Alex said sarcastically, still slightly breathless. She massaged her ribs while glaring at Ella, who had the decency to look ashamed.


“Artemis?” Dom’s anxious, terrified, and troubled face swam into view.

“Yeah?” I looked at her properly, noting the expression. “Dom, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“I – I’m pregnant.”

I smiled, even though my eyes were miles away. I got to see the beginning of Dom’s family…the very early beginning. I’m so happy for her!

“Artemis. ARTEMIS!” Potter’s face suddenly appeared in front of mine. I jerked back, not expecting him there.


“I asked you if you wanted something from the trolley. About eight times, actually. What were you looking at? And why are you smiling?”

“No reason. I guess I just zoned out.” I shrugged and left the compartment, leaving a very confused Potter in my wake. Usually, I stayed and we had fun arguing. But I’m keeping my distance. I’m going to change the future. I will. I know I can do it.

The rest of the train ride was pretty much same old, same old. Ella and Jason were flirting with each other, Dom and Pol were avoiding each other’s eyes and when they did glance at each other at the same time, they both turned bright red, Alex was staring at Fred sleeping, and Potter was staring at me while I read a muggle book. I did my best to ignore him.

Basically, it was the awkwardest train ride ever, and I wanted to scream. At least Ella and Jason were having fun in their own personal bubble.

Later on, at the feast, I was picking at my food (wasn’t really in the mood to eat) when it hit me. I realized that there is nothing more awkward or disgusting in the world than finding out that your best friend slept with your brother. I glanced from Dom to Apollo, and blushed bright red at the thought of them…doing stuff.


Potter caught my blush and grimaced at me. He nodded and gave me that ‘I-know-it’s-really-weird-isn’t-it?’ look. I nodded and grimaced, giving him the ‘did-he-tell-you-he-slept-with-your-cousin?’ look. He nodded and made a puking face, and I couldn’t help but grin. Then I gave him the ‘you-didn’t-beat-up-my-brother-did-you?’ look, and he shook his head and shrugged as if to say ‘what’s-done-is-done’.

I went back to my food and realized that I just had a completely silent conversation with James Potter and we both understood all of it.


Oh, crap! I’m supposed to be ignoring him! IGNORE, ARTEMIS, IGNORE HIM!

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