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Lies, Love and Life by coutureandwit
Chapter 2 : A Homecoming of Sorts
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When Papa opened the door, I heard screaming. Papa started laughing when he saw my expression, “Relax Ella, that’s probably Henry teasing Allie again. Alicia will take care of it.” I nodded dumbly and followed him inside. It was a great deal warmer in the house, and I was glad considering the weather here is nothing like the weather back home. Papa smiles and then the whole house goes silent for ten seconds- I counted. All of a sudden there was a bang and the sound of footsteps. Two figures come barreling towards me and am then assaulted by two children, each fighting over who gets to hug me, settling on hugging me on all sides.

Alicia follows them and walks over to hug Papa who promptly kisses her. I swear, they are still like two love-sick teenagers. Once they break away she admires the current situation I am in and laughs. “Children, why don’t you say hello to your father while I take Ella to her room and help her unpack.” I feel them squeeze my legs one more time before they go assault Papa, apparently there is a lot of love in this house. I shoot Alicia a look of thanks, she nods and beckons me to follow.

All the bed rooms are on the second floor. The kitchen, living room, dining room, and countless other rooms whose names were forgotten as soon as they were voiced, the basement is used for storage and the third floor holds the ballroom. Alicia mentioned that her and Papa are hosting a ball to "introduce" me to all their friends. Alicia leads me to my room which is next to Allie’s and across from Henry’s.

Alicia slowly opens the door and then enters the room with me right behind her, it is massive. My books are already put away in the floor to ceiling book shelves that line one of my walls. There is a window seat covered in pillows that looks like the perfect place to read with a view of the small lake and forest behind the house. My bed is something that one would expect to see in an old castle, not in a modern home. Alicia leads me to the closet, which is behind one of the book shelves (secret passage, my life is complete). It’s a walk in closet and all of my clothes easily fit with enough space for me to add to it if I desire. It’s perfect. I turn to Alicia and hug her.

“Thank you so much- you have no idea how much this means to me.”

“No worries, Oliver and I wanted to make you feel like you are at home. We are so glad that you are here too.”

I hug her again and then break away to go sit on the window seat. I look out while Alicia goes and sits on my bed and begins to talk.

“This is the house Oliver grew up in, we bought it from his parents before Henry was born. We are hosting a party in your honor on Friday night, which you already know about of course,” I nod, “- the Potters and the Weasleys have both been invited along with others. There are enough children at your age or around that will be there for you to get to know before school. The Potter and Weasley clan live nearby and all usually stop by at least once a week to play quidditch, so there will always be someone nearby for you to see. It gets colder up here than you are used to, and I am planning to take you shopping tomorrow. Oliver has already agreed to take care of the kids.”

“I don’t know what to say... Thank you. I don’t know how much my mother has left me, she didn’t really mention anything when I left.”

“Nonsense, you’re Oliver’s daughter and my step-daughter. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

I nodded mutely, and Alicia rose from the bed and walked over to the door before turning and saying, “Some of the Potters are coming over today for a quick game of quidditch. You are more than welcome to join us.”

My face lit up and I nodded eagerly before launching myself off the window seat and heading over to my closet to change into my practice kit. Alicia chuckled to herself and closed the door behind her, no doubt on her way to tell Oliver that I plan on joining. I filter through the clothes looking for my suitable clothes. I use muggle work out clothes for practice as it is the most comfortable. I throw on my green under armour shirt along with a pair of running pants with my purple trainers. Once done dressing, I go into the bathroom, plait my hair and pin my fringe back. I can never see when it's down and flopping around in front of my eyes.

When I am done, I realize that I have no idea where my broom is (it’s a Firebolt 2020, the newest and fastest on the market). I leave my room and head downstairs with the mission of finding Papa. Noises are coming from the kitchen and I decide to go in that direction. There are five people I don’t recognize sitting around the kitchen- three with black unruly hair, and two gingers. I assume these are the Potters. Papa is cooking something and Alicia is talking to the oldest looking ginger. I attempt to walk into the room unnoticed, but I manage to trip over the broom that is propped next to the cabinet resulting with me landing on the floor and bashing my knee. Papa whips around at the noise. “Ella! You all right?” I nod meekly while holding my knee. He leaves what he is doing and comes over to me and offers a hand.

I take his offer and am pulled up. I look around, everyone is staring. Great. I wave, “Bonjour. I’m Ella.” Papa leads me to a stool and quietly asks if everything is OK and I nod. The woman talking to Alicia looks at me. “So you’re Oliver’s love child with the mysterious woman?”

"Ginny!" Alicia scolds who I am presuming to be Ginny Potter.

“Yes.” I feel offended. She laughs. “Relax, I’m Ginny (called it) that’s Harry over there. That buffoon who looks like Harry minus the glasses is James, the one who looks like him with the glasses is Albus and the youngest is Lily. Oliver and Alicia have told Harry and I all about you. I hear you are one of the star players on one of the best teams at Beauxbatons-”

I interrupt, “On the best team at Beauxbatons, we have been undefeated for five years.”

Ginny nods and continues, “You clearly have inherited your father's attitude towards quidditch. " At which point Harry, Ginny, Oliver, and Alicia start laughing like loons about. Ginny sobers back up and continues, "You are always getting in some kind of trouble at your school and that you will be a 7th year at Hogwarts this year.”

At that bit of news, the boy I think to be James actually looks intrigued. “That means that you’re going to be with me for the year, this is going to be so much fun!... What’s with the accent?”

“I’m from France, meaning I speak another language. Papa, where is my broom?”

“Out in the broom shed.”

“Er, where is that?”

"James will show you. He needs to leave anyway, he's eating all of the food." Papa waves at him while holding a metal contraption of sorts.

"Am not!" The one without the glasses retorts (James?) and then points to the kid wearing the glasses, "Al is the one eating it all!" At this Al looks mildly offended but continues eating whatever it was in his hands.

James looked at me again, “So can you speak French?”

“No, I can’t.” I pause. “Of course I can, do you honestly think I spoke English while going to school and living in France?”

“Well... you never know.” I just shook my head and waved him off.

Everyone resumed talking and I took this opportunity to look at James. His hair is black and looks like a bird's nest. It’s a little on the long side, but it works. His eyes are a piercing green, and he has some freckles on his nose that seem out of place yet at the same time fit perfectly. He is lean and pure muscle- an athlete. Although he is sitting, he looks to be fairly tall. Then again, I am only 5 foot 4 so being taller than myself is not challenging. I then turned my gaze to Albus. He seemed to be a smaller version of his brother but with glasses and looks like he spends more time in the library studying than outside. Lily is petite, her hair is a lovely deep red and has these voluminous curls with warm brown eyes. I envy her hair, it looks manageable. Maybe I could ask her for some advice concerning my own hair. Maman was always condescending whenever I would ask for help.

Papa finally finished making whatever it was on at the stove, grilled cheese, and we all ate our fill with James eating enough for four people. With that Oliver and Alicia ushered everyone out of the house and into the back. There is a small shed that was off to the side of the house and Papa pointed to it and announced it was the broom shed. I sauntered over to it followed by Alicia and Papa, the Potters brought their own brooms. I quickly found my broom and joined everyone else and waited for Papa and Alicia.

Once they returned Alicia came and stood by me while Papa stood by Ginny away from everyone. Papa began to speak, “Since we have a new player and there was some disagreement over the last teams picked, we will decide new teams today.”

Ginny nodded and continued. “Since Oliver and I are both on professional teams, we will be captains. Lily and Henry get to choose their teams because they are the youngest and will play whatever position is available. Everyone else, announce your position and we will go from there. I am a chaser and Oliver is a keeper...” Ginny then points to her husband.

Harry, “Seeker.”

Albus, “Seeker.”

James, “Chaser.”

Alicia, “Chaser.”

Myself, “Chaser.”

Ginny nods and announces the teams. “Lily will be keeper for my team. Albus will be seeker and Alicia will be the other chaser. There will be no beaters. Henry will be a referee and an extra if someone gets hurt or stops playing because there is an odd number. Oliver will be keeper for his team along with Harry as seeker and James and Ella as chasers.” Everyone nodded and we divided up into our respective teams. Lily looked relieved to be on a broom rather than on the ground in Henry’s position.

Henry soft yet authoritative voice announced, “The rules are: no bludgers and no beaters, first to get the snitch finishes the game, the number of goals count as one point each. Play fairly, and have fun!” Henry then turned and released the snitch while systematically releasing the quaffle and blowing the whistle for the game to begin.


thanks to everyone who is reading this, there have been a lot of edits but i'm liking this new edit the most so far!

you see that box below? it's hungry and wants some noms so if you could feed it, it'd be appreciated.


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