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Never Again Lazerus by looneyleeleelovegood
Chapter 13 : The Snake
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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter, that all belongs to the lovely J.K Rowling!

‘Hermione, Hermione wake up’ Hermione’s eyes snapped open, and she smiled as she saw Severus above her. Although she thought it strange that he should call her Hermione, for he very rarely did, she was pleased to see him.

‘You have to hide’ he said blankly, Hermione turned out of bed and looked at him confused.

‘Why, what’s wrong? What’s happened?’ she hushed.

‘He’s coming’ he said blankly and pulled her hand so she was standing. There was no urgency in his voice; there was hardly any emotion at all. He walked, holding her hand, out of the room and down the stairs. He walked into the living room where the secret door was hanging open.

‘Severus, what are we doing?’ she said quietly, for the house was as silent as a tomb. He turned to face her, and he cupped her cheek softly.

‘I won’t let him get you, he’s coming but I’ll never let him get you, take you, I won’t’ he whispered quickly, his lips didn’t even seem to move. It was if his voice sounded only in her ears. She nodded and he pulled her into the secret room.

The door closed behind them, concealing them. Hermione picked up a candle from a table in the corner, and plucked a match out of a box next to it to light the wick. It sparked to life, filling the room with an orange glow. She smiled, and turned to face Severus once again.

He slammed into her, pinning her against the far wall, she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. She wriggled and kicked out to no effect.

The light spilled over Severus’s face, but she saw to her utmost horror that it was not Severus at all, holding her wrists so tightly. But the horribly scarred face of Draco Malfoy.

She threw her head from side to side as a steady spill of tears burst from her eyes. He licked his lips sadistically as he glared greedily at her with those hollow grey irises.

He was as he was the last time she had seen him, those five years ago. His hair falling into eyes and the scars lining one side of his face silver and purple.

‘You’ll always be mine Granger, always, always’ he sang before he crushed his mouth onto hers, his teeth ripping into her lips. Her scream of terror and disgust muffled by his ravenous kiss. He pulled away, blood freshly dribbling down his chin.

He pulled his hands from her wrists, but she was stuck to the wall, as she had been all those years ago when he had come for her. His hands stroked down her sides roughly, and she saw that lustful spark in his eyes.

She recognized the spark; she had seen it so many times before in the eyes of other men. She whimpered softly as he clutched at the hem of her slip and ripped it upwards. Tearing the cotton in two and snatched it away from her, leaving her completely bare and vulnerable to his gluttonous fingers.

His breathing was heavy and ragged; he grabbed her wrists once again and pulled her from the wall so she landed in a heap to the floor. He crawled on top of her; she was frozen to the floor. She felt his hands on her stomach, on her legs. She could feel him growing closer and closer, then suddenly Silas’s scream filled the room, his hungry cry for her.

Her tear filled eyes snapped to Draco, who stared at the ceiling as if he could see Silas through it. He smirked, his teeth suddenly razor sharp and snake like, forked tongue zipping in and out of his mouth. He laughed horribly, cold and high before getting to his feet and running from the room. Hermione’s scream filled her mouth all at once.

‘DRACO NOOOO!’ she screeched as she too got to her feet, and ran as fast as she could up the stairs to the nursery.

‘Severus, SEVERUS HELP ME!’ she screamed as she burst through the door to the nursery. ‘No’ she whispered frantically as she saw Draco leer over the crib where Silas was crying. His face was horribly distorted. His teeth were elongated and sharp like fangs, his hair was thinning before her eyes, and in moments he was completely hairless, the edges of his head scaled like a serpents.

His eyes and face changed too, with a sudden flash of lightening through the window his nose was squashed down, leaving two thin slits for nostrils which extracted and dilated fiercely.

His eyes were narrowing, the pupils dilating and the iris’s turning a violent shade of scarlet. His hands were thinning and elongating, and the sound of splitting fabric could be heard as a long, scaly tale burst from the base of his spine and ripped through his clothes. It was dark, and thick and flicking from side to side.

Hermione shook her head, terrified as Draco’s long, white hands reached down for her baby.

‘Silas!’ she shouted as she ran forward. There was another bang of thunder less lightening through the window, and Draco burst suddenly into a hundred large, hissing snakes that all fell with loud thumps into the crib.

Hermione pressed her hands to her face as she saw one of the snakes raise its ugly head and widen its jaws, its fangs dripping vibrant pink venom that was glowing in the dark room. It arched its head towards Silas and snapped its head at the sound of his cries. Hermione stood unable to do anything as the fangs shot towards her baby. She could only scream.



Hermione shot up in bed ‘No! No!’ she mumbled to herself, panting and holding her chest where the heart beneath was thundering against her ribs.

‘Severus’ she whispered frantically ‘Severus!’ she looked over to his side of the bed, and saw it empty. Then she remembered, he was not here, he had not been there for several nights.

Her night dress was soaked through with sweat, her hair was dripping too. She heard the loud patter of rain on the roof, and a bolt of lightning flittered across the window, followed by a deep roll of thunder. Silas began to cry.

She gulped hard, and pressed her palms to her eyes before she hopped out of bed shakily and walked to the nursery.

She looked over the crib warily at first from the door, convinced that it would be covered and coiled with snakes. She turned the lights on and let out a breath of ease as she saw it was clear.

She walked to Silas and plucked him out of his bed. He quieted almost at once in the arms of his mother, who sat on the pouf in the corner and nestled him next to her chest. She un-plucked her buttons and he pressed his mouth to her; he was sucking hungrily as she calmed herself.

‘Your mummy can be so silly sometimes can’t she?’ she asked him, she laughed at herself as she saw Silas’s big black eyes looking at her curiously.

‘It feels horrible not to have your daddy next to me Silas, very horrible. How strange that it feels like that. Once I thought that only Ron could make me feel so lost without him by my side. But your daddy…’ she sighed ‘he’s been gone just a few days and I feel like I’m tearing. Like my insides are tearing in two’ she looked back down at her son who had stopped suckling and was now looking around the room with those large dark eyes, taking in the colours and the toys and the wall paper.

‘Do you know Silas’ she whispered ‘I think your daddy dreamed of you, since the first time he knew I was pregnant. He loves Aurora, so very much. But he dreamed of you… a son. When I was pregnant with you, he would think I was asleep, and he would pull my covers down and roll up my night shirt and he would speak to you. For an hour sometimes if he couldn’t sleep. He never knew that I was awake, but I heard him. And when he held you in his arms for the first time, he couldn’t speak at all. He was so proud that you were his’ she smiled down at her son, he had grasped her finger tightly, and his eye lids were beginning to droop.

She stood up and kissed his head before placing him back in his crib and watching him fall asleep.

‘I love you baby’ she hushed, and turned to leave the room. 

Hello everyone, I am so sorry that this is a couple of days late! I have had the most hectic weekend and these last couple of days have been manic too since I've started University again!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter! I certainly enjoyed writing it, as with dreams absolutely anything is possible! Thank you!

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