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Phantom by Siriius
Chapter 1 : All I Ask Of You
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It was Halloween night and the teachers decided to let the students do something a little differently this year. The students were allowed to dress up and roam the small village of Hogsmeade for the night. While the girls threw on costumes that left nothing to the imagination, Paige slipped on a long, white formal gown that reached the floor. She pulled up half of her hair while she let the rest of her long brown locks flow around her shoulders.

She breathed in deeply, closing her eyes for a while. She left the dormitory then, leaving the girls to cake their face in make-up and hitch their skirts higher.

A group of boys ran down the stairs and through the portrait hole before her, one of them glancing back at her for a minute longer but not long enough so that she could get a glimpse of his face. It’s obvious that they knew each other; they were both in Gryffindor. She walked on, discouraging the looks and whispers she was getting.

“I want a dress like that,” one girl whispered as she hurried by. It made Paige smile softly although she did not slow her step; she continued to walk until she reached the slope and joined some fellow Gryffindor students to walk down to Hogsmeade with. Her breath rose in small clouds in front of her due to the chilly weather. She wished that she had brought something to throw over her bare shoulders for when it got colder later on.

“I’m not going anywhere near that Shrieking Shack, even if it is Halloween!” one girl walking near Paige shrieked. That’s not a bad place to visit, Paige thought to herself. On she walked until the small village could be seen just down the hill. The group of boys who rushed past her in the common room were hanging outside the Shrieking Shack. Two of the boys went one way while the other two went into the building. Paige decided to skip the Shack and go back later. She met up with some friends and they went off to Honeydukes to scavenge some of the Halloween treats.

“Are you going up to the Shack later on, Paige?” one of her friends asked. “It’ll be awesome to properly visit it since its Halloween!”

“I’m not so sure about it. I saw some boys run into it earlier on and I don’t think they’ve come out yet.” Her friends giggled and looked towards the old, tall building.

“Boys you say?” Without another word, the girls took off, leaving Paige to decide whether to follow or not. She hitched up her dress a small bit and followed them reluctantly. “It’ll be fun, Paige. You’ll see.” The girls approached the building which decided to sway and creak as soon as they came into view. They all screamed and took a hold of each other, looking up at the many floors of the Shack.

“Do you really think it’s that haunted?” Paige said her hand on her hip. One friend turned to her and smirked brightly.

“If you’re so brave, you go on ahead first.” Paige gulped loudly before she stuck her chin in the air and nodded. She marched forward, stopping every now and then to look up at the creepy building. She licked her lips nervously before pulling the front door open and stepping inside. Her friends followed slowly behind, still clutching onto each other with fright. Just two seconds later, something landed on Paige’s shoulders and that was enough to make the girls scream and run with fright. They raced out of the Shack and back down towards the main village.

“It’s just someone’s hand,” Paige noted as she turned to stare at the hand on her shoulder. She recognized the ring on the middle finger quite clearly: the two wolfhounds guarding the large shield in the centre said it all.

“Hello again ... Sirius,” she said quietly, turning around and staring up at him. She smiled at his choice in costume. He wore a brilliant white robe while his face was covered with a black mask; he was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera.

“That dress is magnificent,” he told her with a grin. “You remind me of Christine. You’re just missing something.” He started to look around the room before turning back to her. “It’s not here.” He raised his hand and brushed it through her dark brown locks before she felt something quite heavy on the side of her head, and it wasn’t his hand. She reached up and felt something soft and velvety pinned into her hair.

“It’s a rose,” Sirius said, pinning it tighter into her head so it was secure. “Every Christine needs a rose.”

“You sure do know your Phantom facts,” Paige said with a smile. He nodded curtly before stepping backwards and fixing his mask. He reached forward and took her hand. He raised it to his lips and brushed them over her knuckles softly, kissing her hand ever so gently.

“I’ve seen you around school,” he said without warning. “You look at me differently.”

“I don’t see you the same way most girls do,” Paige told him, her voice barely a whisper. “I don’t see you as an animal in bed.” Sirius chuckled lightly and stood up straight, taking a step towards her this time.

“I’m glad to hear that because you’re not at all like the girls I’ve met. You’re smart but you’re not a geek,” he said. “You’re beautiful and you don’t mask that with a thousand layers of makeup. And best of all, you’re you when you’re around me. You don’t try to be anyone else.” A soft blush began to slowly creep its way onto Paige’s face as he complimented her.

She always thought she was nothing special but she was. To him anyway. She let her eyes flutter slightly before closing as he brushed a hand gently across her cheek. He let his hand drop downwards where he felt the smooth skin on her bare shoulder. He let his hand slide down her arm slowly before stopping. He took her hand and entwined their fingers together. As she opened her eyes, he was even closer than before. She could count almost every eyelash on his eyelid.

“You are the only girl in this whole school who gets me properly,” he said. “I wish there was a girl like you for everyone.” She smiled, not taking her eyes off his. His usually fathomless eyes seemed to brighten a little in the dark, gloomy surroundings of the Shack.

“I don’t deserve you,” Paige said suddenly, turning away from him, her dress causing little clouds of dust to rise up around her feet.

“Why do you think that?” Sirius asked as he fixed his mask. “I don’t deserve you, that’s the problem.”

“It’s never been that way before.” He swivelled around on his heel so he was facing her once again.

“Do not be so negative about yourself,” he told her, taking both her hands in his and squeezing them tightly. “You’re the only girl for me and I want you to start being positive.” She couldn’t help but smile at his words. She would be forever grateful to him.

“What exactly do you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything from you, Paige. I just want you!” He pulled on her hands so she was pulled closer to him, so close he could see the one, tiny freckle on her cheek. He let go of her hand and brushed his thumb across her jaw, inching closer towards her as his hand trailed further down towards her neck. Their lips touched softly, lingering for a few seconds more. He breathed in her sweet scent of perfume and lemon.

Paige jumped as music began to play out of nowhere. Sirius took a tight hold of her waist and pulled her close as she wrapped her own arms around his neck.

“You’re a wonderful dancer,” she told him, staring up at the grey eyes poking out from behind the mask. She unlocked her arms from around his neck and slowly began to remove the mask. She bit her lip and smiled crookedly as she saw Sirius had charmed one side of his face to look scarred, looking a tad bit like the Phantom’s face truly.

“The scars suit you,” she laughed.

“They look better on Remus.”

“Oh, I know that but you’re one of the only people I know who can pull off the Phantom’s look.” Her hand then flew up and rested on the rose as if checking to see if it was still in place.

“It’s perfect.” She glanced back up at him and beamed. He leaned down again and instead of a peck like last time, he kissed her deeply. Her eyes widened in shock at this unexpected act but soon enough, she relaxed and kissed him back, their lips moving feverishly against one another. He broke the kiss gently with their lips still touching.



“Love me ... That’s all I ask of you.”


This quite short one-shot was written for a very good friend of mine ;D She wanted something to do with Halloween and I have the biggest obsession with, ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ so why not mix them together? I’m not the best at writing one-shots but I hope it was good enough! Love you, Paige (:

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Phantom: All I Ask Of You


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