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More than a Death Eater by LunaTheDeathEater
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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She paused, and he waited. Then she suddenly jumped a meter away from him and danced around him like a child. Laughing, she threw herself down on a tomb stone, sitting not at all lady-like. The short, white dress slid up a few inches, revealing most of her legs. Most men would at least have sent it a long glance, but his eyes were for nothing but her face. The joy in her eyes suddenly disappeared, and was replaced by a concentrated, almost begging glare.


“But first I want to ask you something. Please, my lord, make me one of your Death Eaters. Make me yours! Forever! I’ll serve you well. I always knew there was a purpose for me in this world, and I think I’ve found it! I’m begging you to mark me as you’ve marked the others and make me yours!”


Her voice was wild and determined but begging. She was too proud to cry, but stood up and went over to stand in front of him. He looked at her for a long time, his eyes searching hers.


“You think you are able to serve me? Like a Death Eater?”

“At least I think I’m able to do as you command, if you command things you think I can do,” she answered, and smiled again.


He nodded. “Very well, at least we could need some new blood. Are you a pure-blood?”


“Oh, I’m not really sure. Of what I know, my father was a wizard, but I don’t even know the name of my mother. They told me she was dark-haired and had eyes like mine. That’s all I know. Not much, is it?”


He shook his head, and gestured her to continue. She did.


“I was born outside an orphanage. Not in it as you were, master, but outside. The people in there came out when they heard my mother’s screams for help, and then it was too late to get her inside. It was in the winter, in the beginning of December, but there was no snow yet. Still it was freezing, and the pain and the cold cost my mother her life. So there they were with me, and couldn’t do anything but raising me as the other kids. They named me Faith. Obviously they thought I’d need faith to get along. And that my mother had had faith in them. Or something like that.


“I grew up there, realized after a while that I could do the awesomest things, like making things move or lightening things on fire. Most of the kids were afraid of me because of what I could do, and if they told the grown-ups, they knew how terrible I could make their lives. At the age of ten I met a man who claimed to be a wizard. His name was Mr. Helvar, and he taught me how to control my powers. He gave me a wand and let me use his equipment for all I needed to learn. When I turned eleven I got a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but I turned it down because I was already far ahead of what I would learn my first year there, and I preferred to stay with Helvar.”


She stopped to take a deep breath, and looked at the handsome face a few inches from hers. She went over to the tomb stone and sat down, and he followed her, standing in front of her.


“When I was seventeen, Helvar died. I killed him. It was not on purpose, not really! We were discussing, and started to argue. He jinxed me to make me shut up, and in rage, I released my worst powers. He was old, and easy to get. I just reacted without thinking, and gained my independence for once in my life. After hiding the body, I went back to the orphanage to try to find my parents. All I found out was that they were both dead, but they gave me a letter from my mother, telling me the name of my father. First then I realized I was alone, and that I had to manage alone what people always had done for me. So I went out of the country and didn’t come back for years. Time has moved quickly for me, or at least I think so. How old I am, is unknown to me. It doesn’t matter. I can’t be twenty-five. Maybe twenty.”


Her voice died out, and she sat in silence.


Lord Voldemort waited, but when she said no more, he spoke.


“An orphan. Half-blood, I’m sure. Alone, young, and already a murderess. I cannot deny I find you interesting, but I would not trust you as a Death Eater just yet.”


“Why not?” she asked eagerly, her voice sounding like a child who doesn’t get what it wants.


“My Death Eaters are tested. They prove themselves. By saying that the two of us are much alike, you only prove that you are able to talk over yourself. I am the Dark Lord. Make one mistake, and I am likely to kill you.”


“Let me prove myself, then,” she said stubbornly. His lips twisted in something she chose to believe was a smile. She blinked, and his face was yet again as cold and emotionless as ever.


“Very well. You seem to believe that you are good enough. Mature enough. I am in strong doubt, but I will test you. Can you apparate?”


“Hah!” The outburst of joy escaped her lips before she managed to stop it, and she blushed.


“Yes, master I can apparate. I’m not tested by the ministry and I’m not allowed, but Mr. Helvar taught me well.”


He nodded slightly, and his face got a concentrated look. At first she didn’t know what he was doing, but then she got an odd feeling of an intruder inside her head. Instantly, she put up a wall around her mind, and Lord Voldemort was forced back to only look at her. He raised his eyebrows approvingly.


“Unexpected,” he said, more to himself than to Faith. “You will have to let me in all the time as a Death Eater. And you will have to let me in now so I can see who you are.”


She hesitated, obviously thinking about pros and cons. Then she sighed, bowed her head down and mumbled:


“Fine.” Then she grinned and her head shot up again.


“May I search your mind then, master?”


He snorted. “You may try, but I cannot promise you will live after it.”



She smiled sheepishly and said no more. He concentrated again, and this time she willingly let him into her mind. She watched her own memories and thoughts whirl by, and felt him inside her mind. It was not a welcome feeling, but she would rather have Lord Voldemort inside her head than Mr. Helvar who was harsh, forcing and likely to comment whatever he had seen in there.


When he had seen enough, Voldemort retreated from her head, lingering a second or two on a distant memory of a girl, probably 16 or 17 years of age, crying silently while throwing dirt and stones over the body of a man. He said nothing as his mind came back to the cemetery, and he was standing in front of her once again. She was the one to break the silence.


“Well?” she said expectantly. “Was that what you needed to prove me? Will you make me a Death Eater?”


He laughed. A cold, emotionless laughter.


“Oh, no we have onlty started. You seem trustworthy, as I am able to dig into even your hidden memories, if they are hidden by yourself or someone else. Now I want you to come with me for the real task. Take my arm and I will apparate with you, since you do not know where we are going.”



To be honest, I'm surprised he hasn't killed her yet just to stop the blabbering =P I really loved writing this story, and I hope you enjoy reading it! The next chapters are done, so I guess the book will be finished soon =D

Please leave a review and tell me what you think! I'd also love to hear some favourite quotes if there are any :) Not only from this chapter, but from the others too! 





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