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You Don't Know Me by mr cool cat
Chapter 12 : Pretend
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It’s like we’re playing house.

She’s the doting wife, I’m the hard working husband. Every day I come home from work to see her cooking a meal. Sometimes I tell her to relax, and I’ll do the work because I know she’s probably had a long day. Then we sit and read books about our future child, talk about politics, or just talk and then when either one of us starts to yawn, we decided to both go to bed.

And then we go to our respective rooms.

So it’s a weird game of house, but I’m sure as hell enjoying it.

Emily has been much happier since she talked to her mum. I’m definitely seeing a new side of her, one that is absolutely happy with everything in the world…Except me.

Besides our game of house, of course. I mean she is usually happy with me, and she comes to visit me at work, and we go out to lunch on the weekends, but sometimes—if I get too close to her, or try to hold her hand, or take her jacket—a little frown comes on her face. It reads as disappointment, and confusion and just plain sadness.

I find myself thinking about this frown quite often. What does it mean exactly? Why is it coming up when I’m too close? What did I do? Is she thinking of someone else?

And when I’m not thinking of that little frown, I’m thinking about Emily’s smile, or her chocolate hair, or harmonious laugh.

I spend most of my time thinking about Emily, actually.

“Hugo is that you!” I hear from the kitchen as I walk into my flat.

“Yeah!” I call back. Emily comes out quickly and gives a short smile. “I just realized today we don’t have godparents picked out. We need to talk about this now.” I just look at her beautiful eyes.

“Godparents? For what?” I ask.

And then it comes, the little frown again. Her eyebrows furrow together and she looks upset.

“Hugo, I’m seven months pregnant. With your baby.” She says. I look down at her stomach, and it hits me again that I’m going to be a father.

“Right,” I say slowly. “Those godparents. You ought to sit down, how was your day?”

Again with the little frown!

“It was fine, but I’m exhausted. The baby has been kicking me all day.” She says as she puts up her feet. “Anyway, back to the godparents. Who do you want?”

I guess it would have to be between Chris and Frank, but how do I decide that? Emily looks like she understands.

“It’s between Chris and Frank, isn’t it?” I nod. “I’m having the same problem with Lily and Sam.”

I think about it for a moment.

“Why don’t we have all four of them?” I finally say. “Think about it, how are we going to decide. And it would be weird not to choose two of them because they are our best friends, and we’ve always had that in common.”

She thinks for a few minutes and then looks at me, “That’s a good idea Hugo. There isn’t a rule saying we can’t have four godparents instead of two, right?” I run my hand through my hair sheepishly and shake my head, hoping she’ll think it’s cute. She reacts by standing up and leaving to her room.

“What’s for dinner?” I shout back as I see her leave.

“I dunno,” she shouts back. “We’re going to your parents house. I hope you didn’t forget.” She responds, knowing fully well that I did.

We get to my parent’s house half an hour later, and Rose and Scorpius have yet to arrive.

“Hi!” My mother says quickly as she takes our coats. We walk into the kitchen, and I watch Emily walk over to the faucet with a glass and fill it with water for herself.

She’s right at home, in my childhood kitchen.

“Do you want a glass?” she asks. My father watches from the top of his book while my mother leans against the doorway—it’s as if they know something I don’t.

“I’m fine, thanks Em.” I respond.

“Hugo, I really think you should have some water. You’ve been working so hard lately I feel like you're never properly hydrated.” She says. I around at my parents, and my mother raises her eyebrows, as if saying, you heard the girl!

“Okay, I’ll have some water.” Emily looks mildly happier and gets me a glass. My father chuckles and my mother walks over and pats him on the shoulder.

We sit down with them in comfortable silence until Emily lets out a little sound. I look at her and see her clutching her stomach.

“Are you okay?” I ask. She nods. “You don’t look okay, Em.” I say in a stern voice.

“Hugo, stop fussing. I’m fine, the baby kicked that’s all.” I let out a sigh of relief. There would be nothing worse than going into labour right now in my parent’s kitchen.

“Do you want to put—“ I’m interrupted by the door opening, and Scorpius tripping into the room with Rose looking angry behind him.

“Hello family!” he shouts. “It’s so good to see you! I just love being part of this family.” He’s definitely drunk.

My mother raises her eyebrows at first but then just huffs in amusement. She walks over to the pantry and comes back with a potion. My dad stops her from giving it to Scorpius.

“Just wait Hermione,” he says. “This is pretty hilarious.” I hear Emily next to me giggle and I smile. Scorpius slumps back down into the closest chair and continues to talk.

“The Weasley’s the best family in the world. Emily, you and I are blessed to have come into this family. They are just so full of love, and kindness. You guys are a bunch of jokesters, not to mention lunatics—“

“Mum!” Rose says exasperatedly. “Please give him the potion. Now!” Hermione obliges and hands him the small bottle.

“What’s this?” Scorpius asks. “I hope it’s more alcohol!”

“It is, dear.” Rose says. “Bottom’s up!”

Scorpius takes the potion back like a shot and slowly he comes back to reality.

We all watch him with smiles on our faces, trying not to laugh. He looks around at us with such embarrassment; you would have though he showed up to work naked.

“I am so embarrassed.” He says finally. It’s at that point we all start laughing, except for Rose.

“You should be.” She says coldly.

“Oh Rosie, don’t be so hard on him!” Dad says. “It’s okay to get drunk every once in a while!”

“Well it’s just that, we have important news that we want to share with you.” Mum’s eyes light up right away.

Scorpius stands up and puts his arm around Rose’s waist.

“We’ve only just found out,” Rose continues. “But we’re pregnant!”

This was definitely the news my mum was waiting for. She starts jumping up and down like a ten-year-old and my father just watches her incredulously.

“I knew it!” she says happily.

“How?” Rose asks.

“If the man is drinking for two, then its pretty certain that his wife is eating for two.” Dad pipes in. Then he looks at Rose and gives her a hug. “Congratulations dear.” He says.

Rose looks at me suddenly and then at Scorpius.

“You did what I told you not to do, didn’t you?” She says to him, changing her tone.

“I have no idea what you’re—“

“You got drunk in Majorca, and told the boys!” When Scorpius doesn’t respond, Rose throws her arms in the air. “Unbelievable!” she says.

“Congratulations!” Emily says, giving them both a hug. “It’s going to be so much fun raising our children together.” I have a feeling she knew too, but Rose isn’t about to admit that she gave in and told someone.

“This calls for some Champagne!” Mum says. Then she looks at Rose and Emily. “Or apple cider.”

After the meal, we all head into the living room for some tea. We watch as dad and Scorpius play chess together (another reason my dad loves Scorpius: he’s actually a challenge in chess). Emily is sitting next to me, laughing at something Rose said about morning sickness.

“Do you want to go home?” I ask as she yawns. “You look tired.”

She shakes her head while yawning again. “No, I’m having fun.” I put my arm around her and bring her into my chest, a position that I often enjoy, because it’s the closest I usually get to her. She looks up at me, and that frown comes back.

It leaves though, as soon as it came. “Actually Hugh, maybe it’s better if we did go home. I’ve had a long day.” She says.

We get up and say goodbye to everyone and then get the knight bus to take us to London. Once we’re back in the flat, Emily comes to me and undoes my tie. Then she looks into my eyes, and I smile. She’s clutching my tie and all of a sudden she pulls me down, bringing my lips to hers.

She brings me closer with the tie as the kiss intensifies. I slip one arm around her waist and place the other one in her hair. When we finally pull apart I’m in shock.

It was amazing, better than the New Year’s kiss, better than the first time, and I know I want another one. But before I can ean in, the frown comes back. She was regretting it, I could tell.

“So, er, what was that all about?” I joke quickly. “I mean, do you want to pretend it never happened?”

Her eyebrows furrow closer together and then she lets out a huge sigh of disgust.

"What's wrong?" I say.

“I’m sick of this! This stupid game we’re playing. We’ve been dancing around each other, acting like we’re good friends but the sexual tension could be cut with a knife! I’m sick of pretending like we’re a couple but not actually doing anything physical!”

“Em, I—“

“Let me finish!” I shut up instantly.

“I know that sounds like I’m a fucking nympho, but it true. If I’m going to cook for you and decorate your home and DELIVER YOUR CHILD the least I can get is the occasional kiss. I know that you feel something for me. Lily’s noticed it, Rose’s noticed it, even your father has fucking noticed, but you are too much of a wimp!

“So finally I decide I’m going to have to be the one with the balls and kiss you. And all you can say ‘let’s pretend it never happened.’

“Forget everything Hugo, I’ll have this child and we’ll have shared custody and I’ll move back to my flat,” She pauses for a moment and I can tell she’s really livid

“Tomorrow.” She continues. “And I’ll also ‘pretend this never happened’ tomorrow and I’ll just forget all my feelings for you, or at least try to.

“Because, you’re an insufferable git of a man.” She turns away and looks out the window.

“I was positive that this baby was just a surprise, not a mistake or burden. I thought we could raise him together, as a family. I thought we were making progress, that we were reconnecting as friends.” She sighs. “But the reality is, I made some stupid choices. Have the past seven months been fun? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve changed, nor will you ever.” She finally looks back at me, and the anger is gone, but replaced by tears.

“I wish that we could ‘pretend that this never happened’. I mean everything, because clearly neither of us is mature enough to have this child. But we can’t pretend that it’s not coming, because in two months I’m going to shove it out my who-ha! And as much as I want to, I certainly can’t pretend I never had feelings for you.”

It’s silent for a few minute and then she sighs. “I’m going to stay here tonight, because I don’t think its very safe for a pregnant woman to walk around alone when its dark, but I’ll leave first thing tomorrow.”

She walks right past me, and before I know what I’m doing I grab her hand and bring her lips to mine in one swift moment.

This kiss is short and gentle, but it’s just as nice.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I didn’t think you really liked me.” She frowns a little again.

“You were playing that little game along with me. I made a move back in January and you turned me down completely.

“I didn’t think you wanted the physical aspect. I’ve really come to respect you in the past seven months, and I love seeing you in the kitchen, because you are in such control. I love that you’re putting your own touch on my new flat, and I’m so happy that we can share something as special as a child.

“You definitely deserve the occasional kiss, probably more than that. But I was afraid of you hating me, because you really didn’t respond well to our kiss on New Years.

“I don’t want shared custody, nor do I want you to move back to your flat. I want you to live with me, and our child and we will be that happy family you want. And I certainly do not want to pretend this never happened.

“I know I’m a tosser, and I know you deserve much better. But I also know that I love you very much Emily Osbourne.”

Apparently my little speech worked, because Emily leans in for another kiss.

“I’ll never forget that.” She says finally. 

A/N: So that was about the fluffiest thing I've ever written. I know its very short, but please tell me what you think!

A lot did happen in this chapter, so it would be great to leave a review....I haven't gotten many recently... and every writer loves reviews...

Next chapter is already half done. Its pretty fluffy as well.



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