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Who You'd Be Today by amillionstoriestotell
Chapter 6 : I know, I'll see you again some day.
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Sunny days seem to hurt the most.

Sunny days seem to hurt the most.

I wear the pain like a heavy coat.
The only thing that gives me hope,
Is I know I'll see you again someday.


Ron kneeled by the grave again. His thoughts only of Rose. The man wiped the tears from his face and sighed.

“Oh, Rosie... I wish everything would be back to normal. You died much too young. I’m so sorry.”

He swallowed and closed his eyes. He pictured Rose’s last birthday. The whole family had a party at The Burrow.


“Happy Birthday, Dear Rose, Happy Birthday to you!”

Rose grinned, and blew out the eight pink and white candles. Everyone cheered.

“Yay Rose!” said Lily.

“Can we eat cake now?” asked Hugo, excitedly. Ah, six year olds and cake.

“Hugo, don’t be so rude!” whispered his grandmother, who was glaring at him.

“Sorry Grandma Molly.” Said Hugo, disappointedly.

“It’s alright, Hugo. You can have the first piece!” said Rose, laughing.

“Yay! Thanks!”

“What did you wish for, Rose?” asked Lily.

“That I would live forever, and my family would too.” Replied the eight year old.

“You’re not supposed to tell, Stupid! Now, it won’t come true!” James told her.

“James! Don’t call Rose names! Apologise!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Sorry.” Growled the nine year old.

“Can I cut the cake, Dad?” asked Rose, looking up at her father, sweetly.

“Yes, when you’re sixteen.”

Everyone laughed.




She couldn’t do that now. I should have let her cut it, thought Ron.



“It’s ok, Dad. You can let go.” Said a sweet voice from behind Ron. He turned to see a shimmering, not quite solid version of his daughter.

“Rose?” The man, who thought he was going slightly mad, said.

“It’s me, Dad. Kind of.”

Ron started to walk towards the spectrum.

Rose stood, smiling up at him. She hasn’t changed, thought Ron, well; I suppose she’s only in my imagination.

He stopped in front of Rose, and reached out to hug her. But to his surprise, she winced pulled away. Why did she do that? What’s wrong, wondered Ron, tearfully.

“What? What’s wrong?” asked Ron.

“I can’t touch the living, or I’ll fade. Well, that’ll happen in the end anyway, but instantly I’ll disappear.” Replied the young girl, whose ghostly eyes were also welling up.

Ron looked down sadly.

“So how are you?” The father asked, awkwardly.

“Fine.... How are Mum and Hugo?” asked Rose, her mouth falling at the edges.

“They’re- They’re getting there.”

“And you?”

“Clinging on, Rosie.” His first tear fell, and Ron looked away from his daughter.

“I’m sorry.” Rose said, quietly, also looking at the ground.

“Rosie, no, no! You have no reason to be sorry! It was my fault! I didn’t protect you.”

Rose looked up with disbelief.

“You? No! It wasn’t your fault! It wasn’t anyone’s fault!” She protested.

“I’m just sorry I couldn’t save you. I never had the chance to say goodbye.”



A single tear fell from Rose Weasley’s eye.

“You couldn’t have saved me, Dad. I was a goner. Dolohov was ready, and we weren’t.” She told her father.

“Dolohov? I’m going to kill him. The useless, murdering, soon to be tortured, son of a-” Ron started.

“Dad! There’s no point. He’s half dead anyway. I was haunting him, for killing me, and Uncle Fred, and Teddy’s dad, and he cracked. He’s insane.”

“Dolohov killed Remus and Fred?” asked Ron, shocked. Rose nodded sadly.

“Promise you won’t go near him! I don’t want Mum and Hugo to lose someone else. You’ll be caught. And I know Mum and Hugo really need you right now.” Ron said nothing.

“Please promise! It’s the last thing I’m asking you to do!” cried Rose, tears now streaming down her face.

“I promise, Rosie.” He said softly.



Rose looked up again at Ron.

“You know I’m okay, don’t you?” She said to her father. He nodded silently.

“Now I do.”

“I am. And so will you, in time. Just stick together, you, Mum and Hugo. You’ll all be ok. And don’t worry, I know you’ll never forget me, you’ll just be moving on. And that’s all that I can ask for.” The young ghost girl said.

Ron nodded again, not able to think of anything else to say, except

“I love you. And I always will. No matter where you are.” He told his daughter.

“I love you too, Daddy.” Stammered Rose through her tears. Rose’s face was sodden. She was breaking her heart.



The two stood apart, crying. Both wished that life was as it was, though both knew that it could never be. Rose suddenly ran towards her father, and hugged him, her arms around his stomach. Ron hugged her back, and realised she was fading.

“Dad! I’m fading away!” The two broke apart.

“I love you!” Ron said quickly.

“I love you too! Goodbye Dad.” Rose said to her Dad, as she gradually faded away.




Then, she was gone. Ron turned and walked away.






Ron walked into The Burrow, where everyone had been invited to have lunch.

“She’s ok. Rosie is ok.”

Author's Note - 
The second last chapter! Come on people, please review!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I love reviews, and your name will be included in the last chapter if you review before Wednesday!!!! Thanks for reading, you are the greatest.

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Who You'd Be Today: I know, I'll see you again some day.


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