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Slytherin Heirs by Ariane Aure
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Next Morning

The holidays were over and everyone was back to Hogwarts, ready to start their second term. Everyone was in the Great Hall except for Malia, Megumi, Blaise, and some little first years from all houses. Teira was sitting next to Draco (who had planted himself next to her) when she heard the doors slam open and the whole room go quiet.

“TEIRA STORM SLYTHERIN! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” The angry voice of her mother resonated throughout the room. Snape looked at Teira who looked calm, and anyone would think she was used to being yelled at like that, if you hadn’t known her since she was a little child, Snape noticed that Teira was a bit paler than normal, and her snake Kalli has shifted down to Teira’s wrist instead of being on her neck. Teira stood up calmly and walked over to her parents who looked extremely pissed off.

“Yes Mother, Father? What do you need?” Teira said, everyone gaped at her, not expecting her to be so calm. They grabbed her by her hair which was in a braid and started pulling her out of the room, when they left the room the doors shut and the whole room was looking at where Teira and her parents disappeared behind the doors.

About Ten Minutes Later

Malia, Megumi, and Blaise were running to the Grand Hall, they all had over slept and knew they would have seconds to eat. They walked into the Grand Hall awaiting the loud roar of the students, but no sound came from them. The three walked past each table to get to the Slytherin table, everyone was whispering about something, but they stopped when the three got within ten feet of them.

“Hey what’s going on? It’s too quiet!” Malia asked Draco who was also looking at the doors. Draco seemed to ignore her. Malia, Megumi, and Blaise started talking to each other.

The first years were running from the Seventh floor when they saw Teira being dragged into a room, and then the door disappearing, they heard a scream and sprinted to the Grand Hall. They burst in and yelled together.

“SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH Teira!!!!” everybody looked at the first years. Snape stood up first, then Malia, Megumi, Blaise, and then Draco stood up and confronted the first years.

“We saw her being dragged into a room and then the door disappeared! And then we heard her scream!!!!” They all said in a rush. Malia, Megumi and Blaise ran out with Snape and Draco close behind them, they all ran up to the Seventh Floor and looked for the Room of Requirement. Blaise found it by wishing to find Teira; a door appeared in front of him on the wall.

“HEY! I FOUND IT!” Blaise called out. Everyone ran to him, Malia opened the door and screamed herself, she saw Teira basically dead on the floor, she had wounds all over her back, face, and fingernail marks on her neck, her hair was no longer in a neat braid but was skewed around her face and was red from the blood. Teira was breathing so shallowly she couldn’t even get enough air into her lungs which were filling up with blood. Megumi hugged Malia to keep her from going to Teira who needed Snape’s expertise right now. Snape had gone over to Teira, tears in his eyes, he had seen awful things happen to the poor girl, but this was by far the worst.

“Malia!” Snape barked out. “See if you can mentally talk to Teira, try and keep her living!” Malia nodded, she walked over to Teira and kneeled down by her head, and she lifted Teira’s head and put it onto her own lap. She seemed to concentrate and then seemed to be talking to Teira. Snape pulled out his potions and forced a pain reliever down her throat first, then a bone-mending potion, quickly followed by potion to make the blood vanish from her lungs. He motioned for Blaise to come next to her for Megumi was busy monitoring to talk between Malia and Teira. “Pick up Teira Blaise! But gently.” Snape ordered. Blaise did as he was told and picked her up and started walking to the Hospital Wing, Megumi picked up Malia to keep the talk going and followed behind. It seemed like every student had followed, Snape approached Dumbledore. “YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM! IF YOU HAD THEN THAT!” he pointed to Teira. “WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!” Snape stormed off to the Hospital Wing where Blaise was putting Teira in a bed and Madam Pomfrey was running a diagnostics test on her. Megumi put Malia in the chair next to Teira’s bed; the two still seemed to be talking. “Megumi, are they still talking?” Snape asked him sounding worried. Megumi nodded and sat next to Malia, Blaise sat next to Teira in the chair opposite side of Malia’s. Teira’s eyes were open by a bit, but they suddenly closed and her chest stopped moving, everything was silent.

“NO!! TEIRA!!” Malia and Blaise cried out, Megumi had tears rolling down his face, and Snape was in a state of shock. Malia and Blaise went and both hugged her tightly.

“No Teira! Don’t die! I love you! I love you Teira!” Blaise cried out. “DAMMIT! WAKE UP TEIRA!” Madam Pomfrey pulled him away and gave him a sleeping draught; he passed out onto the bed next to Teira’s. Malia was a bit harder to tear her away from Teira though, she clung and refused to let go till Snape spelled a potion into her stomach, she passed out and Megumi lifted her onto the bed next to Teira’s. Snape fell into the chair next to Teira, tears rolling down his face.

“No…. one of my special girls is gone….”Snape said, is tone life-less. Megumi knelt next to Teira’s lifeless form and whispered something to quiet for Snape to hear. Kalli slithered from Teira’s wrist to above her heart; she bit down hard, her long fangs embedding themselves into Teira’s silent heart.

Teira was seeing gray, all she could see was gray, she barely heard the voices of the ones she cared for, she heard Malia’s the most. She heard Malia’s voice urging her to fight and live; Teira was digging deep into her magical stores trying to heal herself. Teira saw black, white, and gray in the center. She saw herself walking towards the black till she was covered in the darkness, it was so peaceful, not a single hurt or worry. But she felt something tugging at her, something tugging her back into the gray where she had been her whole life. She heard voices again, she heard Blaise confessing his love, she heard the softer side of Severus, and she heard her cousin’s sobs. She felt another stronger tug, and suddenly she could see the white and gray again, the black behind her. Another tug, and then she was in the gray completely, and then she felt nothing, she saw nothing, and she heard nothing.

Malia and Blaise had woken up, and were next to Teira again, their sobs the only sound in the room, then suddenly, everyone heard it, the faint beating of a tried and weak heart. Kalli went back to Teira’s wrist and bit her there, then went back to protecting her.

“TEIRA!!” everyone seemed to shout. To Teira it was an annoying sound, an annoying feeling, she wanted to crawl away from the voice until she heard Kalli’s voice mixed in with them, telling her to live and fight to live. Teira’s eyes fluttered open, she saw the two people closest to her first, Blaise and Malia, then Megumi and Snape who were right behind them. To everyone, Teira’s eyes looked lifeless and exhausted, they watched her mouth move, but only Malia and Megumi heard what Teira said. Teira’s eyes shut, and she fell into the dark abyss of sleep.

“What did she say!?” Snape asked.

“She said….” Malia said.

“She saw….them….” Megumi finished for her.

“Them?” Blaise asked sounding confused. Snape seemed to understand and nodded.

“Blaise, Teira has always been able to glimpse her past family….So by them….She means she saw Salazar, his wife, and his kids.” Snape explained. Blaise nodded and went back to sitting next to Teira. “Teira and her cousins are special….they all have their own special gifts and abilities, although most of the abilities are shared, they each have one thing that the others don’t have. Teira can see her past ancestors and how they lived. Megumi has more enhanced physical abilities. And Malia can speak to any animal, magical and non-magical.” Everyone watched has the wounds on Teira disappeared thanks to Kalli, whose venom was better than the healing of a phoenix to their master.

“So Teira is going to live?” Blaise asked.

“Yes….but she will be in a coma like state for awhile, so that the venom can try and heal Teira’s mind to the best of its ability….”Megumi said. Blaise nodded and got up.

“I should go tell our house that she’s okay….call me when she wakes up.” Blaise added before leaving the room and going to see the snakes of the school.

“Malia, how fragile is her mind right now?” Snape asked.

“I don’t know….even in her weakened state, she still had her barrier up, if I had been able to keep the connection going I could have broken it but….” Malia answered him. “I could probably get in now….but Kalli’s venom strengthened her, so she most likely had a barrier up already.” Malia sighed and glanced at Teira’s pale face. “But I can try….” Malia got up and sat on the bed and held Teira’s hand. Malia focused and then shut her eyes, after a minute she saw gray and then a huge wall made to protect a fortress. “Teira….it’s okay….it’s Malia, please let me in I’m trying to help you!” Malia said mentally to Teira. The barrier staid strong and didn’t waver. Malia opened her eyes. “Teira isn’t letting me talk to her….her mind must be almost destroyed….”

“Sister….” Teira murmured. “Mama said I have a sister….” Teira’s eyes opened, they had a spark of life in them, but also still seemed exhausted, wary, and confused. Snape paled and looked away trying to get color back into his face.

“That’s ridiculous! Everybody knows you don’t have a sister! Teira it’s just something said to make you think about it and get weaker!” Malia said.

“But….Mama….said so….”Teira mumbled before passing out again. The doors opened and Dumbledore walked in.

“So how is she?” He asked.

“She will be fine Headmaster!” Malia said bluntly. “Now what do you want!?”

“When she is well again I would like to talk to the three of you in my office.” He said before walking out again.

“What’s up with him….he’s pissing me off….leaving us in the dark like that.”Malia said looking pissed off.

Sorry its short! But the next one is going to be longer and better and what i have planned needs a whole chapter! ! ! !

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Slytherin Heirs: Chapter 4


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