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What the Heart Wants by Shannona
Chapter 1 : Picking Her Up
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Diclaimer: I do not own any of the original characters or plot lines from which I have built my story upon.

He was standing and staring upwards at a tiny window whose windows were thrown open because of the impending heat. The funny thing was, he could hear everything happening inside that room. At this moment in time it happened to be a rather adorable girl jumping around and singing to ‘The Weird Sister’ booming from her Wizarding Wireless. He heard the music stop and chose his moment then.

‘What lies through yonder breaks!’ he yelled up to open window.

A face appeared and stared at him in shock at this outburst. As soon as she saw who is was she laughed and shook her head.

‘It is the east and Juliet is the sun!’ he continued to yell.

‘Could you be any cornier right now? And why are you back here, did my dad see you? You know he’s expecting you to knock on the door and be respectful…he already hates you!’

She was replying in a shrill tone which he admitted he had grown to love over the past few months. He cheeky smiled back and made his way round to the front of her house. It was a gorgeous house, yes smaller than his own, but whose isn’t. He may have sounded a bit cocky, but it was the way he was brought up.

He walked up to the painted blue front door and knocked three times. Inside he could hear lots of murmering and someone thundering down the stairs at high speed. The door in front of him was flown open and there stood Rose. He hadn’t been able to see her properly from the window but today she looked stunningly gorgeous. She had left her fiery locks down and thy fell loosely over her shoulders as she smiled at him. From inside the house she heard her mother talking to her.

‘Are you going to invite him in Rose or just stand at the door and flirt!’ her mother was rather funny. He heard her fathers reply.

‘She should be doing neither!’

Rose gestured him inside. It was cosy and warm in here, like a summer day. The décor was homely and fuzzy and all around were little moving photographs of Rose and her brother of when they were younger. Moving into the living room he saw the famous framed photo of her mother, father and their best friend when they were younger.

His father had always told him, even though the four of them were on good terms, in their teenage years they had done nothing but fight. Fortunately Harry Potter had given his father a good statement which kept him out of prison. This did help as he was best friends with Mr Potter’s youngest son Albus.

They had entered a large kitchen where Rose’s Mother, Hermione Weasley, was over the stove cooking, what he presumed, was lunch. Rose’s father, Ron Weasley and the man he had to impress, was sitting at the table and looked up in mild disinterest and they came in.

‘Daddy, Scorpius is here!’ Rose announced.

‘Your father knows dear, he’s just being his arrogant self as usual, ‘her mother laughed ‘Hello Scorpius dear, how are you?’

She smiled at him. She always did. He found Hermione Weasley a very nice person. His father sometimes spoke of her unkindly and he had to remind him of her position in his life now. Rose and he had just graduated from Hogwarts and he always had to remind his father that he would be seeing not only more of Rose, but of the Weasleys and the Potter’s too.

‘I’m fine thanks Mrs Weasley; I had an interview at the ministry this morning. Yourself?’

‘Oh Scorpius I’m fine. And how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me Mrs Weasley?’

‘At least once more Mrs Weasley!’ he laughed.

From behind them they heard a cough and Mr Weasley arose from his chair and approached them.

‘Well Mr Weasley is fine with me!’ he told Scorpius.

Bravely, Scorpius held out his hand for Mr Weasley to shake. He seemed a little taken aback by this, but took a firm grasp of his hand anyway.

‘So, an interview at the ministry boy…tell me…which department?’ Rose’s father asked.

‘Er…Research and Development of Experimental Potions and Charms…sir!’

‘Sounds like a difficult job, you sure you can handle that!’

‘Daddy!’ came Rose’s voice.

For some reason, Scorpius didn’t mind this banter. Mr Weasley always treated him like this when he came around to pick up Rose. He always guessed it was the hate he had for his family making him act the way he did to Scorpius.

‘No, I’m sure I’ll be fine Mr Weasley. I graduated second in my year, after your daughter of course. The ministry told me they would be honoured to have me on the team because of my connexion with all things to do with potions. As I’m sure Rose must have told you, I won the Junior Potions Master of the Year award last year. And, don’t forget, I have already been honoured with the Order of Merlin Second Class for saving thousands of wizards and muggles alike with my spell which cures cancer. You must have remembered…you were invited to the ceremony.’

He must have sounded so smug, but it wiped the smile of her fathers face to hear his daughter’s boyfriend list some of his awards.

‘Oh yes!’ he uttered ‘I remember now, you’re a shoe in for the job!’

‘Okay Daddy, we’re off now!’ Rose said.

Rose kissed her father on the cheek and hugged her mother before grabbing her suitcase from the corner and walked over to the fireplace, Scorpius trailing along. The stepped into the fireplace and shouted ‘Malfoy Manor’ before disappearing into the chimney system.

 NB: I hope you liked it, it was something I threw together. Chapter 2 coming up soon, so hang on to the edge of your computer chair :) R&R Shannona XxX

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