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Slytherin Heirs by Ariane Aure
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Next Day

Malia, Teira, and Megumi woke up at the same time but Teira got ready the quickest and therefore was the first person in the common room. Teira had her cobra Kalli around her neck, her long blonde and green tipped hair was in a braid, she had on fancy green, black, and silver clothing underneath her boring black robes, and a bandage covering her long cut on her face. She walked into the Great Hall where most of the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws where already eating. She walked past Harry and Ron who got up to introduce themselves.

“Hi I’m Har-“Harry started.

“Harry Potter the boy-who-lived! In other words the boy who killed the Dark Lord when he was only an infant!” Teira interrupted, she brushed some of his hair up so she could see his scar, Harry was frozen by how a Slytherin was touching him and not causing him pain.

“Well I’m Ro-“Ron started.

“Ronald Weasly! Your father works in the ministry, working with….muggle….artifacts….”Teira said in a bit of disgust.

“Why do you call him the Dark Lord?”Harry asked Teira.

“Would you rather me call him….Tom, Voldemort, or how about my Great Uncle!” Teira replied.

“YOU’RE THE DARK LORDS GREAT NEICE!”Harry and Ron yelled out together. Causing everyone in the Great Hall including the teachers to look at Harry, Ron, and Teira. Umbridge looked at Teira immediately marking her as a trouble maker who will be having detention every day. Snape though looked frightened for Teira’s safety, if people actually believed what those two said the professors would be wary of her and the students wouldn’t treat her fairly.

“HA! You two are nuts! He-who-must-not-be-named didn’t have any children or family!”A Ravenclaw yelled out, everyone else seemed to nod and agree at the simple logic. Harry, Ron, Umbridge, and Dumbledore didn’t seem convinced though. Malia skipped in at that moment and saw Teira talking to Harry, Megumi was close behind Malia.

“Hey Teira! Potter, Weasly!”Malia replied at first happy and then turned into a voice without emotion when she talked to Harry.

“Bye Harry and Weasly boy….”Teira says and skips off to the Slytherin table and sat down at the head of the table.

“Hey Harry….”Megumi whispers to Harry as Malia and Teira skipped off. “Draco screams like a girl!” Megumi finished and walked over to his cousins, leaving a laughing hysterically Harry and Ron. Teira was already filling her plate with eggs, cereal, toast, and some juice.

“You told them how Draco screams I take it Gumi?” Teira asked Megumi between bites.

“Yup! And I’m glad I did!” Megumi replied and then glanced at Draco who had just walked in, and then at Harry and Ron who both started laughing harder when Draco walked in. Draco ignored them and walked up to sit next to Teira, he sat on the edge of the bench not knowing the danger he’s in.

“Hey Teira I was just wondering if yo-“Draco started. Teira pushed Draco who fell out of his seat and onto the floor, a high pitched squeal followed closely after his fall. The whole room except for the teachers (some were biting their cheeks to keep from laughing though) burst out in laughter. Teira got up and started walking to potions; Snape saw her walking and quickly flooed to his office. Teira walked in seconds after Snape, she sat down in the front and pulled out her book and went to get ingredients for the potion she would be making.

“Teira what are you making today?” Snape asked while grading some first year essays.

“Ummm, I think I’m gonna try and make one I made up, I won’t tell you what it is though! It’s gonna be a surprise!” Teira said walking out from the supply storage. “Umm, Professor do you have any basilisk venom?” Teira asked innocently while examining her ingredients.

“Basilisk venom, why on earth would you need that!” Snape said shocked.

“For my potion, oh never mind I found some in my bag….”Teira said who had been searching through a black messenger bag. She pulled out a medium sized bottle which had silvery black liquid in it. She set it next to some other bottles that were smaller.

“Teira what exactly does this potion do?” Snape asked warily.

“I TOLD you it’s a secret!” Teira said exasperated. “And when the others walk in I only want my cousins next to me!” Teira glanced back at the door and then took out a small silver knife, she gently pressed it to a vein in her arm causing it to start bleeding, she grabbed an empty bottle and filled it with her blood, and she murmured a healing spell and the blood and cut disappeared. At that moment everyone seemed to walk in the door, Megumi and Malia walked in first, each of them sitting next to Teira who had already started on her potion.

“Calm down Potter!!” Snape called out. “Free Day doesn’t mean you don’t have to do potions, it just means you have to make any potion you like, that is O.W.L approved! So no easy potions! Follow Teira’s example and start already!” everyone got up and started working on various potions, no two were the same except for one table which had Harry, Ron, and Hermione, all were doing an antidote to the same potion. “Cheating are we Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasly! Each of you choose another potion! Or I will pick one for you!” Snape called out. An hour passed and Teira and her cousins were all almost done with their potions. Megumi was doing the Felix Felicis potion and Malia was making an antidote to the affects of the Cruciatus Curse that Snape had taught her. Teira still hadn’t revealed what her potion was or what it did; her potion was silver, black, and blood red colored. Teira added the basilisk venom and the potion turned completely blood red, she added her blood and the potion added silver streaks to the color. Megumi and Malia finished their potions, cleaned up and brought their potions to Snape who evaluated them and announced that they were the best brewed in the class so far. The two sat back down and asked Teira what her potion was every once in awhile. Teira said ‘it’s a secret’ every time. Finally only three minutes were left in the class, the only ones still working were Harry, Ron, and Teira. Harry and Ron finished and brought the potions to Snape who declared them the worst brewed so far. Teira finished with a minute to spare and brought it up to Snape after cleaning up, everyone was wondering what the potion did.

“Professor may I share what the potion does tomorrow, because it seems we have no time left!” Teira asked innocently. Snape only nodded and dismissed his students. Teira skipped out holding the potion in her hands. She quickly slipped it into her bag and then entered the D.A.D.A room where Umbridge sat waiting.

“Teira may I ask you something?”Umbridge started.

“Of course Professor!” Teira replied calmly.

“Are you really you-know-who’s great niece?” Umbridge asked warily.

“Of course not Professor! I was only joking with Potter!” Teira said, a small giggle followed after her words. Umbridge seemed to sigh in relief. Teira sat down in the front again, and Megumi and Malia next to her. Everyone else walked in slowly, dreading this class.

“Now students, I would like to welcome to my class Teira Storm Slytherin!” Umbridge started and flinched when the snake around Teira’s neck moved. “Teira put that snake AWAY!!” Umbridge practically screamed at Teira.

“Professor I can’t, Kalli follows me everywhere! She’s my familiar!” Teira replied.

“PUT HER AWAY NOW!”Umbridge screamed this time.

“NO!!” Teira yelled back with enough force to knock Umbridge off of her feet.

“DETENTION MISS. SLYTHERIN!” Umbridge yelled when she got back to her feet. Teira shrugged lightly and pulled out her book, continuing to ignore the professor. Finally the bell rang to end classes for the day, for the true Slytherins anyway who were equal to the other professors who taught the other subjects. Finally it was time for Teira’s detention; she skipped up to Umbridge’s office and like Malia almost ran back out again because there was pink everywhere. “Good you’re here, you will be doing some lines for me, and since young Mr. Malfoy has informed me that you and your cousins don’t feel pain like the rest of us normal humans do! I had Professor Snape whip this up for me; it enhances the pain on a normal human by one-hundred percent.” Umbridge spelled the potion into Teira’s stomach making it activate immediately, she passed Teira a blood red quill and some parchment. “I want you to write, ‘I will not bring snakes to class’ five-hundred times, you may begin.” Teira started writing realizing that the faster she wrote the quicker she could leave, but writing fast only made the quill dig deeper into her skin to bring out the blood, so finally after three hours Teira finished and brought the parchment up to Umbridge who glanced at it and dismissed Teira who ran out of the room. Once she was in the shadows, Teira leaned against a wall and slid down it till she was on the floor. Teira tried to stop the blood that was pouring out of her hand but didn’t succeed. Teira grew weaker and paler and was suddenly passed out on the floor, a pool of blood around her.

Snape was walking to Umbridge’s office to ask her why she needed the pain stimulant potion when he saw a red liquid trail on the ground, he followed it and saw Teira on the ground passed out with blood pouring out of the cuts on her hands which said ‘I will not bring snakes to class’ realizing that this was why Umbridge needed the potion. He picked up Teira gently and started walking to the Hospital Wing, unfortunately all of the students were out of their common room and saw Snape carrying Teira to the Hospital, but soon enough Snape arrived at the Hospital Wing and let Madame Pomfrey do her work on Teira.

Malia and Megumi were in the Slytherin common room wondering what was taking so long with Teira’s detention, they were about to go and look for her when Draco and Blaise walked in talking about a girl who was all bloody and was dying from loss of blood. Malia thought it was Teira and ran to the Hospital Wing with Megumi following her closely. Blaise ditched Draco when he saw Malia run out of the portrait; he followed the two realizing that it had to be Teira that he saw Snape carrying to the Hospital wing if these two were so worried. Blaise knew that Malia would be mad if she saw him following her but he didn’t care right then and there, he just had to see Teira.

To Teira everything was a blur, she was passed out yes, but she could still see and hear what was going on thanks to Kalli who was secretly hiding in her sleeve on Teira’s injured hand, Kalli was hissing and showing her fangs to anyone besides Snape. Once Draco came too close and Kalli had to bite him but she missed so he just screamed like a girl and ran. Soon enough though Teira was on a bed in the hospital wing and Kalli was slithering around Teira like a guard dog. Soon Malia, Megumi, and Blaise ran into the door and had to see Kalli before even getting close to Teira.

“I’ll have to wake her up, but it’s going to be awful since she will feel the pain when she wakes up, I don’t want to do this….Ennervate.”Madam Pomfrey said, the spell waking Teira up who immediately screamed when she woke up, her non-injured hand grabbed her injured hand and she curled up, tears pouring down her face. Each scream was just as awful to the people in the room. Kalli brought her fangs up to Teira’s wound and sunk them in, everyone tried to stop her except for Malia and Megumi who seemed to know something the others didn’t. Teira’s screams stopped and were brought down to a whimper and then down to nothingness, the wound was gone except for the faint scar that said ‘I will not bring snakes to class’. Teira’s eyes opened and she looked at her hand, her strong eyes catching the faint scar, almost instantly the light turned red and the room started shaking, Teira’s eyes looked red in the light, her hair was swirling around her face, the glass started shaking and then shattered.

“WHERE IS THAT BITCH!!? IM GONNA KILL HER!” Teira yelled, she jumped up and started to run out of the room only to be stopped by Malia, Megumi, and Blaise who all stepped in front of the doors, their wands pointed at Teira who was in a blind fit of rage. Snape was behind Teira and also had his wand pointed at Teira. Teira being somewhat sensible stopped in her tracks and considered her chances of getting out of the room safely. “MOVE!!” Teira yelled at her cousins and Blaise. Only Blaise seemed to be shaken at the ferocity of Teira’s voice, but he still stayed at the door, Teira pulled out her wand and pointed it at the door and started to say the blasting charm but was hit by four different spells causing her to pass out before the door could blast off of its hinges. Blaise being the closest picked her up gently and carried her back to the bed.

“I don’t think that was the best way Serverus….”Madam Pomfrey said.

“It was necessary….if we hadn’t hit her, she would have gone and tried to kill a ministry staff member.” Snape replied. Everyone looked at Teira, the lighting had gone back to normal and the glass repaired itself. Suddenly there was a scream of fear from above them. Teira opened her eyes and giggled.

“That’ll teach her!”Teira murmured.

“What exactly did you do Teira?”Blaise asked warily.

“Oh nothing….but you’ll find out tomorrow in D.A.D.A class!” Teira replied, she jumped out of bed and skipped of the Slytherin common room and from there to her room.

“Just leave it Blaise, if she said we’ll find out tomorrow, we’ll find out tomorrow….”Megumi said exasperated. The three remaining students walked back to the Slytherin common room and stayed there to talk. Finally the trio decided to go to bed, all slept peacefully till the next morning. The next day was quiet because almost everyone had gone home for the holidays. All classes were done till the next term began. Teira and Blaise were sitting in the common room the next morning, everyone else was still asleep. Blaise had arrived first and then Teira came in shivering slightly.

“Teira are you okay?” Blaise asked, his eyes filled with concern.

“Y-y-yea, j-j-j-just a b-b-b-bit c-c-c-cold!!” Teira replied, she sat in the black leather sofa next to Blaise who looked at her and nodded.

“It does get cold down here in the winter time, especially without all of the people down here!” Blaise said. Teira snapped her fingers and a black flame appeared in the fire place which slowly started to change to a dark green. Blaise stared at it in wonder then realized Teira did it, he pulled her close and put his arm around her, Teira rested her head on his shoulder.

“You’re really nice Blaise, how did you ever get into Slytherin?”

“I don’t know, guess the hat thought I would show my best potential here, or maybe because it knew you would be coming!” Blaise said then shut up realizing he just said something stupid. Teira started laughing slightly, her laugh had pure joy in it, Malia heard her cousins laugh and smiled widely, not remembering when she last heard Teira laugh like that. She walked into the common room and sat between Blaise and Teira, both who gave her a slight glare.

“So what do you guys want to do today?” Malia asked.

“I’m gonna go to potions and tell Snape about my potion, he needs to know what it does….” Teira replied.

“Oh” Malia and Blaise both said. Malia glanced at Blaise and saw something in his eyes and then turned back to Teira.

“What do you want to do after that?”Malia asked.

“Ummm, I don’t know” Teira replied.

“Could you tell us what you did to Umbridge?”Blaise asked.

“Mmmaayyybbee!!” Teira dragged out.

“Oh you’re no fun!!” Malia said in a whiny tone.

“Chill, I’ll tell you after lunch, Okay?!” Teira said to shut them both up. She went back to her room and changed into black jeans and a green, tight, deep v-neck, and long sleeved shirt. She grabbed her own robe which was black with streaks of silver in random areas and the Slytherin crest on the right sleeve. Teira left her hair down so the green tips could be seen; she put eyeliner on to enhance her eyes then walked back into the living room where Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and the remaining girls sat, Megumi had gone back upstairs to change as well. All the boys’ mouths dropped to the floor when Teira walked in. “I’m going to breakfast. Anyone want to come with me?” Teira asked sweetly. Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise all stood up and walked over to her. Draco yelled at the others to go sit down.

“Go away you guys!! Since it’s obvious that I’ll be taking Teira to breakfast!” Draco said facing away from Teira who was giving him a death glare; the other guys saw and backed up, Draco smirked then turned around and flinched.

“Do NOT MAKE DECISIONS FOR ME DRACO MALFOY!! The pure-blood who is also a little tattle tale and is afraid of heights!!” Teira yelled. Megumi walked in and sat next to Malia who smiled and gave him a hug. Draco went and sat on the couch scarlet red. “Come on Blaise!!” Teira said, her tone was sharp and would make Voldemort obey the command. Blaise followed her out of the common room and then gave her a hug when they reached a hallway that no one was in.

“Hey try and calm down, Draco is a spoiled, rich, snobby brat!” Blaise said in a quiet tone. Teira started laughing and her shoulders drop slightly, Blaise relaxed as well because he didn’t want an angry and tense Teira with him.

“Ok! Now let’s go to breakfast and then I can answer your questions!” Teira replied and then started running to the grand hall with Blaise behind her. Teira arrived at the Grand Hall first except for the teachers of course. Teira skipped over to the Gryffindor table and sat down pulling Blaise down next to her, as soon as they sat down the banner over the table switched from red and gold to green and silver, there are now two Slytherin tables in the room. At that exact moment Harry and his two friends walked in and looked for the Gryffindor table and didn’t see it, and then they saw Teira and Blaise sitting at the regular Gryffindor table.

“Hey move! That’s Gryffindor table!!” Ron came over and yelled at Teira and Blaise who had his arms on Teira’s shoulders.

“Ummmmm….no it’s not!! The Slytherin Banner is above the table!!” Teira said. Ron and Harry glared at Teira who glared back; both of them pushed Hermione in front of them and hid behind her hair.

“Can you PLEASE move!!?”Hermione begged.

“No!” Teira said shortly. Ron at that point in time pulled his wand out and pointed it at Teira who had stood up, her eyes narrowed, and Draco and Malia walked in with the rest of the Slytherins.

“MOVE SLYTHERIN!!” Ron yelled at Teira and then started murmuring a spell used in battle. Malia and Draco started running to Teira but knew they would be too late, Ron’s wand started to glow a greenish red color that would do some serious damage. Teira started to get pissed off, the light turned red, at this point the teachers noticed what was going on and started running to the group. Teira’s hair started to lift up by a strong breeze and it made her hair swirl around her face, her eyes seemed to turn red, as Ron fired the spell it hit Teira but didn’t affect her, Ron looked confused then saw Teira’s eyes and started to run like a million spiders were behind him. Malia reached Teira at this point, both she and Blaise hugged her tight to try and calm her down, Draco had gone and caught Ron and was dragging him back. By the time Draco had dragged Ron back to the group Teira had calmed down the lighting had gone back to normal and her hair had stopped swirling around her face.

“Ronald Weasly!! How DARE you use a spell on Miss. Slytherin!” McGonagall said. She grabbed Ron and dragged him to her office for severe punishment. Everyone else started asking if Teira was fine, except for Umbridge who actually looked a tad annoyed about something. Teira easily slipped into Umbridge’s head to see what was troubling her, what Teira heard though made her even more pissed off. ‘Why didn’t that Weasly boy hit her? He would have been set for life! I’m gonna have to talk about this with him.’ Teira paled a bit and then ran out of the room making the doors slam shut and lock behind her. She ran and ran and ran till she no longer realized where she was, she did know she was somewhere in the Forbidden Forest, Teira started walking and soon found some cobras and thestrals. Teira sat down on the ground and spaced out by drawing patterns into the earth with her wand. After a couple of hours Malia and Megumi found her, Malia said something and then the both of them walked up to Teira.

“Hey Teira what’s wrong!”” Malia asked while sitting next to her.

“Yea what’s wrong Cuz?” Megumi asked while sitting next to Teira as well.

“Nothing….I’m fine.”Teira replied coming back to Earth and reality. She looked down at the figure she had drawn; she saw a silver snake that looked very familiar. “I need to go!” Teira said then sprinted off, she found Harry quickly by bumping into him.

“Hey watch it Slytherin!” Harry’s stern look quickly softened when he saw the look on Teira’s face.

“Can you follow me; I wanna talk and not be interrupted….” Teira said, she grabbed Harry’s hand and dragged him to the seventh floor. She came to a standstill in front of a wall.

“Hey why are we he-“Harry started but didn’t finish because out of the wall a door formed.

“It’s the Room of Requirement….I’m pretty sure that you knew about it already though…..”Teira said while pushing the door open and walking inside.

“Yea….I know it….” Harry said in a whisper while following Teira inside. “Okay….so Teira what do you want? And don’t give me that look! Why on earth would a Slytherin descendant want to talk to me!!?”

“Cuz….I’m confused….not because I like you, but my cousin Malia said that you both had detention with Umbridge….does she seem evil to you?”Teira asked.

“I think she’s evil, but so do all the other students except for Draco and his buddies….”Harry replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I heard her thinking that she sent Ronald Weasly out to kill me….I know most teachers don’t have Slytherin favorites except for Snape….but I have never heard of a teacher wanting a student dead before!!!!” Teira told him.

“Oh….WAIT! Umbridge sent RON!! My friend Ron to kill you!!!!?” Harry blurted out looking shocked.

“Yea….for money….”Teira said looking glum. “I don’t care what you do….but just make sure Ron isn’t hurt by her, and tell him he better not attack me again….or else….” Teira had started to walk out and glanced back at Harry with a glare in her eyes. “Do not tell anyone about this meeting….or you’ll regret it!!” she walked out and walked to the common room, she passed a window and the setting sun hit her full on, a single ray of sunlight, but a strong one. Malia and Blaise had been looking for Teira ever since she ran off; they saw a ray of light in a window and a shadow of a slim figure in the middle of the light. Teira’s eyes reflected the sun in them and her hair seemed even brighter than its normal blonde. Blaise saw Teira and thought she was an angel, he sighed loudly, a smile on his face and joy at seeing the beautiful person in the sun’s rays. Malia heard his sigh and glanced at him then looked back at Teira who had sat on the ground, but was still on the ray of light. Malia and Blaise walked over to her, Megumi who had been taking secret passages came out of a portrait next to them, and he saw Teira and relaxed and then walked to join the trio that was in the light. Eventually the sun faded below the horizon and Teira looked ready to pass out, the group finally got up and started walking to the Slytherin Common room.

“Oh yea Teira….”Megumi started. “You never told us what you did!!”

“Hah! Yea your right, I promise to tell you guys tomorrow when we wake up!” Teira replied. They arrived at the Snake portrait soon after that, the snake let them go on in knowing that the three out of the group are direct descendants. Teira and Malia went to their rooms and Megumi and Blaise went to theirs. Malia fell asleep instantly, as did Blaise, and Megumi. Teira lay in bed awake and afraid to fall asleep. She had heard from Draco that Harry and Ron had been in the Slytherin Common Room once before, Ron would know the way down to it and Umbridge would most likely give him the password. Teira got up out of bed and cast a silencing charm so she wouldn’t wake her cousin. She put on her cloak over her black tank top and black short shorts. She left her room and then entered the Common room to see the fire was still burning away. She left the common room and then broke into a run. She found herself in the potions class, when she had ran in she had hit the door so hard it slammed against the wall. Snape came in the room looking extremely pissed off, when he saw Teira and how she was dressed his eyes softened.

“Teira what’s wrong?”

“You remember the fight in the Grand Hall this morning?” Teira blurted out, Snape nodded but was shocked, and he hadn’t expected Teira to come to him about this. “Well I heard Umbridge’s thoughts and it said that she made Ron cast that spell at me, she wants me DEAD!!!!” Teira fell to her knees at that point sobbing. Snape went over and knelt down next to her, he wrapped his arms around her.

“Are you sure that’s what she was thinking?” Snape asked her.

“I’m positive….Thoughts don’t lie….” Teira murmured.

“Okay….I believe you Teira….You never lied when you were younger, I’ll talk to Dumbledore in the morning, you need to get some rest….do you want to go back to the Slytherin Common room? Or do you want to stay here in the extra room?”Snape asked her, a look of concern on his face.

“Here please….that bitch might have hired others….”Teira murmured, she fell asleep in his arms. Snape sighed, he picked her up easily and carried her to the extra room and put her in the bed, putting a fleece blanket over her before leaving and shutting the door. He hoped that she wasn’t disturbed by the mental link that her cousins shared.

Teira dreamed that night, the same dream that her cousins were dreaming for once, the mental link that they have was strong on that night of the New Moon.

The Three’s Dream

The dream was back when the three cousins were only just five years old, it was summer time and it was a time of peace and tranquility, Malia and Megumi still had parents, and Teira’s parents didn’t abuse her. The three lived together in Slytherin Manor, where they played and ignored anything that was going on in the real world, because to them, there were two different worlds, their home, and the real world. The three didn’t know of any hardships, disloyalty, or true pain, they lived carefree. Serverus Snape was visiting the Slytherin Manor that summer and was watching the three play around.

“Malia! Gumi wait up!” a younger Teira said, she had a smile on her face, her eyes were brighter, her hair shorter. The three were racing back to Snape after playing in the river. Malia and Megumi were tied; Teira had tripped earlier and had fallen behind even though she was quickly gaining on them, she wanted to test her compulsion, Malia and Megumi slowed enough so that Teira could catch up, but then the real race began. The three were neck and neck, and no one could get the upper hand. Finally they all reached Snape at the same time.

“It’s a tie!” Snape said trying to lighten the dark aura the three had. Megumi and Malia marched up to Teira and started yelling.

“WE THOUGHT WE AGREED NO MAGIC WAS TO BE USED IN THE RACE!!” Malia and Megumi both yelled at her. Malia grabbed the front of Teira’s shirt and shook her.

“MALIA!!!!STOP IT!!” Teira cried out. Malia dropped Teira to the ground, Teira landed on the ground hard; she had tears in her eyes. Snape saw the tears and quickly went and knelt next to Teira and cast a diagnostic spell to see if she was hurt, it came back clean. Snape picked up Teira and got her on her feet again.

“Apologize Malia!” Snape said sternly.

“Why do you ALWAYS take her side Uncle Sevvy!!?” Malia complained.

“I’m not….now say sorry!” Snape said.

“I’m sorry Teira….”Malia said and then hugged Teira.

“It’s okay…I forgive you Malia!!” Teira said.

“KIDS!! DINNERTIME!” Teira’s mother called from the doorway.

“COMING MOMMY!!!!” Teira called back, the three kids took off for the doorway, Snape following behind. The dream faded, and turned into a dark meadow in the middle of a forest. The three walked into the meadow, the present selves. They saw each other and ran to the meadow.

“What’s going on? This only happens when one of us is really upset about something.” Malia said. Teira’s head was down, the two looked at her.

“I’m fine!” Teira said quietly.

“No you aren’t Teira! You’re not fine! What’s bothering you?!” Megumi asked, Malia and Megumi got up and went to stand next to Teira.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Teira shouted.

She then woke up, Malia and Megumi also woke up, Malia looked at Teira’s bed and saw she wasn’t there, Malia started panicking, she ran into Megumi’s room.

“GUMI!!!!” Malia shouted looking extremely worried. “Teira isn’t in her bed!!!!” Megumi jumped out of bed, both of them went to the common room, it was empty.

“Let’s go ask Sev….there was a shadow covering Teira in the dream….usually a shadow means someone is with her….”Megumi suggested, Malia nodded. They ran to Snape’s potions room, slamming the doors open, Snape was in the room brewing, he looked up.

“Malia….Megumi….I knew you two would be here soon when I saw Teira woke up….you guys shared another dream tonight didn’t you?” Snape asked innocently.

“Where. Is. Teira!” Malia said slowly.

“In the extra bedroom….”He pointed, Malia and Megumi ran to the bedroom and saw Teira sitting up on the bed rubbing her eyes.

“TEIRA!!!!” Malia said, she ran and basically tackled Teira, almost causing them to fall off of the bed. Snape was in the doorway smiling to himself, even though the three are cousins; they still care for one another like if they were siblings, Malia was on the bed next to Teira, and Megumi was at the small window that faced the forbidden forest. Suddenly, Fawkes swooped in from the door, holding a letter addressed to Snape. Snape grabbed the letter, went to his desk sat down and opened it.

“Uncle Sev!” Malia said. “We are going back to Slytherin Common room! Kay?!” Malia said with a smile on her face, she grabbed Teira who took her arm back and followed behind Megumi and Malia who were skipping. Snape waved them goodbye and wished them a good rest of the night. He pulled the letter out and started to read it, he gasped and his eyes went wide. He looked to see if the three were still there, but they were long gone.

Hey Ariane here. Like i said this chapter is longer and i hope you like it a lot!!!!On word i have 35 pages of this story!But my friends coming over tonight so we'll get more done. R&R please!Next chapter some shocking news!!
Ariane Aure

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A Lily by An...
by Demon