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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight:Revenge is Sweet
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Chapter Eight: Revenge is Sweet

By: Chaos



The next morning Sekhmet awoke to find herself in the boys dorm room. She shook her head trying to remember what had happened the night before. Crying a little she pulled the covers over her head attempting to hide from the world as she heard the door open.  

“Hey Sek, its lunch time. You wanna come down for some lunch?” Isis asked, but Sekhmet never answered.

“You can come down and see what we did to poor Damian’s face,” Sirius said, Isis elbowed him in the stomach as Sekhmet started crying.

“Look at what you did Padfoot!” James scolded.

“Guys just shut it and leave her alone! She's heartbroken, the poor thing,” Lily shoved James and Sirius out the door.

“It'll be ok.” Remus sat down on his bed. “Here I brought you a sandwich.” He placed the sandwich on the bedside table. “You can eat it when you get hungry.” Remus got up and he and Lily and Isis left.

The next day was not much better. Sekhmet finally left the boys dorm and locked herself in her room. Thankfully none of the teachers were upset. Many of them had seen Remus carrying Sekhmet back to the dorms. McGonagall had asked what happened and had given both Damian and the blonde haired girl detention for skipping class.

“Sek, you really should get out of bed, we have class. Tomorrow’s the weekend, well mope with you then.” Lily did not get a reply.

“Just let her be, she’ll be fine in a few days, she just needs some time,” Isis said as they left the room.

Back downstairs in the common room the boys waited to see if Isis and Lily would be able to coax Sekhmet into coming out of hiding.

“So is Sekhmet coming to class?” Remus asked looking behind the girls.

“No, she still won’t even talk to us.” Lily sighed sitting on the arm of the couch.

“There has to be something we can do? I mean it’s just not the same without her.” James said.

“Believe me if I knew what we could do I would tell you,” Isis answered. “But unfortunately Sekhmet reacts differently to different situations.” Isis sat down in the empty chair. 

Everyone was quiet for a time. After a few minutes everyone but Isis, who continued to stare into the fire, got up to leave for breakfast. Sirius stopped when he noticed Isis was not following. He motioned for James to go on without him then sat back on the couch across from Isis.

“Listen I’m sorry-”

“Thanks,” Isis started cutting Sirius off, “for trying to help Sek, but don’t think for a second that we’re back on good terms.” Isis got up and walked out of the common room.

“You got it.” Sirius sighed as the portrait door closed.

Saturday the girls were barely seen. Lily and Isis spent all day up in their dorm room with Sekhmet. Alice would join them from time to time throughout the day. Finally Sunday morning Isis and Lily joined the boys in the Great Hall for breakfast.

“How’s Sek?” James asked as Lily and Isis took a seat at the table.

“Better, she ate tons of chocolate and ice cream, cried a ton, but she’s talking now. She said she'd be in the common room when we got back,” Isis said as she helped herself to some eggs.

“But why bother missing breakfast?” Sirius asked.

“She doesn't wanna see you know who,” Isis answered.

“I know Snape is ugly but come on if I skipped breakfast not to see him I would starve to death.”  

“No you idiot not Snape, she’s hiding from Damian.” Sirius just shrugged. “Now when we go up to the common room none of you say his name.” Isis looked pointedly from Sirius to James.

“Got it captain.” James saluted Isis as her and Lily rolled their eyes.

Once they finished breakfast the group was heading out of the Hall when they were stopped by Snape.

“How is Sekhmet doing?” Snape asked Isis.

“She’s ok.”

“That’s good. I was worried about her.” Snape kept his eyes down as he talked to Isis.

“If you hadn't been honest with Sek I would probably hex you right now so run along Snivillus!” Snape glared at Sirius before sulking off.

“You could have been a bit nicer,” Lily scolded Sirius.

“We were!” James interjected “We didn't hex him. See lily flower we’re getting better.” Remus and Isis rolled their eyes as Lily stormed out of the Hall.

The rest of the group followed behind Lily as she stormed up to the common room. As everyone crawled through the portrait hole they saw a frustrated Sekhmet sitting in the middle of the common room surround by Honeyduke’s chocolates and a pile of papers.

“Sek if you need help with your homework we’ll be glad to help,” Lily said sitting down next to Sekhmet.

“You never help me with my homework,” James pouted.

“This is different.”

“It’s not homework,” Sekhmet answered.

“Then what?” Isis asked.

“He already has a new hoe, so now I have to find someone I can get to be my boyfriend that outshines his new hoe,” Sekhmet answered as she tossed another piece of paper behind her and picked up another.

“Oh.” James looked very confused.

“I really don't think that’s how the whole dating thing should go,” Isis commented picking up one of the papers.

“Not always,” Sekhmet said.

“So who’s on the list?” Sirius asked.  

“Let’s see, I have the list of all the guys in the school, in our year, cause I can't date younger. Then I went through and crossed off all the names of guys I've already dated, and other than you guys all I have left is a few Hufflepuffs and all the Slytherins. So then I broadened my mind, a year younger, and realized I’m screwed. So it looks like I’m left to date- a Slytherin, which wouldn't be bad cause most of them owe me money. So it would be easy to twist an arm but then again does a Slytherin boy beat a Hufflepuff hoe?”

“This is absurd Sekhmet.” Remus was having a hard time not showing his anger.

“A SLYTHERIN!?! Are you insane woman!” Sirius was shocked.

“No; desperate,” Sekhmet corrected.

“Tell me one good looking Slytherin,” Sirius demanded.

“I could name a few, but you wouldn't be happy.”

“Hell no!” Isis yelled.

“It would get him off your back.”

“No you are crazy!” Lily interjected.

“Exactly,” Sekhmet answered.

“You don't hate Damian that much to go out with him?” Isis asked.

“Yah I do.”

“You can’t.”

“My decision is final.”

“Wait what I'm confused,” Sirius said looking back and forth between the twins.

“Who are you dating now?” James asked.

“Sek you can't do this! This is crazy talk!” Now Remus was yelling. “I mean dating Sirius is a better option than him! James is a better option than him! Hell McGonagall is a better option! You've gone daft woman! I won't let you do this!” Sekhmet looked at Remus with a slightly shocked expression.

“Wait I’m confused who are we talking about?” He paused. “Oh please tell me it’s not Snivillus.”

“It’s not Snivillus,” Sekhmet said as she gathered up her papers.

 “It’s Regulus.” Remus growled.

“HELL NO!” Sirius jumped up out of his seat. “SEK UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOU DATE HIM! HELL NO!”

“Watch me.” With that Sekhmet stormed out of the common room.

“Any plans to stop this mess?” Isis asked sitting down.

Meanwhile Sekhmet made her way down to the dungeons heading right for the Slytherin common room.

“REGULUS!” Sekhmet yelled outside of the Slytherin common room door.  

“Why are you looking for Regulus?” Snape asked coming around the corridor.

“He owes me a favor,” Sekhmet said leaning against the dungeon wall.

“Oh-” Snape went quiet.

“Listen thanks for letting me know about that asshole,” Sekhmet said breaking the silence.

“You’re welcome. Listen I-” Snape was cut off my Regulus coming out of the common room.

“Hey Sek what’s up?”

“We need to talk, now, in private.”

“Ok, let’s go talk.” Regulus put his arm around Sekhmet and led her into the common room leaving behind a scowling Snape.

 The next morning the Sirius, Remus, Peter, and James waited in the common room for the girls to come downstairs.

“You guys ready for breakfast?” James asked as Lily and Isis came down the stairs.

“Yes, but I’m sure Sek is,” Isis said.

“I am- ish, but I - AH!” The boys grabbed Sekhmet before her foot touched the floor. Quickly James and Sirius tied her to a chair well Remus and Peter held her still. “What the hell are you guys doing!?! Isis! Lily!”

“We’ll let you take if from here boys,” Isis said as her and Lily climbed through the portrait hole.

“This is an intervention.” Sirius spun the chair around, “You are not allowed to date that git!”

“Too late we’re already dating.”

“Sek, this is a stupid foolish idea, you’re going to get yourself hurt, or in trouble,” Remus pleaded with Sekhmet.

“Don’t be stupid Sek! He’s a Slytherin and trouble!” James added.

“He’s my brother I know how bad he is! And he’s a Black through and through! Doesn’t that say something?” Sirius asked frustrated.

“I'll help you get on Isis's good side,” Sekhmet smirked.

“Really?” Sirius asked excited.

 “No,” Remus pushed Sirius out of the way. “I won't let you.”

 Sekhmet wiggled her hands out of the ropes and grabbed her wand out of her pocket. Quickly she froze the boys. “Too bad I let myself.” Sekhmet climbed through the portrait hole unfreezing the boys and disappearing, the boys were hot on her tail.

“Hello beautiful.” Sekhmet ran right into Regulus.

“Help!” Sekhmet jumped into Regulus arms.

“LET HER GO!” Sirius yelled coming around the corner.

“We will hurt you!” James pointed his wand at Regulus.

“Let her go!” Remus advanced on Regulus wand drawn.

 “What’s with all the yelling?” Everyone froze as MaGonagall came out of the Great Hall.

“Nothing ma'am just helping poor Sek here to her feet,” Regulus said setting Sekhmet back on her feet.

“Hehe I’m a klutz what can I say?” Sekhmet shrugged.

 “Well hurry along, breakfast will be over soon.”

“Yes a Ma'ma!” Sekhmet grabbed Regulus’s hand and ran off to the Slytherin table.

That night after a long day of the boys trying to corner Sekhmet alone the girls managed just before bedtime.

“Sek I cannot believe you hung out with the Slytherins all day. I thought Sirius was going to kill you and his brother,” Lily said.

“Please Remus looked madder than Sirius,” Isis commented.

“Yeah well I can't look like a dud and not have a boyfriend so there-” Sekhmet trailed off.

“This is only going to lead to trouble,” Isis pointed out.

“Well you like Sirius.”

“I do not and stop trying to change the subject.”

“Well-” Lily started laughing.

“Oh and you don't love James,” Isis rolled her eyes.

“I never said that! Besides he’s annoying.” Lily blushed.

 “You like him, you love him! Lily and James sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G!” Sekhmet sang.

“Enough!” Lily threw a pillow at Sekhmet.

“Next Hogsmeade you should go with him,” Isis suggested.

“Yeah give him a chance, besides you would have that boy whipped in nothing flat. Whip it, whip it good!”

“Hey I thought we were talking about Sek and Regulus?” Lily said.

“Don't change the subject missy!” Sekhmet said.

Once the girls had finally stopped talking and Lily and Isis had fallen asleep, Sekhmet wrote a letter to Sirius shoving it under the boy’s dorm before heading off to bed. That next morning Lily and Isis waited in the common room for Sekhmet and the boys to come down stairs.

“Good morning ladies.” Sirius seemed rather cheerful.

“Morning,” Both girls answered slightly surprised at Sirius’s mood.

“Whys he in a good mood?” Isis whispered to Lily. “I'd think he'd be mad still about Sek dating his brother?”

“I don't know. Whatever it is it can't be good.”

“Probably not,” Isis agreed.

“Good morning ladies and Sirius,” Sekhmet seemed in a good mood too.

“Sek.” Sirius nodded at Sekhmet who looked at her sister and Lily. Making sure they were distracted by their conversation, Sekhmet nodded for Sirius to follow her.

“This cannot be good.” Isis had noticed Sekhmet telling Sirius to follow her.

“I got your letter. So what do I have to do?” Sirius asked once the portrait had swung closed.

“First things first, stop hitting on her.”

“Got it.” Sirius leaned up against the wall.

“Secondly I need you to be dead straight honest with me. Do you genuinely like Isis?” Silence followed her question but Sekhmet noticed a slight blush on Sirius’s cheeks. “I’ll take that as a yes. Now here’s what you do.” Sekhmet stood on her toes and whispered in Sirius’s ear.

“You want me to WHAT!?!”

“Shhhh!” Sekhmet shushed him as Isis and Lily came through the portrait hole. 

“What’s going on?” Isis asked.

“Oh nothing,” Sekhmet said before dashing off the Great Hall.

“Come on let’s go to breakfast,” Lily said.

That evening back in the Gryffindor common room before dinner Sirius and Sekhmet went over Sekhmet’s plan.

“So did you do what I told you to?” Sekhmet asked.

“Yes, but I really think this will just annoy her more.”

“More than likely, but you’re getting your message across.” Before Sirius could answer another Gryffindor came up to Sekhmet.

“You’re Sekhmet aren’t you?”

“Yeah.” Sekhmet was a little confused.

“You’re amazing! How is it you hang with both Gryffindors and Slythreins and not get yourself beat to a pulp? If I even looked at a Slytherin I get hexed!”

“You got to be tougher than them. Make them fear you.” Sekhmet made her voice intimidating backing the boy into the wall. “Are you scared yet kid? Because you should be.  I tell you to jump you better say how high. Because I could kill you and feel no regret what so ever.” The fifth year looked scared out of his mind and ran.

“Why aren't you in Slytherin?” Sirius asked.

“Um- the Hat said something about loyalty and whatnot.”

“Of course.”

“You put him up to this didn't you?” Isis stormed through the portrait hole hand full of letters, Sirius quickly took off.

“Well yeah. Sirius feels bad about what he has done and now has seen the light. He regrets it. I mean come on did you read at least one of the letters?”

“I read the first few, but now the school thinks I have this secret admirer who’s gone over bored. Fifty letters in a single hour?”

“But see he’s willing to apologize as many times as needed.”

“I thought you were mad at him for the whole ordeal and mad that he won't let you ‘date’ his brother.”

“Yeah except I know he likes you.” Isis rolled her eyes, “Think what you like sis. As for Regulus I’m dumping him tomorrow.”

“What? Why? I mean you have a thousand reasons to dump him, but why?”

“I ran into the asshole’s new hoe and let’s say we’ve come to an understanding.”

“Oh goodness what happened?”

“Let’s just say breakfast is gonna be a great show. Oh and thank you Sirius for your part in it tomorrow.” Sekhmet said as Sirius came back into the common room.

“Wait what?” Sirius asked confused.

“Just make sure you make breakfast. Now time to go see the boyfriend.” Sekhmet left the common room.

“She’s plotting too much,” Sirius commented sitting in one of the chairs.

“I don't think I even want to know,” Isis said sitting in the other chair.

“But why does she need me?”

“Who knows cause your pretty useless.”

“But at least I am pretty.”

“Ugh!” Isis left.

The next morning in the Great Hall Sekhmet did not make a quiet scene of her break up with her so called boyfriend Regulus Black.

“What the hell is wrong with you!?! How dare you talk to me like that! You’re nothing but a useless bitch!” Everyone in the Great Hall had turned to watch, “God you know what, I’m starting to think that your brother did get all the good ‘parts’ of your family!”

“What are you implying traitor?” Regulus got to his feet.

“That your brother is better than you, so see yah around bitch!” Sekhmet stormed over to the Gryffindor table grabbed Sirius and kissed him.

“You good for nothing-” Regulus never finished cause the blonde who had been with Damian walked over to him a kissed him.

“What the hell?” Damian was now on his feet.

“I just got bored.” The blonde shrugged. “Don’t think I don’t know about the other girl.” Damian and the Blonde continued fighting for a few more minutes before McGonagall and Slughorn escorted them out of the Hall. 

“Well what goes around comes around.” Everyone stared at her in shock, mostly Sirius. “I guess it’s once a cheater always a cheater, huh?”

“Oh god, you-” Isis started.

“Why would you kiss him?” Lily pointed at Sirius.

“Eh, he isn’t that bad of a kisser,” Sekhmet shrugged.

“See Isis your sister-”

“Sirius! What did I tell you!?!” Sekhmet threw her napkin at Sirius.



“Do I have to?”


“What’s going on?” Isis asked. “Whatever it is better not end up embarrassing me again.”

“Do you forgive me?” Sirius asked Isis.

“He’s realized the error of his ways. Don’t make me make him send you a singing telegram in the middle of transfiguration class.”

“Don't you dare,” Isis growled.

“Or we both could just sing now.”

“If I forgive him will all this madness stop?”

 “YES!” Sekhmet and Sirius said together.

“Fine.” Isis turned to Sirius. “Black I forgive you and yes I mean it.”

“Thank you!” Sirius yelled.

That night Sekhmet called Lily, Peter, Remus, and James together in the kitchens.

“Why am I here now?” Lily asked.

“Because of operation: G.I.T.C.L.O.F.S, or gitclofs.” Sekhmet said proudly.

“Wait what?” Remus asked.

“It stands for: Get Isis to Confess love of Sirius!”

“This is insane,” Lily said.

“No its not. All you guys have to do is get Isis and Sirius to agree to help me with my plan to be a famous Muggle director! I need their help because I need pretty actors!”

“This will never work,” Remus said.

“Yes it will! Just wait and see. Give me one week to set it up.”

Two hours later, still in the kitchens, with Lily and James gone and Isis and Sirius there, Sekhmet moved to her next plan.

“What are we doing?” Sirius asked.

“Operation G.L.T.C.L.O.J or gltclo.” Remus and Peter did their best not to laugh.

“What in the world? That sounds retarded,” Isis said.

“It stands for Get Lily to confess love of James.” Remus laughed. “No laughing! This is serious!”

“This is so stupid,” Isis said.

“Boys make James be good or I beat his ass. Isis, we have to have girl’s night and make Lily realize how right she is for James.”

“I don’t think that’s right to go about it or that it’s going to work.”

“I’ll make it work.”

“Good luck,” Isis said trying not to laugh.

A/N: And there you have chapter eight! !e hope everyone enjoyed this chapter and Chaos and I ask that you please rememeber to REVIEW! We really love hearing from you. Also you can go into MysticPhoenix's MTA page and vote for your favorite twin! 

Thank you to our wonderful beta Cedriclover! We love you!

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