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Living Dead Girl by Lily123Evans
Chapter 5 : Funny Faces, Lots of Laughs, and Threatening Ferrets
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AN: Just to warn you, if you like Draco Malfoy, you should probably not read this. He gets a lot of abuse in this chappie (with more on the way). Basically I think he's annoying, arrogant (though bloody hot) scum. Soo... just a heads up. I'm sorry this is so short, btw. I had major Writer's Block. Sucks so much! Anywho. Enjoy!
The Hogwarts Express, gleaming maroon and belting out thick, black smoke, rolled onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters at precisely 10 o’clock in the morning. The platform was near empty, and until about 10:45, it remained so. Then, just as the minute hand rested on the number nine, two gangly redheads with identical smirks ran through a stone column that stood in the center of the platform. Shortly after, they were followed by another redhead and a boy with untidy black hair and glasses. Then, a lady with bubblegum pink hair, whose hand was resting on the shoulder of a short, thin dark haired girl. The girl kept looking around nervously and jumping at the smallest of noises. To the common bystander, the black and blue bruises on her arms and legs seemed to say that she was clumsy. But the party of redheads and company knew better…

“ALLIE!!!!” One of the tall redheads who first came on the platform hurtled out of nowhere and picked the girl up in a gigantic bear hug. “I MISSED you!”

“Uhhh… George?” Allie choked out.

“Yeah love?”
“I can’t – exactly - breathe-“ With a gasp and a thump, George dropped Allie and began looking at her nervously.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry! You okay?’ One look at George’s face and Allie burst out laughing. George frowned and put on a ridiculous puppy dog face. “Whaat?!?” He whined. This only made her laugh harder.

“You… should… see… your… FACE!!” She managed to choke out before dissolving into loud giggles. George pouted.

“Is that really it? That’s meeeeaan!” And with that, he stuck out his tongue and flounced away (in a very feminine fashion, one might add). The third redheaded boy came up to her with the black haired one. They were both staring strangely at George, who was now dancing around in a circle with Ginny, who looked furious.

“Err… Allie? Is he… umm… okay?” The black haired boy said somewhat nervously.

She paused in her laughing long enough to say, “I’m sure he’s okay…” and then resumed in her laughing. The two boys looked very confused, but shrugged and walked away. So events continued in this way, with George flouncing, and Allie laughing, and everyone else looking extremely confused, until finally, the small, round woman who had entered the platform last shouted,

“EVERYONE! COME GET YOUR SANDWICHES AND THEN LOAD UP!!!” Everyone of school age sprang up from what they were doing and sprinted across the station to form a single file line in front of Mrs. Weasley (who, despite her size, was really quite formidable). “Corned beef for you both, Fred and George… I suppose it’d be useless for me to tell you to stay out of trouble?”

The two chorused in unison, “Of course, mother!”

She responded with a sigh, “Well then, have a nice year!” The pair then grabbed their trunks and got into the train. Turning back to the line, Mrs. Weasley sad briskly, “NEXT!”

Finally, when the whole line had their sandwiches and hugs, everyone got onto the train. Hermione and Ron went off to the Prefects compartment, and everyone else (Ginny, Harry, and Allie) went to find a compartment.

They walked down the long corridor and Ginny stuck a head into each compartment, deciding which would be best. Finally, after several minutes, she popped out of a compartment and said, “This one’s okay!” They all filed into the compartment where a girl with lost looking eyes and dirty blonde hair sat. She looked up from the magazine she was reading (…upside down…) and gave a vague little wave. Ginny plopped down next to the girl and said, “Allie, this is Luna. Luna, this is Allie…. And you know everyone else.”

The girl examined her for a couple of very long moments and Allie got the uncomfortable feeling that Luna could read minds. Finally, she said simply in a dreamy voice, “Pleasure.” And then went back to reading her magazine.

Allie looked at the girl awkwardly. “Ummm… okay then.” Everyone present, minus Luna and Allie, burst out laughing. Indignantly, she said, “What? What’s so funny?”

Harry, rolling around laughing, managed to choke out, “You - should – see – your – FACE!!” Before collapsing into raucous laughter again.
With a pout, Allie sat down in next to Ginny, who was giggling quite hard. “Aww, stuff it,” she said sourly. This, however, had the exact opposite affect. Harry and Ginny both laughed even harder. Luna looked serenely up from her magazine.

“What’s so funny?” She asked, her X-Ray eyes scanning Harry and Ginny’s red faces.

Allie grumbled, “I am apparently.” Luna looked at her closely.

Several moments later, she declared, “Well, I don’t think you look funny at all.” Allie rolled her eyes as Ginny let out another scream of laughter.

Suddenly, the compartment door opened with a bang. “Well, if it isn’t Potty and his Weasel Girlfriend. Oh, and Loony too!” A blonde boy walked in. Allie stiffened.

“You…” she snarled (very uncharacteristically). She leapt up and grabbed her wand out from her shoe (she had had it tucked into her Converse).

Draco smiled widely, “Oooo! Your Daddy’ll be soooo happy when I tell him I found you!” Both Ginny and Harry jumped up, wands drawn, at this.

“Go to hell, Malfoy,” Ginny spat at him.

“Not so friendly, are you Weasel. Guess your precious boyfriend makes you soo much braver. Him being the Chosen One and all.”

Allie moved forward and jabbed her wand into his chest. He was actually beginning to look quite worried. “I swear Draco, give me a reason too, and I will. Tell anyone of those scum where I am, and you’ll be better off dead.”

Draco opened his mouth to retort, but was cut off by Hermione, who had just entered the compartment with Ron. “Fifty points from Slytherin!”
Draco scowled, muttered something that sounded distinctly like “mudblood” and ran out, most likely to moan to Pansy Parkinson. Harry, Ginny, and Allie eased themselves back into a seat, all looking extremely angry.

Ron, being his usual blunt self, asked, “What the hell just happened?” Harry and Ginny both jumped to answer.

“The little bugger – "
“ - threatened her!”

“Can you believe him!"
“If he does that one more time –“

“WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!” Hermione shouted. That was new. She wasn’t the one usually shouting for everyone to shut up. Ginny and Harry shut their mouths immediately. “Anyways. Allie. Can you tell us what happened?”

She opened her mouth to ask Ginny or Harry to, when Luna explained. “Apparently Draco knows her Dad. And apparently her Dad doesn’t know where she is (maybe she ran away…). And then everyone started threatening each other. It was actually quite interesting.” She fell silent, and then added as an afterthought, “Who is your Dad, Allie?” Everyone turned to stare at her to see what she would do.

Allie took a deep breath and said, “My name is Aldora Riddle. My father is Tom Riddle, more commonly known as Lord Voldemort.”

There was a long silence, when Allie, Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron all waited with bated breath as Luna contemplated this. Finally, after a long, long pause, she said contemplatively, “Hmmm…I didn’t know he had a daughter. How interesting!” Everyone broke into relieved chuckles. One person down, just the rest of the whole population to go. It was going to be a looooonnnggg year.  
AN: So. What'd you think of this very short chapter? I wanted to get across the fact that there are "dangers from the inside" too. Yeah. Scary huh.

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Living Dead Girl: Funny Faces, Lots of Laughs, and Threatening Ferrets


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